Sudden Turns of Events on FISA Renewal and the Democrat Coronavirus Hoax

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

WINNING Alert! – In a meeting with top House and Senate Republicans Tuesday night, Politico reports that President Donald Trump (I never tire of typing those three glorious words) made it clear he will not support a so-called “clean renewal” of the FISA act. That is, of course, a direct contradiction to the position assumed by the increasingly swampy-smelling Attorney General, William Barr.

From the Politico report:

“The president made it exceedingly clear he will not accept a clean re-authorization … without real reform,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), told reporters after the meeting. “He was told by the attorney general, we can massage around the edges and we can fix this through regulation, the president didn’t accept that, pushed back very vigorously and said ‘we’re not doing this.'”

Trump instead told the lawmakers: “You all work out a bipartisan deal and come back to me and I’ll sign it,” according to a source in the room.

This is exactly the posture the President – who was clearly targeted by corrupt Obama-era officials at DOJ and the FBI via abuse of this very law – should be assuming. The December Horowitz report made it crystal clear that the FISA statute has long been a tool for systematic abuse, and that the FISA courts themselves are unwilling to use their authority to police and punish officials who intentionally mislead them. The thought that worthless FBI Director Christopher Wray and AG Barr are going to contain things via internal reforms is truly laughable, and the President understands that.

Just another of a thousand of examples of this President actually doing the job he was elected to do.

Funny how this works. – Hey, have you noticed how the Democrats and their corrupt toadies in the news media have suddenly dropped their whole “let’s call the Coronavirus the Trumpvirus” narrative designed to weaponize a deadly virus for political gain over the last couple of days? I know, right?

Obviously, the initial polling data and focus group results came back, and they were not favorable to the Democrats on this latest in their never-ending hoaxes. So, suddenly, the very same people who were screaming just a few days ago that “it’s all the evil Orange Man’s fault!” are now on CNN or MSNBC calmly saying things like “it’s a public health issued that should not be politicized.” The execrable Debbie Dingel was on Fox Business saying exactly that to Maria Bartiromo this morning, in fact.

So, it’s just like when they pulled out the whole “Trump blackmailed Ukraine” canard during the impeachment hoax last October: They got bad polling data back three days later and dropped it like a hot coal. This is just how these demented people operate.

The more important point here, though, is why this particular hoax polled poorly for the Democrats and their media toadies: Because the President and his public health officials are doing an absolutely stellar job in dealing with this virus and containing its spread in the United States. Despite the media’s best efforts to create mass hysteria around the issue, that reality becomes increasingly obvious to the public every day.

The President’s early, decisive action to ban non-essential travel to and from China has proven to be crucial, and his putting Vice President Mike Pence in charge of a multi-agency Coronavirus Task Force has worked to enhance public confidence. In addition to that reality, Democrats also now fear growing comparisons of the quick, effective response by the Trump Administration to the fact that the Obama Administration waited until more than 1,000 Americans had died of the H1N1 virus in 2009 before taking  similar steps to combat it. Not a good look for The One His Own Self.

With the reality on the ground shifting beneath their latest false narrative, the Democrat/media propaganda complex had to shift the narrative. Thus, suddenly, the same people who were squealing to the rafters in an effort to create a mass public panic for purely political reasons are now calm, rational policymakers just trying to promote public health.

Another hoax come and gone, but don’t worry: Their next hoax is without doubt just around the corner.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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marty lopez

Yipee for President Trump. Now all he needs to do is tell Barr charge for all 17 criminal violations of Horowitz’s investigation, or get kicked to the curb in favor of an Attorney General who will uphold and follow the law.


Oh boy, the losers keep losing as their past scurrilous deeds are catching up to them at last, glorious to watch.


Barr is as useless as Sessions.


If any of the coup members are ever convicted and sent to prison, Barr should be in the next cell over. Barr is as much a conspirator as any of the others.

marty lopez

Barr is an establishment fixer sent in to keep everything as is. Who sent this POS to Trump? If Trump is legit he has to know that was his second strike, swing and miss. Barr was recommended to cripple him

Chris L

The only thing I would add to that plan is that early or mail-in balloting would be preferable imho to standing in line at an overcrowded brick and mortar that has been ? coughed ? on by a million people ?.

Harry Culver

If AG Barr has not started acting on the plethora of horrendous subversive actions of the Clinton/Obama cabal by the first of June I believe he should be removed and replaced by someone in the mien of Rudy Giuliani who WILL get the job done.
All patriotic Americans are fed up with the sleaze and corruption being ignored when perpetrated by the “chosen” class who are immune from the laws that regulate sane and honest actions.
If we do not have law for all, then we actually have no law at all.
We love you President Trump, but you have the duty to protect America and the Constitution. Barr has to accede to your wishes or leave. AG Barr has in his hands the ability to destroy your administration and your campaign promise of draining the swamp.
God bless you President Trump, let Him guide you.

marty lopez

And God bless you Harry Culver. I wish I had voted for you.


Trump should fire Barr. There has to be someone better.


Today, March 4, 2020 is the day all Trump supporters should quit wasting time and energy following the Dem nominating process, since it is certain Joe Mondale will be their nominee as long as he maintains a pulse. Their race is irrelevant, just as the party leaders planned…

The only elections we should focus on is primarying the Never-Trumper RINOs this spring and summer.

For the rest of the year we should pay attention to how the GOP senate works toward real issues such as FISC, IC and DOJ reform and the confirmation of all Trump’s judicial and agency appointees.

We also need an all out effort to get over 70 million people to vote for Trump this year. He really needs to get an overwhelming popular vote victory so that there can be no claims made that he is somehow an “illegitimate” president because he didn’t win the popular vote. This means we need many more real voters to overcome the massive and predicable voter fraud that will occur in the Blue states and cities; particularly in the “swing” purple states.

Our duty is clear; Let’s “Get It Done”

Jimmy MacAfee

Rand Paul may do us all a favor, and stop the FISA Court – (the Court has an odd image problem, looking like an Australian marsupial on springs!) While it’s not the only kangaroo court in the US – (Amy Berman Jackass runs another such court, and there are plenty more that have exposed themselves.) We have a court-born viral emergency, and FISC is a carrier. Quarantine!

Mitch had better do two things: work like hell to get Ratcliffe at DNI, and to make FISC fix their horrendous problems (or be closed down forever.)

Jimmy MacAfee

As I wrote on another thread:

“You can’t buy the truth, but you can sell lies.”

MSM, the Dims, and the rest of the steaming pile keep thinking that all they have to do is find something that will stick to the wall when they throw it – and right now, their hands are so dirty from all the offal they’ve thrown at DJT, no one in their right mind would want to shake their hands! (especially Finger-Lickin’ Mike’s nasty little Cheese Pizza hands.)

The markets will come up – (again) – because Bernt-Brains is losing – (again) – being cheated by a panicked party, and because of the “beer-virus” (really?) – (Corona sales are down?) – (Dims must drink that brand!) – (Ridiculous!)

Every two years, by the numbers, there’s a new catastrophic virus, ( along with some ancient calendar that will point to the date of our demise!) that will surely end the world! And Bill Gates is behind all of the diseases! (right. sure. anywho. whatever.)

MSM: you can’t buy the truth, but you can still peddle lies.

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