FISA Renewal: The Key Reform is to Put People in Jail

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

One of the most depressing aspects of Attorney General William Barr’s ongoing conduct of his job is his current campaign to have the FISA law renewed without a single modification. Coming as it does directly in the wake of the report by DOJ IG Michael Horowitz identifying no fewer than 17 instances in which highi-ranking  DOJ/FBI officials lied to the FISA court in order to obtain warrants to spy on the Trump Campaign/Transition Team/Administration during 2016 and 2017, this insistence on a “clean” renewal of this dangerous law is simply inexcusable.

Barr is assuring Senators that they don’t need to fix the law because he personally will see to it that real reforms of the process are implemented within the DOJ and FBI. But if the administrative reforms offered by Christopher Wray – which consist essentially of a couple of yearly on-line “training” sessions – are any indication, that’s just another deflection by people who have no intention of actually fixing anything or punishing anyone.

Appearing on Fox Business last night, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton made some very astute remarks about the current debate that people need to listen to. Below is a clip of his interview with host Greg Jarrett, followed by some outtakes from his comments.

First, the clip:



Fitton: Certainly, the process as it is set up isn’t protecting anyone’s rights. The FISA Court didn’t do its job; certainly they were the victims of a criminal conspiracy, But even when exposed, they haven’t held those responsible accountable. Forget about the Durham investigation: The FISA courts have inherent authority to investigate any criminality before the court, and I’m not seeing any evidence it is interested in doing that. If I were DOJ and FBI, I would have offered to help the court do that, but of course, DOJ and FBI are just pretending to quote, reform the system here.

The President has inherent constitutional authority to spy on foreign nationals. He doesn’t need FISA courts to do so. That authority is there, whether or not there is a FISA court. The FISA court is kind of like the War Powers Act – it’s kind of an uneasy compromise among the branches to try to restrain a presidential power that [congress] does not have the constitutional authority to restrain.

The key reform is to put people in jail who abuse the process criminally. This reform game is just that: A game. You know, Barr may have a credible point of view when he says, just renew it. Because the reform isn’t going to fix it in the sense that there’s no penalty for criminally violating the rights of American citizens.

The President’s a crime victim, and no one’s done a darn thing about it thus far. My thinking is that DOJ doesn’t even want to do anything [regarding reforms] during this period when FISA reforms are being debated, because they want the FISA court to continue operating.

Judicial Watch found – we had to force it out of the Justice Department – they admitted the FISA courts held not one hearing on any of the four FISA applications…on warrants targeting a candidate for president and a President of the United States. Why the heck have a FISA court if that’s the rubber stamp approach it takes?

The other key point here is that we still don’t have all the information. We still don’t know what else is in those FISA warrants. We don’t have all the text messages; we don’t have all the emails. So, they’re telling us they’ve got a handle on the problem; well, we don’t know the full extent of the problem and the full extent of the potential criminality.

The President is right to be skeptical of being rushed into approving this without any of the full information needed for any serious person to make a decision here.

Jarrett: In 2002, Comey was beaten up by the FISA court for his agents lying to the Court. He promised to institute reforms called the Woods procedures. And what happened? His agents went about circumventing those procedures, and of course we saw it in the Carter Page case. I’ve seen this film before; I know how it ends.


Fitton is right, of course: The one “reform” that would create a sure and long-lasting chilling effect on further abuses of the FISA process by FBI and DOJ officials would be to see Barr and Durham issue indictments targeting those who we know criminally abused the process in 2016/17: James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Sally Yates, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and on and on it goes.

Sadly, there is little indication that Barr has the slightest intention of pursuing real justice for any of those wrongdoers. Trusting Barr – who has repeatedly praised the worthless apparatchik Wray – to do anything real in terms of implementing “reforms” internally that would prevent future abuses is a fool’s errand.

I am generally opposed to Republicans in the Senate joining Democrats in filibusters, but this effort to renew the FISA law is a needed exception to the rule. Republican libertarians like Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz should be working to form a bipartisan coalition opposing ANY renewal of this dangerous statute until visible efforts to bring the known abusers of the system to justice are publicly taking place. Then, and only then, should the DOJ be trusted again with the use of this law.

That is all.

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marty lopez

Barr is a God damned, sell out, establishment sent in to preserve the status quo. He is currently actively working quietly to garner the votes to get the FISA re-approved on the promise of future, secret, administrative fixes. First, files charges against all who abused the old FISA law and committed perjury before the judges. Then we can negotiate open public fixes for future re-authorization. Barr is establishment sent in to preserve the DOJ without any accountability and Trump will have to wear it in the end.

Show me

Real crime, real criminals. The top officials in FBI, DOJ and Likely, even the CIA, were at the least using their positions to cause political trouble and cause scandals that would be a political embarrassment, but whic appear more likely than not to be a concerted effort to depose the President by causing the impeachment process, which was a purely political process in the House and then an opportunity for malcontents such as Romney to besmirch themselves in the Senate.
For real crimes of intent, there needs to be a real jail.
Fitton makes the reformers, Wray, Barr, Durham, look like kindergartners making their own rules at the sandbox.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, look at how Flynn and others were treated – and the draconian sentence they wanted for Roger Stone, and the unjust conviction of Papadopoulos, compared to…HRC (nolle pros,) Comey (nolle pros) McCabe (nolle pros) and others. Lying to Congress? Brennan, Clapper etc. etc. etc. (nolle pros) And then there’s DWS and Awan (nolle pros.) You could fill a phonebook with the lying, criminal, treasonous scumbags who probably will never see a second of justice.

This is the Nolle Pros etc DOJ. Except for anyone associated with President Trump; then it’s an Australian marsupial court. Like the one persecuting Roger Stone. And the FBI going after reporters (Sharyl Attkisson) and K.T. McFarland. I don’t believe the myth of the “good FBI agents anymore. Where the hell are the whistleblowers?

Wanna know why Bernie is ahead in the Dems insane scum-scrum? Their party screwed him, too. Not one one of his followers has any confidence in the justice, intelligence or law enforcement systems. Add them to Trump supporters, and you have at least 80% of the electorate.

Think of that: 80% of the American electorate thinks the system is rigged? Someone had better start the trials, and the hangings. Nothing needs to go “bang,” but justice doesn’t depend upon a few scapegoats, either. A massive problem deserves a massive response.

Jimmy MacAfee

The court has promoted a fraud by allowing a fraud; this is criminal in itself. Perhaps the FISC itself could be investigated for RICO. But don’t stop there!

There are a lot of judges, mostly appointed by Clinton and Obama, who ought to be put under a microscope – (including Amy Berman Jackson.) While Judge Roberts chafed at President Trump’s assertion that judges were increasingly political toward the Left, evidence shows this clearly and unequivocally.

Not only is the Judicial system corrupt as hell, but the FBI and DOJ: the attempt to frame K.T. McFarland should have resulted in demotions or prosecution of those involved in this attempted railroad. Maybe the FBI needs to be restructured and renamed; it has long since served a purpose, but it cannot be saved.

Notice when the ATF scr4wed the pooch, they made a TV program of it for PR; they did the same thing with HRC, with “Madame Secretary.” Now they have another Mockingbird production: “FBI.” Time to cancel the program. Not the television program: the agency.

James White

This has gone on for far too long. We the people should demand that FISA be repealed or modified to ensure that it is never abused like this again.


Same old story, if anyone goes to jail, they all go to jail. So, no one will go to jail. Corruption rules and Barr is one of corruption’s helpers.

Jimmy MacAfee

I cautiously agree with you. He has to prove himself at this point, and I haven’t seen any proof at all.


Sigh… Same ole, same ole

BTY, the Fitton video clip did not play – said it was unavailable.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Solution: dissolve the FISC (FISA Court)

No one is willing to do the right thing.


Not just the court, Gat rid of the ENTIRE Act.

Jimmy MacAfee


Ed Smith

When will anyone, Trump, Barr or anyone else send the coup plotters to jail. There is a mountain of evidence against them. Any of us worker bees would rot in prison if the shoe was on the other foot. Since when has Federal employment bestowed royal status?

“Laws are for the little people”. – Hillary Clinton.

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