Joe Biden: The Unfrozen Caveman Comeback Kid – for 72 Hours

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

He wants to be the president who appoints the first black female to the United States Senate! – That is exactly what Quid Pro Joe Biden told an audience at a rally on Friday, and the rest of the Democrat presidential field is so weak that they voted for him anyway.

So, now America’s Unfrozen Caveman Senator gets to be the Democrats’ Unfrozen Caveman Comeback Kid.  For about 72 hours. By then, most of the results from the Super Tuesday states will have come in, and Crazy Uncle Joe will be right back where he belongs, sucking the wind of The Commie’s campaign.

Even the ardent Biden hacks on CNN’s massive panel of election analysis hackery last night admitted that the prospects ahead for the buffonish ex-Veep are painfully thin: Hey, if he can win a few states – some combination of Arkansas, North Carolina and/or Virginia – on Tuesday, and be competitive enough to pick up delegates in some other states, like Texas and Oklahoma, then he can keep raising a little money and keep his horribly-run campaign on life support for a couple more weeks, until the next raft of big states come up on March 17. That is when the states of Ohio, Illinois, Florida and Arizona hold their primaries.

To his credit, Quid Pro Joe actually seems to be leading in Florida, although the polling data there thus far is very sparse, and the momentum from his big South Carolina win might well help him maintain that position there. We have no information thus far in terms of polls from any of those other states.

But let’s say Biden is actually able to win Florida and maybe one of those other states – one would certainly think he would be competitive in Illinois, for example. In that event, there would be no question that Quid Pro Joe would be able to continue making a fool of himself all the way through the July convention in Milwaukee.

With Steyer dropping out of the race last night [finally], and the Warren, Klobuchar and Buttigieg campaigns now having zero real reason to continue other than the candidates’ own hubris, Mini-Mike becomes the only other meaningful factor in the race from this point forward.

Make no mistake about it: Mr. Excitement is only a factor because he happens to have $62 billion to burn through. Despite having already frittered away half a billion, mostly on paid advertising, Bloomberg still has a net negative favorability rating among Democrat voters, and virtually zero appeal to the black voters who are so crucial to Democrat success. Exit polls from South Carolina yesterday showed Mini-Mike with at 22/66 favorable/unfavorable rating from the heavily-black Democrat voters in that state. That’s about the rating Satan would get from those same voters. He is a horribly unappealing candidate.

The question for Bloomberg now becomes what will he do after he has a terrible showing on Super Tuesday? Because that’s what is going to happen. It is doubtful he will actually win a single one of the 14 states being contested on Tuesday. He will not even be competitive in California, and is likely to finish a distant third in Texas, where the intensity of his advertising has dropped noticeably in the past week.

Bloomberg has repeatedly said that he is willing to spend up to $2 billion of his personal fortune in his effort to prevent President Donald Trump’s re-election. Regular readers here will know that my belief is that he never expected to be able to win the Democrat nomination, but became a “candidate” so that he would receive the preferential advertising rates that candidates are entitled to.

With the DNC essentially broke, Bloomberg serves both as a proxy for the anti-Trump spending the Party would have normally done, and as a stalking horse for Biden or some other “moderate” candidate to challenge The Commie come convention time.

Thus, my bet is that Mini-Mike will continue his “candidacy” through July regardless of his ability to actually attract votes, so that he can keep buying TV ads at the lower, preferential candidate rates.

Preacher Pete, Fauxcahontas and Klobuchar will all end their flagging efforts after failing to do much on Super Tuesday, which means Americans can now look forward to the prospect of having to endure a three-person contest between an outright communist radical, an obviously impaired former vice president, and a tiny billionaire with no prospects of winning anything other than the race to see who can burn through the most money.

That is our life, all the way through July.


My updated odds on the ultimate Democrat nominee:

The Commie – 5 to 4

Quid Pro Joe – 2 to 1

Someone not currently in the field – 10 to 1

Mini-Mike – 20 to 1

Klobuchar – 20 to 1 (She’s a potential compromise nominee at a deadlocked convention)

Fauxcahontas – 100 to 1

Preacher Pete – 1,000 to 1


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Mr. Excitement? Oh, I thought you said “Mr. Excrement”….

phineas gage

Looking more and more like a split convention in the heartland home of radical leftism.

Dog eat dog.

Jimmy MacAfee

To be ugly, I’d say it’s pig-eat-pig.


2020: Bernie McGovern vs Ronald Trump.

I see a similar 1972 landslide with the popular vote. However, it will not be an Electoral College wipeout because about ten to a dozen totally corrupted Blue states (HI, CA, WA, OR, NY, MD, DE, NJ, VT, MA, CT, RI, and DC – I’d be amazed if Trump carried two of them) will go for the Jackass Party regardless of who their candidate is. This equates to about a 377 – 162 EC vote win for the Donald. It also means Trump wins 38 (76%) of the states.

Coincidentally 38 states are required to amend the constitution. Two thirds of both Houses of congress need to approve an amendment to send it to the states for ratification. Congress will not be 67% pro Trump, but there will be intense pressure on its members to send any amendment(s) to the states for approval. If congress fails to do so, there will be a major effort to vote out even more Democrats and the remaining RINOs in 2022.

The real good news with a Bernie McGovern ticket is there will be a down ballot blowout which will finally break the Blue States, and their illegal activities; the Deep State, due to a total loss of Dem congressional support; the Dem Party which will riot and be fractured like a brittle pane of glass once the rest of America finally begins to smash its ideology; and the MSM who will have lost all its creditability to everybody but the dimmest bulbs (about 8-10% – 30 million) in the population.

Look for a lot of surviving old war horse Congressional Democrats to pack it in and retire once they realize they will be in a permanent minority status for the rest of their political lives; see them take their retirement package and leave DC before the indictments come their way.

On November 4, we can actually sing FDR’s “Happy Days Are Here Again” song with real meaning.

phineas gage

Good choice–Mellencamp is a radical leftist.

I would probably opt for ‘Get A Leg Up’.

Jimmy MacAfee

“Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”
Stupid is as stupid says.

As the song goes:

“When the walls – come tumblin’ down, when the walls, come crumblin’ crumblin’…” The rest of the song is pure Blo-Joe the Gropin’ schmo:

“Some people say I’m obnoxious and lazy
I’m uneducated–my opinion means nothin’
But I know I’m a real good dancer
Don’t need to look over my shoulder to see what I’m after
Everybody’s got their problems–ain’t no new news here
I’m the same old trouble you’ve been havin’ for years
Don’t confuse the problem with the issue girl
It’s perfectly clear
Just a human desire to have you come near
Want to put my arms around you
Feel your breath in my ear
You can bend me you can break me
But you’d better stand clear”

“When the walls, come tumblin’ tumblin’, crumblin’ crumbling.”

Jimmy MacAfee

I’ve never seen a bench sooo thin!

There were a lot of Republican candidates who were capable of being President in 2016 – none as capable as Donald J. Trump, but these included a solid cadre of 1st stringers. Of course, the FBI, DOJ and CIA – (also known collectively as “the Democratic Party”) – had their hooks in Cruz and who-knows-who else.

Rotten Clinton was the rotten apple at the top of the barrel. Now they’re all spoiled, not fit for cider – only hornets and yellowjackets find them palatable. Rotten apples fit for nothing, to be put in a composter..

Wait til Gropin’ Joe’s sick little hand gets a little too grabby (I’ve said this before.) Wait until Angry Bernie gets a flu and is hospitalized. Mini Mike hasn’t really begun to fall – more stuff on him waiting for the right moment. And PeterButt? Meh. As exciting as moldy wet oatmeal. Same with Nasty Amy. And the fake Indian can’t stop lying – I mean, this is pathological! Keeps insisting she was fired for being pregnant?

Right now, the focus on Deep State skullduggery should be the focus. Losers lose; the DS is still breathing, as evidenced by Amy Brrrrrrman Jackson. Not a word from anyone who could tell her to shut up, or to correct her. Marsupial courts without someone pulling the plug? The DS is still being exposed, hour-by-hour, day-by-day, week-by-week. Brrrrman is like a bug on a piece of cardboard, but still keeps flapping her wings.

Maybe she intends to run, too.


In 2016 I had an 18 year relationship/friendship with an otherwise smart women in NJ – I avoided politics since we were diametrically opposed in our views. In Feb 2016 (we lived over 800 miles from each other by that time), she asked me who I liked for president (at the time I was for Cruz). Rather than get into an argument, I sidestepped the question and asked her who she liked. She said “I don’t know, but ALL the Republicans scare me.” I hung up the phone and have not spoken to her since. I would have had the same reaction if I still lived near her in NJ. It was a sad day for me however when I lost that long-time friend; but in my mature years, I refuse to deal with stupid on either a personal or professional level.

Bottom Line: ANY of the GOP candidates in 2016 would have been light-years better than ANY of the Dems running in 2016 or now.

Guys (and Girls – Conway), don’t be saps when it comes to trying to placate an ignorant/arrogant friend/partner; it will only lead to angst and unnecessary stress.

Jimmy MacAfee

Blessedly, my wife and I have very similar views and hunches. I am a Blessed man! We can spot each other’s mistakes before they happen – which is not often, but serving the Lord means you are both servants, and it’s a lot easier to work out disagreements.

If I had a wife who’d gone to the inaugural protest march, I would have changed the locks before she got back.

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