Doesn’t Anyone Actually Care About Joe Biden as a Human Being?

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Doesn’t anyone actually care enough about this obviously impaired man to stage an intervention?

Joe Biden told an audience on Friday that his son was once the Attorney General of the United States;

Before the same puny audience, he confused the 2010 mid-term elections with the 2016 presidential contest;

On Saturday, he claimed to have been arrested in South Africa while visiting Nelson Mandela at some point in the 1970s, an incident none of his traveling companions remember and that was not reported in the news media, mainly because it never happened;

Also on Saturday, he forgot which state he was in. Again;

On Monday, he claimed to have negotiated the Paris Climate Accords with Deng Xiaoping. The problem there is that Deng has been dead since 1997;

Later on Monday, things really came to a head:

This is a very serious question: Does Quid Pro Joe, former Senator and ex-VEEP, have literally nobody left in his life who cares enough about him as a human being to stage an intervention? Look, it’s been kind of entertaining to poke fun at Biden’s serial gaffes over the years – he’s always been the political version of a walking, talking circus clown.

But at this point, the man has become so obviously impaired that it has begun to verge on blatant cruelty for his family and staff to keep running him out there to embarrass himself day after day on the campaign trail. His past debate performances have been just as bad, with the candidate rambling on and on in a way that nobody really understands what he’s even trying to say most of the time. And tonight, we can expect another cringe-worthy performance.

It’s also been tons of fun to make fun of the paltry audiences that show up for his “rallies”, if one can accurately call them that. Here’s the “crowd” that showed up at his South Carolina event on Monday:

Image may contain: one or more people, basketball court and crowd

There’s, what, maybe 120 people in that photo, half of whom are either press or campaign staffers. Meanwhile, The Commie was drawing a crowd of 12,000 in the People’s Republic of Austin, the last remaining socialist sanctuary in my home state of Texas.

Yet, for all of his serial buffoonery, increasingly obvious impairment and lack of star-power, America’s Unfrozen Caveman Senator has shown an odd staying power in this race. Yes, his status as “front-runner” is now long gone, but the man did manage to finish in an admittedly-weak second place in Nevada on Saturday despite his horrifically poor showings in Iowa and New Hampshire. And he is somehow still managing to cling to his stubborn polling lead in South Carolina, a lead that has actually increased in the most recent polls.

If he is able to hold off The Commie and win in the Palmetto State, and pick off a big Super Tuesday state or two (he is polling close to The Commie in Texas and a few other states), he might well be able to start raising some actual money again and stay in the race all the way to the convention.

The question becomes, though, is that outcome, one in which his staff and wife continue to roll him out there to embarrass himself day after day after day, really in his best interest as a human being? Sadly for Quid Pro Joe, no one around him seems to care.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Wanna see how low the Dims have gone?

The US Senate Bill, Born Alive Infant Protection Act (2002): passed 99-0.
The US Senate Bill, Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (2020) failed to get 60 votes and failed.

This is a replay of circa 2002, when young Barack Obama, a legislator in Illinois (and state Senate) three times blocked the mirror bill in the state. He claimed it would “interfere with abortion rights.” He was out of touch, even then, but now he appears to be a moderate by comparison. Hillary Rotten Clinton even voted for the 2002 bill, and abortion rights organizations did not oppose the bill.

Obama later said that doctors should not be forced to rescue babies that the physician had just been trying to kill – (kind of like a hunter being forced to give aid to the deer he just shot.) While it would be ridiculous for a hunter to have to resuscitate a deer, a living, breathing baby is another thing entirely. Extremist Dims are running their party into the sewer – it’s not new, their descent into the sewer, but there once had been Dims who voted for the 2002 act. What a contrast..

Jimmy MacAfee

Pray for your enemies; not that they will be successful, happy, or get away with criminal/immoral/despicable behavior: pray for their repentance for their Eternity. That is what we are called to do, even as people (sometimes) have to face some form of justice in the here-and-now. It offends us when people seem to get away with the worst of things.

Those who are alive, and get away with everything face a horrific Eternity, because they cannot imagine justice: they’ve offered none, and none will be given: they don’t comprehend the despair, the horror, the pain facing them. It’s not something to celebrate.

No one who is dead cares a bit about what’s happening now; in the end, G0D wins
Repent, Joe. While you have what’s left of a mind.

RLA Bruce

First, what proof do we have that Joe IS a human being?
Second, Why must we be compassionate for him when he spews lies about Trump? All’s fair in love, war and politics; let his handlers quietly remove him from the world stage!

phineas gage

The Roger Stone judge went over the edge and completely removed the mask today. It was embarassing and disturbing behavior, completely divorced from proper jurisprudence.

The woman is clearly unhinged. Where the hell is Roberts? Or Congress?

phineas gage

It is intensely uncomfortable watching him now, and I feel sad in the way that it has become a public spectacle with no dignity. The same media that built him up will not viciously tear him apart because, as Mr. Blackmon often observes, ‘that’s who they are and that’s what they do’.

However, I do not personally feel sympathy for Joe Biden. He has during his time in the Senate, always been among the nastiest of politicians, just this side of Harry Reid. His infamous behavior on the Judiciary Committee in tandem with Ted Kennedy in the slandering of Judge Bork has not been forgotten, nor the SCOTUS hearings for Alito (reducing Alito’s wife to tears) Clarence Thomas, and the more recent Brett Kavanaugh circus. And his early hypocrisy on school busing is well-documented.

Biden has not earned any sympathy and will not receive it, at least from me.

Jimmy MacAfee

Wonder what’s gonna happen when Gropin’ Joe starts openly grabbing young girls and women he has access to like the Pastor in the video? He’s close enough already.

Will this be Joe Biden one day?


Biden is just an older edition of what he always has been. Leave him alone. He is not hurting anyone and seems to be enjoying himself.

Would a sane person stop their 100 year old grandmother from eating her evening portion of ice cream because it is bad for her health?


Joe was never anything more than a placeholder on the debate stage. A stand-in for hillary until after the convention. Whoever the nominee is, he will have a fatal health issue immediately after the convention and the DNC will be “forced” to pick hillary to fill the void. Prove me wrong…

Jimmy MacAfee

You and Jonesy are both probably right; they had to know that his marbles have long since left the bag.


NO….he is and has been…EVIL….let GOD sort him out….


Its almost as if the Establishment has him out there just as a meat buffer against The Commie and Pocahontas. Just taking up physical space, taking TV time and airwaves, until someone else like Bloomberg or Hildabeast can take over.

Ed Smith

We don’t need term limits. We need long jail terms for the horde of arch criminals in our politics at all levels. Biden needs to get life in a supermax. Hillary needs to be in the next cell.


This may not sound very Christian, but I have absolutely no sympathy for people who have made a life and career of being lying, thieving, cheating frauds. I just don’t have it in my heart (not my paygrade) to feel any sort of sympathy or empathy for such people – especially ones who are in any way associated with Epstein or Weinstein, or people like them – which includes virtually every powerful Democrat.

Being inadvertently involved with such people through ignorance maybe forgivable if they divorce themselves from such reprobates as soon as their character is discovered. But to stay in bed with these detestable people removes any consideration of forgiveness from me. These politicians are not stupid, nor are they ignorant; they are whores; constantly playing a Quid Pro Quo game where it always screws America and its people.

People often say there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrats and the Republican Parties. To a great degree that is true, but virtually none of the politicians implicated in all these #Me Too sex scandals are Republican. It is true that some minor or marginal Republicans are, from time to time, implicated with such behavior. But here is the difference:

Most all the accusations are from ten to forty years old – well beyond any statute of limitations – and are only “discovered” by an army of reporters descending on rural areas or states to dig up dirt on heretofore clean politicians – often with compensation (bribes) to get dubious (at best) accusers to “come out” just in time to scuttle a sure Republican victory.

No such scrutiny is ever encountered by a Democrat. In almost every case, the media and the party circle the wagons and defend or ignore the transgression. The accused Republican, on the other hand, (properly) gets hounded out of office by the media, and he loses virtually ALL support from the party – often based on the mere accusation(s) rather than wait for the case to be properly adjudicated.

The net result: With few exceptions the Republican Party is clean and purged of its reprobates, while the Democratic party is PACKED with protected people of questionable character and intelligence.

No, I don’t feel sorry in the least for Biden, a life-long hack whose only political success amounts to winning a very small state with the population of an average congressional district; he brought NOTHING the “One’s” ticket.

Think about this: Two of the most prominent Democrats running for president today have won their senate seats from very liberal states by getting only 250,000 or so liberals to vote for them against (often) weak, or underfunded sacrificial lambs every six years – not much of a test.

Ever notice how, with the exception of Schumer, virtually all the Dem senate leaders have been from small (population) states: Reed: NV, Daschle: SC, Byrd: WV, Mitchell: ME. These states have enjoyed disproportionate political power as long as their senior senators maintain a pulse.


Jimmy MacAfee

As far as sQuidProGropinJoe goes, do I care about him as a human being? Only in the spiritual sense: may he repent and be Saved, I pray, in the Name Above all names, Yeshua/Jesus,

As far as him making a fool of himself: he’s a vicious man, most like the chameleon character played by James Caan in “Eraser.” Superficial charm; dead inside. While it’s entertaining – as Dave said – to laugh at him as if he’s President Baxter Harris in “Scary Movie” (3 and 4) he’s not a nice-senile, but a wretch and full of treachery.

May G0D rest his soul in due time; may he repent.

Jimmy MacAfee

Could it be a ruse? To avoid the inevitable prosecution?

I wonder.

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