No Surprise Here: DNC/CNN Rig Debate Format for Quid Pro Joe

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

The old geezers get to sit now. – Catering to every whim of their chosen candidate, the DNC and CNN announced on Sunday that tired, obviously declining Quid Pro Joe Biden will get his wish for the next Democrat debate later this week. He and his fellow, much healthier septuagenarian, Bernie Sanders, will be seated at a table with the moderators.

The debate, which oddly takes place on Sunday night, will present a radically changed format from previous debates at which all the candidates stood at podiums for two hours. For the remaining “hey you kids, get off my lawn!” brigade of candidates, doing that became a test of endurance that Sanders was perfectly willing to continue but Biden was obviously anxious to end.

From a report by Politico on the matter:

Bernie Sanders wants to stand up at the next debate — and his campaign is accusing Joe Biden of wanting to sit down.

After a private call Friday with CNN, which is moderating the March 15 debate with the Democratic National Committee, Sanders’ team balked at a new proposed format for debate, saying it gives his opponent Biden too much of a break in their first one-on-one face-off. Biden’s camp denied that it was pressing for a sit-down debate.

“Why does Joe Biden not want to stand toe-to-toe with Sen. Sanders on the debate stage March 15 and have an opportunity to defend his record and articulate his vision for the future?” asked Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ senior adviser.

Biden’s campaign and the DNC said the format for the debate was decided by the party and CNN. The news network declined to comment and referred questions to the DNC.

“We will participate in whatever debate CNN chooses to stage: standing, sitting, at podiums, or in a town hall,” Biden’s deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield said. “The problem for the Sanders campaign is not the staging of the debate, but rather, the weakness of Sen. Sanders’ record and ideas.”

There’s no secret what’s happening here: The standing format had Biden visibly tiring towards the end of the last debate. During the last 40 minutes or so, he repeatedly lashed out at the moderators and fellow candidates, and struggled to form sentences. There is a reason why his standard campaign stump speech, during which he roams around a stage before a tiny audience, lasts no more than 15 minutes.

Also catering to Biden’s needs, the setting will be similar to one of his campaign events, with a stage surrounded by a Biden-like small audience. Even better for Biden, the format will include questions from the attendees, which in Democrat debates tend to consist mainly of sophomoric iterations of “how much of other people’s money are you planning to give to me and my family after you’re elected?” or “how many trillions of our grandchildren’s dollars are you willing to throw away on AOC’s climate change pipe dreams?”

Including audience questions helps to break up the normal flow of a debate, and allows Biden to avoid a lot of head-to-head exchanges of ideas with The Commie and just talk about all the mythical things he did during the “Obiden/Bama” administration, as he called it on Saturday.

Changing the qualification rules in order to exclude Tulsi Gabbard – the only remaining woman/minority candidate in the race – from this debate also works in Biden’s favor. Gabbard is no friend of the Party’s ruling class, and already effectively killed the candidacy of Kamala Harris in a debate last fall. Eliminating her helps to clear the minefield for Creepy Uncle Joe.

Thus, we see the DNC and its toadies at CNN taking no chances with their plan to literally carry the nation’s Unfrozen Caveman Senator across the finish line to the party’s nomination. With primaries in the delegate-rich states of Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Arizona taking place just two days later, a big Biden breakdown on-stage in this debate could shift the race right back in The Commie’s favor. Having Quid Pro Joe comfortably seated at a table significantly reduces the prospects for disaster.

With polling data now trending strongly in his favor, Biden now has a clearly achievable path to being able to win the nomination on the first ballot in Milwaukee. Somewhere, President Donald Trump is celebrating.

That is all.

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Trump will make Joe stand during his THREE debates with him. No boxes, no chairs, no tables.

As was written by Dave a week or so ago, doesn’t anyone in his family care enough about Joe to save him from himself.

Again, for the Democrats, if Joe Biden is the answer, it is a really stupid question.

Flannigan McGaffigan

Why not have a Biden/Sanders debate with both riding Cushman electric carts around on stage?
That would be fair and no one has to stand.

Brian C

The VP selection is especially important for the Dems. Ask yourself, “If Biden is incoherent now, what will he be like in 2-3 years?” Joe will have his name in the history book and will gladly resign when the DNC pushes him.

Jimmy MacAfee

Before they can safely remove Quid Pro, they have to remove Angry Bernie. By any means necessary.

The DNC cheats in every game, or else they would never get to play the game.

Jimmy MacAfee

He won’t make it to the convention at this rate.

That’s why they wanted him to withdraw and give his support to Mini Mike, before Lieawatha demolished his expensive mini-car. The party wanted someone else, but “else” failed miserably. No one rose to the occasion. All fizzled like a wet firecracker.

I also suspect that Gropin’Joe also made some threats: “try and stop me, and I’ll rat the rest of you out!”

Which leads us to the question: could a live QuidPro Joe beat President Donald J. Trump? The answer is “no.” Absolutely not. So the question of his stepping aside if he wins is moot. The question I raised also leads to another question: could a dead Biden beat DJT? If a Bernie Bro or a (fake) Trumper takes him out? Maybe.

Fact is, Secret Service is either not being used, or it is on a work slowdown: wife Jill and Biden’s sister had to intervene when a protestor got dangerously close to him. Dangerously close. Where was security? This raises a lot of troubling questions. It looks like they’re going to schedule a VP choice, then remove Joe in a way that garners sympathy-support.

phineas gage

Predictions of $20 oil in the coming year. It’s going to be tough for the domestic energy industry, especially frackers, but globally it could have interesting effects such as bringing down the Iranian regime.

Jimmy MacAfee

Russian energy will also take a hit, and so will Venezuela. China may be the main winner here, and US drivers as well.

phineas gage

Biden can’t even handle the simplest of tasks now. In his most recent gaffe, where he said that ‘we can only re-elect Trump’, it is clear that what he was supposed to say as an applause line is that if the Democrats do not unite together behind him then they risk the reelection of Trump. He couldn’t even get that right.

If I am part of Biden’s prep team, I am very nervous right now.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, they were falsely claiming that Stumblin’ Joe’s words were somehow altered by Trump’s people. The tape is pretty clear: Stumblin’ Joe was incoherent.

phineas gage

The DNC fix is in, in cahoots with CNN. They want Bernie taken out immediately. I’m sure that the Biden campaign has already been given access to the audience plant questions.

Their problem is that they are going to alienate the Bernie Bros, but based on his less than impressive vote tallies which are restricted to deep blue states, they may not see that as a problem.

They can then turn their attention to who the real nominee will be. I think Slow Joe will getting a Godfather talk from Obama soon after the conclusion of primary season.

Even with this planning, things may still go wrong considering Biden’s cognitive decline. If I were Bernie, I would be on my feet and active as possible, even walking behind Joe to disturb him. It shouldn’t be that hard to knock him off balance, and then the gaffes will begin.

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