The Corrupt American Media Shames Itself Yet Again

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

You can’t trust MSNBC or the New York Times to do the maths. – Seriously, you could never make this stuff up, folks.

Understand that both of these corrupt “journalists” spent a good deal of time preparing for this moment. They prepared actual talking points for it. Both certainly were assisted by half a dozen or more assistants, fact-checkers, and talking points monkeys.

Understand that this didn’t just happen on the spur of the moment, and you understand exactly how utterly stupid the nation’s population of corrupt journalists truly is as a group.

Speaking of utterly stupid corrupt fake journalists, check out this tweet from the execrable hack, Ana Navarro, a paid CNN contributor:

Of course, Jeff Sessions is from Alabama, not Arkansas. But hey, at least she knew it was one of those “A” states out there in Flyover Country, so her peers in the corrupt news media would say she did great. They like to grade themselves on a very steep curve.

The “it’s all sexism and misogyny” excuse rears its ugly head again. – Here’s a panel of dimwitted talking heads on MSNBC yesterday, whining about how the failure of the lifelong fraud Lieawatha to gain traction in the Democrat Party nominating race means America is all, like, sexist and like, misogynistic and stuff, or something:

Note that at least three of those five nitwits pretend to be working journalists, including the host, who is really just a turncoat former Bushie. Note also that none of them has the presence of mind to realize that all this sexism and misogyny they’re talking about, if it actually does exist, comes straight from the DEMOCRAT PARTY VOTER BASE. This would be the very same Democrat voter base that these very same nitwits regularly portray as being so open-minded, diverse and vastly superior to the voter base of the GOP.

This is not rocket science, is it? Seriously, is this hard? Am I missing something here? If I am, I truly do want to know what it is.

And now for some comic relief…: Hey, look, CBS This Morning is so desperate for rating that it has apparently signed Austin Powers to a new contributor agreement.

GOLO or Gabby Adventure Time Now: School, Zorro, 돌, and REDFACE


Ok, sorry. Just having a little fun there.

Back to the whole “sexism” and Fauxcahontas thing… – The cretins who run The Hill published this piece yesterday:

Here’s the thing, ladies and corrupt journalists pushing this false narrative:


She really is a woman – seriously, she serves in the Army Reserves, it’s been verified. Check it out:

Tulsi Gabbard ‘regrets’ her past anti-gay activism as she prepares for a presidential race ...

See? She’s even waving at you, trying to get your attention.

Why is she waving in a desperate attempt to get your attention, you ask? It could be because she, a verified, actual lady with all the requisite lady parts, has had a real hard timing getting to 2% support in the polls of DEMOCRAT VOTERS in this campaign. Seems that all you liberals out there who wail and scream and whine incessantly about the nation’s aching need to have a woman, any woman, elected to the presidency for the simple fact that she is a woman, have utterly and completely failed to support this particular woman.

Today, she is the last woman standing in presidential politics for 2020, and I guaran-damn-tee you we will not see anyone in our corrupt news media wailing and screaming and incessantly whining about the need for all you liberals out there to now support Tulsi Gabbard over the two old geezers she’s left running against.

So, spare us all the drama. Please.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Art Jenkins

Tulsi can’t be supported since she is a Russian asset. Hillary told us so.


If Clarence Thomas ran for president I would vote FOR him because he is conservative.
If Colin Powell ran for President I would vote AGAINST him because he is a phony.
I only voted for McLame because of CONSERVATIVE Sara Palin and against “the One” because he was LIBERAL.
I voted for Christine Todd-Whitman AGAINST the LIBERAL Gov Florio in NJ in 1993.

I have ALWAYS voted for the best person regardless of color or gender and I RESENT anyone claiming otherwise.

Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Stacy Abrams, Corey Booker, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton LOST their races because they are flawed, unlikeable, phony, and/or corrupt candidates; not because of their gender or race. It was their ideology, and their playing identity politics that cost them.

Obama was successful for a couple of reasons:

Identity politics prevailed in his case because he was “a clean, articulate…”
A very good candidate versus two very weak opponents.
A fawning media who guilted much of America into voting FOR him just because he was (half) African-American

I believe even that nut Susan Sarandon said back in 2016, she would NOT vote for Walking Eagle just because she had a vagina.

Sadly, to many, identity politics plays all too well with many minorities – I’m black, therefore I’ll vote for Obama, I’m a woman, therefore I’ll vote for Hillary.

To all the people who are lamenting the lack of minorities getting elected: Run someone decent with values that match a majority of American’s center-right views and we will have our first woman president.

However, you will have to accept that a successful woman candidate will be more like Margaret Thatcher than Hillary, or Warren.

Finally, do we ever notice how anti-woman and anti-black the left and the MSM are when there are bright appealing conservative women like Palin or Michelle Backman, or African-Americans like Ben Carson or Herman Cain running for high office?

Kind of like the silent acceptance of Schumer and Water’s violence condoning comments; what would be the reaction if a Republican uttered even as much as a benign criticism of anyone of color or a woman who is on the left’s side politically?

Jay Whitcraft

Watch the Democrats cheat Tulsi out of the next debate. Really that is ok with me,because as a Trump supporter, I fear her the most. She is good looking, smart, and is at least close to having mainstream ideas. IMHO if she were the nominee, she would give Trump a run for his money. Luckily for us it won’t happen. Jay.

John Lott

I agree, she was always my biggest fear. If they let her debate the two septuagenarians she would run away with the election in one night. With big money behind her and media support she could mount a real challenge to Mr. Trump.

Ben Colder

I have not watched the fake news for twenty five years I quit watching after Dan Blather lied about Bush and even then every one knew he was a liar.Now they are even worse they make no bones about being for the dem/communists they are nothing but what the Russians used to have Pravda.

Jimmy MacAfee

Used to be: “if you can’t do, teach.”
Now it’s: “if you can’t do, try Journalism.”

Jimmy MacAfee

VJ (not VAJAYJAY) used to resemble a hairy legged vampire bat (diphylla ecaudata) but has apparently gotten some work done, and now resembles…Dave! You nailed it! It is a complete improvement, though. Schumer (not pictured) still looks like he should perched beside a toadstool, a worrisome gnome. Maybe he should ask VJ for a reference?

Jimmy MacAfee

The picture of Navarro at the top looks like a frog having discovered that the water is getting warmer.

phineas gage

What happened to Part I?

phineas gage

Tulsi doesn’t qualify as a woman because she doesn’t hold the appropriate views. It’s also why conservative blacks are no longer really blacks. You forfeit your special interest group status as soon as you stray from the path defined by the white elites.

Lyin’ Brian is really a dim bulb, but then again almost all of his MSNBC audience probably didn’t notice.

Feminists like Warren are forever demanding equal treatment, and then screaming about it when they get it. They’re the ones that want the double standards.

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