Lindsey Graham Kicks the Can Down the Road One More Time

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

He’s not even talking a good game anymore. – Listen carefully to the second clip below of Senator Lindsey Graham, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, as he essentially tells us that he is just going to keep talking, while at the same time doing nothing of any substance:

Here’s a transcript of that second clip, as Maria Bartiromo begins by asking him exactly what he plans to do in the next two weeks.:

Graham: You’re gonna have people interviewed by my staff and others, to find, to get the foundation. Before I call McCabe and Comey, I wanna find out exactly what happened. I wanna find out who told what to who, and then we’ll call ’em. I just can’t believe that…the investigation fell apart…In January 2017, they got two more warrants after they knew it was a bunch of garbage. How could that possibly happen?

Bartiromo: Yeah, and I just want to point out our timeline, which is this counterintel that happened way before July 31st of 2016, which is when the FBI said their investigation into Trump began. We go all the way back to December of 2015 on this timeline, when Michael Flynn was invited to Russia to sit next to Putin. Then you’ve got Papadopoulous meeting with Joseph Mifsud in April of 2016. Papadopoulous also invited to Rome where he was introduced to Mifsud as early as March of 2016. This is something John Durham is looking at. All of this activity before the beginning of this investigation. Why send these informants into Trump campaign people? Do you believe this is what John Durham is looking at as well?

Graham: Yeah, I think he’s looking at how it started. [Oh. You don’t say.] You gotta remember, the Mueller investigation was started after Comey was fired, because Rosenstein wanted Mueller to look at possible criminal activity by the Trump campaign.

Here’s my question to Rosenstein: If you knew then what you know now, that it was a bunch of garbage, would you have appointed Mueller? There was no crime; the Dossier was the basis of the warrant; in January, 2017 it was a bunch of garbage; the guy who provided the information to Steele rejected the Dossier’s being reliable. How could they continue? Why did it take two years for Mueller to figure this out? He should’ve figured it out in a week.


Ok, so, The essence of what you see and read here is that, as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lindsey Graham has made zero progress in a year. A full year ago, he was doing TV interviews saying and asking the exact same things he says and asks in this interview.

The only thing that is evolving and progressing related to any of this is his talking points and rationale for kicking the can down the road:

  • In February of last year, he had to wait to hold any hearings until newly-appointed AG William Barr had had time to get confirmed and acclimated into office;
  • In May of last year, he had to wait until Robert Mueller had testified before the House Judiciary Committee;
  • In September of last year, he had to wait until the House had run through its idiotic impeachment scam, for reasons that made no sense at all;
  • In November of last year, he had to wait until John Durham had completed his own investigation;
  • In January, he had to wait until the Senate Trial had been fully adjudicated.

So, here we are, a full year later, and all of these things have run their course, leaving Lindsey out of semi-valid excuses for further delay. Thus, now he turns to process: Before he can hold any hearings, he’s basically telling Bartiromo in this interview that he must wait until his staff has interviewed all the potential witnesses and conducted their own freaking investigation. And not just his staff, but these nebulous “others” who are not identified.

This single statement right here is a ticket for infinite delay: “I wanna find out who told what to who, and then we’ll call ’em.”

Of course, the truth is that we already know “who told what to who.” We know it ad nauseum, in fact, from the thousands of hours of testimony and millions of documents on the public record today that have been compiled by all the previous investigations that have been conducted into all of this. Graham has no real reason to have his staff spend weeks and months re-interviewing McCabe, Comey and all the other bad actors from the Obama era: All he and his staff need to do is review the massive record that has already been accumulated through more than three solid years of investigations, issue subpoenas for testimony, and start asking some damn questions in public hearings.

Maria Bartiromo seems to be a well-intentioned individual. At some point, one would hope that she would take the time to go back and conduct a review of all of her interviews with Graham since he became Chairman of Senate Judiciary, so she can see how the Senator has been stringing her and her audience along on this thing. And then, perhaps, get him back on the show and demand that he stop with the nonsense and provide some real answers.

Bottom line: If you are thinking you’re ever going to get anything real out of Lindsey Graham and the Senate Judiciary Committee in regard to trying to hold all the Obama-era bad actors accountable for their seditious actions, you are destined to be extremely disappointed. He has no intention of doing a damn thing.

On the positive side, Graham and his committee continues to confirm a butt-load of Trump judicial appointees. So, take that for what it’s worth and be happy about it, because that is all you are ever going to get from Graham’s chairmanship of this committee.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Ben Colder

This isn’t a surprise old Grahamnisty has never done any thing but sling Bull Sh– he is just like a one nutted bull all balls and no brains.No surprise here.

phineas gage

We’re entering into about a month or so of pandemic panic, which will be relentlessly flogged by the ignorant media to spook the markets and damage Trump.

It’s unfortunate, but the epidemic and the panic should be largely subsided well in advance of the fall campaign season.

phineas gage

Graham is an easy target, but nothing happens in the Senate without McConnell’s approval.

Mitch wants judges confirmed, so that occurs at a record pace. Mitch doesn’t want the Deep State investigated, so that doesn’t happen. And that’s all about political money.

Mitch could also lean on SSCI to approve Trump’s DNI nominee–what happens there will be telling.


The Republican party keeps asking for more money. Not until there are Convictions for the Coup.

Jimmy MacAfee

The battle is being waged on other fronts; this is very hopeful:

“The Trump White House and its allies, over the past 18 months, assembled detailed lists of disloyal government officials to oust — and trusted pro-Trump people to replace them — according to more than a dozen sources familiar with the effort who spoke to Axios.

Driving the news: By the time President Trump instructed his 29-year-old former body man and new head of presidential personnel to rid his government of anti-Trump officials, he’d gathered reams of material to support his suspicions.

While Trump’s distrust has only intensified since his impeachment and acquittal, he has long been on the hunt for “bad people” inside the White House and U.S. government, and fresh “pro-Trump” options. Outside advisers have been happy to oblige.”

Don’t worry about Lindsay “Rudolph the All Hat Reindeer.” Bigger battles are underway.


Seems like a reoccurring thing. Remember when it was. We need the House, then we need the Senate, then, we need the presidency. Now we’re back to . We need the house. Graham and company complain about delay.. delay… That is exactly what he is showing.


How come it’s impossible for anyone to goad Graham to action? I mean…it’s impossible to get him to do ANYTHING! Even Trump can’t get him moving on this investigation? Do we simply need to replace him?

phineas gage

Just as Arizona kept sending McCain back to the Senate, the same is true of South Carolina and Graham.

The 17th amendment was a serious mistake, almost as big as the 19th.

John Teske

yah, he should have been replaced 10 years ago


Wasn’t another excuse that was used for delay, was to wait on the report from IG Horowitz?

Enough of this Mini-McLame TV blowhard!

All of Fox’s on air talent (are you listening Hannity?) should quit having Senator Procrastinator on TV unless he actually has something new and real to say and until he actually does something.

The Democrats have rendered “congressional hearings” meaningless anyway.

The requested interviewees will (apparently) first be asked to be pre-interviewed by congressional staff; then asked to testify at the committee and be given a month to respond (they’ll refuse); then subpoenaed with another month to respond (they’ll refuse). If they do show up, they will plead the fifth, or say I don’t recall, or outright lie with impunity since no one but Republicans ever get prosecuted for Lying to, or Obstructing Congress. They may be held in Contempt of congress, but so what? Much of the members of congress are held in extreme contempt by the public anyway…

If anything is going to happen to these corruptocrats, it is going to be done via Barr and Durham – not Congress. So quit the charade Lindsay and shut up, you gutless wonder.

News Flash: We the Trump supporters are tired of being Bull Schiffed by windbags like Graham.

Come on South Carolina, get rid of this fraud in the primary this summer!


Much as I like him I can’t watch Hannity anymore. He has his own version of “the walls are closing in” which they never do. Endless speculation from the like of Joe DiGenova (et al) which includes Lindsay Graham…nothing. He has great guests which he constantly interrupts as he repeats himself about his “bartender @ 13”, “mother was a prison guard” blah-blah-blah over & over & over. Also his constant “rank & file of the FBI are normal, patriotic Americans…’

Really? Then where are all the whistleblowers? IMHO the FBI & the CIA along with the entire IT bureaucracy need to be dissolved, agents fired en masse. Let’em learn to code.

Boiled it down to Tucker Carlson & that’s pretty much about it.


I agree completely. One of the few things I’ll watch (and that not consistently – just when I get a chance) is Tucker Carlson and Levin’s weekly show is EXTREMELY good, a genuine breath of fresh air with ONE guest and Levin doesn’t INTERJECT every 2.5 nanoseconds after asking the question (like tick-tock Hannity – infuriating).

phineas gage

I got rid of the whole package some time ago. Just as I have no intention of funding CNN or ESPN, so I’m not going to be giving money to Fox so they can crap on conservatives.

I suspect the last conservative holdouts at Fox will depart soon

DISH doesn’t carry OAN yet, but hopefully that will change. In the meantime, news via the web and radio is fine by me. I spend less time sitting around that way.


Steve Hilton and Lou Dobbs are pretty good most of the time

phineas gage

But Sean Hannity still believes in him….

Please, South Carolina, save us from this guy.

Jimmy MacAfee

Reminds me of a buck a neighbor harvested: a 10-pointer. I’d seen him in the fields, too: about the size of an average 2-pointer.

As you folks in Texas say: all hat and no cattle.

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