Bloomberg Would Have Been Better Off Tucked Away in Bed

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

On the bright side, at least he wasn’t standing on a box. – On the down side, he was the shortest person on the stage, and the visuals were not good. But, by god, he wasn’t going to let Trump be right about that box thing, which is exactly the reaction the President wanted to get, by the way. Hilarious.

The big, big, big winner of last night was without any doubt at all President Donald Trump. While Mini-Mike was getting his butt handed to him by every other candidate on the stage in Las Vegas, Mr. Trump held a massive rally of his own a couple of hours down the road in Phoenix.

The contrast between the two events could not have been more stark: The Trump rally a celebration of America in all her great, booming glory, and the Democrat debate a nasty, depressing series of complaints about societal wrongs, most of which are either imaginary or created by the very policies supported by the people standing on the stage yelling.

In a stark change from the demented Democrats’ prior debates, most of the yelling was directed not at President Trump, but at the little munchkin huddled behind his podium at the left end of the stage. Fauxcahontas kicked things off with this brutal take down of the tiny former Mayor:

Ouch. For Bloomberg, things only went downhill from there. Despite an embarrassingly pre-planned, softball question on “stop and frisk” lobbed at him by an obviously paid-off Lester Holt, Little Mikey’s answer was disjointed, insincere and filled with complete lies about his record.

When both Warren and Quid Pro Joe, of all people, went after him on the hundreds of non-disclosure agreements he has in place with aggrieved women and minorities who have filed complaints and lawsuits against him over the years, Bloomberg was obviously completely unprepared to address the question. He was similarly unprepared to answer a softball question lobbed at him by paid-off Chuck Todd about his tax returns.

This is a guy who has literally thousands of advisors working on his campaign – quite a contrast to the dozen or so Trump employed in his own campaign in 2016 – and he is so filled with hubris that he couldn’t be bothered to take the time to really prepare himself for a debate against 5 seasoned opponents. But we’re supposed to believe that a man this lazy and arrogant would be just great dealing with the Putins and the Xi’s of the world.

The other mistake Mr. Excitement made repeatedly was tossing out lame attempts at humor, all of which fell completely flat in an auditorium filled with radical leftist activists and career political hacks. The worst example came when he made a reference to The Commie being, well, a commie, a crack that would have worked just fine at any business conference in America – venues where Mini-Mike is used to speaking – but which elicited boos and I’m pretty sure even some hisses from last night’s crowd.

It was, in other words, just a terrible night for the multi-multi-times-multi-billionaire, a night that will not be helpful at all in advancing his attempted leveraged buyout of the Democrat Party. He’d have been much better off tucked into bed like Little Lord Fauntleroy and having his man servant bring him a nice bedtime snack consisting of Cristal champagne, canapes and caviar.

While his performance will not be helpful, the big question is whether or not it will do the former Mayor any long-term harm. The debate audience consisted of maybe 6 million people, and while Little Mikey will have to deal with some short-term criticism of his performance, a fawning and largely paid-off press corps probably won’t allow that to last very long.

Bloomberg’s real problem – and the problem for the Democrat Party as well – is that no one laid a glove on The Commie, who is on the verge of being the actual winner in each of the first three contested states, and who is surging in the polls in next week’s contest in South Carolina. As was discussed at one point during the debate, unless there is some major shift in momentum, Sanders is on a trajectory that will see him come out of the Super Tuesday contests on March 3 with a very large and potentially insurmountable lead in the delegate count.

Nothing that took place last night will do anything to slow that momentum. So, other than the President, The Commie came out as the biggest winner of this particular event.

The biggest loser tag must go to Amy Klobuchar. The lady from Univision who served as NBC’s token Hispanic moderator, there to ask questions only about Mexico and immigration, obviously had been assigned to take Klobuchar out, and did a pretty solid job of it in her attack on the senator’s inability to recall the name of Mexican President AMLO last week. When class nerd Preacher Pete chimed in on the attack over that silly non-issue, Klobuchar became visibly flustered and angry and never really recovered.

My question about Univision Lady and Univision panelists in general is, why does NBC always insist on stereotyping them, restricting them to asking only Latino-specific questions at these debates? Isn’t that kind of racist? Why do the folks at Univision continue to allow this pidgeon-holing take place?

Preacher Pete was his usual slick, totally-scripted, automatonic self, and no doubt scored points with Democrat voters who are susceptible to scripted talking-points robots. His big problem was of a visual nature: Like Nixon in 1960, Buttiegieg suffers from a bad case of 5 o’clock shadow, and obviously failed to shave right before the event. Not a good look under the bright lights of national TV.

Biden was Biden, yelling and ranting and claiming to have been the guy who wrote every bill, negotiated every treaty, and did every political deal that has been done since the Nixon Administration. Mainly, though, he just confused everyone watching. He is going nowhere with a bullet in this race.

Lieawatha, as previously mentioned, had some solid moments, mainly when she was attacking Bloomberg, and she had obviously been coached to be more assertive in this debate. But she is just so condescending and annoying, and all her BS stories about her fake childhood do more to harm her now than help her. She might get a slight boost in Nevada out of this performance, but is ultimately riding on the Going Nowhere train with Quid Pro Joe.

In the end, the most salient question of the night came not from any of the moderators, but from Preacher Pete, who, midway through the night, asked, “Why don’t we put forward someone who is actually a Democrat?” With the race now boiling down to a fight between a Commie and a guy who was a registered Republican while serving in his only elected office, it’s a good question.

In the post-debate analysis on CNN, it was Van Jones who correctly noted that the fact that none of the “actual” Democrats are likely to become this year’s nominee most likely means that the public believes there is something wrong with being an “actual” Democrat. You don’t say.

Jones – who is really the only person on CNN worth listening to these days – also had this to say about Bloomberg: “It was a disaster for Bloomberg. Bloomberg went in as the Titanic. Billion dollar machine, Titanic. Titanic, meet iceberg, Elizabeth Warren.”

He should’ve stayed at home.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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If MM crashes and burns, but still forces a brokered convention by depriving the Commie from getting a clear majority of first round delegates, another fraud will be anointed by the super-duper delegates.

Hillary Russian Clinton will emerge, and she will be tanned, rested and ready. She will replace Pocahontas as the ultimate fake, fraud and phony who can “unite” the Dem Party against Trump. She always does better when she is quiet and under the radar. She will look to get a new persona and get rid of everything “Russian” – especially with the Hawaiian Heroine suing her for defamation for calling her a “Russian Agent”.

Hillary will look to replace Pocahontas as one who has ties to Native Americans. Her new moniker will be “Walking Eagle”. It is an old joke from her days as a NY Senator when she was trying to kiss up to NY’s Native Americans in her 2006 re-elect campaign. Rumor had it that the Indian Chief was so unimpressed with HRC that he gave her the honorary title of “Walking Eagle”. She was very pleased to have that bestowed upon her during the photo-op.

After the ceremony, the press asked the Chief, what was the significance of the title: “Walking Eagle”? The chief replied: “Walking Eagle” refers to “one who is so full of Schiff that they cannot fly”.

Very appropriate new name for B J Clinton’s nominal wife and ultimate grifter.

Jay Whitcraft

The best case for the good guys (Trump supporters) is for Bernie to have a small delegate lead going into the convention, then have it taken from him, either by Mini Mike or a “Unity Candidate”. Because Bernie has real support, that would be the best way to take them out of the equation. Bernie supporters are just as hard core as Trump supporters (not as smart or good looking though). With those hard core Bernie supporters sidelined and feeling robbed, I believe that Trumps upcoming victory would be pretty big. The added bonus would be a permanent split in the Dem party or a third party run for Bernie. Jay

Jimmy MacAfee

PeterButt is a prancing My Little Pony. Color him toast.

Jimmy MacAfee

Looking at it from a Deep State, Mockingbird point of view:

Bern-brains won because the attention wasn’t on him. This creates a problem.

Also-ran Mockingbird candidates Peter Butter looked even smaller and more arrogant than ever; Nasty Amy looked stricken and hapless and even shorter.

Biden and Mini B, both Mockingbird candidates, looked old and pathetic; the other Communist, Lieawatha, did to Mini B. what Tulsi Gabbard did to Kama Sutra Harris, and GropinQuidPro was a non-entity. Vapor, a whisp.

So what does that mean, for Mockingbird?

Their worst nightmare is not Donald J. Trump, but Bernie Sanders. The higher Sanders gets, the less the Mockingbird machine will attack President Trump. From their point of view, their candidates have all failed, and they’re used to having both candidates running their game: No-Name and Obama; Mittens and Obama. Goes way back before them, all the way to Kennedy, who ultimately didn’t perform the song and dance they demanded, and they removed him for not performing.

So what does Mockingbird do when their chosen patsies (Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton) fail? Coup d’état. It’s the Mockingbird way, baybee! They’ve had so much practice. Now it looks like they’re gonna have to try to make peace with the President, who will never trust them – ever.


Pocahontas was really on the warpath last night – good for her, she may have some value after all.

Alfred E. Newman’s “real Democrat” question was great, but the best thing is that Mini-Mike (the Emperor Napoleon without his clothes) was exposed big-time and now that he has “qualified” for the “debates”, he is now compelled to attend and be exposed by the rest of clowns in all future Democratic “debates”.

The press, the DNC, and MM’s billions, with scores of “consultants” and “advisors” can try all they want to polish up the walking talking Schiff that is Mini-Mike, but all the Shinola (an old time shoe polish company than now makes watches) in the world can’t shine the Schiff that is Mini-Mike.

He reminds me of the “Wizard Of OZ” movie; the bellowing wizard who is a little man hiding behind a huge façade.

His campaign slogan: “Mike Will Get It Done” reminds me of Larry the Cable Guy’s “Git ‘er Done” shtick. Come to think of it, I would vote for Larry over Bloomberg, or ANY of the other misanthropes running for the privilege of losing bigly to President Donald John Trump.

phineas gage

I think Bloomberg may be done before he started. Even if he isn’t, the Democrats are now irretrievably split–roughly half enthusiastically support an aging communist goon who is gaining momentum. Even if Bloomberg still becomes the default DNC choice, the Bernie bros–especially at this point–are not going to accept being denied.

The Dems had a critical opportunity last night to derail the Sanders train, and instead all the focus went to Bloomberg.

The embittered Warren is going to take down as many people with her as she can. If Bloomberg had a clue, he would have gotten back in her face about her fake Indian ancestry, but he just looked weak. Biden-the presumptive nominee a few short weeks ago–is at this point a ghost.

The most revealing moment of the night was when Bloomberg attempted to defend capitalism and decry communism, eliciting audible boos from the audience and groans from the other candidates (and no doubt silently in media cretins like Chuck Todd). These people are dangerous. That moment is going to be highly featured in Trump campaign ads this fall.

The Dems are screwed and some people, like Chris Matthews and James Carville, are admitting it.

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