The Democrat Clown Show Moves Into Outright Panic Mode

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

The Democrat Party’s “establishment”, i.e., the part of the party’s leadership that still tries to hide its’ true socialist nature, is pulling out all the stops for Quid Pro Joe. – Having now realized that Mini-Mike Bloomberg is too inept and flawed as a candidate to ever be able to unite the party’s demented voter base, the Democrat poobahs pulled out all the stops on Monday to try to lift their Unfrozen Caveman Senator to wins in some key Super Tuesday states today.

It probably won’t work, given that “pulling out all the stops” just means that Crazy Uncle Joe received the endorsements of several people who already failed miserably in their own attempts to do what he’s trying to do. First came Preacher Pete, who suddenly ended his campaign Sunday afternoon after reportedly speaking to both Jimmy Carter and Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self.

No doubt the Preacher was promised a nice, cushy cabinet spot for his troubles. Try to imagine this guy as your next Secretary of Defense, and you probably get the idea.

Next came Amy Klobuchar, who apparently got the same Obama call about 18 hours before she was poised to win the primary in her home state of Minnesota. There’s your next secretary of Homeland Security or Housing and Urban Development, folks, should Joe manage to Quid Pro his way into the Oval Office.

Serial looooooser Irish Bob O’Rourke even got into act, flying out to somewhere – I’m not sure where – to deliver an endorsement speech at a Biden event in another half-empty high school gym. After O’Rourke had finished, the Unfrozen Caveman Senator got up and delivered another incoherent speech that included this little gem:

Yes, you heard it right: “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women created by the, you know, you know, the thing. You know, how we talk about. The, we, the people.” Somewhere, Thomas Jefferson is rolling over in his grave.

The obviously impaired geezer also apparently thinks Buttigieg is actually Eric Swalwell:

You could never make this stuff up, folks, never in a million years.

The Commie, Bernie Sanders, seemed unfazed by it all, being used as he is to seeing the Democrat establishment working to rig elections against him. He made a speech in San Jose, California in which he welcomed all the former Buittigieg and Klubuchar supporters into his fold, knowing that a large percentage of those folks – especially among the Preacher Pete support base – are commies at heart. He most likely laughed out loud when he saw O’Rourke trying to make himself relevant to something again.

Meanwhile, Mini-Mike Bloomberg made an ass of himself on national TV one more time, making the strategic error of appearing in a town hall on Fox News. Watch his answer when an audience member asks, “How do you justify pushing for more gun control when you have an armed security detail that is likely equipped with the same firearms and magazines you seek to ban the common citizen from owning? Does your life matter more than mine or my family’s, or these people’s?

Bloomberg: “Look, I probably get 40-50 threats every week, ok, and some of them are real. That just happens when you are the mayor of New York City, or if you’re very wealthy and you’re campaigning for president of the United States. You get lots of threats, so I have a security detail. I pay for it all myself, and, uh, um, you know, they’re all retired police officers who are very well trained in firearms.”

Oh. Does anything he said there justify his position of banning common citizens from owning firearms? What he just said there is exactly what you’d expect a hubris-consumed person of massive wealth and privilege to say: “It’s fine for very wealthy people like me and my security detail to have guns because we need them to protect us from people like you.”

Note that he rubs this ordinary guy’s nose in his own massive wealth not once, but twice in the span four sentences. An intelligent, well-coached candidate would have said something like, “Look, I’m a candidate for president right now, and before that I was mayor of New York City. The unfortunate reality of our society today is that, when you put yourself into those positions of public service, you have to have armed security because of all the threats you receive. I do not carry a gun in my personal life and never will.”

There, see how easy and much more effective that was? Who in the hell is advising this man?

The reality of Mini-Mike as a candidate is that he has got to be the single most clueless individual on the face of the earth. And this answer, in a nutshell, illustrates to us all why the Democrat party establishment is so panicked now to try to prop up the obviously impaired Biden.

Their efforts are probably too late and will most likely go for naught. There are 1357 convention delegates up for grabs today and the Commie is most likely going to win somewhere between 800 and 900 of them.  The rest will be split up in some proportions between Quid Pro Joe, Mini-Mike and Fauxcahontas, who has refused thus far to end her hopeless campaign, even though she most likely got the same call from Obama that the others received.

So, Gropey Dopey Joe might come away with 300 or so, with Mini-Mike and Lieawatha divvying up the rest.

By the end of the day today, a little more than 40% of the total delegates in this nominating race will have been awarded, and The Commie is poised to own right about half of the 1900+ he needs to win on a first ballot at the Democrat convention in July.

After yesterday’s events, you can literally smell the panic and fear setting in at DNC headquarters. For the rest of America, it is the sweet aroma of #WINNING.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Ben Colder

I just can not believe that they are pushing This old fool Biden he was off his rocker before he went off his rocker.What I think they are up to is to run either Liz the squaw or Amy the nut bar for veep then when the Groper gets elected he will resign because he can’t find the white house and they will have their little woman communist president slick I think and to hell with Crazy Bernie the communist no one likes.Sounds crazy right but then its as good as any they have turned on The old communist besides he is what eighty years old and he could go of his rocker with old Joe or his heart might start tackin again.


If Biden should become the nominee (through a brokered convention), just pay attention the VP pick. THAT’S who the party is picking as president. Joe won’t make it 4 years in office, he’ll have some health issue or maybe he’ll pass while in office.

A lot of counting and maneuvering has to happen before then, but I imagine this is the plan.

phineas gage

So President Stacey Abrams? Good Lord….that would be time to consider Tasmania as a destination option.

phineas gage

One good thing about the coronavirus is that it appears to be taking down the Iranian regime

Jay Whitcraft

We need Bernie to get to the convention about 100 delegates short of majority. Then have them hand it to Biden. I bet even after today when Bernie cleans house, the media will say it was a good night for Biden. Jay

phineas gage

Definitely–they have now committed and have to stick with it.

They have chosen…..poorly.

Jimmy MacAfee

One of my favorite lines from Indiana Jones “Last Crusade!”

phineas gage

Chris Matthews found out that, in the end, the Left devours its own.


I don’t think Pocahontas got the “phone call” from Jimmy Peanut (who is more articulate than J Robinette Bumbledumb) or “the One”.

As long as she stays in the race, she hurts Bernie McGovern by splitting his commie support base, thereby helping the DNC scuttle B. McGovern. In effect, she is one of the “useful idiots/tools” that the Dems need and seek. She will be allowed to stay in the race as long as she serves a purpose – she is, however, poised to lose her own freaking state. Guess there aren’t enough “Indians” in MA. How sweet would that be.

In other news, MSDNC has cleared the decks by “retiring” that old fart: Loudmouth Chris “Tingles” Matthews. Now look for Alfred E. Newman, Irish Bob, The Hawaiian Heroine, or maybe Eric Swallow to replace the former Hardon Host. Maybe they could rotate on the Anchor Desk; Alfred might like that.

Jimmy MacAfee

Good points! Especially about Lizzie Borden Warren splitting the vote (with an axe?)

Irish Bob, the Beta Male, has been offered a position to grab guns in the Gropin’Joe administration. No one I’d like to see better than him, coming to my door – (though he would never have the courage to do it personally.) Bet his wife would like to get him out of the house more often! He can only skateboard so many hours of the day!

It is hard to imagine Lizzie serving any kind of purpose. Any.

phineas gage

She’s likely holding out for a pay-off of some kind. Hard to imagine it will be much if she even gets defeated in her home state by Sanders.

On the other hand, maybe she has been instructed to stay in through today to pull votes from Bernie.

phineas gage

An additional bonus this morning is the reelection of Netanyahu, who evidently has enough seats in the Knesset to form a coalition government.

Jimmy MacAfee

Bibi has two problems: Israel’s Deep State Left, and his wife.


He could get guidance from Trump on how to deal with his DS and ….

phineas gage

In many ways it is preferable to face Biden in the fall. I wouldn’t want to risk a black swan event of someone like Bernie getting elected. And the way Biden is trending, he may not know who or where he is any longer by the time the fall campaign starts.



I want outright communism beaten directly face to face for all to see this year.

If this country were to somehow defeat Trump with Bernie McGovern, then all is lost anyway, because that would mean there are too many idiots and too much fraud for America to survive as founded.

We conservatives need to know if that is the case, in order to make plans to survive America’s collapse.


I agree completely. It is time the nation had this conversation open and publicly while there are still enough people able bodied and around, who know history, and know how to do more than “google”, to get us out of this.

Jimmy MacAfee

He should begin praying to Thing.


Ok, Jill B. Get you hubby some help

phineas gage

For purposes of entertainment and schadenfreude, there is simply nothing better than a final troika of Dem candidates comprised of Biden, Sanders, and Bloomberg. The party of diversity offers up three pasty white guys all older than Trump and all prone to outrageous gaffes, mistatements, or inconvenient honesty.

The DNC had better get creative in their plans to knife Bernie (hopefully metaphorically…), because right now the math is not looking good for them. Biden will do fairly well in the Southern states today due to the black vote, but he won’t be competitive in the delegate-rich states.

It will be difficult to prevent Bernie from amassing a majority of delegates, and engineering defection among the Bernie Bro delegates will be nigh on impossible.

Why do I suspect that Bernie is about to suffer a serious health problem?


Prone to occasional (mis)statements of “Inconvenient honesty” Good one, and how true when it comes to any Democratic politician!

Jimmy MacAfee

Not your imagination.

Jimmy MacAfee

Finally Tucker Carlson is echoing what I’d been saying since 2016: Commie Bernie was once for closed borders, in order to protect the wages of working class Americans. He sold what little of his soul was left, way back then! His supporters don’t seem to get it, because in their eyes, Bernie is their Thing.

Think the Dims are in trouble? Maybe they can set up a metal Thing in Gehenna and pray to it, making the fires exceptionally hot for those inconvenient little beings! (Or they can just burn an owl somewhere in California, which would be another version of their Thing.)

Or maybe they can make an idol of another Thing, the alleged genitalia of Harvey Weinstein! They seem to be into genital-worship these days; their Thing would have both male and female parts!

The Dims are the Party of Thing.

Jimmy MacAfee

Commie Bernie has a god, too: his Thing is named “Bernie.”

Jimmy MacAfee

I imagine that the Dim Convention won’t dismiss G0D this time around, as they did in the past, because they’ll disguise Him as “the Thing.” They can all get behind a “Thing.”

Pray to the mighty Thing, from which all babies are terminated, and from which all genders arise!

Maybe they should set up an altar, and dance until their Thing comes along and sets it afire? And maybe they’ll have 850 prophets of the Thing and Thingess (female version) and Jezebel can threaten anyone supporting anything but her Thing!

Dance harder! Maybe your Thing is off somewhere sleeping! Shout louder! Perhaps he is off somewhere, relieving himself in a unisex bathroom!

Jimmy MacAfee

It is increasingly apparent that China Mike is autistic.

Remember a week or so ago? His supporters told CrazyQuidPro Joe the Groper to stop his campaign and let China Mike take over. Now we see that China Mike has been given the thumbs-down.

Two top “centrist” candidates: one is clearly insane, the other has Asperger’s and no boundaries.

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