The Democrat/Media Weaponization of Coronavirus is Working

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Can everybody please just calm down a little bit here? – The Democrat/media campaign to weaponize the Coronavirus against President Trump is now predictably causing all sorts of needless panic among the population.

Thanks to the very despicable, very false narrative being spread by the corrupt hacks at CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and the rest of the fake news media, ordinary citizens are now hoarding things like anti-viral surgical masks and various food items. Sellers of the surgical masks on Amazon are attempting to hide their price-gouging activities by charging upwards of $200 or more for shipping and handling.

Even more damaging to the economy overall, though, we are now seeing an irrational rush to cancel major conferences that create hundreds of millions in economic activity in their host cities.

Facebook led the way, canceling its huge global marketing conference scheduled to take place in San Francisco. As reported by The Verge:

Facebook has canceled its upcoming global marketing conference out of caution for the coronavirus outbreak, according to Reuters. The conference was set to take place in March at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, and 4,000 people were expected to attend.

“Our priority is the health and safety of our teams, so out of an abundance of caution, we cancelled our Global Marketing Summit due to evolving public health risks related to coronavirus,” said a Facebook spokesperson in a statement to The Verge.

Facebook canceling its global marketing conference comes on the heels of this week’s cancellation of Mobile World Congress, also due to coronavirus concerns. In the days leading up to MWC’s cancellation, several vendors, including LG, Ericsson, Nvidia, Intel, Vivo, Sony, Amazon, NTT Docomo, Cisco, Nokia, BT, and HMD, all pulled out from the show over fears of endangering attendees.

On Friday, Google announced that it would cancel a big conference scheduled for Las Vegas, as reported by Fortune:

Google canceled a major internal gathering over concerns about the spread of coronavirus, the latest in a wave of events and conferences being called off around the world.

The internet giant’s sales and marketing event was set to take place in Las Vegas in March, a Google spokesman said. “In light of the evolving coronavirus situation we made the decision to cancel an internal event that would have brought thousands of employees together from across two continents,” the spokesman said.

Companies and event organizers are scrapping large gatherings of people out of fear they could foster the spread of the respiratory virus known as Covid-19, which has killed more than 2,800 people and spread to 55 countries and territories. Switzerland has banned any gathering of more than 1,000 people; a massive trade fair in Berlin was canceled last-minute; and Facebook on Thursday called off its May event for developers. The Game Developers Conference, set to open March 16 in San Fransisco, is also at risk after Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Sony all pulled out. Google’s biggest annual event—I/O—is still set for early May.

Meanwhile, in Houston, IHS Markit announced on Sunday the cancellation of its annual CERA Week conference, which brings more than 5,000 senior people affiliated with the oil and gas industry to Houston for a week every year. Here’s a cut from the Houston Chronicle story:

A major oil and gas industry conference that brings thousands of international visitors to Houston every March has been canceled amid elevated fears related to the growing number of coronavirus cases around the world.

CERAWeek by IHS Markit organizers canceled the event Sunday with “deep disappointment.”

With an audience that draws CEOs, Middle Eastern royalty and energy ministers from nations around the globe, the conference attracted 5,300 delegates last year. Although U.S. travel restrictions prevented Chinese delegates from attending this year’s conference, organizers were expecting delegates from 80 nations to arrive in Houston from March 9 through 13.

The impacts of the cancellations of these major events reverberates throughout the economy, and not just locally. Obviously, the loss of so many anticipated visitors will devastate local restaurants, hotels and other businesses for whom such conferences create so much of their business. But also think of the losses to airlines, rental car agencies and other travel-related businesses.

The big question here is why these decisions are being made? Thus far, the U.S. has 89 total confirmed cases of Coronavirus, most of which have been voluntarily imported into our country by the government. The number of organic cases thus far is almost a rounding error. Globally, the number of confirmed cases is 89,000, a miniscule number compared to the common flu, which kills 12,000 to 30,000 people each year in the United States alone.

So, why don’t these same companies cancel holding any conferences during flu season? Isn’t that a valid question?

For some context, here are the number of deaths by major cause in the U.S. during January and February of this year:

Abortion: 141,720
Heart disease: 104,400
Cancer: 96,780
Accidents: 26,520
Chronic lower Respiratory diseases: 25,380
Stroke: 23,340
Alzheimer’s: 19,080
Diabetes: 13,140
Flu/pneumonia: 8,460
Kidney disease: 8,220


Sources: CDC/Guttmacher

For another bit of context, look at how the progression of the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus has leveled off in the past week:

Image may contain: possible text that says 'COVID-19 Global Cases Johns Hopkins China Cases Recovered Other Cases'

Also, this morning brings this report out of the Wuhan Province in China, where the virus supposedly orginated:

Wuhan hospital discharges last patient amid drop in virus cases

Wuhan hospital discharges last patient amid drop in virus cases

The city at the center of China’s coronavirus epidemic has closed one of 16 hospitals built to respond to the illness after the medical facility discharged the last of its recovered patients.

The closure of the hospital in Wuhan accompanied a steep drop in the number of cases of the virus in Hubei province, Chinese officials said, Reuters reported.

“The rapid rising trend of virus cases in Wuhan has been controlled,” Mi Feng, a spokesman for China’s National Health Commission, told a briefing Monday. “Outbreaks in Hubei outside of Wuhan are curbed and provinces outside of Hubei are showing a positive trend.”


Make no mistake about this: The Democrats and their corrupt media toadies have been searching for a way to talk the U.S. economy into a recession for the better part of a year now. They have now succeeded in panicking a raft of major companies into cancelling major, economy-boosting conferences and in scaring a large number of Americans to start hoarding goods and hunkering down in their homes.

Personally, the little wifey and I are going to get on an American Airlines jet and fly out to Vegas on Wednesday for a four day bit of R&R. There, we will enjoy a concert by my favorite band, Chicago, leisurely gambling in the half-empty casino and dining anytime we want in the restaurants of our choice. We’ve never cancelled a trip during flu season – why cancel this one?

Calm down, everybody, and live your lives. 2 months from now, no one will be talking about the damn Coronavirus.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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phineas gage

btw, those fabric masks do NOTHING to stop a virus particle. Sorry, soccer moms.

To be safe from infection, you would need a proper ventilator mask, and perhaps a body suit to go along with it.

phineas gage

I’ll also observe that we are now evidently a p*ssified nation driven by the rampant hysteria of suburban soccer moms and beta males. We should all be ashamed of ourselves.

How are we going to survive when an actual crisis hits? Answer–we’re not.

phineas gage

Much like the viral infection itself, the panic will run its course and be gone within two weeks. It is massive irresponsibility for the media/Dems to purposefully incite panic, and they should be prosecuted for doing so, but their little game to crash the economy will fail badly and they will still be stuck with a loser nominee.

In the meantime, the nation should stay well hydrated and get plenty of rest.


I find it interesting that the economy is more important than any degree of exposure to the general population. Time will tell but it is a shame that there will be no responsibility placed upon the people trying to downplay this situation.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dow is up over 600.

Jimmy MacAfee

The media aren’t only using this to hurt President Trump and the economy: they’re built on hysteria. Project Veritas exposure of the ABC nitwit proves this.

Hysteria is the main media model.

phineas gage

This is true. They sell misery and chaos. Hurting Trump is just a bonus.

Jimmy MacAfee

Here’s the positive side to the virus (heard others expressing similar sentiments:)

No one wants their life interrupted by a false claim of having the virus. You have a cold? Keep it to yourself – literally and figuratively. No one wants to be under house arrest. People will be trying harder than ever to keep from getting sick – from anything! How do you know your rhinovirus isn’t coronavirus? You don’t. Only way to know for sure is to stay healthy.

So what are people doing? NOT going to the doctor (or hospital) for every minor running nose or cough. This may prove dangerous for some, but for others, prevention is a huge factor. And since the flu and pneumonia vaccines won’t do a thing to prevent the new bug, people will begin to rely upon themselves – which means staying home when you are starting to feel something coming on, a thickness in the throat, running sinuses, a cough.

Yes, this will affect the airline industry. But frankly, they deserve a kick in the arse: the flying petri dishes have done nothing to alter the fact that recirculated air turns the system itself into a vector. Either better filtration of the air or air intake from outside (hard at 14,000 + feet) are necessary. In the long run, this will be very positive for the airline industry – they can probably get grants from the government during this stupid panic to retrofit the planes.

And restaurants? Ever have a sick waiter and want to walk out? Managers need to tell their people to stay home instead of sharing their yack-hack joy with the rest of us. Unfortunately, people are like many animals, particularly birds, who hide their illness in order to avoid abandonment.

Bottom line: people will start thinking of health-CARE as being a personal initiative, instead of participating in the SICKNESS-care industry (and relying on it for things that ought to be done in their own lives.)

Jimmy MacAfee

I disagree with the title: the media/political weaponization of the virus is NOT working, any more than the other narratives they’ve hyped have worked. Gnat farts in the long run.

Case in point: a client asked me a long time ago – (long being relative to the news cycle) – what I thought of Stormy Daniels; he said this with a kind of gloat, knowing I was a Trump supporter, as if this was the end of the Trump Presidency. I shrugged and said I didn’t give a damn about Stormy Daniels.

But Stormy Daniels didn’t – (or hasn’t) – killed anyone, except maybe the old practicing monosexual who suffered a heart attack while watching her videos? Coronavirus has claimed people. Not many, and probably not many more. So the media attack failed, or is in the process of failing. Just like Stormy and her creepy p0rn lawyer, and you know where he’s heading! (May Rotten Clinton join him there!)

The markets will jump up thousands of points over the next few weeks, starting today. Better buy in again, if you were so unwise to sell, or you’ll lose your chance to get back in at a reasonable cost.


The issue I have is this: What are the REAL numbers for this virus? Yes, this appears to be way overblown compared to non-novel strains of the Flu, based on the numbers released. But China has already been accused of downplaying the severity, so how do we know for sure? Personally I’ll wait and see how this fares in some of the western countries that are seeing flareups, and yes here in the US. The age and health of those affected, and the quality of our heath system will all play a role how it fares here. That said, I’ve had the flu this season already; I had pneumonia several years ago, and it was one of the hardest things to recover from. I don’t want to be sick again, no matter if its covid-19 or Influenza B. Dems playing politics, fear mongering? Easy to quantify. The same thing happens when they go on a gun control rant. Supplies dry up, prices increase. Same formula.

The current mortality rate based on the same Johns Hopkins website (3048 deaths/89,253 cases) is around 3.4% If those numbers are accurate, then yes, probably not much to worry about. If western countries report a higher rate, then maybe we should pay more attention.

phineas gage

Morbidity rate appears to be fairly high, but nothing to worry about if you are young and healthy. It evidently doesn’t affect children at all.

If you are elderly and/or immunocompromised, it is a concern and a reason to exercise sensible precautions to minimize exposure risk. It would appear to present a threat on par with a bad influenza strain–and that is always a risk from year to year.

Jimmy MacAfee

SARS was a cause for panic – in places like China. Not so much the US.

The President, as usual, saw this coming very early, much before the demonic and blind Dims, who attacked his travel bans as “racist.” Most people with a functional frontal lobe would consider this great foresight, even prophetic.

But the economic issues of these viruses are not without merit, and the fact that American companies followed the tariffs to open new factories in other countries helped keep supply lines open. The supply line is open, for the most part, because those countries which have fled China are still producing. China itself is, as Dave says, recovering. This is a hot-burn organism, it appears, not the “it will always be with us” type. Time will tell.

But the air and water pollution in China and elsewhere is one of the most troubling aspects to these diseases, which affect the lungs disproportionately – as opposed to a rhinovirus/picornavirus, also called the common cold. We also call these “sinus infections.” Air pollution makes the immune system weaker, and the lungs are already challenged. That’s why big cities like New York and San Francisco, the latter being the City of Dirt, are so vulnerable.

The bigger issue may be with immunosuppressive drugs, of which there are a lot on the market. Not clear how much this increases vulnerability, but these are often used for autoimmune diseases – which affect women more than men. So while the virus in question targets men over 60 years of age more than any other demographic, immunosuppressive drugs may endanger women.

The thing we should learn about the development and release of these organisms is this:
people who play with fire…

phineas gage

H1N1 killed over 1000 people in this country.

No hysterical panic or rage at Obama.

Jimmy MacAfee

Obama chose a political operative to deal with it, too. Amateurs.


Agree David, this over-reaction by the media “coverage” is contrived and designed to hurt Trump and the American economy, any way possible. Enjoy your vacation; will you still be doing you fine updates?

About the major conference cancellations; I have mixed feelings.

While the cancellations will hurt many service industries, they will also hurt the corrupt Dem controlled Blue Cities the most; since that is where most of the conferees convene. There is no logical way anyone can blame Trump for this virus; especially when it goes away in a month or so with (thankfully) minimal casualties. The media will get another black eye by crying wolf again and have their creditability further eroded.

The real tragic thing about what the media is doing is when there is a real emergency and/or threat, no-one will listen and we will suffer a real and needless calamity.

About these conferences:

I don’t understand why most of the conferences can’t be done via conference calls – especially among the tech sector. The same goes for all our needless diplomats, embassies, and consulates; Keep them open with minimal staffing to care for our US citizens in foreign countries, but shut down most, if not all, or our diplomatic corps.

With all the communication tech available today there is simply no need to have all these parties masquerading as serious, or required events in distant locals.

Love how all the “Green” tech companies you mentioned are so (un)concerned about the “carbon footprint” created by all this air travel by their employees.

Jimmy MacAfee

While it’s not “World War Z,” there are troubling aspects to the virus – not especially the lethality. What is troubling is the origin and the Chinese government’s secrecy and denial. In heavily populated areas with high levels of smog (and 5G?) there would be expected casualties on a greater scale.

Some indications are that this was designed to reduce the elderly population – which is always susceptible to influenza, and are easily conned into thinking that the vaccines actually do something. Which they do not.

Vaccinations for highly mutable organisms is a crap-shoot, at best, and an inducement for competing viruses to proliferate at worst. That’s because the immune system is, succinctly put, like the compound eyes of an insect, not a lone bird of prey looking for the defective rabbit in the field below. What happens for many is that the vaccine causes the body to think the targeted organism is the only rabbit in the field, and is left to be incapable of defending against competing viruses. Training the immune system this way is foolish.

Less mutable viruses can be prevented with immunization – measles, mumps etc. – but those which change clothing, so to speak, prevent effective vaccines from doing more harm than good. Like the Swine Flu that caused more neurological damage to many than the virus itself.

Until the medical community comes to recognize that the immune system is built more akin to the compound eyes of an insect, there will be trouble. More so when countries like China unwisely choose to build dangerous diseases with vectors like bats, which can carry disease while not succumbing to them – (kind of like the green monkey and other simians and HIV.)

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