Coming Soon: The Deep State Smear of Ric Grenell

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

President Donald Trump (I still never tire of typing those three glorious words) loves to make history. He’s really good at it – better than anyone, in fact.

Last night, the President decided to make another piece of history that all of his predecessors in office, from the most conservative Republican to the most leftist Democrat, have taken a pass on doing:

Thus, Ambassador Grenell will become the first openly gay man to serve in a cabinet position. Ever.

Now, that’s not why Grenell was chosen for this job – the President picks his people based on their skills and qualifications, not on their identities in some minority group or another. Mr. Grenell is completely qualified for this post and would no doubt perform extremely well in it.

But isn’t it interesting that, for all of his lip service towards supporting the priorities of the LGBTQ community, and all of his open efforts to select a cabinet that, in his words, “looks like America,” Barack Hussein Obama his own self took a complete pass for 8 long years on setting this bit of history? Obama didn’t do it because he’s a standard politician whose every move is dictated by polling and focus group data, and he feared making this particular move might cause his public approval rating to tick down a point or two.

Trump is doing it because, well, he’s Trump, and because, in his judgment, Grenell is the best person available for the job.

But Grenell had better be girded for a fight, because, in order to become the permanent Director of National Intelligence (DNI), he must be confirmed by the Senate. And being confirmed by the Senate means that he must first obtain a majority vote in the Senate Committee on Intelligence (SCI), which has proven itself over the last 3 years to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Deep State.

From GOP Chairman Richard Burr to Democrat ranking member Mark Warner, and all up and down its roster, this committee is filled to the gills with Deep State hacks who are intent on keeping the DNI position in full possession of the professional Administrative State. That transparent goal is why the members of the SCI overtly killed President Trump’s nomination of Texas GOP congressman John Ratcliffe to fill the post last summer, precisely because Ratcliffe is viewed as an independent actor who is actually supportive of the President’s policies and goals.

Now, we have just gone through several months of Democrats, RINOs and the corrupt news media telling us that professionals in America’s diplomatic corps are all superheroes who simply must be honored, respected and perhaps even worshiped for their service. These people have been portrayed as beyond reproach, and certainly beyond criticism from mere mortals.

Yeah, you won’t be hearing any similar rhetoric about Mr. Grenell. What we will no doubt suddenly hear instead is how someone who has spent years in two major posts at the State Department just doesn’t possess the judgment or mysterious skills needed to run the Intelligence Community (IC). And it won’t just be Grenell’s qualifications that will be assaulted here: While RINOs like Burr and others sitting on the SCI will focus on that area, the media and Democrats will go after his character as well, exactly as they are in the process of doing with Attorney General William Barr.

This is how the card-carrying members of the Deep State attack anyone they perceive to be a threat. Make no mistake about this: Getting a true Trump loyalist into the DNI job would represent a clear and present danger to the Deep State’s continued existence.

That’s because it was the IC under Barack Obama that organized the illegal spying efforts on the Trump Campaign in 2015-16, and led the effort to fix that election. All the deep, dirty secrets remaining related to those operations and so many others are buried deep within the bowels of the IC.

So, we’re about to see a war over Grenell’s appointment starting today. If President Trump wants him to fill the position for more than the 180 days in which he can serve as Acting DNI, it’s going to take all of his influence and the influence of Mitch McConnell as well to make it happen.

Making temporary history is fairly easy for a President, like Trump, who is unafraid of the media and the polls. Making that history permanent, though, is going to become a vicious fight.

That is all.

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Don’t know, but it would make sense he could.

He should declassify, I mean after all, we want “transparency”, let Schiff go to court to block, Trump may win and declassify, if were to lose, he could claim congressional obstruction. Either way, he wins.

It could be an interesting precedent setting case.

Jimmy MacAfee

I have a question, not related: can the President, who has declassification powers, declassify the stuff A. DamShiff classified in the House “investigation?” Stuff they held in a SCIF?


“So, we’re about to see a war over Grenell’s appointment starting today. If President Trump wants him to fill the position for more than the 180 days in which he can serve as Acting DNI, it’s going to take all of his influence and the influence of Mitch McConnell as well to make it happen.”

Dave, Why can’t Trump, after fighting for and maybe losing Grenell’s appointment, just name Ratcliff as “Acting” Director for another 180 days, then flip back to Grenell….

In the interim, Trump can campaign like hell to win VA and beat their Senator Warner. Warner and VA’s Dem Reps would be prime targets for defeat this year because the GOP base in VA should be pissed at everything Democrat and since there are no state elections in VA this year, they could suffer massive congressional losses. Revenge could be sweet, and VA’s inept state GOP can’t really mess up this election this year – am I right Jimmy?

Depending on how the overall senate elections go this year, Trump could work with McConnell to marginalize Senator Burr (RINO) NC, (like he will do with Mutt) who is up in 2022, and if he continues to be a never-Trumper in his Intel committee, Trump, unlike all other presidents in their sixth year will campaign hard in 2022 to continue to drain the Swamp.

phineas gage

You can forget the support of that upstanding American and most courageous Senator Mitt Romney, who ditched Grenell from his campaign at the first opportunity as soon as he took some heat.

The fact that Trump is going forward with this nomination means he must have discussed it with Mitch and they believe they can somehow get him through.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of gays continue to be vociferously anti-Trump.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Deep State only wants nominees who can be blackmailed; Trump would not have chosen him if he were able to be blackmailed. Used to be homosexuals could be made to do a lot of things for fear of revelation and retaliation. (Dennis Hastert, anyone?)

Think “Get Smart.” The Agency, CONTROL – (not an acronym) – is a humorous jab at Deep State Intelligence; CONTROL is what they’re after – every nominee, every Whitehouse hire.

No mistaking that President Trump and certain anons have taken away a lot of their capacity to use blackmail in order to maintain and increase their CONTROL. Trump is Getting Smarter, not like Maxwell Smart, but in his capacity to discern the internal enemies who seek to ruin him.

Jimmy MacAfee

General Flynn will come next, after their ammunition has been spent on Grenell. President Trump likes Actors – as in “acting chief,” and “acting administrator.” Always represents a turn in the plot, and the Deep State should be terrified.

Grenell is no prancing little Mipony, like PeterButt, but a serious man with a strategic mind and who is similar to Trump in that he’s a persistent and capable information hound. They’re attacking him on the basis of seniority and connections, not on capability. He may or may not be passed by the Senate, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t serve a vital function. May be a Whitaker.

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