The Las Vegas Debate Was Bloomberg’s Own Waterloo

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

He never should’ve agreed to participate in that Las Vegas debate. – One of the best ways to gauge the state of a multi-candidate presidential nominating race is to follow the betting odds. The polling business in the United States has become too corrupt now to really trust, other than to use aggregates of polls over time to assess trends.

Another problem with the polls is that so many people – like yours truly – simply lie to pollsters about who they really support. Some do it due to social stigma about supporting specific candidates; others, like me, do it because they just basically detest polling operations and the way so many have allowed themselves to become tools of corrupt media organizations. I personally haven’t spoken the truth to any pollster since Rush Limbaugh implemented “Operation Chaos” during the 2008 Democratic primary race between Obama and the Pantsuit Princess.

But the betting odds are a different animal entirely. These odds aren’t calculated just from average people telling their opinions to some stranger on the telephone; to the contrary, these are calculated from people putting their money where their mouths are. Few, if any bettors are going to slap down a hundred bucks on some candidate they believe to be a looooser just to distort the results tabulated by RealClearPolitics.

Right? Right.

Using the RCP aggregate of betting odds as a primary gauge, the disastrous debate showing by Mr. Excitement, Mike Bloomberg, last Wednesday is going to have a major negative impact on his polling numbers and, by extension, on his ability to accumulate votes and maybe even win a state or two in the March 3 Super Tuesday primaries.

Just nine days ago, The Commie held a shaky 5-point lead over Mini-Mike in this important gauge of public sentiment, with Sanders pulling in 39% of the money being bet and Mr. Excitement 34%. That Commie lead began to expand, though, as video after video began to surface of Mini-Mike making horrific public statements offending all manner of traditional Democrat interest groups. By the time debate day came around, the Sanders lead had grown to 17 points.

In the three days since Bloomberg’s Vegas Waterloo, the bottom has dropped out. The Commie’s support has jumped up over 50% for the first time, while Mr. Excitement has crashed down to 22%. It is very likely that that near-30% gap between the two will only expand after Sanders scores what is going to be a big winning margin in the Nevada caucuses.

Before that debate took place, Mini-Mike had actually moved into slight polling leads in both Oklahoma and Arkansas, and was becoming competitive in a couple of the other Super Tuesday states, based solely on the strength of $300 million spent on TV and social media ads.  In polling released over the next 7-10 days, we will likely see those leads go poof!, as the impacts of his debate catastrophe begin to show up in the polling data.

I told you on Wednesday morning that there was no possible benefit for Bloomberg to appear in that debate: He wasn’t even on the ballot in Nevada – why take the risk of having exactly the horrific debate performance he in fact had? And there was no way this near-terminally boring old man who hadn’t participated in a debate setting in a dozen years was going to have a good night against a pack of desperate animals who have been doing nothing but debating and running their mouths for almost a damn year now.

Mr. Excitement is also not on the ballot in South Carolina, yet he has agreed to participate in this coming week’s Democrat debate in that state. Why? Well, now he pretty much has no choice, does he? Given that the South Carolina primary comes just 3 days before Super Tuesday, Tuesday night’s debate in Charleston will literally be Mini-Mike’s last gasp chance to stage a recovery from his massive failure in Vegas.

You have to believe he will have a better performance in Charleston than he did last Wednesday, just due to practice. In fact, he really did better in the second hour of his first debate, as he seemed to sort of gain his tiny footing on-stage and at least begin to fight back at his tormentors. Plus, he will have had 6 additional days to try to buy some of the other candidates, along with the moderators, off, which is his normal modus operandi. Any success in that realm would also be helpful.

But here’s the thing: This last desperate chance scenario did not need to happen. Mr. Excitement could have easily justified sitting out these two debates due to the fact of his absence from the ballots in those states. He could have stayed on the sidelines and relied on his massive wealth to buy enough Super Tuesday votes to get a couple of wins and a strong enough showing overall to impede Sanders’ quest to become the nominee.

But my view is that it is now too late for Bloomberg to recover from his blunder: Sanders’ coming big win in Nevada is going to lend his campaign an air of inevitability, one that will most likely lead to a narrow win in next Saturday’s South Carolina primary. At that point, the race to see who can accumulate the most delegates heading into July’s convention in Milwaukee will be over, and, if Biden and Warren drop their campaigns after March 3 as I believe they will, The Commie would even have a fighting chance of winning enough delegates over the next few months to prevail on a first ballot at that convention.

In the end, what we see here is that the Waterloo analogy is incredibly apt: Mr. Excitement’s decision to participate in the Las Vegas debate was a fatal strategic blunder committed by a little man consumed with unbridled hubris.

History repeats.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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The best line about Bloomberg’s performance was form a guest on Tucker’ show:

MM spent over a third of a million dollars to be scalped by a fake Indian on national TV.

Jimmy MacAfee

As Phineas Gage reminds us: Phillip Haney was Arkansided. He was an actual whistleblower, not like the ones the Dims use, who are only good at blowing Adam’s whistle.

Haney told friends that he was worried about being suicided.

Jimmy MacAfee

Only found in the Alternative Press.

“My friend Phil Haney was found shot yesterday in CA. I had lunch with him a month ago. He warned something could happen to him. He was to get married in a month. It will be falsely called a suicide.
— Jan Markell (@OliveTreeMin) February 22, 2020”

Keep his name and memory alive! They got away with Breitbart and Michael Hastings. Don’t let them get away with this one, too.


If “Walking Eagle” is the best backstop the DNC has, then I’m not concerned. Name recognition is usually good, but her name is toxic.

Larry “Git er Done” Bloomberg was the last chance the DNC had of derailing the Commie after Biden miserably failed.

Perhaps the Opera or a Mickie O candidacy could emerge, but such an effort at the convention would fail bigly and probably cause a third party Bernie candidacy; hope his security is good.

At this point, I don’t see how the Dems even save their down ballot candidates and incumbents as Trump will nationalize this election like no one ever has. The DONKEY could well become an endangered species just like the left is now in Great Britain. And it was entirely of their making; Trump just highlighted it for all to see.

Just let the DNC screw ALL their loony, radical and unstable voters with some “fresh face” and you will see a total breakup of that party; it will make the B. J. Clinton and the “One’s” 1994 and 2010 purges of the Democratic congressional moderate “blue dogs” and the loss of so much of their down ballot “farm team” look like a mid-term victory of epic proportions rather than the telling and long term losses they really were.

Look for AOC’s “Justice Democrats” to further challenge the old safe seat war horses from the left during this cycle and in future years. Also, look for many of the Nadlers to quietly retire rather than be in a permanent minority party status constantly challenged by the cultivated (by academia, the MSM, and the DNC lead by Nancy Klink) radicals. There will be no room for the “moderates” like senators Schumer, Widen, Feinstein, Warner, Casey, Brown, and Durbin, or reps like Schiff, Jackson-Lee, Waters, Cooper, Cohen, or Wasserman-Schultz. When folks like these become the “centrists” the party will cease to be a national party – especially when Bernie’s communists and AOC’ “Justice Democrats” split away. In short the Democratic Party is FUBAR.

That will be a great day for America; we need a new and rational mainstream pro-America political party.

Under Trump, the GOP is changing and has a chance to survive as America’s real conservative party once it gets rid of its toxic fraudulent members and influences.

This will only happen if we ALL vote and get every other person we know to vote against these people and for Trump and HIS Republican Party in 2020.

phineas gage

The Clintons corrupt and destroy everything they touch, and they have now destroyed the Democrat party. in conjunction with Obama pulling the party way to the left.


I would suggest that the AOC faction caused, or a least helped cause, the downfall of the democrat party. It was all over rover when Nancy lost control to the radicals. I’m not complaining.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Deep State is in a panic: they thought Tiny Bee would sting Bernt-brains, and he failed, and will continue to fail. The other chosen candidates slipped off the wall, like so much thrown poo.

So now the Deep State is terrified because they face two nightmare scenarios: one is the likely re-election of President Donald J. Trump, and the other is the unlikely election of Bernie Sanders, avowed Communist. Which is why they’re bringing the Hillary Rotten Clinton-inspired “Russia Russia Russia” crap back.

Who originated the Russia scam? Rotten Clinton. Who is being sued for falsely accusing Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian asset? Rotten Clinton. Her roots are so deep in the Deep State, they’re nigh inseparable. Throwing Russia at Bernt-brains will likely cause yet another lawsuit against her, and she may be forking over a LOT of her ill-gotten gains. Worse will happen: Jezebel is about to be thrown out the window by her palace guards, to have her hands and face licked by dogs in the street.

phineas gage

Mr. MacAfee, do you have knowledge of, or information about, Philip Haney?

Jimmy MacAfee

Napoleon was 5’7″.
Mini Bee is 5’4″

He doesn’t measure up there, or down there.

phineas gage

Yet his ego is of generous proportions.

To paraphrase Churchill, ‘he’s a man who is not humble, with much to be humble about’

phineas gage

The game now for the DNC is to somehow, someway, prevent Bernie from accumulating a delegate majority. If they can manage that, it will be fairly simple for them to rig the convention against him with the super-delegates.

However, their other problem now is that Bloomberg may be such an awful candidate that handing the nomination to him does them little good. He would also like push even more of the black vote to Trump And the stronger Bernie gets, the harder it will be to buy him off and get him to go away, rather than running a third-party candidacy.

It is a perfect storm of their own making, with their identity politics finally coming back wreck them.

Their party is splitting, and MIlwaukee is going to be epic.

To paraphrase Johnny Rotten, ‘there’s no future, and the Dems are screaming’


Schadenfreude, can be your best friend. I’m so enjoying watching the dims self destruct before our eyes.

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