Trump May Have Ended Jeff Sessions’ Career With a Tweet

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

While Quid Pro Joe was wiping the floor with The Commie, Bernie Sanders on Tuesday evening, President Donald Trump pounded what could be the final nail in the coffin of the political career of Jeff Sessions.

As the results from the Democrat primaries were rolling in, showing Biden will now assume a commanding position in the race for that party’s nomination, the President stole some of the limelight by issuing a tweet endorsing not his former worthless Attorney General, but former college football coach Tommy Tuberville in the GOP senate runoff election in Alabama.

Coming the wake of two new polls showing Tuberville holding leads of 6% and 12% in the race, this move by a President who is highly popular in Alabama may well seal the deal for Tuberville. The winner of the runoff will challenge incumbent Democrat Doug Jones, who won a narrow victory for the seat formerly held by Sessions in 2018 when GOP voters nominated the very flawed and odd Roy Moore.

Sessions, of course, left the seat in 2017 to serve as Trump’s first Attorney General, a role in which he was a miserable failure. His early decision to recuse himself from overseeing any investigations related to Russia for the completely invalid reason that he, as a senator, once met with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S., left the deep state skunk Rod Rosenstein free to appoint Robert Mueller and generally run amuck for the first two years of the Trump presidency.

Trump has repeatedly stated that, had Sessions had the personal integrity to inform him that he planned to recuse, he would have never been the nominee, and has never forgiven Sessions for this act of political mendacity. In an interview last summer, he called the appointment of Session the “biggest mistake” of his entire presidency.

Throughout his campaign to reclaim his old senate seat, Sessions has portrayed himself as a Trump loyalist, making constant attempts to ingratiate and associate himself with the President. The President has consistently rebuffed those efforts, culminating in his endorsement last night of Tuberville.

Now that Trump has formally shunned him, Sessions is likely to become a cause du jour by the same corrupt news media that once smeared him as an actual agent of Russia. Because that’s what our fake news media does. Receiving sympathetic coverage from CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times will, of course, only serve to further diminish Sessions’ shot at winning the votes of Alabama Republicans, who almost universally detest those corrupt news outlets.

Sessions was a fine senator and would no doubt be able to become a fine senator once again were he to regain his seat. But his abject refusal to do his damn job, to spend two solid years studiously looking the other way as the deep state mounted an outright coup d’etat attempt on American soil, destroyed any good will many Republican voters ever possessed for him.

The Alabama runoff election takes place on March 31, so Sessions still has some time to recover. But, his lagging polling numbers and Trump’s decision to overtly endorse Tuberville means he has a very steep hill to climb.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

That is all.

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phineas gage

He also has no intention of stopping the #DemExit trend, at least not without a significant payoff.

At this point I don’t think it matters–the Bernie Bros, or at least most of them, are not turning out for Slow Joe.

Jimmy MacAfee

But he should watch his step and not do a Blago. He drove the party so far to the Left, knives are out for him. Payback is a Hillary.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m guessing there’s a VERY lucrative book deal in his future! (Ah, the smell of green in the springtime!)

phineas gage

LOL–Bernie won’t drop out.

He intends to apply a flamethrower to Slow Joe in the debate. He’ll take them all down with him.

Jimmy MacAfee

He failed to do that to Hillary Rotten Clinton, and it was the biggest mistake of his candidacies: he let her off the hook vis a vis emails. It was rumored that he was being blackmailed, and this was probably related to his wife’s misadventures. But he turned chicken and ran (ever see a chicken run? That wobbly, side-to-side?

That’s Bernie: all talk. Hope he slices hard, deep and with accuracy.

Jimmy MacAfee

Sessions is like General B. McCLellan, when we needed a U.S. Grant.

phineas gage

Good analogy. Trump needed a fighter and Sessions didn’t fight (for whatever the reason).

Will Barr fight? It looks increasingly unlikely. Will Ratcliffe fight? Definitely. Will Meadows fight? Most assuredly.

Trump will have a much better team to take on the Deep State in his second term.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think Barr will sub out the jobs, and hopefully he has good generals in reserve.

Major Todd

The FACTS are that DOJ Rules REQUIRE DOJ employees who participated in an election campaign, recuse themselves from any investigation of that campaign. Sessions did what he had to do …. but his real mistake was in either not knowing of this DOJ Rule before he accepted the AG position, or if he didn’t know, he should have known. His failure to advise Trump of this RULE before his appointment directly led to the Mueller mess. His ineptness was very costly to Trump and the USA. When simple loyalty trumps competence trouble can be expected.

Jimmy MacAfee

That is the best criticism yet.

We didn’t see others recuse themselves, those in the DOJ/FBI which contributed to H. Rotten Clinton’s campaign, or attended her funeraisers, or whose relatives got kickbacks (McCabe’s wife?)

Sessions should have refused the position. Period. But when you look at the compromised investigation, filled with people who not only did not recuse themselves, but aided in the attempted overthrow, it’s clear who our anger should be directed at.

This includes Amy Berman Jackass, the judge who is so compromised, it’s a wonder her knees don’t break from all of her prevarications!

Susan Elizabeth Clemons

Jeff Sessions had the chance to do the right thing and he chose to ignore corruption and other crimes. He’s just another useless politician.

Jimmy MacAfee

Sessions also had his hands full of other issues, like human trafficking. If anyone paid any attention to all the things he DID do, they might not be so quick to dump on him. I’m not doing your research for you: look it up for yourselves.

And if anyone thinks the Deep State isn’t dug deeper than an Alabama tick, and can’t be removed by magic wishes and angry demands, then they don’t know the depth of the Swamp. Gregg and Phineas (and especially Dave) probably understand the level of organization that they possess, and how widespread the rot.

Sessions is not the enemy; he made a strategic error, possibly on account of blackmail; he also had an understanding of how ruthless the District of Corruption is, and how unaccountable the Deep State is and was and probably always will be.

Don’t shoot allies, even when they make mistakes: just replace them. If any critics here can do better, I suggest you apply for the job.

Ben Colder

Old Jeffie boy should not be surprised that Trump supports the other guy.Jeffie sure never did Trump any good as AG he turned out to be a gutless wonder and Trump had to fire his worthless ass.Go home Jeff and play with yourself.


IMO from what I see from up here in the North is that Sessions is a status quo political. Kept controversy low by not risking anything either… Just enough in order to keep the voters voting for him so he can keep his cushie govt check and pensions in place.Yes he hired Durham some time ago and what has been seen of that??? Talk and constant chatter of ‘you just wait’.

IMO you are not going to see anything significant from Barr/Durham because they are to busy whitewashing and looking for the appropriate scapegoats to hang out. Barr has history of shady dealings too but typical of politicals they spin it to him being the white night of conservatism draining the swamp. He’s part of the swamp but has been smarter in keeping his head down.

phineas gage

Sessions took a political risk by supporting Trump early in his campaign.

It is clear that once he got to Washington, something happened. I’d like to know what it was.

Jimmy MacAfee

I wonder, too. In the District of Corruption, blackmail is played as a parlor game.

Everett Miller

Jeff Sessions should be in prison, not the Senate, he is guilty of:
18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony
-Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Jimmy MacAfee

You’re talking about 98% of the District of Corruption.


Sessions ended his own career by doing absolutely nothing to help Americans, Republicans, or Trump. We’ve already got an entire party of folks who take our tax dollars to sit on their arses…we call them Democrats.


Agree with your post…Sessions, the “Little Elf with the Wing Ears, DARES to try to endear himself for office again, by invoking POTUS TRUMP’S name.” That, Alone shows that little elf, has NO INTEGRITY, and HE set up Trump by NOT telling him the TRUTH. Send this little bas***d home, and let him think about his LIES, yes EVEN the ones by ‘omission’…….He should be in prison, imo…for Deliberately ‘building himself up, when he planned with the Deep State, to take down this President.’


But, but…”Q” (super James Bond with secret direct link to the President) says “Trust Sessions”!

Must be some more of that 14 dimensional chess.

Jimmy MacAfee

8kun was taken down by a very sophisticated operation – state level. Why bother if Q is a larp?

Guess you know everything, and play 28 dimensional chess.


RIP (politically) Jeff Sessions.

Just go away, you had an opportunity as AG to clean house, and you BLEW IT Big-time!

Get lost and go away with ball the other RINOS like Lament Alexander and others.


Paging Durham and Barr, paging Durham and Barr, where are you?


That is Exactly what I am asking ….Where the HELL ARE A.G. Barr And Att. Durham? If they cannot bring the charges to the REAL Criminals: “Obama/Hillary/Comey/Lynch/Clapper/BRENNAN/Page/Strzok/McCabe/etal.
BEFORE THE 2020 Election…..Are they TOO, Part of the ‘Corrupt Deep State, who are allowing such criminal activity in our Republic, and NOT doing Anything? I was told/read that A.G. Barr was a man of Integrity AND Honesty……I am STILL Holding out Hope that he IS……Durham, Likewise! We should NEVER have had this Coup De Tat in which ‘Corrupt Democrats(many mentioned above) from Obama on down, “DID SPY, LIE and Cover up their OWN CRIMALITY AND SCANDALS’…..Are we a 3rd rate Banana Nation, OR are we a Sovereign Nation, with a Strong Constitution that IS supposed to protect American Citizens?”


phineas gage

Just as with CJ Roberts and the Obamacare decision, I’ve always believed that the Deep State blackmailed Sessions over something in his personal background. There was nothing in his previous behavior to predict what happened.

Jimmy MacAfee

On the other hand, Sessions had Durham working long before anyone knew it.

phineas gage

Very odd. Maybe someday we’ll get the whole backstory.

Jimmy MacAfee

There is a lot that’s already been revealed, if you follow Q to any extent. Most of his (their) posts are rah-rah stuff, un-useful and not exactly enlightening, and some is coded or carefully stated so as not to reveal classified info. I get frustrated with the promises Q makes, but the Bush funeral was a pretty remarkable display (if anyone isn’t aware of that, they need to go back to the scene of the envelopes that had so many people rattled.)

I wish Q success, The main people dismissing him/them are the NyTimes, WaPo etc. Why bother, if Q is just some random kid in a basement somewhere?

I’ve gotten a lot of good insight from Q, despite some personal frustrations with him/them (bunkers?)

Jimmy MacAfee

Q’anon portrays Sessions as a patriot (which he is) but his inability to see the forest for the trees cost President Trump the freedom to operate without constant harassment. Maybe the duplicity of Rosenstein wouldn’t have come out without the progression of the scheme against the President (and President-elect) and others would not be in legal jeopardy, but that’s not necessarily so. The more hell the President has had to endure, the more everyone wants to prosecute Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Brennan and others.

So Sessions’ cowardice may have given the Deep State more rope with which it may be hanged. Can’t blame Trump for some payback.

pa l

Sessions recusing himself short circuited the Democrats. Without the Special Counsel, Mueller investigation, the media hype might forced an impeachment vote earlier, and perhaps with some RINOs, succeeded. .

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