Pelosi Achieves Peak Depravity With Coronavirus Assistance Bill

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Every time you think the Democrats on Capitol Hill could not become more despicable, depraved and demented than they already are, they go and surprise you again. – Honestly, at this point, I really don’t think there’s any way for San Fran Nan to surprise me anymore. At least, not after this one. But I’ll probably be surprised again soon.

The liberal hacks who run The Hill have a report out this morning detailing House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s objections to the Democrats’ version of a coronavirus-related “temporary” assistance bill now worming its way through the House. Here we have what our corrupt news media is portraying as being a national emergency, a pandemic of a virus that is highly infectious and, while it has only led to 41 American deaths to this point, could lead to many more in the weeks to come.

Amid all of this, the Democrats and their toadies in the national news media have succeeded in creating a national panic that has this week resulted in the literal shutting down of much of the U.S. economy for the time being. The ultimate impacts of all of these cancelled major events that drive so much of the economy, along with the simultaneous oil price war that has erupted between Russia and the Saudis, will reverberate through the production chain, and will without question cause significant hardship for millions of American workers and their families.

Given a situation such as this, one might expect members of both parties to, for once in their pathetic lives, actually try their best to come together on a temporary aide package like this one, and leave their petty politics behind. You might expect that, but you would be wrong when it comes to Nancy Pelosi.

First, Pelosi attempted to stick in language killing the longstanding Hyde Amendment – which bars the use of federal funds to pay for abortion except to save the life of the woman, or if the pregnancy arises from incest or rape – into this completely unrelated piece of legislation. That effort was reportedly opposed by many members of her own party, so it died.

But Pelosi has succeeded in including language in this bill that will be highly controversial, including provisions that would mandate permanent paid sick leave for all employers, along with a huge permanent increase in Medicare spending that would benefit the insurance companies that have Pelosi and so many other members of congress in their pockets. McCarthy on Thursday expressed his opposition to these and other bits of depravity included in Pelosi’s bill.

From the Hill’s report:

“The president last night said we are committed to helping those who will face economic hardships as a result of work disruptions and illness. The country is looking to the government to come together and meet these challenges, but the bill that we saw that just came forth last night at 11 p.m. comes up short,” McCarthy told reporters at a press conference.

“There’s a couple major problems with it. Here’s one glaring problem: Under [Speaker Nancy] Pelosi’s bill, the Social Security Administration will be set up to administer the paid sick leave program. Now this will take more than six months, so it won’t work in time. It will also hamper the administration from putting out Social Security for those who need it right now that are in harm’s way,” he added.

“This will hurt the very population it’s supposed to be helping. It forces permanent paid sick leave for all businesses without exemptions and no sunsets.”

McCarthy’s comments came just before the bill — which would require employers to grant paid sick leave and bolster unemployment benefits, in addition to ensuring free diagnostic testing for the virus — was scheduled to come to the floor on Thursday, before lawmakers are slated to leave for a one-week recess.

The minority leader also cited Republicans’ concerns with provisions related to paid sick leave and disaster aid eligibility, adding that his GOP colleagues are committed to working across the aisle and with the Trump administration on a solution that can garner broad bipartisan support.

At her press conference at the end of the work day, a slurring, stammering and obviously highly agitated Pelosi slammed her fist on the podium and demanded that Republicans agree either agree to her bill filled with permanent pork or she was just going to adjourn the House for its scheduled recess next week. Shortly after, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that the Senate would cancel its recess and remain in Washington to deal with issues related to the virus and the economic fallout.

Thus, Pelosi seems to have reached peak depravity here, exploiting a national panic that she and her fellow Democrats in and out of the corrupt news media worked hard to create for her own gain and the gain of the corporate lobbyists who have helped to make her such a fabulously wealthy person. This seems to me to be the moment she has attained peak depravity. But then again, every time I think that’s the case, and she cannot possibly get any worse, she goes out and surprises me.

You all can judge for yourselves.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Princess Fossy Jaw is a manipulative, scheming, conniving piece of garbage. That having been said, I do pray for her repentance – and boy, does she have a lot to repent of!

I’m not praying for her success, nor her health, nor anything of benefit to her: I’m praying for her Salvation. If she gets coronavirus or gets run over by Nadler on his way to the snack machine, so be it.


I am praying for Pelosi…praying that she gets infected with the coronavirus and that it is lethal. She is one big pos.



Black Sheep

Kevin McCarthy is Minority leader, not Majority. The pandemic is highly infectious, the panic began in China and spread globally and was not inspired by Democrats in the USA, tho they’ve certainly been capitalizing on it. The mortality rate reports of it are all over the road, so we can’t believe any of them, but China was first to take extreme measures and huge numbers died. You might believe their numbers. I don’t.
But YES, Nancy Pelosi is the leader of a lot of evil people. Lately she’s been showing less moral restraint, her ripping up Trump’s speech in front of the world was demented. She’s going off the rails.


First mistake was thinking Liberal politicals care anything about you or your plight(s).

Secondly like Reagan once stated, “The scariest thing you could hear is I’m from the government and I’m here tp help”. Yhru are there to help themselves at your expense, nothing else.

Thirdly, evil does not rest and there are no limits on its depravity, deceit. Its completely devoid of any moral standard and actively seeks to destroy all that the one true God instituted here on Earth, ie love, truth, justice, freedom, family, honor etc… That which benefits society.

Will skelator pursue greater depths of depravity… bank on it. Liberals and rino’s will not stop, period.
Neither can we in pushing back…


Yep, just the Dems trying to take advantage of another crisis, and extend the welfare state permanently. I guess I’m not surprised, but it makes it hard to stop disliking them. I’m using the term crisis, because as of now, whether it is or isn’t an actual crisis, this big boat of a country we are riding seems hell bent on treating it as such. It almost doesn’t matter, on a personal level, whether the Dems and their media lapdogs are the source of the hysteria, because now its impacting my daily life whether I like it or not. MI Gov Whitmer announced last night that all schools in MI are closing for 2 weeks, which leads right up to spring break, which would be a 3rd week off, unless they decide to cancel that and bring everyone back. Guess I’ll wait for word on that. I give it a few days before I’m told to work from home and maybe a week before domestic air travel is shut down.

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