Warren Withdraws, Taking Any Notion of Democrat “Diversity” With Her

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

For Democrats, diversity is their strength. Oh, wait… – Man, the pickings for mocking hypocritical, demented Democrat frauds sure are getting slim now. Tom Steyer – gone! Preacher Pete – gone! Klobuchar – gone! Mini-Mike – gone!

And now, as of this morning, no more Fauxcahontas! No more Lieawatha! No more Princess Little Big Mouth Always Running! Gone, all gone! And in just the last 6 days!

Democrats four years ago: “Trump is 69! He’s just another old white guy who’s too old to be president!!!!!!”

Democrats as of today: “I’m voting for one of the 78 year-old pasty-faced white guys!!!!!!!”


Yes, I know: Tulsi Gabbard – who unlike Lieawatha, really is an actual minority candidate – is still in the race. But be honest: Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, thinks that Tulsi Gabbard is a serious contender for the 2020 Democrat nomination. Not even Tulsi believes that.

The once-25-man-and-woman-and-presumably-myriad-other-fictional-gender field of Democrat candidates has now, at long last, boiled down to a one-on-one contest between Quid Pro Joe and The Commie. Which, come to think of it, was exactly what the polls have been showing would be the likely outcome all along.

Which only serves to prove that, as always, Democrats were just giving lip service to any notion of having real “diversity” in their desperation to throw up someone, anyone, to be their nominee to challenge President Donald Trump in the fall. If Democrats voters truly cared about “diversity,” after all, it wasn’t like they didn’t have plenty of potential choices, any one of whom would have had at least as good a chance of prevailing in the general election as either of the two last geezers standing.

But the truth of the matter is that, to most Democrats, all this “diversity” talk is really nothing more than a virtue-signaling opportunity. If they were really anxious, for example, to nominate the first Black woman, what was wrong with Kamala Harris? I mean, other than being a horrible campaigner and clueless cretin? If it’s all about “diversity,” shouldn’t truly caring voters ignore those realities as they’ve ignored them about Biden?

If Democrat voters really, truly gave a damn about nominating a gay man, how come Preacher Pete could never attract above 8% national support in the polls? If Democrat voters cared about being the first to put forward an Hispanic nominee, what was wrong with Julian Castro? Or hell, they could’ve gone for the fake Hispanic, Beto O’Rourke. But neither Texan could even make it to the end of 2019 before folding up their tents and going home.

The truth is that “diversity” is only a real priority for Democrat voters when it’s convenient. Barack Obama became convenient when it became clear that a) he was the only viable option other than the Pantsuit Princess in 2008, and b) that he could actually beat the execrable John McCain in the general election. Democrat voters were all about “diversity” in that case.

The Fainting Felon became convenient in 2016 when it became clear that she was the only thing standing between their party and a takeover by The Commie and his violence-promoting hoards. So, they were all about “diversity” back then.

But now? Now, Democrat voters don’t really much care about their precious “diversity,” because it isn’t at all useful to their goal of beating President Trump. So, to hell with “diversity,” let’s nominate one of these old, pasty-white geezers and see if he can beat the bad Orange Man. No virtue-signaling there – just a crass and ruthless pursuit of political power, which is really all Democrats care about in any event.

“Diversity” is great when it’s convenient to that pursuit of power. This year, it isn’t.

And so, Fauxcahontas will now slink back to her teepee to lick her wounds and patiently wait to see which geezer offers the most wampum for her endorsement.

We will all anxiously await her smoke signals.

That is all.

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About time she withdrew. She runs up on stage jumping and waving her arms in the air like a wild Indian.


Called the Turtle’s office number – couldn’t even leave a voicemail – not an option

Called Sen Alexander’s (R) TN DC office, actually got a live person. I said my piece about how Sen Lott got run out of his leadership position for a much less of a PC infraction, and firmly let his office know that I want something to happen to Schumer. He politely listened when I said that both Alexander and Schumer have been in the senate forever and he should confront his colleague in the strongest terms possible and I am tired of Dems getting away with threats and false accusations against every non Dem with no repercussions. His staff politely listened and we hung up with the normal niceties.

Called Sen Blackburn’s (R) TN DC office, left voicemail saying the same thing.

Do, you think it would be worthwhile for you to contact you worthless VA (D) senators Jimmy? I’d be interested to what they would do.

Jimmy MacAfee

I don’t call, but my emails – when they’ve been acknowledged – were so full of lies I understand that these men are surrounded by butt-kissing staffers who protect them from the public’s deeply felt convictions.

I will say this: whatever Schumer was threatening, it goes back on him and his people. If he intentionally made a threat, back at ’em, by his own words.

Jimmy MacAfee

Why is Chuckie Schumer not being arrested for threatening two Justices of the Supreme Court? And why is he not being removed from the US Senate?

phineas gage

Trump to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities and authorizes ICE-CBP to conduct massive sweeps to arrest and deport illegals.

The squeals will be deafening.

And Trump’s approval rating will go up another two points….


Mixed feelings about withholding funds which will ultimately hurt citizens, not street criminals and criminal elected officials and judges. I want to know why everyone involved with “sanctuary” cities and states isn’t and hasn’t been charged with harboring criminals and other crimes?

All this nonsense could have been nipped in the bud if crime supporting governors and “the One” followed existing immigration law. Where is our AG in bring charges against the Mayors of Oakland, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, and NYC to name a few?

Enforcing laws in a proper and timely manner would have prevented most of this radical alternative lifestyle Schiff if Gov. Arnold had charged any twosome Newsome with violation of CA law when he started issuing marriage licenses illegally fifteen or so years ago.

Also, a federal law should be passed that would allow victims of crime that was caused by governmental malfeasance and nonfeasance to sue the specific government officials who violated their oath of office to enforce all laws; not just the ones they agree with. Furthermore, politicians who vote for and pass pro-criminal laws should also be held accountable for the consequences of their laws, and not just at the ballot box.

Cities and states should not be sued, they are not the culpable entity (one doesn’t sue a car, or the car company for damages in an accident), and judgements against governments are unfair to the taxpayers who are not directly responsible. The wrong people are being punished when people are allowed to sue the government.

Cops can be sued for wrongful death; why cant governors, mayors, and sheriffs? There should even be a legal fund available for victims to sue the official who violated the law and caused loss.

Jimmy MacAfee

The federal money being withheld is specific, and not a huge amount. This won’t be like a siege.

However, taking money away from greedy, thieving, fraudulent bureaucrats/politicians is one of the worst things you could do to them! Remember that much aid to corrupt countries goes to corrupt officials – Puerto Rico a good example, and much other foreign aid.

Symbolically, this is a very big deal.

Jimmy MacAfee

Optics are important. That’s why.

Jimmy MacAfee

Had to wait for support from the courts, unfortunately, or he could have/would have done it earlier. Things seem to be rolling!

phineas gage

I’m pretty sure it will be Stacey Abrams, because the DNC is deathly afraid of Trump making significant inroads into the black vote.

Jimmy MacAfee

She would be a godsend! She’s dumber than a moth, and has all the attractiveness of a porcine Leon Spinks.


I had to look up porcine and I forgot who Leon Spinks was/is. You nailed it completely

Your on a roll with “dinged” yesterday and now the Spinks reference.

Jimmy MacAfee



Here is another disturbing thought that I am hearing from the MSM and the pundits:

This is the first time I ever remember hearing the most interesting aspect of any presidential race now rests with who will be the VP nominee. Usually that speculation happens just prior to or during the convention to fill dead air time during the three or four day pep rally/party that is what the conventions have become.

Apparently virtually all the pundits are heavily speculating on who would/should be the VP. The main “what if” now surrounding these elderly front runners, should they somehow win in November, is who would replace him should some “event” happen that would render him unable to complete his four year term?

I’m sure the Dem leaders are earnestly strategizing about the same occurrence happening.

After all, this is the party where accidents and Arkancides happen with frightening regularity.

It is beyond creepy to speculate about the future death of a president – as if it will be a fait accompli – who hasn’t even been elected. Isn’t it?

However, it is all academic as long as we Americans do our job and reelect President in a landslide in November.

phineas gage

The more immediate question is how his campaign staff and the media cover up for Biden’s cognitive deterioration over the next six months. They can’t hide him, and he’s incapable of giving a simple stump speech.

Jimmy MacAfee

They’ll likely choose an off-brand equivalent of James Stockdale.

phineas gage

They already have a ‘who am I? why am I here?’ guy on the ticket

Carlos Dangler

LMAO! That’s a good one, Mr. Gage!

Jimmy MacAfee

As I said…

phineas gage

Biden is the 2020 equivalent of Bob Dole.

Jimmy MacAfee

Politically, yes. Dole was a sacrificial opponent: he had a wicked sense of humor, and his managers/handlers wouldn’t allow him to use it for fear of being seen as “mean.” He could have won, had they not disarmed him. He became like a torpedo plane without torpedo’s.

Meanwhile, Crazy Joe is not as lucid as an average centenarian.


Either Tweedle-dee McGovern or Tweddle-dumb Mondale will be the sacrificial nominee to lose to Trump in a landslide – no brokered convention unless BOTH these fossils suddenly and conveniently become incapable of…; now that would be quite an amazing coincidence – wouldn’t it?

Then the candidate the DNC really wants will be anointed at the convention. Can’t even speculate as to who it may be because they have no one with name recognition, broad appeal, and substance on their bench or in their farm system.

The least offensive Dems who I can even think of are Jimmy Peanut, Jerry Moonbeam, Algore, John effing Kerry, or, Crying Judge Imitating Upchuck Schemer – all old white guys. And it won’t matter who they name as VP!

Won’t matter who is selected; Trump still wins in a landslide.

Jimmy MacAfee

They’ll try to find someone for 2nd seat, but you’re right: they’re totally dinged.

When they chose a total zero in 2016 for the 2nd seat, Kaine, they dinged themselves; he was as likeable as rabies. Maybe they’ll try to surprise everybody – and maybe they’ll choose Lieawatha (but not likely.) They probably won’t try Rotten Clinton, because you’d have two seriously ill candidates, one who can’t remember, and one who misremembers (the latter also dismembers opponents on occasion.)

As to “diversity,” they’re just as well off trying something along the lines of a trans-species candidate for VP. I would recommend Rin Tin Tin, or Lassie, who was actually a male dog playing a female, fitting right into one of their most beloved sub-(normal) groups. That having been said, Lassie will improve their image with PETA.

Dinged any way you look at it.

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