Big Democrat Debate Ratings Really Bad News For Mini-Mike

Today’s Campaign Update, Part III (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Oh, my, that wasn’t what Mr. Excitement wanted to hear at all: Wednesday night’s televised debate that featured the mega-billionaire being pummeled repeatedly by his Democrat opponents drew a record audience of 33.5 million, according to Nielsen Fast National Data.

No doubt when Bloomberg was being safely tucked into his lush bed last night by his man-servant Jeeves, the former New York City Mayor was placating himself over his dismal performance with the thought that, hey, nobody watches these things, anyway. So, no harm, no foul, right?


Mr. Excitement no doubt figured that he could make up for what little real harm had been done to his candidacy by just pumping out another $200 million or so in additional campaign ads, and all would be well. But that would have worked for the 8-12 million viewers these things normally attract. This new, actual number likely costs Bloomberg another $200 million just to get back where he was when the slaughter began.

At this rate, Mini-Mike is going to find himself buying up so many ad placements that he starts to crowd other, down-ballot candidates out of the market. And here’s the thing: TV and social media advertising comes with a very notorious and very real law of diminishing returns. The more you run, the less benefit you derive from them. And at some point, as your ad saturation reaches the point of consumer annoyance, you can actually begin to alienate people who might otherwise become potential voters.

Throughout his adult life, Mr. Excitement has left a long, well-documented trail of being able to just buy himself out of sticky situations. His disastrous showing in last night’s debate, in front of what turned out to be the party’s biggest audience of the campaign season, may turn out to be an exception to that longstanding rule.

Oh, the problems of billionaire presidential candidates.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Mini B’s ads have already begun the create peak annoyance.

An aside: Americans have experienced a national abandonment syndrome; it began a long time ago, peaking with Obama, and President Trump is doing what is best. Mini B is trying to imitate Trump, but will never succeed.

A good example of this: Barry Obumbler suffered the same malady: abandonment. It’s written all over his life. John Brennan became another pseudo-father or father figure, as had the pastor of his “church.” John No Name attempted to fill the void, but he was a bigger fool than Brennan, if it were possible.

Bern-brains is another result of national abandonment, but he’s the antithesis to the problem, the dysfunctional solution. Kind of like Brennan (and the Wood Bee, Johnny No Name.) A sick solution for a sick segment of society. As are all the Dems at this point.

It’s necessary to take down both pretenders, Bern-brains and Mini B, but Mini B was the immediate threat.

Americans are getting their mojo back.

Jimmy MacAfee

Considering how the Deep State has tried to dismantle us, to ruin us economically and socially and spiritually, encouraging despair and single parent homes and hopelessness, it is no wonder that our nation had begun to show the serious and deleterious signs of abandonment – a lot of healing needs to take place.

Mini Bee will never be a father figure, except to his cult.

George Ingols

Can you believe Bloombum spent half a billion dollars to let himself be made an ass of in front of 19.7 million people? That is a new kind of super S&M!


Pride comes before the fall.

Larry “Git er Done” Bloomberg did have one good pushback on the Commie, basically saying how Bernie’s Communism doesn’t work anywhere and campaigning on that platform would be the quickest way to get Trump reelected. But, by then, the damage was already done. And he was booed for saying it.

What Larry, and everyone else in the MSM and the Dem Party hierarchy doesn’t realize is putting ANYONE up against Trump with their platform now exposed – which cannot be changed at this point – will get Trump and many, many more Republicans reelected and elected.

As one commentator stated about Titanic Bloomberg running into Iceberg Pocahontas… The whole Democratic Party is the Titanic. April 14, 1912 = November 3, 2020 with few Dem office holders surviving and the MSM and Larry’s money will make very poor lifeboats..

PS: Tonight I just saw a couple of Stupid Tom (TS) Steyer ads on TV; Mr. Hedge-fund Excitement could be Larry “Git er Done” Bloomberg’s taller twin brother.

I thought he had dropped out; did he not get the memo: THAT NO ONE WANTS TO VOTE FOR HIM?

How do no-talent, no-brain, clods like these two, become Billionaires? There should be an investigation as something is not right. JDLR

phineas gage

Bloomberg really committed a serious unforced error last night. If he had given this debate a pass, all the focus would have been on Bernie, who would have been savaged instead of Bloomberg.

At the same time, Bloomberg could have continued on with his advertising blitz heading toward Super Tuesday when he first appears on the ballot. The result would likely have been that he would have sailed into the lead.

As it is, he’ll be lucky to maintain political viability, and Bernie is now nearly unstoppable.

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