The Deep State Fears Ric Grenell, and it Shows

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

The real reason for Ric Grenell’s appointment as Acting DNI becomes clear. – As Democrats and their corrupt media toadies were scrambling to find some way, any way, to kill off the surging Bernie Sanders campaign, Acting DNI Ric Grenell was moving quickly behind the scenes to finally, at long last identify and rid the Trump Administration of all the Deep State snakes in the Intelligence Community.

Deep State hack Adam Goldman and two other fake reporters at the New York Times published  a panicked piece about Grenell’s actions thus far, complete with all the anti-Trump code language and outright lies we have all learned to know and love from the Times. Here’s a snippet from the top of that piece:

Richard Grenell’s tenure as the nation’s top intelligence official may be short-lived, but he wasted no time this week starting to shape his team of advisers, ousting his office’s No. 2 official — a longtime intelligence officer — and bringing in an expert on Trump conspiracy theories to help lead the agency, according to officials.

Mr. Grenell has also requested the intelligence behind the classified briefing last week before the House Intelligence Committee where officials told lawmakers that Russia was interfering in November’s presidential election and that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia favored President Trump’s re-election. The briefing later prompted Mr. Trump’s anger as he complained that Democrats would use it against him.

That “expert on Trump conspiracy theories” is none other than…

 Kashyap Patel, a senior National Security Council staff member and former key aide to Representative Devin Nunes, Republican of California and the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Mr. Patel will have a mandate to “clean house,” CBS News reported, citing a person close to the matter.

Patel was the key aide who helped Nunes first discover the illegal spying operations by the FBI and the Intelligence Community (IC) against the Trump Campaign and Transition team in 2016, and the fact that the spying ops were ongoing even after Mr. Trump had been sworn into office. Goldman and his fellow hacks detest Patel because he represents a clear and present danger to their Deep State controllers; thus, they slander him in their piece. Typical New York Times hackery.

A few days prior to the appointment of Grenell to the DNI post, President Trump made another key move, appointing Johnny McEntee to run the White House personnel office. This is the office that is responsible for identifying and vetting candidates to fill the hundreds of top political jobs throughout the various federal agencies.

Under prior leadership, it has been an office that has utterly failed to do its job, as many political appointees have turned out to be disloyal skunks themselves. As reported by Axios, McEntee has wasted no time in getting moving in his new assignment:

Johnny McEntee called in White House liaisons from cabinet agencies for an introductory meeting Thursday, in which he asked them to identify political appointees across the U.S. government who are believed to be anti-Trump, three sources familiar with the meeting tell Axios.

Behind the scenes: McEntee, a 29-year-old former body man to Trump who was fired in 2018 by then-Chief of Staff John Kelly but recently rehired — and promoted to head the presidential personnel office — foreshadowed sweeping personnel changes across government.

  • But McEntee suggested the most dramatic changes may have to wait until after the November election.
  • Trump has empowered McEntee — whom he considers an absolute loyalist — to purge the “bad people” and “Deep State.”
  • McEntee told staff that those identified as anti-Trump will no longer get promotions by shifting them around agencies.

Back to Patel. Catherine Herridge, the great former Fox News reporter who moved over to CBS late last year, is reporting that his assignment, directly from President Trump, is to “clean house”:

While most of the truly heavy lifting in that effort may have to wait until after the November election, no part of our government needs a thorough house-cleaning than the IC. Frankly, even that may not turn out to be adequate as, as we have clearly seen over the last three years, our intel agencies are infested with disloyal snakes from top to bottom.

Despicable former CIA Director John Brennan, in one of his paid appearances on MSNBC, said that what is happening now is a “decapitation” of our intelligence community:

If so, the more decapitation, the better. A decapitation is exactly what the IC needs. Followed by a complete gutting, decommissioning and reorganization.

President Trump has said he is considering 4 candidates to ultimately be nominated to serve as the permanent, Senate-confirmed DNI. If he is unable to convince the corrupt Senate Committee on Intelligence to confirm someone he can trust in that role, then he should simply continue appointing Acting DNIs every 200 days until the job of cleaning out the snakepits that make up the IC is completed. If that takes all the way through his second term, so be it.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Susan Elizabeth Clemons

Gasping Brennan is a communist and terrorist sympathizer. The fact that he spews his vitriol on MSNBC tells you everything you need to know about this anti American TRAITOR!


when the left starts crying immediately, we all know the right choice for America was made. and the left wasted no time whining and crying. its incredible how well susan rice can lie though as she called Grenell a liar and a disgusting person and yet she herself remains a virtuous example of american womanhood. lightning should have struck her down on the spot!!!


What are we to make of this apparent “Arkancide” of, wait for it – a WHISTLEBLOWER, apparently legitimately exposing the Obama IC?

From Today’s Liberty Unyielding:

“On Friday morning, 21 February, Philip Haney, a former DHS official, was found shot to death near his car at a rural highway intersection in California’s Central Valley. Haney served as a whistleblower during the Obama administration, disclosing that shortly after Obama took office, DHS analysts were required by the new administration to purge their files of carefully accumulated information on Islamist terrorism, terrorist associates, and jihadi organizations and philosophy.”

Seems like anyone remotely anti-Democrat, anti-the “One”, or anti-anything Clinton (since probably the 1970s in their case) winds up room temperature, or bullied and discredited (can’t off them all) more often than not; in any event, they all seem to go away.

Yet somehow, and in some way, the deep state impeachment whistleblower’s life was somehow threatened by Trump’ allies? Yeah, sure, right.


Wish all this house cleaning happened three years ago when I wrote the president to get rid of everyone he could, promote the next in line with the mandate to clean up the place and lather, rinse, repeat until you are able to get decent people running the government agencies and departments. Better late then never I guess. Hopefully Trump and Barr are investigating all the corruption in the halls of congress. RINOs first so as to not appear “political”, then the Dems.

phineas gage

Tne new director of the personnel office, John McEntee, is also a great improvement. Solid Trump loyalist who be conducting a weed-out process.

phineas gage

Sorry, delete that last, Didn’t see it was already mentioned.

BTW, what happened to Part I?

Jimmy MacAfee

As I had hoped, the private SCIF hosted by A. Schiff in the impeachment hoax will be made available. Grenell is a better choice than I’d hoped.

As I said: he speaks softly but carries a big stick.

phineas gage

As does Kash Patel

Jimmy MacAfee

Now you see all sorts of former allies to the President being brought back to work, (having been previously undermined by some that still remain, but who will soon vanish.) McEntee is not the only example of this return, but is a good example of one.

Let the device of Dr. Guillotin be brought back into service, (metaphorically speaking, maybe) to those who undermine the President. For some, like “Nancy” Brennan, the actual device should suffice.

Jimmy MacAfee

Grenell has some abilities and connections others do not; I won’t put these into words, but there are enemies that only Grenell has the ability to see and dismiss. This was true of Attorney General Barr, but his mission is far more complex – and dangerous.

If “Nancy” Brennan is hysterical and calls the move “a decapitation,” then we should be satisfied that the right moves are being made – a good sign.

Anyone fired by the abominable Kelly should be looked at. I suspect that this is happening all over. Recently, K.T. McFarland revealed that she was the target of a set-up by the FBI – (so much for the notion that lower ranks in the FBI are all “good guys.”) Kelly and McMasters were saboteurs. McFarland was set up by those on the inside of the Whitehouse, not just the 7th floor of that sh-thole that was once known as the FBI.

phineas gage

Is there any law against rotating through several acting DNI’s on a repeating basis? If Trump has a couple of other good choices like Grenell, he should just keep reappointing them through his second term, as long as they are willing.

Let the SSCI complain all they want.

Jimmy MacAfee

You and Dave are in agreement on that one! And I agree with you both!

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