The Deep State Assault on William Barr Reaches New Heights of Absurdity

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

John Durham’s investigation must be hovering right over the target. – This is turning into the Tet Offensive of all Deep State smears. They’re even bringing federal judges publicly into it.

Yesterday, The Federal Judges Association announced it would be holding an “emergency meeting” today to discuss, among other things, Barr’s decision to reduce the DOJ’s sentencing recommendation in the Roger Stone case. This intervention, which was nothing out of ordinary and well within the rights of any attorney general to execute, has been seized upon by the Democrat/media/Deep State Axis of Disinformation as the centerpiece of its effort to take down Barr as investigator John Durham’s investigation of the Deep State proceeds to conclusion.

Remember how transparent this all is: It is so transparent that I told you way back last summer that this is exactly what would be taking place in our country right now. Now, think about this: If I knew it would be taking place, don’t you think AG Barr was aware of it as well?

Understanding that reality means that you immediately understood that last night’s story pushed fby Deep State tool Matt Zapatosky at the Washington Post, that Barr was “considering quitting” his job because mean ol’ President Trump won’t stop tweeting in his general direction, was laughably false. That understanding was confirmed when, about an hour after the story broke, Barr’s spokesperson issued a simple statement that said “Addressing Beltway rumors: The Attorney General has no plans to resign.”


So, what really happened? The most likely scenario is that Barr had set up a trap to identify a leaker or two on his staff. What better way to catch a leaker than to casually feed that person or persons a juicy tidbit like that and then sit back and see how long it takes either the Post or the New York Times to suddenly have a “scoop”?

Or maybe Barr just decided to have a little fun yesterday. You can almost imagine this happening:

William Barr: Hey, guys, let’s have some fun. Leak out to the Washington Post that I’m quitting because of Trump’s tweets.

Media: Barr’s Quitting! He’s great, standing up to Trump’s mean tweets!

[1 hour later] Barr: I’m not quitting.

Media: Aw, man….

Back to this meeting of the Federal Judges Association: The group’s spokesman issued a ringing endorsement of corrupt judge Amy Berman Jackson, who is presiding over the case against Stone, saying that  “We are supportive of any federal judge who does what is required.”

Ummmmm…what exactly is “required” of a deep state federal judge? Ms. Jackson presided over a case in which she and everyone else knew the jury foreman was a rabid Trump hater, and who lied on the questionnaire she had to fill out in order to serve on that jury. Despite that reality becoming public in recent days, Judge Jackson yesterday ordered the trial to just move ahead to the sentencing phase as if none of that had happened.

This is also the very same judge who issued a 100% public speaking gag order against Stone, preventing him from making a living of any kind for more than a year as this abusive prosecution has dragged on and on. She is also the very same judge who tossed septuagenarian Paul Manafort into solitary confinement during his trial, a draconian punishment courts do not deploy against rapists and murderers.

Is that doing “what is required?”

The fact that the federal judiciary – most of whose members were appointed by Clinton, Bush and Obama – has now become so utterly politicized that it would publicly stage such a bit of Kabuki theater is one of the most disturbing developments of the last four years. This meeting today is nothing more or less than a rank act of judicial intimidation designed to send a signal to Barr and Durham, warning them not to expect impartial treatment in any cases they bring against the bad actors from the Obama era.

This is real, true banana republic stuff happening right in front of our very eyes. These people are purely transparent once you accept them for what they really are.

None of it would be happening if Barr and Durham weren’t getting really close.

Stay tuned.

That is all.

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One of the things that has been coming up in my mind lately is what will the reaction (and subsequent fallout) be from all of this?

The stage has been set where the Left/Dem/Deep State can accuse and investigate anything and everything with cover from their slobbering media slaves, so that basically anything the Trump administration does is touted as illegal and impeachable. So when Barr (already a target) and Durham conclude their investigation, the whole thing is going to be vilified as partisan. And if there are serious criminal indictments, the narrative will be that it is political revenge. The left will go nuts. Add Trump’s re-election into the soup and I fear we have very rough waters ahead.

And what’s with Dem senators meeting with Iran separately from the administration in a possible Logan Act violation? They think they can operate with impunity.


“And what’s with Dem senators meeting with Iran separately from the administration in a possible Logan Act violation? They think they can operate with impunity.”

Yeah and Lurch Kerry too! Where is the enforcement of the Logan Act?

Rule of law anyone? I thought no one (except Democrats) is above the law.

Jimmy MacAfee

President Trump has talked about this in the last few days. Strong language, too.

Jimmy MacAfee

As long as the idiots keep attacking Barr, and as long as no one is prosecuted (and perhaps no one will be) President Trump should go through list after list of people wrongfully prosecuted by the Deep State. Why should they serve draconian sentences, when the list of criminal conspirators trying to perform a coup go unpunished?

Go for it, Mr. President! Take away their trophies!.


“Yesterday, The Federal Judges Association announced it would be holding an “emergency meeting” today to discuss, among other things, Barr’s decision to reduce the DOJ’s sentencing recommendation in the Roger Stone case.”

Huh? Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?

I did not know we (apparently and effectively) have a union for federal “judges”. Why does the association (union) need an “emergency meeting” concerning the AG’s sentencing recommendations, when the Obamaite judge has full discretion to levy whatever sentence she desires? Her judicial authority has in no way been infringed upon.

Where is Mister Roberts? As the chief justice, he supposedly has control over the federal courts; why isn’t he cleaning up his highly politized, and often rogue, inept or corrupt, judicial branch? He has been an empty robe ever since he (through egregious judicial activism) rewrote Obamacare by calling it a tax thereby making it “constitutional”.

There needs to be some repercussions against “judges” who consistently make unconstitutional rulings which are consistently overruled.

“Some people had better do some things” to fix this – by June 21, 2020 or…

Let’s have some judicial impeachments – since impeachment is all the rage in DC nowadays.

Jimmy MacAfee

It has been rumored that Tiny B’s name is in a black book of an infamous predator. Maybe, maybe not.

But you have to wonder: are these judges’ names in that book, or in similar books? The Rule of Blackmail is deeply embedded; it’s a mechanism of control. Several prominent Trump supporters – supposedly L.G. among them – have been freed from the control of the DS.

I also expect President Trump to go through lists of people unfairly treated by certain unethical FBI/DOJ officials, and to begin setting them free – not just Blago and others, but a large number of people whose rights were usurped.

Then maybe he can begin working on 9/11, if he isn’t already.

phineas gage

I have long believed, although there is no evidence, that Roberts was and has been subject to blackmail from the prior administration and deep state, and I think it had to do with his adopted children.

There is simply no other rational explanation for his behavior during the Obamacare decision.

Don’t forget that the collection of data on people began with the Clintons, and then expanded significantly with Obama.

phineas gage

She is going to be slapped down hard on appeal, if not at the appellate court than certainly at SCOTUS for her egregious behavior. She should in fact be removed from the bench.

You are of course correct that the precision and intensity of Durham’s investigation can be accurately gauged by the level of hysteria and efforts in the media to create pressure for Barr to step down. They are getting much too close for the truth.

I actually have a bit more patience for Barr–through the summer when I expect the Durham report to drop. We’ll see if any criminal indictments are forthcoming. He knows what he is doing and what he is up against. I also think he is on the same page with Trump, counter to media fantasies.

Jimmy MacAfee

I completely agree.
The squealing will get deafening as the blade comes down.

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