Joe Biden’s Running Mate Will be the Real Democrat Nominee

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

In an appearance on Fox’s “Watters World” program Saturday night, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani did not pull any punches at all when talking about Quid Pro Joe Biden and the increasingly obvious cognitive issues he is displaying on the campaign trail.

Watch this clip (a transcript follows):

Here’s a transcript for those who still like to read stuff:

Watters: Do you agree with my assessment of how things shook out?

Giuliani: Oh, sure I do. I think that Bernie was so frightening that they picked a man who is showing obvious signs of dementia. Which is astounding. Because if you consider that what he is displaying gets worse, what’s he going to be like three years from now? If he doesn’t know what state he’s in; if he can’t figure out which one his wife is; and if he thinks 150 million people – which is half the population, roughly, of America – got killed;  then what’s he going to be like two years from now when that illness gets worse?

I don’t think we should put…we are dealing here with who is going to be the president of the United States, and we shouldn’t pussyfoot around with this. The man has something wrong with him, and it’s serious.

Not only that, his family has been stealing for 30 years. At least. Eight cases in which his family made hundreds of thousand and millions off of selling his public office. Now, it is possible, it is actually possible that when he said ‘I didn’t know about it’ he’s so out of it, he didn’t know about it.

Watters: That’s the best defense he’s got…

Giuliani: …I don’t believe that’s true. I mean, the kid has terrible drug problems, and he becomes a multi-millionaire. Any father would want to know how, right? And since Daddy took him to China to make 1.5 billion of it…



For a fairly comprehensive look back at just some of the hundreds of clear examples from the past weeks of this man being in obvious cognitive decline, take a look at these clips, both of which were compiled by a very left-wing Trump hater:

Partial transcript of the 2nd clip:

Narrator: I think it’s obvious to anyone that’s seen clips of Joe Biden over the past year or so that he is in a state of mental decline. His mental capacities are not what they were 4 years ago, 8 years ago, during Obama’s term. Look at any clip of Joe Biden in the past year and compare those to Joe Biden debating Paul Ryan, and you’ll see that he’s not all there anymore. And it’s sad to say – it doesn’t please me to say this.

What I think is a problem is that the media is not doing their job in highlighting this. It’s very clear what’s going on here: His mental health is not what it used to be. He can barely form complete sentences. He very frequently forgets people’s names. He very frequently does not know where he even is. And this is not a winning person who will defeat Donald Trump. This isn’t someone who’s going to excel in debates against Donald Trump.

Here is clip compilation number 1005 of just some of the latest gaffes, if that’s even what you can call them anymore, of Joe Biden.

Biden: “We hold these truths to be self-l’evident. All men and women created by the…go, you know the th…you know, the thing.”

“Tomorrow’s Super Thursd…Super Tuesday.”

“Alright, Chuck, thank you very much.” [He was talking to Chris Wallace]

[It goes on and on, but you get the picture.]

[End Clip]

So, that’s our reality now: The Democrat establishment appears to be intent on nominating a candidate for the presidency of the United States who is in such obvious, unambiguous mental decline that even leftist Democrats are now putting together compilations of examples of it.

Biden himself has continued to write all of this off to a stuttering issue he suffered from when he was young. But this is, like his constant references to his late son, Beau, just one of many crutches he leans on to curry sympathy from the public.

The reality is that there are literally thousands of clips of Joe Biden in his younger days speaking very clearly in public with no issue whatsoever. No stuttering, no stammering, no forgetting where he is or who his wife is or the words to the Declaration of Independence that every first-grader had to learn by heart.

As the narrator above notes, the contrast between the Joe Biden of just 8 years ago, in his debate with Paul Ryan, and the Joe Biden of today is not just obvious, it is shocking.

Biden has always had a major issue with the truth, and he has always committed major gaffes – he has always been a grifting buffoon and no one who is being honest would deny that. But we are waaaayyyyyy beyond the point where we can write off the stuff we are currently seeing from Quid Pro Joe to mere clownish gaffes.

Biden’s last debate performance was the clearest and most shocking example yet. In those two hours in South Carolina, he displayed every visible symptom of creeping dementia: Anger, paranoia, lashing out, memory losses, inability to form coherent sentences, and on and on. For that literally frightening performance, he was of course praised by the corrupt news media in its effort to support the Democrat Party narrative.

As both Giuliani and the narrator note, the reality about Joe Biden is that if you elect him, you are really electing his running mate, because Quid Pro Joe will quickly either voluntarily resign or have to be removed under the 25th amendment.  The corrupt media doesn’t want to tell you this, but everyone paying attention knows it is true.

In the coming two weeks, you should expect to see the networks/CNN/MSNC conduct a series of long interviews with Biden, so that they can carefully edit them down into maybe 10 minutes where he actually appears to make sense. Because this is what our corrupt media does for its Democrat masters.

Bottom line, if he does go on to become the nominee, watch closely who Biden picks to be his running mate. Because that person will represent the Democrat Party’s true candidate for president.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Another way to look at them taking out Biden, either blaming Bernie Bros or Trumps people: Joe (alive) cannot win against Trump; Joe dead might.

Hoosier Daddy

My conspiracy theory is the VP choice will be a black woman. Options: Kampala Harris (loser); Stacey Abrams (ugly); Oprah Winfrey (LOL); Michelle Obama (winner!). Why? Name recognition, reuse old bumper stickers, and DNC goal to win bottom of ballot to keep the house and win the senate which they have stated several times. This sets up Impeachment II. Why was MO campaigning in MI last week? Trial balloon? This would bring more black voters back from DJT. Keep an eye on the tv presence of Valerie Jarrett.

Jimmy MacAfee

I wish Joe Biden a long and sedate rest in a nursing facility of his choice. While jail would be appropriate, he would be terminated in prison, too. Let his crimes and the crimes of those around him be revealed, but Lord, please protect Joe Biden. I pray this in Your Holy Name, the Name above all names, Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah,

phineas gage

Joe Biden is proof of the truth of the aphorism that ‘you should be careful what you wish for’.

All his political life he has wanted to be the Democrat nominee for president; now it appears he will be only to be the object of cruel derision and manipulation. If he had any sense or dignity left, he would drop out.


Democratic Party: No sense, and certainly no dignity, especially since the Arkansas crime syndicate took it almost three decades ago..

Jimmy MacAfee

I have emailed the Whitehouse about my concerns. Time is of the essence.

phineas gage

I hope they are listening, because if the Deep State intends to pursue its goals by taking someone out, their more logical target is Trump himself.

Jimmy MacAfee

They’ve tried, and are approximately 0-3.

phineas gage

Assuming Biden makes it to the convention to be nominated, and then makes it through the fall election (no sure bet at the rate he is deteriorating by the day), the running mate–as I argued a couple of days ago–will have to be black, probably female, and radical to attract the angry Bernie bros.

I would give Stacey Abrams pretty high odds. I haven’t the slightest idea why she attracts so much attention as a political star, given that she has done nothing but whine and complain after an incompetent campaign ending in a solid defeat, but Mr. Blackmon has recently reminded me that Democrats don’t think the same way as other rational people. In the Democrat world, you fail your way to the top. Look at Biden.

I think it is at least as likely that someone else is nominated at the convention. The DNC has to know that they cannot possibly hide Biden for the next six months.

Jimmy MacAfee

Vision: something that needs to be taken seriously.

JFK was taken out because of disease – not as a result of disease, but to make use of his assassination. JFK likely wouldn’t have lived another 2 -3 years, due to his Addison’s disease; he was also heavily medicated, had numerous other medical conditions, and was a man living at the edge of catastrophe, medically speaking. He also was lucid, but only because of amphetamines, with few guarantees that this lucidity would last. There was a Deep State panic, because he tended to go off the wall (by their standards) already. It was a legitimate worry. I am not sure they didn’t even let him in on the plan, though that’s a bit of a reach.

Why do I say this? Why was he terminated and why will Senile Joe be set up similarly? How could this be turned into a false flag event?

Biden’s wife and sister had to stop an attacker (protestor) just the other day: where was the Secret Service? This is inexplicable. Unless, of course, it was a signal to go ahead and take him out, and to blame it on Trump. Hillary Rotten would take the place of Ice-Cold Joe, with sympathy putting her ahead.

Secret Service? Are you listening? You’d better be! We won’t buy it this time.

phineas gage

Everything you say about JFK is absolutely true. The man was very sick, teetering on the edge of hypotension and hypoglycemia every day, as well as addicted to painkillers due to his chronic back condition.

It’s amazing how effectively that has been covered up by the media Camelot myth (e.g. the bronzing of his skin was not due to Addison’s disease, it was a robust healthy tan) to the point that few people know the truth.

I would normally say your scenario seems a bit far-fetched, but not these days. I’m more convinced than ever that the Clintons took out Epstein, and I don’t think they would hesitate to do the same to Biden. Where Obama fits into the mix is anyone’s guess, but supposedly he is involved and engineered the simultaneous dropouts of Buttigieg and Klobuchar.


Yet he was still able to screw so many bimbos, I mean starlets – despite all his infirmities.

Jimmy MacAfee

And now the stamp of approval by the odious Kamasutra Harris. Orchestrated.

phineas gage

As some have accurately observed, ‘it looks like a hostage tape’.

Jimmy MacAfee

A synopsis, with relevant material scrubbed (as admitted by the author,) which President Trump is probably aware of in the unreleased portion of the JFK assassination files:

“When I read about the hospitalizations, my eyes widened,” says Dallek. “We never knew about this.” Another revelation was the sheer quantity of medications Kennedy took daily during his presidency. “Steroids for his Addison’s disease,” Dallek writes, “pain-killers for his back, antispasmodics for his colitis, antibiotics for urinary-tract infections, antihistamines for allergies and, on at least one occasion, an antipsychotic (though only for two days) for a severe mood change that Jackie Kennedy believed had been brought on by the antihistamines.” .,9171,393754,00.html

Paul Williams

Biden/Hillary ticket. Shillary has been campaigning for well over a year; she can’t run ads, so they conveniently come out with a “documentary”. It’s nothing but campaigning.

Anything less is a total loss for the Democrat Party. Bernie Bros will not vote for Biden. Moderate Democrats will stay home if their only motivation is Sleepy Joe.

However, given an opportunity for them to gain redress for the “stolen” past election of Trump, now THAT will motivate them enough to turn out.

phineas gage

I don’t think they roll out Hillary again, not only because she is perhaps the worst political candidate in history, but particularly because that guarantees the Bernie bros sit out the election.

If she is involved, it will have to be via behind the scene machinations.


“What I think is a problem is that the media is not doing their job in highlighting (his mental or other flaws) this.”

Really? What was your first clue?

News flash to the moderator: The media has NEVER highlighted ANY Democrat’s flaws unless they want him/her taken out…

“Bottom line, if he does go on to become the nominee, watch closely who Biden picks to be his running mate. Because that person will represent the Democrat Party’s true candidate for president.”

Maybe, but Biden won’t be picking his running mate; the DNC/Deep State will. The fortunate thing is they have no one on their team who will much help the ticket. If they really did have someone who could “win” against Trump, that person would have been running and supported already. And I really don’t see any benefit to the DNC to have Walking Eagle or M. Obama. or The Opera or anyone else, being selected to “save the day” at the convention.

The DNC has made their bed; it is Biden or bust, and boy will they go bust with him and whoever…

Let’s face it, most presidential candidates have their VP chosen for them, and the VP will never be the “star” of the ticket.

Does anyone who follows politics really think:

JFK wanted LBJ?
Reagan wanted Bush?
Mondale wanted Ferraro?
Bush wanted Quale?
BJ Clinton wanted Gore?
Gore wanted Lieberman?
Kerry wanted Edwards?
McCain wanted Palin? (stated he wanted Senator Lieberman (D/I) CT)
Obama wanted Biden?
HR Clinton wanted Kaine?

I can’t even remember who were the VP candidates for Nixon (1960), Goldwater, Humphrey, McGovern, Ford (Rockefeller, Dole?) etc., how unremarkable they all were – the reality is no one really cares who the VP is.

At best, with the exception of Trump picking Pence, most Presidential nominees accept who the parties select for them, as will Biden now, – Biden who would have been the ultimate figurehead president, regardless of which decade he became the nominee.

As long as he can maintain body temperature, Biden will be the nominee of the Bernie Schiff party. The Bernie Schiff media will ensure it so that an expendable “moderate” will take the loss for the team in the hopes of minimizing their down ballot losses.

IMO, their best VP candidate would be Tulsi Gabbard – an attractive minority woman with some notoriety who is appealing and not a flaming lunatic, or certifiable fraud.

It remains to be seen what the DNC plans are for Gabbard: either give her the national notoriety of running with Biden, give her the opportunity to show competence (like Palin did – she was very good, but was deliberately destroyed buy the RNC establishment) during the campaign for future races, or (more likely) take her out completely (again like Palin) and eliminate her from future political consideration.

Again, Tulsi, take my advice, “Walk Away” from the Democratic Party, reengage and run for your house seat as an independent, and become a true Independent, and not a drone.


This is truly sad. It shows the evil within the media/democrat party, that they are using Biden to get their true desired candidate into the race.
Even though I have no love for Joe Biden, It is cruel to use him in this way. He needs to be home resting, getting treatment and his family needs to step up and remove him from this spectacle. They won’t of course, and after President Trump’s landslide victory, we will most likely never hear from JB again.


Old Joe should really be resting in a prison cell for all the crimes dine. But he will answer for them soon enough when he stands before our Creator. But what else speaks volumes on their character is his family still pushing him out before the public. That to me speaks volumes about their complete lack of dignity, they haven’t a shred of decency and all that matters is the greed and power they seek… That is whats truly sad…

They seek to gain the world and will lose EVERYTHING thats important.

Jimmy MacAfee

Truly sad. Amen.


Apparently it is more important for Dr. (of something superficial) Jill Biden, to be a FLOTUS than her husband’s health. I could see Jill being another Hillary, or Michelle, hitching her wagon to a prominent pol for fame and notoriety.

Amazing the differences between Republican first ladies:Pat Nixon, Betty Ford, Nancy Reagan, Barbra Bush, Laura Bush, and Melania Trump and the Democratic first ladies: Roselyn Carter, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama – think about those contrasts.


Old joe has openly stated earlier that he wouldn’t be president for long if elected/ Its an admission from himself of his own decline and he also admitted that his VP would become the President,.

So agreed the DNC is only going to keep him on the track to keep the communist out and insert whoever currently, IMO, doesn’t having their cards bring played. Whoever they will insert as VP/President will be just as evil as any of the openly and brazen contenders today. They aren;t even trying to hide the evil anymore.

Jimmy MacAfee

Bailey, Lying Paleface’s golden retriever, stole a burrito. Like mama, like doggie.
Bet the dog would lie, too, if it could talk!


I think Biden will wind up releasing his delegates and they will commit to Tulsi. She’s pro-abort enough to appeal to the radicals, but is untainted by the food fights we saw in the “debates” because she wasn’t invited. As a war heroine, woman of color, and “adult in the room” she’s the best they can come up with. And her presence onstage will bring out the very best of Trump.

Jimmy MacAfee

Considering Hillary Rotten has smeared her (and is being sued) and that Google deliberately (at least seemingly) kept her from search engines, that doesn’t seem likely. She is far too anti-Establishment, particularly with the tendency toward stopping foreign entanglements. In a way, she’s not a Globalist. Verdict: no chance.

But you may be right about him releasing his delegates – but if he does that, it will be to someone Satan wishes to see (that is, the Deep State.)


I think it’s probably a little bit too soon to tell, and we still don’t know if there’s a democrat strategist who is actually rational. We need to bear in mind that the Dems need to present someone who will attract votes from the “mushy middle” and we also need to remember that the administration is shaped by the party; that is, all the other folks who are swept into positions of power. Trump is an anomaly because he is focused and forceful. I’ll hang my prognostication on a peg for the time being, and we’ll see how things shake out between now and the convention in Milwaukee. I would LOVE to see a debate between Trump and Gabbard, because it would clearly lay out positions and philosophies, instead of the vile demonstrations the Democrats have staged thus far.


Biden by releasing (taken from him by his DNC bosses) his delegates will do nothing but piss off his, and Bernie’s supporters, regardless to whom they go.

Political Suicide. What a needle the DNC must thread; they have no good options.

Trump and his campaign must really be enjoying this.

Jimmy MacAfee

That’s why the interest in his running mate. A few columns ago, it was claimed that this was just a mantra by the Leftist press to avoid the topic.

So the question is: who does the Deep State want? They run things, and they hate both Angry Bernie and President Trump, because each man sees through their manipulation. Who does the Deep State think it can control most completely, most effectively?

I have another word for the Deep State, because it’s not just an American phenomenon: Satan. The choice for Vacant Joe is whomever Satan chooses, because baby sacrifices are still on his agenda, as is envy, greed, corruption and murder – but especially lying. He was a liar and a murderer from the beginning, and he hasn’t changed. The Deep State is Satan.

The candidate who best represents him will be Vacant Joe’s running mate.

Jimmy MacAfee

Angry Bernie is also Satan’s choice – rebelliousness and full of greed and envy – but Satan is a pragmatist. That is, the Deep State is pragmatic.

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