Democrat War On Women: DNC Rigs Rules to Exclude Tulsi Gabbard From Next Debate

The Evening Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Only septuagenarian white male geezers need apply. – Today the DNC announced new qualification rules for its next debate. Conveniently for the Party’s establishment, the new rule – there’s only one now – works to exclude Tulsi Gabbard from the stage.

From The Hill’s report:

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Friday announced new qualifying standards for the upcoming Arizona debate that will leave only the top two contenders on stage.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) did not meet the single qualifying factor: earning at least 20 percent of the delegates awarded as of March 15.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former Vice President Joe Biden are the only candidates who have qualified for the debate, which will be hosted by CNN and Univision on March 15 in Phoenix.

Gabbard has two of the 1,385 delegates awarded. Those delegates are from American Samoa, which former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg won on Super Tuesday before dropping out and endorsing Biden.

Six states are set to vote on Tuesday, including Michigan, the biggest electoral prize of the night. It is highly unlikely Gabbard will meet the 20 percent delegate threshold after Tuesday’s elections.

Thus, while the corrupt news media and leading Democrats like Nancy Pelosi lament the fact that it appears certain that no woman will win the presidency this year, their Party works to ensure its lone remaining female – and minority – candidate in the race will not even have the opportunity to debate the Geezer Brigade on national television.

That, friends, is today’s Democrat Party in a nutshell.

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That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Right now, Mini Mike (whose only positive quality is that he met with AIPAC) has learned that many of his campaign staffers were double-dipping – that is, working for Bernt Brains or others. Not only did he waste his money, he wasted his money on disloyal schemers.

Mini Mike should put a lot of bucks toward Gabbard, but mostly should fund the rebuilding of the Temple. (Not man enough to do it, but that’s what he should be doing.)

Gabbard could run 3rd party, but she’s more of an Antigone, spurred by duty and honor. Ultimately she fails in that tale. She will wear the badge of honor, no matter how misguided she is, while the Democrats Now Communist will be shown to be what they are: soulless hacks with amorality so grave, no one would consider a fictional tale of them to be believable. This is a case where the truth is far stranger than fiction.

The DNC has no honor. And they don’t even know it, because they don’t know what honor is.


They the Demokkkrat party doesn’t like women of colour who are vets. Don’t let Tammy Duckworthless fool you, she hates vets

no one

Let’s see Gabbard is far younger, a female: what to do about that and a direct threat to Biden and Sanders. Logic from democrats is to change the rules to give Biden the win. Face it Gabbard leave the party that is screwing you and join a party that is going to put a massive amount of Republicans in office in 2020……..that is if your accepted by the people.

Jimmy MacAfee

All of the candidate on the Dem side are cowards – except her – because not one of them will say a word in her favor. Not one.


Jimmy MacAfee

She did them all a favor by exposing the corrupt Kamasutra Harris; she has been attacked by Rotten Clinton as a Russian asset, and nobody countered this. Not one.

While I disagree with most of what she says, she’s been treated most unfairly. But that’s the corrupt DNC,
which stands for Democrats Now Communist.


I find it a wonder that Gabbard is still aligning herself with the commie party. As a veteran and having sworn allegiance to the Constitution, I’m not sure I understand where she fits into the anti-American party.
Ya’d think by now she’d want out of the party which continues to thwart her attempts to stay in the prez race.
Of course, I don’t see how anyone could still be a donkey and claim to be a patriot.
Maybe its just me. I’m old and may be starting to lose some tracks on my hard drive. I hope not. Its just gettin interesting.


Agree completely on all points; I don’t see how the Donkey Party appeals to anyone with brains. The spell it casts on its victims must be intoxicatingly addicting that few can escape.


According to Wikipedia: “On October 25, 2019, Gabbard announced that she would not seek reelection to the House in 2020, citing her presidential campaign”.

Tulsi, if you are “walking away” from congress this year to run for president; why not “walk away” from the Old (white) Boys Club also known as the Democratic Party?

Realistically for you, right now, the presidential ship has sailed away from Hawaii this year.

They – the party of diversity – has treated you so badly… I don’t understand it since you are a fresh face, and a minority, who shares most, if not all of the establishment’s views, yet they treat you as if you were Sara Palin and had her views.

So, isn’t getting repeatedly dinked by your party enough to get you to “Walk Away” or are you content to continue to be an abused spouse to an abusive husband/master?

You could run for and win your house seat as an “Independent”. Personally, with your liberal views and positions, I wouldn’t want you in the GOP.

Running for your house seat after quitting to run for president isn’t unheard of (Marco Rubio reengaged for the FL Senate after quitting the primary in 2016), especially if you were to also quit the “party of diversity”.

Think about it – you already showed your “independence” by only voting to impeach Trump once, and certifiable nutcases like “the squad” are the apparent future of the party once all the old geezers die off.

And if you were truly to become an Independent instead of a couple hack “independent” senators from VT and ME who are more liberal that most Dems, you could really become a power-player in the House when the house is close to being tied.

You could become a real face and force in American politics instead of one of Nancy’s drones, and maybe even have a shot of being president some day.

PS: Thanks for torpedoing Kamala’s presidential run; a grateful nation thanks you.

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