Yes, the Democrats and Their Corrupt Media Toadies are Weaponizing the Corona Virus

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

This is just sick, and Coronavirus had nothing to do with it. – Rush Limbaugh took a lot of crap on Tuesday after he said on his Monday program that the Democrats and their corrupt toadies in the nation’s news media were conspiring to “weaponize” the Coronavirus against President Donald Trump. Since Rush said that, though, the accuracy of his remark has been proven beyond a shadow of any doubt at all.

It started with the statement Tuesday morning by CDC official Dr. Nancy Messonnier – who happens to be the sister of Deep State snake Rod Rosenstein – that a Coronavirus pandemic that impacts the United States is somehow “inevitable,” and that citizens should begin making preparations for massive disruption in their daily lives. Ms. Messonier’s wildly alarmist remark came despite the fact that, to date, the U.S has tallied just 44 cases of Coronavirus – and ZERO deaths – within its borders, all but a handful of which were voluntarily imported by our government in the form of citizens who had been infected on an Asian cruise ship.

Her remark also came as the Dow Jones Industrial index had risen by over 150 points at its opening. The Dow tanked by more than 800 points after she offered her opinion on the matter, an opinion that conflicts with the messages coming out the rest of the government.

This morning, permanent bureaucrats at the FDA got into the act, making similar remarks about a supposed looming domestic epidemic just as the Dow had risen by more than 400 points. The index lost almost all of that gain within 10 minutes of the FDA’s statement.

Despicable Chuck Schumer spent most of the day on Tuesday doing everything he could to portray the administration as uncaring and incompetent – a direct shot at Ms. Messonier’s qualifications when you think about it – claiming that the $2.5 billion in additional CDC funding the President requested over the weekend just isn’t enough. Because no amount of federal deficit spending is ever enough for any Democrat, right? Right.

CBS got into the act at last night’s Democrat debate, with its moderators offering a series of powder puff, leading questions about the coming end of the world, which all 7 depraved Democrat presidential candidates took turns addressing in the wildest alarmists terms.  By the time they were done, you’d have guessed the entire nation was under quarantine and that this virus with a 2% mortality rate in China was as deadly as Ebola.

But that kind of rank panic-mongering still wasn’t quite enough for these depraved skunks and snakes. On Wednesday morning, the Democrats who are in the process of turning the City of San Francisco into a 3rd-world quality toilet bowl declared an actual state of emergency over the Coronavirus. This declaration came at a time in which that city has experienced a total of … wait for it … wait for it … ZERO cases of that virus within its city limits, county limits, or regional limits.

It’s no different than if the San Francisco Democrats had decided to declare a state of emergency about the coming Klingon invasion.

Yes, it’s all very demented. Yes, it’s all extremely despicable. Yes, every time you get to thinking the Democrats and their media flunkies could not possibly begin to plumb the depths of rank depravity even more than they already have, they never fail to surprise you.

But hey, this is who these people are, and it is what they do.

A pox – a literal pox – on all their houses. Please.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Save yourselves. It’s as bad as Y2K.


President Trump is going on TV with a press conference with CDC “representatives” at 6:00 PM ET tonight.

Maybe we get some perspective and a grip.

Hopefully he will be able to debunk and defuse the Drive-by MSM/Dem/CDC hysteria. Listening to these people you would think we all just got nuked. Yet we can’t seal the boarder from being infiltrated by unknown invaders and possible carriers of this and other diseases.

Like with all the allegations of election voter fraud and ridiculing boarder security, the MSM/Dems are making the case for Trump’s agenda – stupid short-sighted people they are. Can’t wait until “their chickens come home to roost” on November 3.

It is a shame the stock market is so hyper reflexive – as Donald Southerland’s character the movie “Kelly’s Heroes” would say: “Have a little faith baby”. We should not be this emotionally fragile.

I have always been told that smart investors use the stock market for long term gain and should not sweat day to day fluctuations – especially if the fluctuations are cause by reports from the MSM/Democrats. Why do so many listen to the Schiff that comes from these America bashing Trump hating Cretans?

As of now the Dow is down to 26,957; good opportunity for some to buy low.


This problem might have more to do with 5G and how it disrupts the bodies’ ability to absorb oxygen than the virus strain. According to many scientists, the 5G frequency can have all kinds of terrible effects on the immune system because it blocks oxygen from being absorbed into the blood stream. Oh, and guess which city in China was the Guinea pig for implementing 5G, Wuhan. That might become “the rest of the story”.

George Hall

Either, it is a pneumonia bioweapon with a 15% mortality rate, or, it is another fake news/DNC/globalist-communist scam.
Either, people will be dying in large numbers soon, or,
it really is just another CDN/NHI scare, this time at an extremely high fake news intensity, yes, for the Deep State purpose of unseating Trump in November by unhinging the U.S. economy, financial system, and stock markets.
We should know by the middle or maybe the end of March.
If hospitals are not overwhelmed and people you know dying, you’ll know Rush was right.

Jimmy MacAfee

The percentage of “expected” deaths in Great Britain is very low. Very. Low. Lower than the flu.

Supply chains in China are temporarily disrupted, which causes problems for Proctor and Gamble – telling us that they’re all Made in China. The problems in China are serious – severe. But it won’t be the problem here. (Remember the Swine Flu “epidemic,” where the vaccine caused more damage than the flu itself?)

Again: how did they have a vaccine so quickly, ready to be tested? There’s one ready for testing.

Two possibilities: this was the pharmaceutical version of the “Fixin’ to Die Rag” by Country Joe McDonald, performed at Woodstock, or our Intel anticipated the release of the virus that was manufactured either in China or Canada. (Or by our own Intel? 9/11 give us any clues?)

No need for panic, though. Africa, on the other hand, might want to reconsider their relationship with China…Just sayin’.

Jay Whitcraft

When this goes away in the spring like the flu does every year what will they say then? Jay

Carlos Dangler

They will say that their tireless efforts and their constant resistance to Orange Man’s sinister plan to wipe out people of color, women, and babies (that somehow managed to be born) averted a national disaster.

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