Mini-Mike Sends up an Ominous Trial Balloon

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Michael Bloomberg sent up a trial balloon on Saturday that should have us all very, very concerned. Mini-Mike had one or more of his lieutenants tell the Drudge Report that he is interested in picking the Pantsuit Princess to be his running mate should he win the Democrat Party’s presidential nomination. This is a very ominous sign that the entire Democrat Party is still working to install the most corrupt politician in American history in the nation’s highest office.

Regular readers here will know that I don’t believe Mr. Bloomberg is really interested in serving four years as President. The man is 78 years old, would be 79 a few weeks following his theoretical inauguration, and appears to have all the energy of the average tree sloth.

What he does have, though, is dollars – billions upon billions of dollars. Meanwhile, the Democrat National Committee is flat, dead broke. Its fundraising flat-lined over the last three years and it is deeply in debt, negating its ability to pour money into the campaigns of vulnerable Democrats in house and senate races.

Bloomberg hates Donald Trump from way back, and agreed to a plan to step in to fill the funding void left by the DNC’s absence of money. The most cost-effective way for Mini-Mike to do that is to declare himself a candidate and run hundreds of millions of dollars of anti-Trump TV and social media ads. Being a “candidate” allows him to qualify for preferential ad rates offered by the media to politicians, and allows him to pour as much of his personal fortune as he wants to without restrictions that apply to contributions to political parties or PACs.

Don’t get me wrong: Bloomberg wants to win the election, and he has deployed his billions to build out what is becoming a massive political operation that is going to allow him to buy an awful lot of votes on Super Tuesday, out of which he will almost certainly emerge as the only legitimate challenger to a takeover of the Democrat Party by The Commie, Bernie Sanders. But he just doesn’t have any intention of serving out a term in office.

Bloomberg has long been tied in with the Clintons and their despicable friends like Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein, and has obvious reasons to want to ensure that President Trump does not win a second term in office. He has also profited immensely from globalism and all the unbalanced trade agreements that Trump is in the process of ending, and thus has a compelling personal financial interest in helping to execute a return to the old world order.

What better way to do that than to serve as the stalking horse for the Coughing Crook? Pick her as a running mate, win the November election, get sworn in and shortly thereafter develop some “health reason” for resigning. Suddenly, you have executed the Democrat Party’s four-year effort to reverse the results of the 2016 election and ensured the quick death of the American Republic.

So, the “leak” to the Drudge Report was likely just Bloomberg and the Democrats testing the waters to gauge the reaction by the pundits and the public. This first step will allow them to poll and focus group test new messages designed to build acceptance for such a ticket in the public’s collective mind.

You can expect both the Bloomberg camp and the Fainting Felon to start rolling those messages out in the days and weeks to come.

Just in case you don’t believe that The Commie is the clear front-runner in the Democrat race now, look at the results of the new YouGov poll:

Image may contain: 2 people

If The Commie can find ways to win both Nevada (likely) and South Carolina (where only a rapidly-fading Quid Pro Joe might be able to prevail) over the next two weeks, Mini-Mike may not be able to head him off. Waiting until Super Tuesday to get into the race was always a risky strategic move by Mini-Mike. As things stand right now, with Sanders also leading big in California and surging in several of the other Super Tuesday states, it may turn out to have been too late.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Bye, Mini Mike!

“Mike Bloomberg thinks he’s amazing. Seriously. He believes he could “teach anyone how to farm” and that farming doesn’t require people to “think and analyze.”
“You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, and up comes the corn,” he said in 2016.”

Arrogant little schmuck.

Jay Whitcraft

Everyone forgets that Bernie has cornered the DNC. If he goes to the convention with even a 1 delegate lead and is not the nominee, about 25% of the Democratic voters will stay home. That will be a crushing defeat for them, especially when Trump does better than expected with the black vote. If he is the nominee,they will be crushed also. All of them know it. The only way IMHO to stop Bernie is to have him go into the convention with the second or third most delegates by a pretty good margin.


He would be making a mockery of our Presidential election process.

phineas gage

He would also be proving your observation that Democrats prefer the candidate who lies most extravagantly to them.

Charles Aronowitz

The plan for Bloomberg to win and then resign so that H. Clinton could ascend is something I figured out as soon as I saw in print the first hint that the 2016 loser might be a veep candidate. Bring it on. I don’t see how President Trump loses that contest/


Anyone who names HRC as VP and somehow becomes the 46th president will have committed Arkancide on Jan 21, 2021. Book it.

Even the “One” wasn’t that dumb, he wanted to live…


I’m not worried about Mini-Mike or any of the other Dem candidates. They can focus group and poll all the blue voters, and can trial balloon all they want. The bottom line is they cheat their own polls and believe them, they will corrupt or not listen to their focus groups if the focus groups don’t give them the results or advice they want, and they can float as many lead balloons as they want and get the MSM to ooh and ah all they want, it ain’t going to help their basic equation: They have no candidate who can unite the disparate factions of the Democratic “coalition”, and they won’t listen to, or try to appeal to, middle America and its (largely silent) Trump supporters.

The Dem leadership is so cloistered, so inoculated from reality… That was proven with their partisan impeachment and their refusal to accept 2016. A wise political party would have accepted the 2016 loss, ditched the toxic Clintons, and otherwise cleaned house and worked with the president and made an effort to appeal to the political middle; but like the petulant 60 to 80+ year old children they are they have pitched a three year hissy fit, a temper-tantrum, which has and is growing old with the mainstream electorate. This year should be a combination of a 1972, 80, and 84 presidential election landslide and a 1994 congressional wave election loss for the Dems.

This is still a center-right country. Think about this: The MSM and academia has been pro Democrat since before 1960, so, logically, the Dems should win presidential elections in landslides and only narrowly lose elections. Since the end of WWII, the Dems have had one (1) landslide in 1964 largely due to a sympathetic vote after the JFK assassination, and at least three (3) landslide losses in 1972, ’80, and ’84. Eisenhower’s and Obama’s elections were large comfortable wins respectively as was Bush the first’s in 1988, and Clinton only got 43 and 49% of the vote in his two wins, and Carter and Kennedy narrowly won in 1960 and 1976 respectively. There is no overwhelming pro Democratic presidential support on a national level despite all the propaganda.

My biggest fears are massive voter fraud causing the loss of the senate, which is a tough re-elect cycle for the GOP as there are approximately 21 GOP seats (most are safe; three – AZ, CO, and ME, are vulnerable) and only 12 Dem seats (most are safe; two – AL and VA are vulnerable). By all rights, the Dems should lose the house in a massive wave (50 – 75 seats) election, but everyone MUST vote and everyone must work hard to get every person they know to vote RED. If our side is not passionate, if our side isn’t willing to crawl over broken glass and go through hell wearing a gasoline suit to vote for Trump and the GOP candidates this year then they never will vote, and the country is lost. It is as simple as that.

Jimmy MacAfee

Expect Bern-brain’s cult to do something they’ve done before, to Republican Congressmen, but this time to a certain billionaire who seemingly intends to steal the nomination. They’re all crazy.

Jimmy MacAfee

MiniMike the Kill-it Candidate China Asset:

“The Washington Post highlighted several of the allegations made against Bloomberg, the most disturbing of which involved Bloomberg allegedly telling a top saleswoman at his company that she should “kill” her baby while she was pregnant.”

“On April 11, 1995 at approximately 11:20 a.m., Bloomberg was having a photograph taken with two female Company salespeople and a group of N.Y.U. Business School students, in the company snack area. When Bloomberg noticed Garrison standing nearby, he asked, “Why didn’t they ask you to be in the picture? I guess they saw your face.” Continuing his penchant for ridiculing recently married women in his employ, Bloomberg asked plaintiff, “How’s married life? You married?” Plaintiff responded that her marriage was great and was going to get better in a few months: that she was pregnant, and the baby was due the following September. He responded to her “Kill it!” Plaintiff asked Bloomberg to repeat himself, and again he said, “Kill it!” and muttered, “Great! Number 16!” suggesting to plaintiff his unhappiness that sixteen women in the Company had maternity-related status. Then he walked away.”

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m guessing that Bloomberg (the news) will begin to lose favor due to his conflicts of interest. He’ll be running something more like CNN or MSLSD.

Jimmy MacAfee

As for China Mike’s conflicts of interests in China – which are more than most believe – and his American version of a “One Child” policy (to pregnant employees: “kill-it”) we can see the ugly, evil underside of this media creation. “Kill-it” Mike is the latest incarnation of another Edomite that Jewish people may remember as Herod the Great, who was a builder, but also a venal, paranoid monster. Many will not remember, unless they read the New Testament, that Herod ordered the deaths of 2-year old toddlers in Bethlehem in order to rid himself of potential competitors.

Makes sense that he would claim Jezebel’s mantle, signifying a handoff from her Totalitarian/Fascistic means and methods. Wall Street is showing impatience with sQuidPro and his visible incompetence, and pines for a candidate they can identify with and control.

Nasty Amy Klobuchar, meanwhile, parroted another lie, that Thomas Jefferson was her height, when he was actually about the same height as President Trump (6’2″) She’s 5’4″, same as Mini Mike the Kill-it China Asset. She’s not going anywhere at this point; too many unforced errors.

Once again, the so-called “Elites” have miscalculated. Kill-it MiniMike the China asset is due for a tumble. Let’s just say that Bern-brains horde of Stalinist rogues will do anything. Especially when you bring Jezebel Clinton back into the picture – like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

phineas gage

I doubt they can pull this off. Even if they can stop Bernie, if the DNC steals the nomination from him a second time. the Bernie Bros are going to go insane. There is no way those folks will support a Bloomberg-Clinton ticket. In the event that it happened, Bernie would very likely run as an independent, splitting the party much like Ross Perot did on the GOP side in 1992. And even as VP, Hillary is a dreadfully unappealing deadweight drag outside of solid blue areas.

I think this is desperation. I expect Bloomberg to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into the effort and be soundly defeated by Trump, who has a united enthusiastic base and it is a far better politician with much more energy.

Regarding what you said about campaign funding, does that mean that Bloomberg can funnel money into the DNC coffers, and the DNC doles it out to specific candidates, like a political slush fund? I thought that sort of funding activity was illegal (pause for laughter…..).


I don’t know about the money equation Dave,

Maybe Mini-Mike can’t “donate” massively to the DNC, but he can “loan” (buy) the DNC millions just like Hillary did in 2016. Or he can get a significant number of his employees and their family and friends to “donate” the individual maximum money allowed… It is called bundling; the Clintons made it an artform, and I don’t see the FEC or the DOJ doing anything to enforce the crappy campaign finance law(s) of McLame, Feingold and Bush II. The only one I have seen “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law” on campaign finance violations was Dinesh D’Souza, a film-maker who made a negative, but true, film about the “One”. And don’t forget about the MSM’s in-kind donations that always go to the Dems.

Mini-Mike can also funnel major money in the same bundling manner to specific down ballot races; since when to the rules stop the Dems from doing what they want.

Bottom line: If Mini-Mike wants to give billions to the DNC, the DNC will get his billions one way or the other, because it is who they are and what they do.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yep: China Mike the Mini-me, Kill-it candidate is just trying to load all the crap he can name on President Trump. He’s got more skeletons in his closet than Michael Avenatti. Like: his conflicts of interest with his magazine/news ops. He’s more like a demented old raven on a wire, pooping on the President as much as they’ll let him.

He’s not “one-of-the-guys,” more like the kid who is bitter about being picked on as a kid and trying to get revenge. That’s his profile.

Jimmy MacAfee

China Mike is going to be looking at another billionaire in SC: Steyer. No joke. though he’s a joke (who looks like a windup cat with a yapping mouth.)

“Biden gets the support of 28 percent of likely South Carolina primary voters, followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) with 20 percent and businessman Tom Steyer with 14 percent.”

Why isn’t China Mike entering these contests? Because he’s counting on a brokered convention.

phineas gage

The key question in SC is, as Biden collapses, whither his black support? I don’t see them going to Bernie or any of the other options. I think they mostly stay home, which means Bernie cruises.

Jimmy MacAfee

Steyer is focusing on them, with some degree of success. Surprisingly. Nasty Amy won’t get their votes.

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