Stop Blaming Millennials For Gen-Z Irresponsibility

The Evening Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Let’s all try to get our generations straight, mmm-kay? – Everybody, please stop blaming Millennials for crap Gen-Z is doing.

This is the crap I’m talking about right here:

And this:

Those irresponsible people are college students. This week, thousands of them are out partying for Spring Break on the beaches of Florida, which Governor Ron DeSantis – who has to this point been an amazingly competent and effective Governor – refuses to close because it would hurt business. While the rest of the country is focused in on dealing with a major national crisis, he seems intent on doing his best imitation of Mayor Larry Vaughn from the movie “Jaws.”

This guy:

Sinister Summer: “Jaws” Retrospective Horror Film Review | The R.L. Terry ReelView

Governor DeSantis was born in 1978. He is much closer to being a Millennial than current college students. For those who aren’t aware, the Millennial generation consists of people born from the early 1980s through the early 1990s. Current college students were born in the late 1990s through early 2000s. Millennials are not our problem here.

Both of my own children are Millennials. My daughter, a mother of two, is currently working her butt off home schooling her daughters, age 7 and 10, because their schools are closed. My son gets up and goes to work for Amazon every day, working his own butt off to make an honest living.

Millennials in general are the young parents and young professionals of our society today. They’re the PTA members, the little league coaches and more and more, the city council and school board members and first responders who make our society work. Their generation unfortunately has gotten a bad reputation from the tiny minority of them who hang out screaming and wailing on Twitter and Instagram all day long.

I’m a Baby Boomer. My generation also got a bad rap from a minority who did little but take drugs and party all the time, while my wife and I and millions of the rest of us were getting up every morning and going to work our butts off trying to make an honest living and doing our best to raise our kids well.

Every generation gets a bad rap in one form or another, and Millennials have plenty of their own stuff to deal with without being blamed for stupid actions of a bunch of Gen-Z kids who are focused on partying on the beaches of Florida and being enabled by a Governor who is old enough to know better.

So, cut it out, ok?

Thanking you in advance.

That is all.

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The Texas Hammer

Gotta disagree with this just a little… All generations have their idiots and losers. You can blame this on the fact that the losers and idiots of each generation continue to reproduce and raise idiots and losers and so on and so on. Unfortunately it will not change.

My borderline Millineal/GenZ’er is holed up in his apartment at A&M studying remotely and staying home being a very responsible young man. He spent his spring break working, as he always does!

My full blown Gen Z’er is getting up everyday to go to work, having taken a semester off. He then comes home and stays in to make sure he is doing his part to “flatten” the curve.

Whisperin Pints

My Gen Z grandson is on hiatus from college, working so he can continue his education and pay his bills.
“Every generation gets a bad rap in one form or another”
To my knowledge the generational “bad rap” schtick began with Gen Xers blaming/shaming Boomers. If Boomers have a “bad rap” to whine about re: their parents, I have yet to hear it.

yo mama

What a pack of morons!

Gap-Toothed Redneck Hillbilly

I think this Virus needs a Theme Song. May I suggest: “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” by The Police.


Gee, David, did someone hurt your little feelings by attacking your children? I’m a Baby boomer who has worked his butt off since age 15, and my kids are solid citizen Millennials. But that doesn’t mitigate the fact that a larger percentage of Millennials are a bunch of self-absorbed twits, which by the way, is the direct result of being by a bunch of self-absorbed Boomers. I don’t take it personally when people attack Baby Boomers or Millennials. Both groups are a big part of the problems our country faces, but it doesn’t mean we’re all bad. Thanks, but I’ll keep complaining about both whenever I believe it’s deserved.


The way I see it, each generation from the depression/WWII (Tom Brokaw’s greatest generation) through today has done a successively poorer job raising the next generation in many regards. No one is really to blame, it is just inevitable that when societies prosper behavior/morals is/are loosened. When people (and all this is generalizing) have more time and money to spend on leisure pursuits, irresponsible behavior and a sense of entitlement follows. If there is no counter to reckless or irresponsible behavior or attitudes, it/they will only prevail and get progressively worse.

Some people believe there needs to be a near total collapse to bring about reality. I felt the serious and devastating 9-11 attacks would have woken this country up and get it focused as to what is important and what is necessary to get back to our founding principles of decency on a large scale – sadly, that unity of purpose, of “USA” “USA” “USA” lasted for about ten minutes… I thought “the One’s” election and his subsequent devastation of the US value system and economy would have woken us up collectively. Sadly no, many of us are more self centered than ever and I don’t think anything short of a CW or a complete catastrophe will fix our current attitude; which well may happen soon. Unfortunately it may fall on a GOP president who is doing his best and a most competent job to save America – largely from itself – but when the music stops and there are no chairs to sit on disaster will follow. And when that happens, there will be no painless quick fix.

I just don’t see what else is going to force ignorant and immature minds of every living generation to grow up. And that is sad, just sad.

Jimmy MacAfee

Millennials, to their credit, are more opposed to abortion than Baby Boomers. Maybe because they’re abortion survivors, knowing that Mommy Dearest chose to make the others ahead of them a “choice?” Surely they feel it, even if they don’t know it.

Still, I’m not ready to write off any generation. We all have to learn the hard way – or watch as others learn the hard way, while we watch in horror.

Helicopter parenting has a lot to do with Generation Z’s ills and attitudes – almost assuring that little Souxie and Dawnie and Brit and Dante have to run face-first into a wall of reality before they can be useful to anyone (including themselves.) Every generation has some of those examples for no one to follow.

Sharon Campbell

Well put, David. Some people need the clarification!

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