Mike Bloomberg is the Wizard of Oz

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Mike Bloomberg is the illustrative case for the limits of the effectiveness of paid advertising.

Quid Pro Joe Biden is so confident of a victory in South Carolina on Saturday that he just scheduled an appearance on Fox New Sunday with Chris Wallace Sunday morning so he can brag about his first-ever primary victory across his 3 different presidential campaigns.

The Commie, Bernie Sanders, has so much momentum in the race for the nomination that he is now regularly drawing crowds of thousands to his campaign rallies.

Fauxcahontas is running surprisingly strong in a raft of Super Tuesday polls, coming in second to The Commie key states like California and Massachusetts, and a strong third place in Texas.

Meanwhile, Mini-Mike Bloomberg is left sucking wind. After spending more than $400 million of his personal fortune, mostly on paid advertising, Mr. Excitement’s insurgent presidential campaign is foundering with little prospect of recovery.

The little ex-Mayor’s polling numbers have collapsed in the wake of two disastrous debate performances, and with his ubiquitous advertising campaign now having reached point of saturation – and probably even now having moved into the consumer annoyance phase – he has no visible options available to change the trajectory of the race in his favor.

Bloomberg’s money was able to influence Democrat voters to a certain extent, and at one point had even gotten him to the point of leading in polls in Arkansas and Oklahoma. But no amount of advertising can force voters to support a candidate whose stark reality as revealed in those nationally-televised debate did not in any way measure up to the image presented in his ads.

That image was of a man of supreme confidence, energy and competence who could get things done in the face of great adversity. The reality seen in the debates was of a nervous, stammering old man with little energy, a man who had no believable answers when challenged by a life-long fraud like Lieawatha to explain himself.

The image was of a man who could stand up to the evil Trump and blast him in a general election campaign. The reality seen in the debates was a tiny man who couldn’t stand up to the likes of Preacher Pete, The Commie and Amy Klobuchar.

The image was of a compassionate individual who treated women and minorities with equality and respect. The reality seen in the debates and videos of his past statements was of an abusive boss who discriminated against women in the workplace and against minorities while serving as Mayor of the nation’s largest city.

Once the reality of the man had been revealed for all to see, no amount of paid advertising could put that genie back into the bottle.

Mike Bloomberg is the man behind the curtain. He is, at the end of the day, The Wizard of Oz.

That is all.

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Referring to the Pocahontas surprising second place polling in several states and Biden’s “resurgence”… Someone has to come in second, third whatever, in both the polls and the actual election.

The key to look for is Democratic turnout this year versus 2016 versus (especially) 2008, particularly in the closed primary states. Open primary states allow for party switching meaning Trump’s supporters could pull an operation “Chaos” and try to help the weakest Democrat to win in order to give Trump the best chance to win in November. That is political strategy 101 and both sides have done it over the years – particularly to the GOP in New Hampshire’s open (and the nation’s first) primary.

The problem this year is THERE IS NO VIABLE alternative to the Dem frontrunner to choose from. In 2008 we had Walking Eagle to vote for to try to deny the “One’s” the nomination; the Commie in 2016 served a similar purpose in weakening Walking Eagle. This year, there is literally no one creditable to undermine anyone – not even MM, or Biden (the Dem. establishment’s last hope).

My recommendation: All Trump supporters and non registered independents go out and vote FOR Trump in your primaries, rather than try to muck up the Dem primary – you can’t muck up something that is fundamentally FUBAR. Also find out who is the best pro-Trump Republican running in the congressional primary and work hard to get him/her elected and S*** C** your worthless RINO incumbent. This is our chance to get Trump a functional congress that will “Get It Done”.

Massive Republican voter turnout will send a much better message than trying to undermine the Democratic party and candidates – they are doing a fine job at that all by themselves.


Hey South Carolina!!!

Is there anyone decent running against Grahamesty in your primary? If so, please vote accordingly.

Jimmy MacAfee

So between Scrooge McDuck Mini Mike and AOC, here are the salient points:

-We have a shortage of live births, mostly because of abortion and “advice” from AOC not to have kids.
-This means we have too few children to replace an aging workforce.
-The African American community is aborting most of their children, largely because of the government.
-Scrooge and AOC won’t allow that same community to have school choice, because they would begin to think for themselves and not let the DNC tell them what to do, how to vote and to insist that they abort their children.
-Keeping inner city people poor, and hiring people in their place who are here illegally further diminishes African American chances of any kind of dream, especially the American Dream.

So how is Mini Mike Scrooge McDuck planning to increase jobs? Especially since he’s busy promoting the murder of the future workforce? Must be foreign labor, because that’s what the demographics indicate, just like the Chamber(pot) of Commerce wishes to see.

Not only is he a cranky, racist, ignorant and malicious old man, he’s a half-wit.

Jimmy MacAfee

Modern-day Scrooge, petitioned by a pregnant woman whose boyfriend died/ran off or went to prison:

“Are there no clinics? Is there no abortion?”

Jimmy MacAfee

A nasty little old man. Scrooge, with PR.

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