Why Doug Collins for Permanent DNI is a Genius Move – Ooops, Nevermind

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Thursday evening, President Trump issued the following tweet:

Earlier in the day, both the White House and Ambassador Grenell said that he would retain his key Ambassador’s post while he serves as Acting DNI. This naturally created speculation about how one man could do both jobs, a question that the President’s tweet clears up: Grenell will not be his nominee to take the DNI job permanently.
[EDIT: Wooops, and just like that, Doug Collins says he has no interest in the job. So, in my best Emily Latella voice, “Nevermind.”]

Speculation Friday morning centers around the President’s intention to nominate outgoing Georgia Congressman Doug Collins to the post. If true, this could be a stroke of Trumpian genius. Here’s why:

  • Collins recently announced he would leave his House seat in order to challenge incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler for her job;
  • Loeffler was appointed to that seat last year by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp when Johnny Isakson had to retire due to health reasons, even though President Trump had urged him to appoint Collins;
  • Mitch McConnell favored Loeffler for that seat, since she is more of an “establishment” Republican than Collins is;
  • McConnell was reportedly quite upset when Collins announced he would challenge Loeffler for the GOP nomination;
  • Trump has found it difficult – indeed, impossible – to obtain Senate approval for the appointment of someone truly loyal to him to the DNI position;
  • The Deep State skunks who infest the Senate Committee on Intelligence (SCI) want to see that post remain in the hands of Deep State flunkies like outgoing Acting DNI Joseph Maguire;
  • The only way around the SCI roadblock on this position is Cocaine Mitch, who has the personal power to manipulate his GOP majorities on the SCI and in the full Senate to approve any Trump nominee;
  • McConnell had no compelling interest in deploying his personal political capital to back Texas Congressman John Ratcliffe when the President nominated him for this key post last summer; thus, Ratcliffe could not obtain support from the SCI skunks;
  • On the other hand, McConnell DOES have a compelling interest to use that political capital to help Collins be confirmed, since he vastly prefers to deal with establishment, Chamber of Commerce-type Republicans like Loeffler than true conservatives like Collins;
  • Even better, the GOP skunks on the SCI also prefer dealing with a Kelly Loeffler over dealing with a Doug Collins.

Politics is a very interesting and complex game – the give and take of it, the never-ending machinations and skullduggery, the constant search for leveraging one player’s interests here in order to obtain their support over there, is infinitely fascinating.

It seems very likely to me that this is the President’s gambit in floating Collins’ name for this position. If so, it’s a brilliant one because it meets the wishes and needs of so many of the key players whose support will be necessary to see the nomination through to confirmation.

And if Collins is rejected by the SCI members due to his support of Trump, then the President would be well-justified to just keep rotating a procession of Acting DNIs into the post every 6 months for the duration of his presidency. There is no reason why any president should be forced to keep putting people he knows to be disloyal snakes into such a crucial job.

As the President loves to say, let’s see what happens.

That is all.

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marty lopez

Great analysis, valuable and helpful unlike so much of the garbage we’re buried in daily. Yo David Blackmon

Jimmy MacAfee

Grenell speaks softly but carries a big stick; if he’s temporary, he can do what Whitaker did at DOJ during his temporary stint.

Right now, DNI seems to stand for “Dummies, Nitwits and Imbeciles.”

Time for a fighter; Grenel can do that, Better than Coates, Maguire, for sure. But he must hold things together as the Deep State loses their minds and members. If all goes well, a lot of the opposition to representational government will be either retired, fired or under indictment.

Which department has the deepest slime pit? Anyone want to guess?
I’ll say “State.” Any others?

phineas gage

Kash Patel will swing a heavy hammer and do some damage

phineas gage

Grenell’s role may be to carry out a thorough housecleaning before the permanent (or next acting) DNI takes over.

Makes sense, since he is someone Trump can rely on.

phineas gage

Trump’s latest tweet on this indicates there are four DNI candidates under consideration.

phineas gage

We’ll see how it goes. It seems to be a rapidly evolving situation.

Overall, after over three years of restraint, Trump appears to be acting aggressively against the Deep State actors arrayed against him.

phineas gage

Why ‘never mind’? Has there been an update to this story?

Otherwise it seems like a fine bit of political strategery. I doubt it will work, since SSCI will not permit anyone that is not Deep State to be permanent DNI.

If that is the case, I’d still rather see Collins take out Loeffler. Kemp appointing her here in Georgia was a direct slap in the face to most of those who voted for him in the gubernatorial election.

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