Biden’s “Hide the Geezer” Strategy Already Goes Off The Rails [Now Updated Twice]

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

In this morning’s Campaign Update, I detailed the Biden Campaign’s new “Hide the Geezer” strategy, a tactic in which they plan to minimize their impaired candidate’s exposure to the press and the public.

Well, it ain’t working. The strategy, which was implemented over the weekend, went completely off the rails this morning at a Biden event at a Michigan auto factory. In the clip below, Quid Pro Joe can be seen cursing at and ridiculing Democrat voters and staffers, and haranguing them with abject falsehoods regarding the 2nd amendment and his history of [non] support for it.

The clip contains subtitles, so no transcript will follow. Watch and read along – it is absolutely surreal:

[UPDATE: Here’s a different angle of the same confrontation, more clearly showing Biden’s surreal behavior:


As I pointed out this morning, any campaign that attempts to hide an inadequate or impaired candidate from the public is doomed to experience a black swan moment during which his true nature becomes clear to every observer. The corrupt news media will do everything it can to ignore this morning’s event and the many like it that will inevitably follow, but at some point, clips of this kind of behavior from a man who is obviously suffering from an advancing mental impairment will become so ubiquitous across social media that the Biden campaign and the Democrat Party will suffer major consequences.

Everyone involved in the Biden campaign – including his wife – should all be utterly ashamed of themselves for continuing to roll this elderly, frail and declining man out there to embarrass himself every day. At this point, it truly is elder abuse.


[UPDATE: Right on cue, MSNBC, in its ongoing desperate efforts to support the Biden campaign, posts a story with a heavily-edited version of the video that edits out the “You’re full of shit!” comment, his threat to “slap” the guy’s face, and his repeated “shush!” and “I don’t work for you!” comments directed at his female staffer:

Here’s the link

Expect CNN and the networks to all follow this model for their coverage, assuming they choose to “cover” the outburst at all.]


That is all.


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None of this has hurt him in the primary….he’s gonna be the guy. He has a lead over Bernie that will continue to grow. The gaffes and senility will continue, and the media will continue to marginalize all of it. It will fun to watch, but Trump will beat him in the debates. All Trump has to do is bait him, and if he explodes like he did on that iron worker, there will be no way for the media to hide it. Grab the popcorn!


My mother, God rest her soul, developed Alzheimer’s Disease during the last decade of her life. She never exhibited anger or lashing out, as a matter of fact, she was always a joy to be around. When I would take her out in public, either shopping or Mardi Gras or to the river to hang out she was always a hit. People gravitated to her because she was so much fun. But one thing that bothered me was she would tell stories that I knew were not true. I would go behind her and apologize to people who had been engaged in conversations with her but did not know her. Almost everyone would say, “I don’t care, she reminds me of my mother.” But it bothered me.
Fast forward a few years and I was working with a guy who had been an nurse who specialized in Alzheimer’s patients. When i expressed my frustration at my mothers lying he explained to me what was happening. He said that Alzheimer’s patients when telling a story about some life events may reach a point where they cannot remember the rest of the story, at that point, instead of admitting that do not remember the details, they just make up some new details to finish the story out. Sounds like Grandpa Joe might be having the same thing happen to him.

Not a trait I am looking for in a president. “You know Vladimir we need to get rid of climate change because…. we are going to nuke you.” Oops.

phineas gage

It is called ‘confabulation’ and it is a common neurological symptom. The brain is endlessly creative and fills gaps where needed–some patients will confabulate entire life histories and stories. Oliver Sacks has several good essays about this condition in his books.

Also, I did not mean to imply that anger and aggression is a uniform symptom in Alzheimer’s–the manifestations clearly vary, as in the example of your mother.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat.

phineas gage

Yes, one of his best books. The title case is an example of visual confabulation due to a peculiar form of prosopagnosia resulting from a stroke lesion in the visual cortex of the patient. In this case the misperception substituted his hat for his wife’s head.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, and he might mistake a fire hydrant for a person.

phineas gage

One other question–is Obama now the unseen hand, as suggested by many over the last day or so?

If so, does that mean the Clintons are out of power in the DNC and the possibility of HIllary redux is nil? Who is the alternative once Biden becomes untenable?

Jimmy MacAfee

That’s a very plausible scenario. Barack al Bama. But he’s not a Svengali; he HAS one.

Gyorgi Schwartz controls a lot, but sources said years ago that he wasn’t as large a player as others (circa 2012)
I’m guessing the person behind the scenes is a fallen entity? Players come and go, black as night and white as snow, all destined for the place below.

There’s your unseen hand.

phineas gage

This is not only sad, but extremely ominous The entirety of the news media–supposedly the means to inform the citizenry–is participating in a cover-up to propel a cognitively impaired person to the presidency, while at the same time engineering a public health panic.

At this point it seems clear that we have reached an inflection point in the culture wars where the media is now officially a greater threat than the Democrat party. The former is now guiding and empowering the latter.

It’s an extremely unstable and dangerous situation that can only lead to a terrible outcome.

Jimmy MacAfee

Lyin’ Joe couldn’t find his butt with both hands in the dark. That having been said, it’s alarming that he invited someone outside for a brawl, especially since he’s an old coot who would be taken out with the first punch.

But that’s not all: why is he elbow-to-elbow with anybody? I have made this assertion and I’ll make it again: he’s being set up for termination. If he isn’t receiving Secret Service protection, he needs to get it – now. Not only is he mentally vulnerable in a political sense: he’s vulnerable to an induced Celestial Discharge.

How stupid are these people?

phineas gage

Anger and aggression are common signs of Alzheimer’s and early senile dementia.


Anger and aggression… You just defined the entire left.

Jimmy MacAfee

One day, If the Republic survives, they’ll be making a movie about Demented Joe – like a movie about a punch-drunk pugilist who doesn’t know when it’s time to hang up his gloves, and whose handlers and trainers are in it for their own purposes. (“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?”)

With what he said last week – about needing to re-elect President Trump – the script for him to take a fall seems more and more like someone who is told that he will get knocked out in the 1st or 2nd round. (Throw the fight, Joe, if you can just make it to ringside?)

phineas gage

He will simply be seen as a tragicomic figure like Thomas Eagleton, and quickly forgotten.

Biden is already punch drunk, so it won’t be hard for him to convincingly lose the fight.

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