Harvey Weinstein Now Locked in a New York Prison – Just Like Jeffrey Epstein

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Is it time to start the new #WeinsteinDidntKillHimself hashtag yet? – With Harvey Weinstein now headed off to prison on Rikers Island in New York City and holding so many deep, dark secrets about powerful Democrats and Hollywood figures in his creepy head, the countdown on how many days will pass before he suffers some form of highly-suspicious death has begun. Who knows? Maybe he will “Epstein” himself soon, or be the only person in a very crowded prison to somehow contract the Coronavirus. That would be, like, totally believable.

Weinstein is a man who was a huge Democrat fundraiser and donor for a quarter century that spanned the duration of the Clinton and Obama presidencies. The beneficiaries of his largess include the Fainting Felon, Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self, John Kerry, Al Franken, Cory Booker, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, the Democrat National Committee, and as mentioned in yesterday’s Evening Update, Michael Bloomberg.

Over that quarter century, Weinstein hob-nobbed with all of these people, took trips with many of them, organized massive Hollywood fundraisers for them, held parties in their honor, and even, in the case of the Obamas, hired their 16-year-old daughters as interns. This is a guy who knows where all the Democrat bodies are buried, including Seth Rich’s and Jeffrey Epstein’s in all likelihood.

The frequency with which people in Weinstein’s bulbous shoes end up dying in highly-mysterious circumstances has become such a visible national phenomenon that we now have national figures semi-joking about it. As an example, former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, recently pardoned by President Donald Trump, issued this nervous tweet last night:

To be clear, Blago is one of the rare people who find themselves in his particular circumstance whose obvious concerns are not directed at anyone named Clinton. Remember, Blagojevich is the guy who went to prison for actively seeking bribes in the selling of the U.S. Senate seat being vacated in 2007 by one Barack Obama. And here’s the deal: The record appears to indicate that Obama was himself involved in that operation.

So, yeah, if Blago goes bye bye, we do all know who’s behind it. It’s just that nobody wants to say it out loud. So many people who possess inconvenient knowledge about Democrat Party heroes have died under suspicious circumstances over the last 30 years that it has long gone past the joking point.

Take a look at the current case of one Phillip Haney, a high-ranking DHS official during the Obama years who decided to turn whistleblower over what he said was the Obama Administration’s systematic efforts to cover up the infiltration of DHS and other federal agencies by radical Islamists.

Haney was found shot and killed in a park and ride lot in Amador County, California last Saturday. The pistol from which the fatal shot had been fired was discovered next to his body. The Amador County Coroner’s office quickly knee-jerked to a finding of “suicide” in Haney’s death, despite the fact that he had recently told friends that he was concerned that someone was trying to kill him.

Yesterday, the Coroner – who works for the Amador County Sheriff’s office – issued a second statement claiming that no finding of suicide had ever been issued, and that its investigation into the killing was still ongoing.

But here’s a copy of the original finding, which clearly states that the gunshot was “self-inflicted”:

Typically in English-speaking societies – which the U.S. still largely is despite the best efforts of the Democrat Party – the term “self-inflicted” as related to a fatal wound means the subject committed suicide. Either that, or perhaps the Amador County Sheriff’s Department is about to claim Haney accidentally killed himself while cleaning his gun as he waited for a bus in a park and ride parking lot.

Maybe it’s all just innocent confusion out there in Amador County, California. Hell, it probably is.

The problem, though, is that the Democrats in general and the Clintons in particular, have been surrounded for so many years by so many inconvenient people who conveniently died under highly suspicious circumstances that the accumulation of events long ago stretched far past the point of credulity. It’s happened so many times related to the Clinton that “Arkancide” has become a popular term in American culture.

It’s all very much like the Kennedy Assassination: In order to believe the official version that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the killing of the President that day, one has to ignore literally hundreds upon hundreds of odd coincidences, witness statements, known associations, contradictory forensic evidence and dozens of outright admissions by people claiming to have been participants.

So, call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, but at some point the weight of accumulated evidence simply overwhelms the official narrative. That’s where the Clintons, Obamas, and the DNC have arrived with all of these instances of inconvenient people dying very convenient – and suspicious – deaths.

Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers appeared on “The Story” with Martha Macallum last night, and expressed their concerns about how their client’s “health” might be affected while in prison. They have every reason to be very, very concerned.

#WeinsteinDidntKillHimself. Might as well get it started now.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Sue C

President Trump’s pardon of Blago could not come at a better time – I have no doubt this is intentional.
The feds are crawling all over this state – they’re closing in on MadMike – leading to speculation that he will resign. The current gov is under investigation for his own tax avoiding shenanigans. I can’t think of a better time to set Blago loose so he can help when it comes time to dig up the bodies! IL might actually be in play come November!


” It might be a good idea for the president to get the part of the FBI he actually trusts” I don’t know if the President has located that part, yet.


DB.. Thanks for this nicely articulated article.. and the subdued humour.. I think that you are ‘on the money’, and we start the hashtag immediately..

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, might want to see if anyone’s starting a betting line.


Would not be surprised to see Eric CIA… assume room temperature when it is most convenient to the Deep State.

It might well happen just before he will finally be compelled to “testify” before a congressional committee. It WON’T be anyone associated with the president or the GOP, but the suspicion will be “projected” upon the conservative side of the political spectrum.

How convenient will that be? It would be a two-for.

E.C. (and any of his co-conspirator buds) clearly has knowledge of the Schiff plan to frame the president with the phony impeachment effort; he is now a liability, and desperately needs to be “missed’ or made unavailable for future “investigations”. And the right-wingers can conveniently be blamed for it.

Hope his security is good. It might be a good idea for the president to get the part of the FBI he actually trusts to place E. C. in protective custody.

Just saying

Jimmy MacAfee

Agree: Cinderella needs to be in protective custody.

If not, they’ll do him and immediately claim that it was a “white nationalist Trump supporter.” Won’t matter to Cinderella; he’ll be room temperature.

He needs to be quarantined. Like at GITMO.


And the guards have to be told: if these high value witnesses die under your watch, you die.

Actually executing the guards won’t happen, but it needs to be made very clear that they will be prosecuted for negligent manslaughter if these people die on their watch – along with the warden.

Jimmy MacAfee

Assange would be in danger here, too.

Jimmy MacAfee

People like Epstein should have been put in Colorado. No harm could be done there.

Jimmy MacAfee

He was rushed to the hospital right after the trial, declaring himself an innocent man. How many times will that happen, and during one of those times a replacement is interposed? (like Epstein.)

Eppie is alive and unwell. It was a relatively simple operation, really, with all the pieces in place and cameras mysteriously inoperable or what was on them “destroyed.” He was too valuable to too many people for him to die. The question is: do the whitehats have him, or the blackhats?

I don’t believe they’ll bother to give Harvey the Poo this kind of get-out-of-jail card, however loyal he was to the Dimocratic underworld. He’ll simply be refused his heart medication – (it’s the McDougal way to go, bay-bee!) No violence; not a shiv nor a noose nor a pillow over his fat and hideous visage. No, just an ordinary heart attack.

Kind of like what they’ll do to Burnt Brains if he ever gets close enough to the Presidency. Infrasound does wonders for a body!

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