Trump’s High-Stakes Re-Nomination of John Ratcliffe Puts the Heat on Mitch McConnell

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

This is President Donald Trump, daring the Deep State snakes on the Senate Committee on Intelligence (SCI) to kill his nominee for Director of National Intelligence (DNI):

Make no mistake about it, this is a high-risk gamble on the part of the President and Cong. Ratcliffe, who has been one of his staunchest supporters in the House of Representatives over the past three years. If you remember, the President put Ratcliffe’s name forward for this key post last August, and Ratcliffe decided to withdraw after just a few days when it became apparent that some of the RINO skunks on the SCI would plan to oppose his appointment.

That must not happen again this time. There can be no turning back, no voluntary withdrawal of this nomination when the going gets tough, as it inevitably will. If the SCI wants to kill this nomination, then President Trump and Cong. Ratcliffe must force them to actively do that, force the Republicans in particular to reveal their true subversive nature to the public.

If you voluntarily withdraw, then the political equation will be irreversibly in the Deep State’s favor, and this President will be stuck with Deep State toadies like Joseph Maguire and Dan Coats for the remainder of his presidency. Force the SCI to publicly kill this nomination – or better yet, force the Republican senators on that committee to approve him – and the political equation will shift irreversibly in the President’s favor.

My bet is that President Trump, in re-nominating a man who the SCI members have already covertly rejected, has told Mitch McConnell this: You either get Ratcliffe confirmed, or the DNI job will be handled by an “Acting” Director for the duration of my presidency. I would bet that the President has personally informed SCI Chairman Richard Burr that he is through having some Deep State flunky in this crucial job, from which that flunky is able to undermine his Administration and policies from within. President Trump may well have informed McConnell and Burr that they can either confirm Ratcliffe or be faced with a rotation of Ratcliffe and current Acting DNI Ric Grenell every 200 days from now through the end of 2024.

CBS and others reported on Friday that Burr and ranking minority member on the SCI Mark Warner have made it clear that they want to have a permanent Director in this job. The President responded by basically saying, ok, then you confirm my guy. Here he is – you’ve seen him before.

Leading Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have already weighed in with their statements of opposition to the nomination, but they are irrelevant here. Democrats are going to oppose anyone they view as an honest broker for this job.

McConnell has 53 votes in the Senate and a majority on the SCI, and it is up to him to get this nomination through, just as it is always up to him to get the President’s judicial nominees confirmed. The Majority Leader has proven time and time again that he is perfectly able to hold his caucus together when he really wants to do so.

For the Deep State, the DNI position is viewed as a last bastion of its ongoing ability to infiltrate and undermine this Administration. You saw the rabid reaction to Grennel’s appointment to hold this post for six months because these snakes know that Grenell has no loyalty to them. The same is true where Ratcliffe is concerned.

Their big fear with Ratcliffe is that he knows exactly where all the bodies are buried in regards to the illegal spying operations that took place during 2016 and 2017. Due to his key committee assignments, he has seen every document and heard or read every word of testimony from all of the House hearings that have taken place on the matter over the last four years.

Ratcliffe has on many occasions stated in interviews that he knows the official FBI narrative about its spying operations on the Trump Campaign having begun on July 31, 2016 is false. He says that the FBI spying actually began in late 2015 in an operation coordinated between the FBI and the CIA, implicating John Brennan along with James Comey.

So you can be certain that the Deep State members of both parties on the SCI, who have spent the last 3 years doing everything they can to confuse and obfuscate the public record on that matter, will not look on this nomination with favor. They want another snake like Coats or Maguire who will continue the coverup.

Thus, this nomination is entirely in Mitch McConnell’s lap. He can either use his considerable leverage to keep his members in line and ensure the nomination succeeds, or he can let them all publicly expose themselves for who they really are and where their loyalties really lie.

Either way, it is absolutely vital for the country’s future that the President and Ratcliffe to see this process through to a final, formal Committee vote. Do that, and the President retains his leverage regardless of the vote’s outcome. Withdraw before a vote, and that leverage vanishes into thin air.

High stakes.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Roger Stone has a decent chance at suing Brrrr-man, and having her lose her law license, just like Flynn has better than even odds of getting a sack of money from what may have never been the “Justice” Department.

Just because the water is deep doesn’t mean the ice is thick.

Jimmy MacAfee

This team has a lot of people who are rightly regarded as 1st stringers. That makes the mechanism much easier to run. The team has been growing, as the opposition has grown weaker – (look at all the 3rd stringers running in the Dem primary!)

Lot of people will be coming out of retirement.

I look for K.T. McFarland and others banished by the evil dope McMasters to be making a return, too. The DS thought they could win by attrition, caused by an out-of-control FBI (which is still out-of-control) and by adventurist judges like Amy Berman Jackson (her name reminds me of Svengoolie’s “Brrrrrr-wynnn” gag.) Amy “Brrrrr-man” Jackass, the most transparently phony judge holding an Australian marsupial court in America!

Brrrr-man is a 4th stringer, at best.

Jimmy MacAfee

200 days for Grenell. Won’t take that long. But if Ratcliffe is rejected, is it possible that Grenell’s term can be extended for another 200 days, from the time of the vote on Ratcliffe?

Ratcliffe will win the post, because it’s not too late to primary the 5 Republicans on the Intel Committee this year, and Burr in 2022. (Thanks, Gregg!) The fake impeachment was the first test; this is the second.



Can’t Trump also do recess appointments which, I think, last until the next congress, i.e., up to two years? I think Bush Jr. recessed Bolton as the UN Ambassador over the Christmas senate recess and I think he stayed in that role until the arrival of “the One’s” regime a couple of years later.

If not, I agree with rotating (as acting) everyone Trump wants for the next five years on six month rotations; kind of like six month naval deployments, euphemistically called cruises, which often lasted longer..


Jimmy is your Virginia going to Schiff Can Warner and elect Trump this year?

Jimmy MacAfee

Yes to both, I hope. President Trump needs to rally in Tidewater.


Agreed, a rally there or Richmond would be great.

I was one of the few sailors who actually liked The Tidewater area when I was on the America CV -66; lived in Norfolk and Va Beach in the mid ’80s, and Arlington in the mid ’00s

Jimmy MacAfee

This is far better timing. Strategically more supportable.

And Grenell has shown that he’s happy with Ratcliffe as the nominee –

Jimmy MacAfee

Which means that President Trump has a specific type of individual determined for the post. He’s not putting out just anything that has a pulse. This is very good news.

Ben Colder

Hope the Turtle gets in gear and gets this good pick confirmed .I am soooo sick of the dem/communists being against EVERYONE Trump picks no matter who or what these bastards are against it .

Matthew M

Just one minor correction to the story, Ratcliffe withdrew his name not because of pressure from the deep state but because he wanted to ensure the current level of senate majority when it came to ukraine impeachment bs. he and Trump came to an agreement on this at least to the point until the investigations against trump had ended which they now have.

Thats not to say the rest of the story isnt spot on, there was plenty of deep state whining, and I’m sure they attempted to wield whatever power they had at the time (which may have been the power of these investigations) …… but Ratcliffe and Trump agreed the best use of Ratcliffe would be to stomp out the invesstigations into trump first, then clean out the the DNI.

phineas gage

As DNI, Ratcliffe could have terminated the Ukraine hoax before it started.

Art Jenkins

I like your analysis better than mine. I figured Ratcliffe was nominated with Trump knowing that he would never get confirmed. It would be a bloodied and prolonged fight. But in the meantime, Grenell would have free rein to clean house. Now if the Deep State doesn’t like Grenell and want him out sooner than later, they will have to confirm Ratcliffe. Brilliant move by Trump again.


No it isn’t.
Trump wins whether this guy is confirmed or not.
If confirmed, Trump gets his pick.
If not confirmed, Trump gets to keep former ambassador grenell in the position.
Win /win Trump.


Here are the members of the “Intelligence” Committee and when they are up for re-election:

Richard Burr, North Carolina, Chairman (R) 2022
Jim Risch, Idaho (R) THIS YEAR
Marco Rubio, Florida (R) 2022
Susan Collins, Maine (R) THIS YEAR
Roy Blunt, Missouri (R) 2022
Tom Cotton, Arkansas (R) THIS YEAR
John Cornyn, Texas (R) THIS YEAR
Ben Sasse, Nebraska (R) THIS YEAR

Mark Warner, Virginia, Vice Chairman (D) THIS YEAR
Dianne Feinstein, California (D) 2024
Ron Wyden, Oregon (D) 2022
Martin Heinrich, New Mexico (D) 2024
Angus King, Maine (I/D) 2024
Kamala Harris, California (D) 2022
Michael Bennet, Colorado (D) 2022

As you can see, of the eight GOP members on the committee five (from ID, ME, AK, TX, and NB) are up for re-election this year, and three (from NC, FL, and MO) are up for re-election in 2022, meaning none are particularly safe from challenges in the relatively near future. Two of the three known squishes on the committee are up for re-election this year. Voters in ME, and NE be active and aware in your primaries this year.

On the Dem side, there is only one of their senators up for re-election this year, but it is a biggie. The Vice Chairman, Senator Warner of Virginia, needs to be defeated – plain and simple. There has never been a better time for Virginians to be more pissed off, more active, and more against any Democrat office holder than this year when you consider what your governor and legislature has done to your state/commonwealth in the past two and a half years. There are no state legislative or state wide office holders up until next year, so all your focus should be on the federal level. Come on Virginia! Be loud and be proud, and dump Warner and send a strong message to your state democrats that their reign of terror is coming to an end.

It would be great for Trump to win in the state he narrowly lost in 2016, beat Warner, and sweep the GOP representatives in the three seats that were lost in 2018. Currently VA has 11 congressional districts of which seven are now Democratic. Judging from the 2018 results two of the three seats were narrowly won by the Dems – VA 10 (Comstock) was a blowout loss. These two seats at a minimum must be taken back.

Come on Old Dominion! Join the rest of Trump’s Red America and make Virginia GREAT AGAIN!

Huntor Biden

He’s known … his beliefs are known….Forget the Committee .. the Constitution requires consent of the Senate, not approval by a select committee. Just put the vote to the Senate and let the chips fall where they may.

phineas gage

There is speculation that a deal has been struck with Mitch; clean FISA renewal in exchange for Ratcliffe confirmation

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