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A brilliant piece from Kelly at Red Chair Reflections:


The winner of the 2020 US Presidential Election will not be a woman.

(Well, unless Tulsi Gabbard has a heck of a surge, I suppose.)

I was offline most of the day in a meeting, but once I got to the airport I had time to review what had happened in the news today. Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the Presidential race. She joins Kamala Harris, Marianne Williamson, and Amy Klobuchar (as well as all the men who also dropped out of the race.) I’ve never run for office – at least I haven’t, yet – but it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there for the highest office in the land and fight that good fight. I have worked on campaigns before. It is grueling, exasperating, sometimes exhilarating but often thankless, hard intense work. There is no shame in fighting the good fight and coming up short.

Conventional internet and social wisdom is that our country either “just isn’t ready” for a female president, or “the patriarchy wins again. The media is so unfair. It’s a double standard. Women have it so much harder than men and are so unappreciated.”

Wrong. No. Just stop it. Enough. Do you really think so little of yourselves, our gender, the men in our lives? The country we all love?

I see lists all the time of women we should look up to and see as women who set the standard for standing strong and changing the world. I saw an article posted by several people on social media today, kind of a requiem for Elizabeth Warren’s presidential run. It was a lovely, inspiring article full of heartfelt emotion. I completely understand the disappointment when a candidate that you’ve worked for and believed in and supported isn’t successful.

The article praised women for persisting. I certainly have no argument about that. The article listed a lot of female trailblazers as examples. Gloria Steinem, Angela Davis, Billie Jean King, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Bree Newsome, Malala Yousafzai, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sally Yates, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Amy Klobuchar. It’s not that these women should not be admired. We might quibble for what and how much, but that is not the point. I see this list all the time, maybe with an addition here or there but basically the same list. And you know what I do? I sigh.

Read the Rest at Red Chair Reflections


That is all.

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This comment is a repeat, with some additions, as it is even more germane to this article.

I’m a white mail. I have never had, or known of, any white male family members, friends, or acquaintances who would NOT vote for someone solely because they ARE Americans of African decent, or a woman.

Conversely, I have met many Americans of African decent and women who will almost always vote for candidates because they ARE Americans of African decent or women.

So, one must ask:

Who are the actual racists and sexists? Certainly not the white males I know. And I am not so naïve to think that there is no racism or sexism among the white mail and female population; there most certainly is, but it is a lot less than we are told, or guilted into, believing.

If Clarence Thomas ran for president I would vote FOR him because he is conservative.
If Colin Powell ran for President I would vote AGAINST him because he is a phony.
I only voted for McLame because of CONSERVATIVE Sara Palin and against “the One” because he was LIBERAL.
I voted for Christine Todd-Whitman AGAINST the LIBERAL Gov Florio in NJ in 1993.

I have ALWAYS voted for the best person regardless of color or gender and I RESENT anyone claiming otherwise.

Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Stacy Abrams, Corey Booker, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton LOST their races because they are flawed, unlikeable, phony, and/or corrupt candidates; not because of their gender or race. It was their ideology, and their playing identity politics that cost them.

Obama was successful for a couple of reasons:

Identity politics prevailed in his case because he was “a clean, articulate…”
A very good candidate versus two very weak opponents.
A fawning media who guilted much of America into voting FOR him just because he was (half) African-American

I believe even that nut Susan Sarandon said back in 2016, she would NOT vote for Walking Eagle just because she had a vagina.

Sadly, to many, identity politics plays all too well with many minorities – I’m black, therefore I’ll vote for Obama, I’m a woman, therefore I’ll vote for Hillary.

To all the people who are lamenting the lack of minorities getting elected: Run someone decent with values that match a majority of American’s center-right views and we will have our first woman president.

However, you will have to accept that a successful woman candidate will be more like Margaret Thatcher than Hillary, or Warren.

Finally, do we ever notice how anti-woman and anti-black the left and the MSM are when there are bright appealing conservative women like Palin or Michelle Backman, or African-Americans like Ben Carson or Herman Cain running for high office?

Kind of like the silent acceptance of Schumer and Water’s violence condoning comments; what would be the reaction if a Republican uttered even as much as a benign criticism of anyone of color or a woman who is on the left’s side politically?


Thank you! As I said in the post, they are all for your right to speak your mind, until your thinking doesn’t align with theirs.


Great writing Kelly!

Thanks Dave for posting

Jimmy MacAfee

In the rest of the article (linked) the author names a few noteworthy others. Admittedly a short list. She lists some of many. But who lists Indira Gandhi? Harriet Tubman? Hedy Lamarr? Marie Curie? The women who made Apollo work? Deborah the Prophetess of Israel? These are all noteworthy, in their own respective paths.

But AOC, famous for being famous? Michael Obama, famous for being married to a failed President? Lieawatha, famous for lying? No thank you.


Hi Jimmy – that was my point precisely. I used the list that was in an article I saw posted multiple times on my social media feeds yesterday. It blows my mind to see them hold up some of the women listed as icons of “the persistence” like they can even hold a candle to women who really did come up when they were told it couldn’t be done. I could have gone on all day naming notable women who had achieved amazing things because of their brains and not just their ovaries, but I had to stop somewhere. You name some great ones. Thanks for reading.

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