The Coronavirus Press Conference Gives Us The Trump We Need To See More Of

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

If you missed President Trump’s press conference on the Coronavirus yesterday evening, you should take time to watch it. – The full stream of it can be found at this link: Full Trump Presser.

This was President Donald Trump at his best: Fully in command of the room and the facts, speaking in measured tones, obviously in charge of the situation. Other than some formal international ceremonies, it was with out doubt the most “presidential” event of his entire time in office.

He took every question from the enemies of the people assembled in the White House briefing room and provided measured and reasonable answers, even to those that were unreasonable or even idiotic, as several were. I mean, after all, he did call on April Ryan and that circus clown who writes for Playboy.

Even the jabs he took at Nancy Pelosi were measured in tone: He didn’t call her “Crazy Nancy” or question her sobriety – even though either or both would have been perfectly valid. Instead, he called her “incompetent,” which she clearly is, and truthfully stated that the depraved Speaker is working to politicize the Coronavirus situation.

The same was true of his reference to Chuck Schumer, who has behaved in an even more depraved fashion than Pelosi: The President engaged in no name-calling, no references to “Crying Chuck” or anything similar; just a truthful statement of regret about the Minority Leader’s efforts to endanger the American public for purely partisan reasons.

It was a brilliant press conference, one that had me wishing he would do more of these and fewer of the noisy press availabilities next to the whining rotors as he’s about to board Marine One. I fully get why he likes that model: It denies the preening peacocks in the corrupt press corps their cherished TV face time. In those events, the camera is always on Trump, never on the nitwits screaming their moronic questions.

The President is of course right to treat the media with scorn – it is what they have all richly earned in their demented behavior towards him and his administration. He was absolutely right to end the daily press briefings, given the abusive behavior by the reporters towards his own staff. He

Mr. Trump was also right to take the responsibility of dealing with the media on his own shoulders: This administration revolves around him and his thought processes, and he obviously wasn’t always able to communicate those thoughts to those speaking on his behalf. So he cut out the middle-man, and now typically does more than one press availability each day.

But part of the problem with those loud events next to Marine One is that the President always finds himself shouting. This creates a problem where tone is concerned. As he left the briefing yesterday, one reporter shouted that he should do more events in the briefing room. That caught the President’s attention, and he promised that he would do so.

That would probably be a good idea, because the President is powerful in that setting. Don’t abandon the helicopter setting altogether, but provide more of a mix of venues.

In this re-election season, it might be wise for the President and his team to give a nod to one of the main reasons why he has lost so many suburban housewives: It’s mainly due to his behavior and his tone, not necessarily his substance. Young mothers and grandmothers don’t want young children to be exposed to a President who always seems to be shouting, whether at the press corps at a loud and windy event, or in his postings on Twitter, where he also often seems to be figuratively shouting.

Those who contend that Trump should stop tweeting entirely miss the entire point here: It’s not the fact that he uses social media, but the manner in which he uses it that turns off many people who might otherwise be supporters. A significant percentage of these suburban women who have been trending Democrat over the past four years actually agree with most of the Trump agenda, but can’t stand the manner in which he communicates it much of the time. Appealing to this constituency and gaining more of their votes this year could well determine which party controls the House of Representatives after this year.

Communication matters. No one understands this better than Donald Trump.

The President has to stay active on Twitter because it provides him his only platform on which to communicate to the public without interference from the enemies of the people. Most of these women no doubt recognize that reality, and also most likely wouldn’t deny him the right to respond in-kind to the abusive behavior towards him by depraved Democrats like Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff.

Where he turns so many people off is when he resorts to seemingly gratuitous name-calling, and when he goes after ordinary people, as he did recently with the jury foreman in the Roger Stone trial. Yes, that woman most definitely lied on her jury questionnaire, and Stone should receive a new trial with a new judge as a result. But Roger Stone has smart lawyers working for him and doesn’t need the President attacking both the jury foreman and the judge in order to make his case. It’s just a needless fight that Mr. Trump would have been better off not picking.

Bottom line, if the public saw the President Trump we witnessed in that Coronavirus briefing yesterday evening every day between now and November 3, he would win in an epic landslide for the ages. After the last three years of constant controversy and upheaval, the public is craving a return to some level of normalcy.

Knowing that Bernie Sanders won’t and can’t give them that, and that the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies will do everything in their power to keep the chaos coming, it would probably be wise for the President himself to give it to them in spades.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Linda Kesler

Always read your articles, this is the first one that I strongly disagree with! I worked in Government Run Schools for 40 years and I never heard anything ruder, cruder, more graphic and cringe worthy that I heard from women of all ages at a Baby or Wedding Showers for one of our fellow educators. I can’t image that women are being truthful when they say they are offended by President Trump’s tweets, and other comments.

In addition, I get chills down my spine when I read about the actions of the corrupt, biased, nasty, vicious legal representative known as Judge Amy Berman-Jackson. The judge denied First Amendment Rights to an American citizen, and vowed to put him in jail if he spoke at all about his case. Imagine what she could do to any Deplorable is she so wished.

Furthermore, I believe that the new saying should be, “Remember Amy Berman-Jackson” – and her corruption, vicious rulings against Conservatives – should replace, “Remember the Alamo”.


Absolutely agree with what you are saying; particularly the first paragraph about the phony holier than thow women who are so easily offended by coarse language.

Example: M. Obama offended by language, but she and the “One” had numerous rappers at the White House; not exactly Bing Crosby and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.


I agree. My wife has mild TDS – would probably agree with most of what President Trump is doing but never hears him because his presentation gets in the way. “Campus Reform” often presents Republican ideas to the loonies on campus, and even THEY “get it” when the packaging is changed. But after seeing the Democrat food fight last Tuesday, Trump just has to be the adult in the room.


His tone and how he sometimes conducts himself is the problem I’ve had with him as well. I support almost all of his positions, but its hard to defend him when he’s being crass. If he dialed that back and did more measured responses like he did at the presser on the virus, I think it would go long way to broadening his appeal. He doesn’t have to be any less aggressive – that has always worked for him – just more measured. As for the presser subject, he indeed handled it very well. He needed to show Americans he has things covered in light of the virus spreading in the ME and EU, and that’s what he did. As for the Dems, do they realize their open borders policy could literally let the virus in and kill Americans, while tanking our economy??

Sharon Campbell

Great article, David! I read all your articles everyday, just working many hours & can’t reply much. I agree our President was stellar!

Jimmy MacAfee

What the presser shows is the range of commentary the President is capable of producing. Not just there, but in his meetings with other leaders around the world, and Queen of England, Prime Ministers and others. His base seems to require the tweets, and since the tweets serve as an effective means to make the enemies of Freedom lose their minds, they’re high-value.

But I’ve heard many women of all ages lament his tone, if not his substance. Same with Christians who know we have a friend in the Whitehouse.

But the fact is, 95% of the press reporting is anti-Trump. 5% positive or neutral? Must be some kind of record! But even that serves a purpose, as the public is red pilled and is now aware of just how corrupt the media has become – (more evidence recently by James O’Keefe, eh?) The media itself is aware of their own incompetence, corruption and bias, but as they have admitted: the business model runs the show, not actual news. Real news doesn’t sell, they think.

I suspect that President Trump knows that he has to keep on the offensive as long as the enemies of Freedom (the press and their masters) are on the offensive. This hurts the Fake News far more than the President. Looking forward to some more press conferences, but not looking forward to Jim Acosta and others acting like slobbering fools.


“In this re-election season, it might be wise for the President and his team to give a nod to one of the main reasons why he has lost so many suburban housewives: It’s mainly due to his behavior and his tone, not necessarily his substance. Young mothers and grandmothers don’t want young children to be exposed to a President who always seems to be shouting.”

A couple of observations:

I’m not so sure about the “young mothers and grandmothers…” going against Trump on his “tone”. Do the suburban women want their kids exposed to failing schools packed with the LB… agenda? the America-sucks agenda? Do they want the US constantly fighting needless wars we don’t win where their kids go and die or get severely damaged? Much of this “moderate” middle are closet liberals who vote (D) anyway. I don’ think he is losing anyone who voted for him in 2016. It has always made me laugh how everyone is so “offended” by Trump or any Republican’s tone or language, but have no problem with the language in “music”, the violence in video games and the garbage on TV and the internet.

I agree with everything else, Trump is perfectly capable of being more “presidential” and should show that every chance he can. Side issues like the Stone trial should be ignored – pardons happen on Nov 4, end of story.

The other guide Trump should use is if his actions piss off the MSM/Dems, he is on the right track, because he will never get any kind of détente with the press or his political enemies; no reason to try to placate them in any way now.

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