Mueller Special Counsel Team Humiliated Again: Corrupt News Media Hardest Hit

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

So much for Russia, Russia, Russia. – Hey, remember when greasy Rod Rosenstein stood before the TV cameras and informed the nation that Gestapo Chief Herr Mueller and his band of Clinton/Obama thugs had found the source for all that “Russia collusion” that happened in our 2016 election? Yeah, good times, good times…

That was two and a half years ago, and in all that time, corrupt Justice Department prosecutors had made essentially no progress in the case, which in its essence alleged that a company called Concord Management and Consulting, LLC had spent a couple hundred thousand dollars on a bunch of social media ads designed to sow public division during the 2016 election cycle. Hell, Mini-Mike Bloomberg was spending 40 times that amount every damn day doing the same thing and no one from DOJ came after him.

But of course, the people at Concord are Russians and had no business trying to interfere in U.S. elections, regardless of how puny their investment allegedly was. And besides, the whole Mueller hoax was based on the myth of Russia colluding with the Trump Campaign, and Mueller’s thugs had to claim at least one Russkie scalp in order to keep the false narrative going.

So the disgusting Rosenstein stood there as the talking head for the American Gestapo, sniffing and slurping his way through his press conference, informing us that the brain trust of the evil Russian plot to waste $200,000 on Facebook ads and Twitter bots officed at the Moscow headquarters of Concord Managment, a firm no one in America had ever heard of. So, surely Americans would fall for the ruse, right?

Loyal readers here will remember that I told you on the very day Rosenstein held his presser that, even if Concord was guilty of what Rosenstein and Mueller’s thugs were alleging, a) their efforts made exactly ZERO difference in the 2016 presidential election, a fact that Rosenstein essentially admitted several times afterwards, and b) the DOJ would not be able to prosecute any charges against this Russian firm in any event unless the Russian government forced Concord to send its employees to America to face a judge and jury. Which was never going to happen, given the specious nature of the charges.

Well, guess what happened on Monday? That’s right: The corrupt DOJ lawyers who have bumbled and fumbled around with this idiotic case for a solid 30 months very predictably decided to drop all charges. Why? Well, golly, because they couldn’t get Concord or Putin to send any of those employees over here to face charges, and because DOJ decided it really couldn’t prove its case in any event.

From the Business Insider piece on the matter:

  • The Justice Department moved on Monday to drop its cases against 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities indicted as part the FBI’s investigation into Russian election interference.
  • In a court filing, prosecutors accused one of those companies or taking advantage of the US legal process to harm national security while ignoring its own legal obligations related to the case.
  • Notably, the filing also said the government decided to drop its case “particularly in light of recent events and a change in the balance of the government’s proof due to a classification determination,” in addition to other factors.


Oh. You don’t say.

So, the “Russia, Russia, Russia” hoax ends with a whimper, an event that will be barely mentioned by the same corrupt journalists and TV talking heads who spent three solid years screaming about it from their lofty perches in their neverending effort to take down a President of the United States. It ends because, at the end of the day, it was in fact a complete hoax and the DOJ had nothing to work with.

But our society has been irreparably damaged by the volume and intensity of false information coming from Democrat politicians and our corrupt news media on the matter, just as it is being irreparably damaged by all the false information being purveyed by the media related to the coronavirus.  The saddest part of it all is that Attorney General William Barr has to this point issued zero indictments of any of the outlaw DOJ and FBI officials who carried out the hoax, and that no one in our corrupt news media will be held in any way accountable for their efforts to support the plot.

The best we can hope for is a pox – or perhaps a virus – on all their houses. That would be real justice.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

In a speech by Sidney Powell to Hillsdale college, she makes the point that the DOJ and FBI were corrupted “about 20 years ago.” Something bad happened under Dubya Bush – and it wasn’t just 9/11. Bush bears a lot of the responsibility for this, and a lot of the prosecutors (like those connected with the Enron prosecution) should lose their law licenses (and perhaps face prosecution themselves.)

The FBI needs to clean house; the DOJ needs to clean house.

However, the Press is another story: the rot begins not only at the top, but on the way to the top. The honest reporters and journalists who used to rise according to their talent were spied upon, their stories hidden or tabled, and their income drastically reduced. The press is no longer free anymore. The question is: who is actually AT the top? The pat answer might be Gyorgi Schwartz – GS – but he’s just a player like many others.

Right now, the press is making a lot of money off coronavirus, and there is no accountability. Kind of looks like they’re under the control of Satan.

As the article points out, Well, the same corrupt journalists and TV talking heads who spent three solid years screaming about it from their lofty perches in their never ending effort to take down a President of the United States, are busy now trying to take down the President by misrepresenting and criticizing his leadership during the coronavirus crisis while also gleefully heralding its impact on the economy and fervently hoping for a recession.

Jimmy MacAfee

General Flynn and Roger Stone are wondering:

“Where do I go to get my life back?”

Even the evil thugs in the DOJ were aghast at the tactics used against Flynn:

And now, I just heard a few words from Senator Tim Kaine, promoting the “coronavirus is a hoax” claim they made against the President. I immediately tuned out, but the anger still resonates at this limp-willy Senator. It’s not the President who is at fault: China wants the US to surrender, and Tim Kaine and his party have done their best to lower us to the bottom to be surrendered to China, part and parcel. (Better learn Mandarin if Kaine’s party ever gets the Senate back!)

As far as I’m concerned, it’s China China China.
And by the way, this site wouldn’t let me post – a little note flashed on the screen: “stop criticizing China.” Hmmm. Wish I’d taken a screen shot. It was an oddity that I cannot let go.

The only benefit of the virus is that with all the travel restrictions, and with Congress seated at home, it may be possible to unseal the indictments – and there’s nowhere to run! Attorney General Barr? This is your moment.


Jimmy – we’ll that’s insidious – “Stop criticizing China”?

Who the hell is running these comment threads? This is sick!!!

Creeping totalitarianism.

Jimmy MacAfee

It wasn’t Dave. But it was alarming, to say the least.

Jimmy MacAfee


I once got a “you are posting too fast” from them. Just once. Just after you announced some restrictions. I’d seen “posting too fast” before, on other sites circa 2011-12

This latest thing happened twice as I was trying to post – eventually had to break up the post in bits and pieces. I’m sure the Chinese are watching everything we write these days.

(Up yours, Commies. You can stuff your Chinese virus up your wahoo.)

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