Staffers Confirm Bloomberg’s Decision to Debate was his Campaign’s Death Knell

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

The leftist publication The Nation often publishes very interesting analysis pieces. One such piece ran on Friday. Titled “‘This Was a Grift’: Bloomberg Staffers Explain Campaign’s Demise,” the piece written by Ken Klippenstein makes for some very fascinating reading.

Klippenstein had access to several Bloomberg staffers who confirm the thesis that I laid out in the Campaign Update of February 22: That Bloomberg’s decision to enter the Las Vegas debate despite the fact he was not participating in the Nevada Caucuses was a strategic blunder that ultimately proved fatal.

Klippenstein not only traces the implosion of Mini-Mike’s failed effort to that debate, but to the moment when Elizabeth Warren slammed his very poor and public record of dealing with female employees:

…according to nearly a dozen members of his campaign staff, the former New York City mayor’s presidential dreams really died when Elizabeth Warren eviscerated his record on live television during the February 19 debate in Las Vegas.

Not a single Bloomberg staffer that I spoke to was surprised by the campaign’s implosion. Speaking on the condition of anonymity for fear of professional reprisal and because of the campaign’s nondisclosure agreements—which The Nation obtained a leaked copy of in February—campaign employees cited that bruising debate as well as a general lack of enthusiasm for Bloomberg among the staff as main factors ending his presidential run.

“Ever since the first debate all of us faced a ton of hostility [when knocking on] doors…and could hardly get any volunteers,” one field organizer told me. “I once had a woman chase me back to my car demanding that I say you can’t buy the presidency.”


Now, here’s part of what I wrote in that Feb. 22 piece:

Using the RCP aggregate of betting odds as a primary gauge, the disastrous debate showing by Mr. Excitement, Mike Bloomberg, last Wednesday is going to have a major negative impact on his polling numbers and, by extension, on his ability to accumulate votes and maybe even win a state or two in the March 3 Super Tuesday primaries.

Just nine days ago, The Commie held a shaky 5-point lead over Mini-Mike in this important gauge of public sentiment, with Sanders pulling in 39% of the money being bet and Mr. Excitement 34%. That Commie lead began to expand, though, as video after video began to surface of Mini-Mike making horrific public statements offending all manner of traditional Democrat interest groups. By the time debate day came around, the Sanders lead had grown to 17 points.

In the three days since Bloomberg’s Vegas Waterloo, the bottom has dropped out. The Commie’s support has jumped up over 50% for the first time, while Mr. Excitement has crashed down to 22%. It is very likely that that near-30% gap between the two will only expand after Sanders scores what is going to be a big winning margin in the Nevada caucuses.

Before that debate took place, Mini-Mike had actually moved into slight polling leads in both Oklahoma and Arkansas, and was becoming competitive in a couple of the other Super Tuesday states, based solely on the strength of $300 million spent on TV and social media ads.  In polling released over the next 7-10 days, we will likely see those leads go poof!, as the impacts of his debate catastrophe begin to show up in the polling data.

I told you on Wednesday morning that there was no possible benefit for Bloomberg to appear in that debate: He wasn’t even on the ballot in Nevada – why take the risk of having exactly the horrific debate performance he in fact had? And there was no way this near-terminally boring old man who hadn’t participated in a debate setting in a dozen years was going to have a good night against a pack of desperate animals who have been doing nothing but debating and running their mouths for almost a damn year now.


Back to Klippenstein’s piece in The Nation:

Several members of the campaign described Bloomberg’s debate as the beginning of the end. As another field organizer put it, “The people who liked Mike initially didn’t care about the sexual [harassment] allegations or stop and frisk, but they got turned off because they thought he made himself look weak and that he had let Warren walk all over him.”

A third staffer also said that the debate marked a turning point, after which phone calls with voters became more difficult. “The day after [the debate] when we made calls people were like, ‘Oh yeah, I was thinking about him [Bloomberg], but I’m not really sure anymore.’”

Bloomberg’s performance, specifically his handling of Warren’s questions, even alienated the campaign’s volunteers. Of the volunteers that quit, one campaign employee told me, “Just about every one of them said it was because of the debate performance or the NDA scandals.”


Klippenstein’s piece also goes into detail about how Bloomberg staffers, seeing the handwriting of Bloomberg’s impending doom clearly written on the wall, actually used Mini-Mike’s tons of money to actively campaign for Sanders and other Democrat candidates leading up to Super Tuesday. It’s a fascinating piece that everyone should go read. Warning: you’ll have to spend $1 for a 24-hour access to The Nation’s website to do it, but I found it well worth the price.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Funny thing: two women, two kill shots against competitors.

But Lying Paleface lost her race because of her own claims: mostly that she was fired for being pregnant, when that was clearly a lie. If she had only lied about her Cherokee non-heritage, she might have kept her lead. But as Tucker Carlson said, she wandered into a morass of identity politics, and became Chief Running Victim. No one wants a victim to lead them. We want a victor.

While they’re attacking President Trump and attempting to victimize him, he’s overcoming. Perhaps the only reason his poll numbers aren’t higher is the fact that his protests of the unfairness against him are – while obviously true – obvious-but-wearying. We want him to be a victor, and most of the time, he is.

Mini Mike, on the other hand, was a victim of Chief Running Victim. Sanders is also a victim – a real one – of Democrats Now Communists (DNC.) Maybe another woman will be required to take him down? Maybe that’s why Gabbard is still in the race at this point?

Jimmy MacAfee

President Trump has been victimized more than any other President in American history. Fact.
What makes him special is not his role as victim; it’s his continued perseverance against people who are deliberately cheating and lying, using the massive powers of Law Enforcement, Justice and Intelligence against him. Not only that, but it seems to have hardened his resolve to keep his promises, which is unheard of in American politics. We expect politicians to lie and to betray us, and that’s a sad fact.

We love underdogs, but we love it more when underdogs prevail; we love overcomers, and that is a huge part of the Gospel, as Jesus overcame death on the cross. Overcoming is also part of our American heritage.

This is why Nanny Bloomberg failed: he couldn’t take heat that’s only sufficient to melt butter – (ought to call him Butterman Bloomberg.) Butterman claimed to be an overcomer in his many infomercials, but melted at the first heat directed at him. He’s a phony overcomer. Butterman.

Jimmy MacAfee

To those who claimed H. Rotten Clinton was the actual presumptive nominee, I say: you were right all along. I didn’t believe it, but it’s real:

If you can’t pick up the link, just read it: the quote is accurate:
“We cannot win this re-election; we can only re-elect Donald Trump.”

He’s less lucid than a box of Fruit Loops.
Oh, and by the way: she’ll be under indictment prior to that announcement.

Jimmy MacAfee

Tulsi Gabbard showed the Lying Paleface how to reduce Mini Mike to a monkey riding a minibike. This is why they’re not letting her get anywhere: she terrifies them, after reducing K. Harris to a stammering nub.

Soon, Bernt Brains will try the same on QuidPro, using things that are deigned off-limits – he made the mistake of letting H. Rotten Clinton off the hook with the emails last time, and that cost him everything. He has to go for the jugular this time, and will – with Demented Joe’s gaffes and evidence of near dementia.

Meanwhile, Gropin’ Joe will have to use some pre-planned and pre-set incendiary devices for B.B. If he doesn’t, he’ll be back in the discount movie bin at Walmart, competing with the Goonies. Someone will, as before, slip him the questions, and the answers too.

Neither one will emerge alive, but if they have a détente, both will look incompetent and weak. It’ll be a Celebrity Deathmatch, or nothing: they have to use the Gabbard Model.


The good news about all forms of the media giving the president the “Trump Treatment” is that no other candidate will ever be able to escape similar scrutiny.

An empty suit Obama type will no longer be able to fly under the electorate’s radar and ride a fawning mainstream media’s coverage to victory.

Sure, the MSM will still be a potent asset to any Democratic politician, but it won’t ever be able to totally control the narrative as in the days of Walter Klondike.

As more and more individuals like Dave post more and more factual stories and solid opinions, the MSM’s creditability will be further diminished.

Does anyone think BJ Clinton’s “anxiety relief” methods would have been exposed if not for Drudge? Mini Mike’s minority stop-and-frisk policy and his even worse explanation/justification of it would never have gotten any meaningful coverage. Pocahontas might well have been pitching a teepee on the Whitehouse Lawn if not for Trump’s Tweets next year. Or Walking Eagle would have been our 45th president if not for the new alternative media.

Social media will also expose the wacko left; for some reason these unhinged radicals keep posting stuff that repulse the average American. This will redound to their loss of influence and their ultimate rejection when video of riots are posted and other obnoxious speech and behavior is repeatedly exposed.

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