Trump Tests Negative for Coronavirus: Media/Democrats Hardest Hit

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

For the last week, the corrupt news media – egged on by depraved Democrats like Nancy Pelosi – have wailed about the fact that President Donald Trump refused to ignore the advice of his doctors and have himself tested for coronavirus. Dimwitted reporters and talking heads repeatedly slammed the President throughout the week for continuing to shake hands with people and pat them on the back despite not having himself tested for the virus.

Note that the President has had no symptoms at all and that his doctors and the expert team on the Coronavirus Task Force have repeatedly told the media that there was no reason for him to be tested. Given that advice, and given that test kits were in short supply up until the past few days, any responsible person would refrain from insisting on having a test, leaving them instead for those who actually need them.

But the media feeding frenzy over this non-issue only intensified as the week progressed. It peaked after CNN reported that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro had tested positive for the virus shortly after meeting with President Trump last weekend at Mar-a-Lago. The frenzy did not die down even after that CNN report was shown to be utterly false. So, finally, the President announced at his Friday afternoon press conference that he had consented to be tested now that test kits are in more plentiful supply.

Did that mollify and appease the despicably corrupt reporters? Hell, no. After the President made his announcement, social media and CNN/MSNBC blew up with the predicable new narrative that Trump was being selfish, literally stealing a test kit from some poor American who might actually need it when he had no symptoms that would justify taking the test.

Holy crap.

Late Saturday, the White House announced that the President’s test had come back negative:

President Donald Trump tested negative for the coronavirus, the White House physician said Saturday evening after the president held a press briefing on the administration’s latest moves to combat the outbreak.

The president consented to a test Friday night, Navy Cdr. Sean Conley said in a statement, and he remains symptom-free one week after dining with a Brazilian government delegation, some of whose members have tested positive for the illness, at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

The president has been criticized for repeatedly shaking hands in public and on camera despite the advice of public health officials to refrain from the practice.

At the press briefing, he defended his actions but also said that “getting away from shaking hands is a good thing.”

Late Friday, press secretary Stephanie Grisham released a memo from Conley saying Trump had dined at Mar-a-Lago with a person who has since tested positive for coronavirus. Conley did not recommend testing the president as a necessity.

Conley on Saturday said he had been in touch with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the White House Coronavirus Task Force and that his office is “encouraging the implementation of all their best practices.”

Earlier Saturday, Trump hailed the bipartisan deal on a congressional coronavirus funding package on Twitter, adding that he’d attended a series of coronavirus-related meetings in the White House that morning.

He also tweeted: “SOCIAL DISTANCING!”

As of Saturday, the U.S. had reached 50 reported coronavirus-related deaths and over 2,200 confirmed cases.

Despite Trump’s announcement that’s he’s been tested, health officials at Saturday’s press conference urged Americans to begin isolating themselves instead of rushing to get tested if they’re not experiencing symptoms.


So, social media is now filled with angry journalists and leftists who are all triggered that the evil Trump is not sick and about to die. Make no mistake about this: They had pretty much all been actively hoping for that result. Oh yeah, and they’re also squealing about his wearing a “USA” cap to his Saturday press conference. You seriously could never make these people up.

If you cannot see their ghoulish nature by now, if you still cannot grasp the fact that the mainstream news media truly is the Enemy Of The People, then you are well and truly incapable of understanding who these ghouls really are.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

The FBI/DOJ “lost” exculpatory evidence re. General Flynn. I think at this juncture, it’s time to consider replacing both the FBI Director and Attorney General. Both should resign, after firing most of the corrupt people who helped keep them from doing their jobs. Same concept as a lysosome in biology. Attorney General Barr, what say thou?

Jimmy MacAfee

Biden is not just politicizing the virus: he’s stealing (plagiarizing) the President’s own ideas – most of which have already been in the works:

“Joe Biden’s coronavirus remarks today sounded awfully familiar. Listening to him, we felt a sense of déjà vu,” the campaign declared on its website. “Here’s why: Biden blatantly ripped off President Trump, and bizarrely called on him to do things he has in fact already done.

“Joe Biden said ‘no efforts should be spared’ to get private labs and universities working to rapidly expand testing for coronavirus.
“President Trump already acted on this weeks ago, ordering the FDA to allow hundreds of private labs and academic hospitals to rapidly begin testing for coronavirus.

“Joe Biden said that small businesses will need relief from coronavirus’ economic impact.
“President Trump already moved decisively to provide $50 billion in liquidity to small business owners, and is asking Congress for even more.

“Joe Biden said it is critical for insurance companies to waive copays for coronavirus testing.
“President Trump already got it done, securing a commitment from the nation’s insurance providers to waive all copays on coronavirus testing and expand coverage of coronavirus treatment in all their benefit plans. “
Perhaps most critically, Biden said it was time to “accelerate” the search for a coronavirus vaccine — something the Trump administration had already done in January. According to CNBC, officials fast-tracked the vaccine with the hope of clinical trials in three months, although officials admitted this was an optimistic timeline. If there was a way to faster-track this, Biden didn’t make that clear.

Stealing ideas isn’t necessarily academic plagiarism, but stealing the ideas of a man you’re excoriating isn’t a good look.

One might forgive the doddering old fool for his constant stumbles, bumbles and missteps, but his own campaign should have stopped this BS. He AND his campaign are a combination of incompetence, imbecility and venality.


Unfortunately, the covid-19 variant doen’t specifically target scum media and Demmunists.

Jimmy MacAfee

News media used to be the heaviest smokers. (Not sure now.)
Military also tend to be heavy smokers. (Not good.)

People who exercise tend NOT to smoke, because they’re incompatible behaviors. (Trying to quit? Start exercising – slowly!)

Stay away from places with air pollution (London, big cities in China, US.)
Poorer rural areas seem to have more smokers, as do inner-city African American communities.

phineas gage

These are all excellent points that you have made in these posts. It’s common sense, but that appears to be a commodity in depressingly short supply these days.

I’ll be glad when this month is over and the whole thing dissolves away in the summer heat. It’s nice to now that when a real crisis hits–which it will inevitably–that the whole country won’t behave like hysterical children (sarc.).

Personally I lay 90% of the blame at the feet of the media; their irresponsible and mendaceious behavior is sufficient grounds for criminal prosecutions for intentionally inciting panic. They have essentially been screaming ‘fire’ in the national theater.

Put simply, their strategy is to first panic the women into cattle-like stampedes into stores to buy up all the toilet paper, and from there the hysteria spreads to males–at least those of the beta-variety, which looks to be the majority now. Basically we’re looking at a latter-day version of ‘The War of the Worlds’ radio broadcast.

I also agree with Rush that the national economic rebound will be fast and strong, and that the backlash against these wretched elitist vultures, excitedly cheering on an epidemic in their own country, will be profound.

One note: the rate of smoking among black males is higher compared to white men, but significantly lower for black women compared to white women.

Jimmy MacAfee

Thanks for the clarification of the demographics!
Great analogy to War of the Worlds!

On the other hand, this has the makings of a good Readiness Exercise. China gets an F-, in terms of government response, hiding the virus for 2 months, and we get somewhere around a D + (in terms of public response.) President Trump gets a solid A, not an A +.

Those who politicized the crisis – the press, the Democrats Now Communists, Hollyweird etc. – should lose whatever shreds of believability they may have had left.

Jimmy MacAfee

The CDC and NIH and WHO have all focused on vaccines, which give people a false sense of security, instead of important self-care issues, line not smoking and vaping:

Reports have suggested that Chinese men make up slightly more than half the diagnosed COVID-19 cases. The most up-to-date figures from the WHO show that 52.1% of Chinese men smoke, compared to just 2.7% of women.
Hence, some experts believe smoking may be a factor in rates of coronavirus infection and death.
Russell Buhr, a pulmonologist at UCLA Health, said that it is possible that men are more susceptible to the virus for reasons entirely other than their greater rates of smoking, told Vice.
“Generally speaking, smokers’ lungs specifically have a harder time responding effectively to infection,” Bahr said. “Long-term smoking can lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a condition that also makes people more susceptible to infection.”
High rates of smoking also is linked to more serious outcomes in other coronavirus strains, Sars and Mers.

A fairly high number of Chinese doctors smoke. (Kind of hypocritical, eh?)
Other risk factors: air pollution.

Jimmy MacAfee

The CDC and NIH are failing us, and have for a very long time. Their recommendations are shallow and ineffective.

What needs to be stated (and should have been policy for a long time) is that people with ANY communicable disease should separate themselves from the public. For instance, an unwise person at a local Y, an older woman, complained as she went from exercise machine to exercise machine what a bad cold she had! This was only two weeks ago! Sick people should be advised to stay home, regardless of whether it is Wuhan or Flu or Rhinovirus.

Other failures: they’re not warning people about drugs that weaken the immune system (drugs for autoimmune diseases, for example.) They warn people that they may be at increased risk for Tuberculosis, but don’t warn about increased vulnerability to other, more common diseases!

They failed to warn HIV carriers that they are more likely to get the flu, a cold, even as they warn about Tuberculosis (see a pattern here?)

They refuse to study the correlation between vaccines and other types of influenza, just dismissing it out of hand instead of studying it. Vaccine makers want their profits, the public health be damned! Fact is, many people will get the flu even with a shot, and some possibly BECAUSE of the vaccine: while the body is protecting against the influenza they’re being immunized against, it fails to recognize the others. This doesn’t generally happen with less common, less mutable viruses (measles, mumps, polio.) Not all vaccines are created equal!

They’ve been absolutely cavalier about influenza – relying on vaccines instead of solid recommendations, such as self-sequestration if one is sick with anything communicable! Especially with increased risk factors, such as HIV, autoimmune diseases – even having small children! If you’re sick, stay home!

Bu the CDC and NIH won’t ever make such recommendations, because Big Pharma won’t allow it.

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