Society Must Find a Way to Hold the Corrupt Media Accountable (Updated)

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

One of the most frustrating aspects of living in the time of Trump is the utterly corrupt nature of 98% of our national news media, and the inability – or outright refusal – of anyone in a position of authority to hold these miscreants accountable for their misdeeds against our society.

Journalism as a profession is pretty much dead in America today, as the corporate-owned media outlets have abandoned all pretense of objectivity and discarded anything resembling what one used to refer to as journalistic ethics in a mad rush to attract clicks to failing websites  and help bring down a President of the United States of whom they do not approve. We live in a situation today in which it has become impossible to trust anything that goes out over the air on cable and broadcast TV networks, or is printed in the pages of the New York Times, Washington Post or the nation’s other big city newspapers.

With the American political left – which essentially owns the country’s journalism schools – having long ago discarded the entire concept of objective truth, citizens are left to fend for themselves in trying to sift through wave after wave of rank disinformation and political narratives in their daily quest to figure out what is really going on. When this happens in the context of elections, it corrupts our political process. When it happens in the context of a national emergency – as it is today – it can costs human lives.

In either event, the absence of a real, working and accountable media establishment serving its intended role as the public’s watchdog represents a true existential threat to our ability to continue to exist as a free society. If we cannot find some way to hold these people to account for their intentional acts to misinform the public, then it’s just a matter of time before the whole thing implodes.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of corrupt journalists engaging in intentional efforts to misinform the public on Monday. First, there is this from Jack Shafer, a corrupt reporter from the reliably leftwing “news” site, Politico:

So, Jerome Adams is an American anesthesiologist and a vice admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps who currently serves as the Surgeon General of the United States:

Dr. Jerome Adams on coronavirus: Preparedness over panic, facts over fear

Brett Giroir is a four-star admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, who currently serves as the Assistant Secretary for Health under the Trump administration.

Deborah Birx is an American physician and diplomat who serves as the coronavirus response coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force.” Birx has served as Ambassador-at-Large and United States Global AIDS Coordinator since 2014.

Politico Reporter Takes Cheap Shots at the Outfits of Coronavirus Task Force | News Thud

Ms. Birx is widely hailed as one of the foremost experts in dealing with outbreaks of communicable diseases on the face of the earth. The qualifications and level of respect deserved by all three of these experts in their fields are obvious to anyone with a smidgen of a brain and personal integrity. But we are not talking about such a person here – we’re talking about a corrupt journalist, a guy who is employed by the similarly corrupt jackasses who own and run Politico.

Mr. Shafer’s tweets are obviously a malicious effort to smear these three experts and, more importantly from his perspective, minimize and reduce public confidence in their expertise and ability to deal with the coronavirus crisis. Think of it: This clown just reduced Ms. Birx’s entire career down to a snarky fashion statement.

If Michelle Obama had been wearing that exact same outfit, Shafer would have no doubt been blown away by how, like, totes awesome she looks or something. You know?

And if a conservative reporter working for Fox News had made such a snarky remark about the former First Lady he would have been pilloried by all the corrupt leftist journalists who hang out and snark on Twitter 24 hours a day. But because Shafer is a liberal who works for a reliably Democrat-shilling website, you can hear the crickets chirping.

Then there was this from Mara Gay, a member of the New York Times editorial board:

Well, golly, if the New York Times really did have a recording of that call, then Ms. Gay surely heard the rest of the President’s statement to the governors, which was:

“We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves. Point of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself.”

Ms. Gay, incidentally, is the same nitwit who, in an appearance with Brian Williams on MSNBC last week, claimed that if Mike Bloomberg had taken the $500 million that he spent on TV ads and just distributed it to the American people, he could have given all of us “a million dollars.” The actual number, of course, is $1.53. This is the level of abject stupidity the New York Times allows onto its editorial board. And let’s be honest, the very fact that Brian Williams, a proven pathological liar, still has a job in the media proves the profession has zero accountability.

But in this instance, Ms. Gay goes from mere stupidity to outright mendacity, intentionally abbreviating the perfectly good advice the President conveyed to the nation’s governors in a blatant effort to convince her mindless Twitter followers that he is instead an uncaring beast. Again, if anyone on the Board at Fox News did something like this, they would be mercilessly smeared by the liberal outrage gang on Twitter, and likely fired. But because Ms. Gay is a liberal hack who works for the fellow liberal hacks who own and run the New York Times, she will pay no price for her overt attempt to smear the President of the United States.

This utter and complete lack of accountability for intentional efforts by corrupt journalists to sow panic and fear in our society is not acceptable, especially when people working in every other profession in America are held accountable for their own actions. The first amendment is not a license to lie, not a license to abuse the public trust.

If those in positions of authority at these and many other media outlets continue to refuse to hold their people accountable for their acts of outright mendacity, then either the government or society at large will at some point decide to do it for them. History tells us very clearly that, whenever any society reaches that particular point, things get very, very ugly indeed.

Someone in the corporate media had better wake up, and soon.

Update: The President answers Ms. Gay’s despicable misrepresentation of his remarks in this morning’s coronavirus update:

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

How to hold a corrupt media accountable:

1. Assemble mob
2. Hand out pitchforks
3. Distribute torches

Since the corrupt media are themselves barely a step above mob rule, it would be fitting to see them face it for themselves! Frankenstein lives, as does his monster! Call out the townspeople! Rave, rage and revenge!

Just kidding. But a few lawsuits against these inciters in the Mob Press might just do the trick. (There’s always the first three if the judges are corrupt, too!)


I’ve thought about this and first and foremost we have to preserve the Presses 1st amendment rights. They are abusing their responsibility but we still have to obey the constitution.

I believe either a reporting system (like ebays feedback) might work. Enforced by the FTC making all commercial purveyors of reportage must show a number on screen on at the top of articles of the ratio of fake to truth in reporting either of the entire company or the individual reporting.

No fake/phony partisan fake checkers. This will be done by people rating a particular outlet or reporter to a website that would then issue hourly reports of the rating numbers.

Perhaps a better way rather than forcing them to display it is to make it known that a rating number exists and if you see them not showing that number then you know it must be bad.

I think something of this nature might begin to curb the most egregious excesses and provide the public with information about who to trust.

Jimmy MacAfee

That may be a slippery slope, just like they’ve done to the 2nd Amendment. I think making people accountable to libel laws – including the press – is the better way to go. Proof of damage not as important as evidence of malice and intent to cause damage. Not talking about political opinions, particularly, or comparisons of people to farm animals, amoebae, fecal material or so forth – in other words, not satire. But like Hillary Rotten Clinton and what she said about Gabbard. And CNN’s constant barrage of crap against the President, which is often obviously manufactured and intended to harm him and his family.

I would propose bringing back the old days of the duel: pistols at sunrise. Be fun to have a shootout with the abominable Michael (Moore) and others!

Libel me? I demand satisfaction! Meet me at the stables!


When Trump wins re-election and sweeps in a GOP congress, there needs to be libel law reform and a truth in broadcasting standard set that will not only be able to refute the lies of the MSM (D), but punish provable lies by both individuals and corporations. Virtually every real GOP politician has been viciously maligned by 95% of the MSM (D), 95% of the time, they should all be onboard since they have been the left’s piñata since at least Nixon (1960). Maybe several GOP Class Action Lawsuits with massive penalties might correct the corruption. Maybe the DOJ could get off its collective a$$ and investigate who and what is funding our national Media Corporations, and Academia and call them what they are: a Democratic PAC and fine them accordingly for breaking campaign finance and RICO laws.

One such law could be made to force all outlets to retract and/or correct “errors” with twice the amount of coverage on the top of their platform than the time/space given to the “erroneous” “reporting”. Also opinion pieces need to be clearly displaced as such – and that includes so called “impartial” “comedy” shows.

There is no reason why public figures cannot sue Media in the same manner as an average person – equal protection under the law anyone?

Trump should immediately defund NPR and PBS unless and until they begin to report actual news in a “Fair & Balanced” and accurate manner. If they were to actually give real news their viewership would exponentially increase beyond the couple of thousand of consumers to millions – hell, they might even be able to get off the government tit. What a happy day that would be.

Jimmy MacAfee

Mara Gay is the Congressman “Guam Tipping Over” Hank Johnson equivalent; Jack Schafer is the equivalent of a gonadal cyst.

Captain America

Shut them down! Then see how the others react.


Hate to say it but, in this case, mad Maxine has an answer to a lot of these commie whores, When you see them at a store, a restaurant, a gas station, create a crowd, get in their faces. These anti-Americans should be ostracized.


The Left has no problem infringing our 2nd Amendment rights. Perhaps it’s time to infringe their 1st Amendment rights. The 1st is no more sacred than the 2nd. So if one can be infringed, so can the other.

Not a path I’d like to go down, but we don’t have a lot of options.


The left is already infringing on our 1 A rights by PC Shaming, shadowing banning and news story spiking. Also, religious preference, Islam, Kwanza taught in school while Christianity all but banned in any non church public setting, and Churches being used by certain groups for political proselytizing and fundraising while being threatened with tax penalty for violation of the (NOT IN THE CONSTITUTION) Church and State separation nonsense.


Nothing these people do or say surprises me anymore. MSM lying and misrepresenting statemens and facts again? Other news…the sun will rise in the East and probably set in the West. Also: water is wet.

Some doucher asked Trump in the virus presser today about calling it the “Chinese corona virus”. Really? Just F right off buddy.

Susan Elizabeth Clemons

The leftist media is nothing more than propaganda. They CANNOT be trusted to tell the truth.


There is no outrage over these con artists because about 40% or more of the population agrees with it. They don’t care how big the lie is so long as the ends justify the means.


The corrupt press doesn’t realize that they are the easiest targets if they move their minions past the tipping point of a civil war. They will be remembered, and justice will be exacted upon them in a fair but devastating fashion, or as fair as a civil war can be.


The MSM has proven themselves to be liars and anti-American so many times in the past that it is hard to believe anyone takes them seriously anymore. The crap they are spouting on this current “crisis” is no exception. All slanted to harm the President and his administration. Thus, they smear anyone who appears to be standing up for the POTUS and his actions to curb this Wuhan Virus. Its to be expected when the President takes any actions to benefit the “We the People”.
I seem to recall a saying when I was much younger regarding any news of any kind. Went something like, “believe none of what you hear or read in newspapers, and half of what you see”. Or something like that.
This would be well to do at this time.

Jimmy MacAfee

Gay also claimed that attention to her math was somehow “racist.”

Newsflash to Gay: Nancy Pelosi once claimed that 500 million Americans would lose their jobs if we didn’t pass the Obama Stimulus.

Dumb cluck. You know. Ms. Gay: smartphones also usually have a calculator.


Even more of a danger than their constant lies is the simple fact that very few people, even their sycophants, believe the media(D). There will come a time when they will be telling the truth and no one will listen to them. If the media(D) tells me the sky is blue I now have to go outside to see if that is true. Someone, China, Russians, Global elites, Soro and others are keeping these liars paid and on the air. I say that because all these fools such as Cuomo, Lemon and other various liars cannot really have a viewership with an IQ of over two digits


Could the FCC ever get involved in this? It’s totally misinformation – INTENTIONAL misinformation . . .


At this point think we have to assume all Federal alphabet agencies are corrupt beyond redemption & can not be counted on to “do the right thing” (witness the FBI “losing” documents related to General Michael Flynn).

We have to govern ourselves accordingly.

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