Biden Handlers’ New Strategy: Hide the Geezer

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

You just cannot make this stuff up. – The Democrat toadies at the Washington Post have a new piece out this morning which details growing concern in the Quid Pro Joe camp about their candidate’s obviously advancing cognitive issues. The buffoon who produced 2-3 wtf moments per week on the trail during the first few months of his campaign has recently been giving us 2-3 such brain freezes each day, and that frequency was becoming too much for the corrupt news media to gloss over as mere “gaffes.”

Thanks to the DNC/Media narrative advancing Biden’s “electability,” none of this has really mattered all that much to depraved Democrat voters who have no concern about the good of the country and are only focused on regaining political power. These people would nominate a potato from Idaho if they thought it could beat the evil Orange Man in the White House. Thus, Biden’s handlers find themselves in the enviable position of now working with a significant lead in the race for the nomination, which provides them with a great deal of flexibility on ways to manage the campaign – and the candidate.

Given that flexibility, Quid Pro Joe’s handlers – which obviously includes his wife, Jill – rolled out a nifty new, scaled-down version of his stump speech over the weekend. Biden talks that have been rambling on for 60-90 minutes now last no longer than a typical commercial break on the History Channel, with the text now all carefully read by the candidate from a teleprompter.

From the Washington Post piece:

Biden’s event in St. Louis, framed by the Gateway Arch, clocked in at around seven minutes Saturday. A short time later, at a windswept event in Kansas City, people were streaming for their cars after Biden wrapped up in 12 minutes. His longest speech of the weekend, in the gym of Tougaloo College in Jackson, Miss., didn’t quite make 15 minutes.

It is a seismic shift for Biden, 77, who in five decades of political office and three White House runs has never had a reputation for breviloquence. It’s a habit perhaps nurtured in the Senate, which prides itself on limitless debate and has a special term — filibuster — for talking endlessly.

The less Biden strays from his streamlined and teleprompter-ed remarks, the less likely he is to make a gaffe that could damagingly ricochet around the Internet. Even with his shorter speeches, he’s made an unforced error or two. In his Sunday remarks at New Hope Baptist Church (14 minutes), he derided Mississippi’s former governor for not accepting Medicare-for-all — which happens to be Sanders’s chief policy proposal — instead of the Affordable Care Act.

So, which recent presidential candidate does this remind you of? If you said Hillary Clinton, you win the prize, which sadly amounts only to my undying admiration of your prescience.

Yes, friends, the nation’s Unfrozen Caveman Senator has now adopted the “hide the candidate” tactic deployed by the Fainting Felon once it became clear that she had built a clear delegate edge over Bernie Sanders in their race for the 2016 Democrat nomination. With the Coughing Crook, the strategy was all about the fact that Democrat voters liked the idea of Hillary Clinton but really didn’t care much for her as a person. Thus, the less they saw of her, the more popular she became with them.

As the Biden toadies at the Post point out, the strategy for his campaign is all about damage control. The less exposure Quid Pro Joe has before the cameras, the less opportunity for the candidate to say something that will make the public wonder what in the hell is going on with this guy?

The problem with this particular strategy, though, is that it only works through the party convention in July. Once that event has come and gone, it becomes impossible for the party to hide its nominee any longer, even with the willing cooperation of 98% of the nation’s news media.

In the general election, Quid Pro Joe will find himself needing to reach out and gain the support of independent voters who don’t give a damn about his party’s ravenous thirst for political power. At some point in the campaign, there will come a black swan event that causes the reality of Joe Biden to literally leap off the television screen and grab those voters’ attention.

For the Pantsuit Princess, that moment came when she fainted dead away while waiting on her hospital van to whisk her away from the 9/11 event in New York City. Remember, the entirety of the corrupt news media was going to hide that moment from you – it was only thanks to a bystander who captured the moment with his I-Phone that you even knew about it. Try as they might, there are some things that are just beyond the control of any campaign and its supporting media toadies.

Biden stands poised to basically wrap the Democrat nomination up with big wins in Michigan and Missouri today, and more in Ohio, Florida, Illinois and Arizona a week from now, so the “hide the geezer” strategy is almost certain to remain in place for the next four months. The Biden camp and its media supporters hope that the resulting reduction in the frequency of Biden outbursts of gibberish will make us all forget our concerns about his mental state.

That’ll almost certainly work to secure the nomination. After the convention, though, they’ll have to come up with some other ruse. Because, as the Pantsuit Princess proved in 2016, you can’t hide the geezer forever.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Rush is actually talking about this on his show today (3/10); the wizard(s) behind the throne is Obama Inc. (look @ the list of who Biden said would staff his cabinet). The idea being if by chance he manages to get elected they have another crack @ the wheels of power.

They’re going to try to hide him & the enemedia will go all out to ignore/coverup every gaffe/senior moment.


What a perfect opportunity for the DNC to suspend the campaign & primaries due to the threat of the Coronavirus. Is it too early to lay the groundwork for delaying the general election? Apparently the CDC has recommended that people over 60 and/or at risk should stock up on food and other essentials…
Whoa, my tinfoil hat must need tightening. Greetings from the insane Left Coast.

Jimmy MacAfee

Wow, just about peed myself! Funny! (And greetings from South of the Swamp!)

Jay Whitcraft

Don’t count Bernie out quite yet. All it would take is a couple of big screw ups in the next debate to kill off Biden’s momentum. I’m talking about one of those moments that the whole debate stops and Biden doesn’t know why. Jay


Even if he manages to get through the Dem debates and the Dem convention, when he has to debate Trump it will painfully clear he is fading fast. Can you imagine him trying to ad-lib some one liner against Trump? It will be some mixture of hot hairy legs and fights behind school gyms. Nowhere to hide during run up to the general election.

Jimmy MacAfee

Spot on. Hard to imagine Creepy Joe NOT making some bizarre and critical mistake. They’ll be keeping women and children away from him, for sure. And then what would the Deep State do, when he implodes?

Bernie the Bolshevik would suddenly acquire COVID-19, or pneumonia, or the flu. Which may reach others, too – H. Rotten Clinton, Creepy Joe…McConnell…it’s a weapon that multiple players plan to use against chosen targets. That’s why the hype: a tool of assassination being sold as an Everyman’s disease. Case in point: Iran. Next target: Venezuela. European leaders. The pope-from-hell.

Not everyone on the list deserves to be sick; take judgement out of it. It IS being weaponized, and promoted by the fake media. These are the days of managed pestilence.

Jimmy MacAfee

The picture at the top, with Creepy Joe sucking his wife’s finger – well, that always makes me nauseous. Or rather, he makes me nauseous. The man has no boundaries.

It takes a lot to meet with world leaders, to be able to learn what not to say or when to say something; the socialization of a candidate/President is no little task. It was something BHO failed at miserably, because he never had the depth of knowledge to pull it off, nor the social skills with which to do it. H Rotten Clinton has a few skills, but her evil nature always gets in the way. The best two Presidents – or candidates – in my lifetime in meeting with people with diverse positions and in diverse locations is and was President Trump and President Reagan. Carter was a buffoon; Bill Clinton was affable and charming but also manipulative and limited in his range; Bush I and II were…OK. Nixon wasn’t solid, but did manage to talk with China. LBJ was a freakshow.

Imagine Quid Pro (or Bernt-Brains) trying to match up with even the least of these!

Go suck your wife’s finger, Joe. In private.

DD More

Jimmy – “It takes a lot to meet with world leaders, to be able to learn what not to say or when to say something”

Which should scare us all, considering he couldn’t tell his wife from his sister. Imagine, if you will, confusing an ally and enemy.

Jimmy MacAfee

Lord help us!

Jumper Bones

There are meds, such as seroquil, that can delay the severity of dementia, but they can only delay it for so long, and can never stop it. The Dem leadership is dealing with with a problem (the Biden gaffe machine) that will only get worse with time. Fools.

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