The Romney/Bloomberg “Unity Ticket”: A Profoundly Stupid Idea

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

NeverTrumpers: the single dumbest special interest group on the planet. – In an election year characterized by mind-numbing stupidity, some people still manage to stand out. Some guy named Neal Simon, writing at the NeverTrumper website called “The Bulwark,” published a piece on Monday that will go down in infamy as the single most profoundly stupid opinion piece of the 2020 election season.

The headline of the piece is so desperately stupid that one doesn’t even really need to get into the guts of the thing. But here at the Campaign Update, we like to get into the guts of  all varieties of media stupidity and mendacity, even media from people who formerly pretended to be conservatives. So, let’s take a dive into this particular monstrosity.

First, the headline, which pretty much tells you all you need to know about this particular nitwit:

“Romney-Bloomberg: The Unity Ticket America Deserves”

Holy crap.  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.

The first and most obvious fallacy involved here is that a ticket made up of a turncoat Republican who already lost one run for the presidency and another turncoat Republican now pretending to be a Democrat who is in the process of alienating pretty much every minority and special interest group in the country would “unify” anyone outside of Bill Kristol’s living room, where Mr. Simon has apparently spent too many evenings sipping cheap brandy and smoking White Owls.

Think about it: In the past week alone, opposition researchers for the other Democrat presidential contenders have dug up past Bloomberg comments that have insulted, demeaned and alienated the following segments of American society:

  • African-Americans
  • Women
  • Latinos
  • Farmers
  • Teachers Unions
  • Civil Libertarians

True, he hasn’t gotten around to Muslims, Catholics, Jews and the LGBTQ+ community, but given Bloomberg’s real nature as a horrible human being, it seems like just a matter of time, doesn’t it?

But Simon thinks, hey, Bloomberg’s got billions of dollars, so he can single-handedly make a third party effort with a turncoat loser like Romney viable just by going around and paying everyone off:

Under the current system, presidential candidates in the general election need at least 15 percent support in select polls to make the debate stage. Since this arbitrary benchmark was enacted, no third party or independent candidate has been able to qualify. Much of this is due to a lack of access to capital. Estimates show that it would cost $266 million to achieve this benchmark in the general election phase of a presidential run—a feat only an independent candidate who is self-funded is likely to achieve.

So, what does Romney bring to the ticket? Why, his party affiliation, of course. No, really, I swear I did not make that up:

Another barrier to entry that independent candidates face is they do not have the name recognition that affiliating with a major party grants.

Mitt Romney would solve both of these problems.

Simon even goes on to talk about all the “credibility” Romney has with Republicans, especially the Republican “moderates.” He fails to consider that you could gather all of the Republicans with whom Romney still possesses even a modicum of “credibility” into Bill Kristol’s aforementioned living room, which really isn’t all that big a space. You wouldn’t even have to move the furniture around.

President Trump’s approval rating among Republicans has been at all-time highs for many months now, with 90% or more regularly approving of his conduct in office. Even highly-biased public opinion polls that still cling to their 2012 party affiliation models – which results in systematic over-sampling of Democrats – put Trump’s approval among GOPers no lower than the mid-80s.

Meanwhile, Mini-Mike has already spent more than $300 million to get himself just into the mid-teens in national polls in the Democrat nominating race. As I mentioned yesterday, he is currently not favored to win a single state on Super Tuesday according to the model used by Romney himself is so utterly divisive that the Republicans in his home state of Utah are considering multiple resolutions demanding that he resign from office at their upcoming state convention.

But this, in Simon’s mind, is the “unity ticket” Americans are looking for?

Here is who Simon and the people at “The Bulwark” really are: Angry ex-Republicans who are desperate to convince Romney, Bloomberg or someone else who can get their hands on big money to run an insurgent campaign designed to siphon votes away from the President who exposed them for what they really are. These people are not looking for “unity” or anything remotely resembling that concept. These are people who have spent the last four years doing everything they can to attack the duly-elected President who marginalized them and divide the country against him.

If America really “deserves” a third-party ticket made up of a traitorous snake like Mitt Romney and a hubris-driven oligarch like Michael Bloomberg, then America is well and truly screwed.

Fortunately for America, though, the truth is that Mr. Simon and his friends at “The Bulwark” are just a bunch of irrelevant clowns, screaming from the rafters as the tide of history passes them by.

God Bless America.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Big Al in NC

I would be bereft (and that IS a real word!) to leave Jimmy MacAfee out from the “regulars….” Seriously, folks….wisdom is spread word of mouth/type….. Cut and paste, send to others. I do it all the time with applicable attribution. (unlike msm)

Jimmy MacAfee

Thank you, Big Al!

Think the former Mayor should have another nickname? “Tiny B?”


Thanks Big Al in NC for your kind words, I appreciate them.

And I thank Dave for his insights and welcoming my comments and posting my more detailed thoughts occasionally as stand alone pieces.

Keep cutting and pasting

Big Al in NC

Wow. Folks…. There have always been a few “stalwarts” that comment on Mr. Blackmon’s site…. But today… WOW. Thank you! The cumulative wisdom of the commenters (is that a real word?) has always been worth reading…. Please keep commenting!! I learn from all of you…. I have commented a few times, but not nearly with the depth and informative-related info from the likes of Gregg, Phineas, and the others…. Many thanx!

Ben Colder

I made the mistake of voting for Romney once I will not make that mistake again and I sure will not vote for Shorty Doomberg.

phineas gage

There is a lot of talk that once the DNC elbows Bernie out of the way and ‘selects’ their nominee, they’ll put in Stacey Abrams as running mate.

It indicates they are terrified about losing a significant portion of the black vote to Trump.


How do two VERY unpopular Democrats make up a “unity” ticket!? Pffffft!


Short answer… can’t… But it would be hilarious to watch them try to spin it… Entertainment factor… a 10


Bloomberg’s next VP trial balloon: the GEICO Pinocchio character.

Matt Frihart

all I can say is DO IT, I WANT to see this ticket, desperately……….. the unification against it would be epic! hell I would bet a lot of democrats would even come over to Trump to vote against this ticket…….. this is pure gold!


I have to agree with Greg in that mini/mitts would be a great thing to add to the clown show if not just for the entertainment value. Let mini spend hundreds of millions as the Bible clearly states a fool and his money are soon departed… The mini/mitts dream team really wouldn’t be a threat.

The REAL threat is Republicans constantly saying Trump will win by a landslide… THATS the real threat. People will then use any excuse to not go vote… They don’t need my vote because Trump will win bigly… So they’ll stay home. Its one of the ways Dems stay alive, other than cheating, stealing and dead peoples votes, they also rely on Repub complacency. As your nieghbour to the North, the saner citizens are hoping and praying you folks will wipe out the Marxists this year.


Brian, the GOP base, the moderates, even the Libertarians, and any other non communists have been literally kicked in the GoNads for the last three plus years by the anti-Trump left. If our side isn’t “motivated” to vote in record numbers for the president and for a conservative Republican Congress this year, then they never will be and, therefore will become politically irrelevant.

The one big factor I see in this year’s enthusiasm is for the first time since Reagan, a politician/president has given conservatives and pro-American people of all stripes a real reason to finally vote FOR someone and FOR a conservative congressional majority. The Democrats have given anyone sane, many reasons to vote AGAINST them and ALL of their agenda. No one with a brain can vote for or be in support of ANY part of the Democratic Platform.

This year’s DNC in Milwaukee will probably be a repeat of Chicago 1968. The very competent former Governor Walker was unfortunately narrowly defeated in 2018. Now that the Dems run Wisconsin and Milwaukee, it will be very interesting to see how many WALLs are built around the DNC compound (remember Philadelphia in 2016), how much ARMED security will be present, you know, the kind of protection the Dems want to take away from us flyover folk.

It will also be interesting to see if there are any stand-down orders by the mayor or sheriff, of governor like at Charlottesville, Portland, Berkley etc. if and when violence and riots occur.

I feel sorry for the good people of Milwaukee this summer; don’t wear anything red if you have to be near the convention.


Maybe I’m pessimistic. Just seen and experienced to many times where people will enthusiastically be all in and when it comes to the crunch… can’t be found. So I naturally don’t count on anyone to keep their word or follow thru. I prefer to limit or mitigate, possibly, undesirable outcomes by making people aware that inaction will ultimately harm them. Prepare for the worst hope for the best.

Jimmy MacAfee

Always good idea to do that! I hope people have a deep awareness of how bad things were and were about to get, and how we could go back to the hopelessness and despair that was the Obama legacy.

Obama didn’t just create Trump, he created Bern-brains.

Jimmy MacAfee

Don’t think that’s gonna be a problem! See Trump rallies? That doesn’t look like apathy to me!


The rallies are great… BUT… come election day in November there will be far to many who will look outside and its to cold, to hot, to rainy… to something… Why give Dems ANY support or votes??? Marxists need to be destroyed utterly at the polls because they will never quit.

Jimmy MacAfee

I don’t fear for any loss of enthusiasm. It’s not an issue.


You left out machinists. He said all they have to do it put some metal in a machine and turn the knob in the direction of the arrow.

Jimmy MacAfee

And the elderly: he said that people of advanced years should be refused medical treatment.

He’s old enough for that kind of treatment.


I dont care what anybody says – Pierre Delecto is NOT a Republican.

He is a snake. A serpent. The lowest of low lifes. He is RINO.

Jimmy MacAfee

Mini-Mao-Mike’s ads are more than irritating: they’re infuriating. Take the polar bear ad. Then compare it with his position on treating the elderly. Hmmm. Seems Mao Mike likes polar bears more than grannie and grampa. (Did he have a problem when he was a kid?)

A hypothetical Mini-Mao-Mike solution? Ice flows! Feed the starving polar bears while taking care of a demographic “problem,” with a Mini-Mike solution! Feed the bears!

Add Mittens to the mix, and instead of putting the pooch on the roof of the family car, you can go full-blown American Vacation, and put Grannie up there instead!

Think the Dems can run away from this? They already have “Blackface” Northam, QuidPro Joe, Cankles Clinton, Bern-brains Stalin, AOCrazio, Tom Perez and “Marbles” Pelos, The Penguin Nadler…

Lord what a collection! Maybe the Coronavirus will crown some of these creeps.


Four other quick points:

Romney, like Hillary, was actually a two time presidential loser. He lost in the primaries to McLame while Hillary was losing to the “One” in 2008.

Perot, as a third party candidate did actually qualify to be on the presidential debate stage where he basically tag-teamed with B J Clinton to trash the inept Bush the first in 1992.

There is actually a move to pass legislation to recall Romney in Utah; not just resolutions to resign at a convention which will go nowhere.

Love the reference of this guy smoking a White Owl reference; didn’t know the former mayor of S. Bendover was at the meeting in Kristol’s living room.

Jimmy MacAfee

Homer Stokes – er, Mikey the Diminutive – might want to take a big gulp and decide to drop. Should have a betting pool to see how long he’s able to campaign in places where machinists and farmers and nearly everyone else reside. Americans can unite on one thing: Mikey/Homer is despicable.

But Homer is too stupid to know that he’s not likeable, never will be likeable, and cannot represent anyone but his buddies – most of whom who have the moral aptitude of Patrick Bateman (American Psycho.)


Stupid as it is, I like the idea of a third party run by these two clowns, with Bloomberg on top because his ego wouldn’t allow for a second banana position, especially if he is paying for it. A third party run by these two pasty old white men will not cost Trump 1% of his support, but will split the loony-left vote. I say: Go For It MM & PD!

So let’s see, Bloomberg, a former Democrat, turned RINO to win the NYC mayoralty by riding Giuliani’s coattails, turned Independent during his three terms, now turned Democrat to “qualify” to run for the Democratic nomination, and is somehow going to turn (like sour milk) again to being an “Independent” (he sounds schizophrenic, doesn’t it?) to “unite” with the most unpopular “Republican” in the country to challenge Trump as third party candidates? Is that this guy’s “plan”?

That sounds as stupid as the Idea of a think-tank professor a couple of years ago on how Hillary could have become president in 2019. In his scenario, the Dems win the house in 2018, then impeach Trump in 2019, and somehow get the senate to convict Trump AND remove Pence at the same time, thereby making Pelosi president. Pelosi names Hillary as VP and then resigns; voila HRC as POTUS.

These people, once though of as the brilliant strategists who routinely ran rings around even more inept GOP “strategists”, were the power behind the throne, are reduced to grasping at (stainless steel straws as the plastic ones are banned) straws coming up with one idiotic implausible plan after another – each more outlandish than the last.

This blatant and sheer, and exposed, stupidity is the result of one thing and only one thing: the election of Donald John Trump. They all have caught an extreme case TDS and need treatment and rubber rooms.

phineas gage

These are embittered grifters, exposed by Trump as the phonies they are, who want their cozy sinecures back.

They are flailing madly about, trying to come to grips with a convoluted rationale to vote for a communist against Trump while proclaiming that they are conservatives. This insane idea is just one step on that M. C. Escher psychological journey.

Neil Simon’s more famous namesake was known for writing bad dramatic comedies, so he is right in line.

Jimmy MacAfee

As far as insulting religion: no religious figures of any kind were invited by Bloomberg to the 9/11 ceremony (source: Laura Ingraham.)

Add Christians and practicing Jews and everyone else to the list of people Mini Mike “Homer Stokes” dismisses as stupid peons.

Mitt and Mike are the reasons why I’d vote for Commie Bernie if the Republicans EVER nominate another of these types of Repugnicans; these two want a “kinder gentler slavery,” and I’d love to see them on a collective, trying to learn how to grow sh-t with their hands, or to do machine work, or to do anything that requires skill and training.

Jimmy MacAfee

Need to clarify the last comment: no way I’d ever vote Commie, but Mini Mike represents Mao’s Chinese Totalitarianism, and Bern-brains represents Stalin’s Russian Totalitarianism. Like choosing between turds in the toilet bowl.

Trouble is, Mini “Mao” Mikey hides his anti-Free Market leanings – but not very well: you can see them in his anti-Liberty comments and directives. Take a Big Gulp of that, Mao-Mikey.

PS: Mao Zedong was 5’11”, much taller than 5’4″ Mini Mike.

Jimmy MacAfee

Turns out that Mini Mike is actually Homer Stokes from O Brother Where Art Thou.

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