Tonight’s Debate Drinking Game: Who Has and Has Not Been Bought off by Mini-Mike?

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Quick: What’s the first thing you will be looking for at tonight’s Democrat debate? – Be honest: Won’t you be trying to see whether or not Mini-Mike Bloomberg will be standing on a box?

Thank you, President Trump, who hilariously issued this pair of tweets on Tuesday after it was announced that Bloomberg had miraculously “qualified” for the debate, thanks to a very convenient fake poll dummied up by NBC/Wall Street Journal:

“No standing on boxes!” I’m still laughing.

But seriously, if you want to understand how short Mini-Mike really is, all you have to do is look at this photo, if you can stand it:

Image may contain: 2 people, including Bob Hamilton, people smiling, suit and closeup

There he is in all his glory, standing with the Fainting Felon, who was listed as being 5’5″ when she was young – before gravity began taking its toll, as it does on everyone. These days, she is almost certainly no taller than 5’4″.

If you’re thinking, hey, she’s wearing heels, think again. The Coughing Crook can barely stand upright in flats – she probably hasn’t put on a pair of heels since she was First Lady. Of Arkansas.

Meanwhile, it has long been rumored that Mini-Mike wears loafers with lifts.

So, yeah, he will most likely be standing on a box tonight, or employing some other trick of stagecraft to make him look at least as tall as Amy Klobuchar. Look carefully. In fact, if you focus only on that and completely ignore all the utter crap that Mini-Mike and the other candidates will be spewing tonight, you might just survive the ordeal.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shorts and outdoor, possible text that says 'YOU MUST BE THIS TALL το RUN FOR PRESIDENT'

The real question for Bloomberg here is why he wants to be in this debate at all. While he did manage to “qualify”, it’s really hard to see any real advantage for him to be a part of this particular event.

First of all, he is seriously the most boring individual on the planet. It’s not as if he is going to say a bunch of stuff tonight that will set Democrat voters hair on fire with desire to go out and write-in his name at Saturday’s Nevada caucuses.

Second, the moderators of this event – even those who are already in Bloomberg’s deep pockets – will be absolutely obligated to ask him pointed questions about all the videos that have surfaced in the past 10 days of him making demeaning comments about a vast variety segments of American society, most of whom are traditional Democrat voter groups. The parade of these videos continued on Tuesday, with Bloomberg now adding the LGBTQ community to the list of offended Democrat constituencies:

Yikes. How’s Mini-Mike gonna answer a question about that one in a way that mollifies the rabid Democrat voter base?

Third, unless he has already bought all of his opponents off – which, admittedly, is entirely possible – he will become the target of their aggressions. All of this, and he isn’t even on the ballot in Nevada or the next contest in South Carolina.

Back to President Trump’s tweets: He hits the tiny nail on the head when he points out that Mini-Mike is “spreading money all over the place, only to have recipients of his cash payments, many former opponents, happily joining or supporting his campaign. Isn’t that called a payoff?”

Well, yes. Yes, it is a payoff, and yes, that’s exactly what Bloomberg is doing. It’s exactly what he has done throughout his entire professional life.

For example, tonight’s debate will be held on NBC. The moderators, according to The Intelligencer, will be:

NBC anchor Lestor Holt, Meet the Press host Chuck Todd, NBC News White House correspondent Hallie Jackson, Noticias Telemundo correspondent Vanessa Hauc, and the Nevada Independent editor Jon Ralston.

So, five moderators, and you can be sure that at least 2 of them have been paid off in some way, shape or form by Mini-Mike. Those who, like Holt and Todd, are based in New York City, have without doubt benefited from Bloomberg’s largesse, if only by being on the regular guest list for his various parties, galas and other major events, where they get to hobnob with Mini-Mike and all the beautiful people of New York society.

While Bloomberg’s generosity is famous, he is also famous for his vindictiveness. Do you think either man will want to give all that up by asking an overly-aggressive question of their benefactor, or by following up to demand that he actually answer the question directly when he tries to obfuscate? Please.

This is precisely why the intertwining over the last half-century of the big media establishment with the big political establishment has been so utterly destructive of our society. It is precisely why we no longer have anything resembling an independent press in our country, why the media is so utterly corrupt and fake.

So, Bloomberg and all he represents will be on stage tonight, and you will be able to easily identify which moderators and candidate have and have not already been bought off. Because that’s what Mini-Mike does.

That’s why, at the end of the day, tonight’s debate is likely to look an awful lot like this:

You seriously could never make these people up, folks. Not in a million years.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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The name “mini Mike” is good, but I like “Mikey.” Ot better yet “little Mikey.” Does anyone remember the TV commercial about I think it was butter, and a little boy would take a bite of buttered bread and his brother would say “hey!” Mikey likes it!” I think of that commercial every time I see little mike.

Sir Bruce

Actually, that commercial was for Life cereal. I’ve always remembered that particular line.

Jimmy MacAfee

Great commercial! We remember it how many years later?

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, remember that: “give it to Mikey…he hates everything!”

I call him Tiny B, China Mike, Mini Mike, Mini Mike the China Asset, Bloombug, the Edomite, Little Man Big Ears. The name “Mini Mike” was spoken first (as far as I know) by the President, not sure who the author was – (President Trump himself?) Maybe there should be a contest!

Jimmy MacAfee

What are the odds that this comes up?

Low. Depends upon how desperate they are. Most don’t/won’t have the guts.
But it’d be a kill-shot. His numbers would go lower than Bill Clinton’s morals.


I imagine Biden will be an easy one to buy off, Buttigieg not too far behind and Klobucher might be a little harder to sell off, but money does talk and the little guy has loads of it.

Jimmy MacAfee

Don’t know if he can buy out all their bitterness, but it’s pretty clear he’ll try.

-Biden already has his money – family money. As in “crime family.”
-Nasty Amy Klobuchar is likely to be his running mate, if he somehow won the nomination.
-Lieawatha might take it and run – something for her efforts: she’s unprincipled and greedy.
-Buttgig has his buddies financing him, and let’s just say that body fluids are thicker than water.
-Angry Bernie’s heart races every time he thinks he’s gonna get swiped again.


That guy is tone deaf any way you look at it!


The last debate I remember watching was half of the second Romney – Obama debate and before that, a Bush, Clinton, Perot debate. I only tuned in to R vs O #2 because it was reported that Mutt wiped the floor with the “One”. When I saw Mutt was punting, I tuned it out.

Debates are worthless unless and until we get moderators like Rush, Coulter, Levin, Hannity, Ingraham, or even Dave who will ask real questions and follow up with real substantive demands that the first question be answered.

The ratings show that few people actually watch the “debates” as currently constituted. I’ll bet the viewership would triple if any of the above were the moderators with none of the normal hacks who do nothing but kiss the Democrat’s a$$ and look to sandbag every Republican.


Rumor has it that Bernie Sanders is looking into beachfront mansions in Malibu California. This is going to be a lot of fun to watch. There are ZERO Bernie signs in Southwest Washington which is different than in 2016. There are a few Trump signs, however those started popping up a year or so ago. Sea-Tac will go for ANY D candidate, simply look at Jayapal.

It’s a Drinking Game, and I came for the rules: What is supposed to trigger taking a drink, please?

Jimmy MacAfee

Every scratch that draws Tiny B’s blood, a tip o’ the glass! They’ll have their claws out and plenty sharp.

Jimmy MacAfee

Tiny B has to be the worst singer/dancer/performer in history. Due to his predilection for Dunning-Kruger, he probably isn’t aware of how awful he actually is.

Wonder if his name in a little black book will ever be officially revealed? (He would – if it’s true – be the right height for a 14 year old, wouldn’t he?) We’ll see how that plays out. A name in a book is just a name in a book…at least for now.

Tiny B says he’s gonna sell his magazine if he wins. He has so many current conflicts of interest there – just with his directives to his staff not to report on him or his fellow Demonrats – it’s a fair possibility that they’ll abandon him before he loses, leaving him with a whole lotta nuttin’.

Solomon he ain’t.

phineas gage

The only reason Bloomberg wants to be there is his oversized ego.

There’s a good chance the thin-skinned political Napoleon will be triggered by a desperate attack from Warren or Biden, or a more substantive accusation from Sanders, which would be entertaining.

The media will protect him, though, since they have already received their marching orders from the DNC. Look for the debate thugs (er, moderators) to come after Bernie with a vengeance trying to inflict damage.

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