Andrew McCabe Isn’t off the Hook Just Yet

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Think about it… – Michael Avenatti is that coke-head guy in “Die Hard” who sits down in front of the head terrorist and says, “Hans, bubby…I can give ‘im to ya.”

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Get used to hearing the name “Jensen.” – I really really really hate to quote Andrew Weissmann, but, the former lead prosecutor for American Gestapo Chief, er, ‘special counsel’ Robert Mueller basically confirmed what I told you here after hearing the news that Andrew McCabe would not be prosecuted for lying to investigators: That doesn’t mean that McCabe just gets off scot-free.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, Weissmann told F. Chuck Todd late Friday this:

Andrew Weissmann, a former Justice Department official who was known as Mueller’s “pit bull” during the Russia investigation, said the Justice Department swapped out the “loser case” of Andrew McCabe, who escaped criminal charges on Friday for allegedly lying to investigators about authorizing media disclosures, for a fresh one targeting top former FBI officials, including McCabe, led by Jeffrey Jensen, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri.

“All they did was swapped out a loser case for starting an investigation that is going to be of Comey, McCabe, Pete Strzok,” Weissmann told MSNBC host Chuck Todd.

The Washington Post also reported – based entirely on anonymous sources, of course – that DOJ lawyers mad their decision not to pursue McCabe after a federal judge who would have heard the case told them that he believed the case had been damaged by all of the President’s commentary on it. Obviously, an Obama appointee.

McCabe, meanwhile, feeling emboldened by Friday’s events, has been all over CNN, where he is a paid contributor. In an interview last night with Anderson Cooper, he and the host had this exchange:

Anchor Anderson Cooper said, “Aside from being understandably anger about all of what you’ve been through, has it been in a way surreal? In the past couple of minutes, while you’ve been on with me, on Fox, there’s a banner font calling you a liar. Did you ever expect in any way to be dealing with anything like this?”

McCabe said, “I spent 21 years in the FBI as the part of an institution that prides itself on fidelity, braver, andy and integrity. And to be removed from that organization and unfairly branded a liar because that was the desired outcome by the president has just been one of the most sickening and demeaning experiences of my life. It’s horrendous. And it is unfortunate that having listened to propaganda like Fox News, there’s, you know, there are many people in this country that will believe that forever.”

Let’s remember that McCabe ADMITTED to lying repeatedly to DOJ investigators about his serial leaking classified information to members of the press. Inspector General Michael Horowitz painstakingly detailed four instances of his lying to those investigators in a report issued in April of last year. We know he also lied repeatedly in his 2017 testimony to congress. These are simply facts on the public record today.

Andrew McCabe is a liar, and that’s really all there is to it.

But the best part of that exchange is calling Fox News a “propaganda” outlet while doing an interview on freaking CNN.

My goodness.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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phineas gage

I don’t think this was necessarily the beginning of the Russian hoax, since the Dems were already going after Trump and probably already had Simpson and his cronies writing up the dossier, but I think it was a precipitating event.:

The only thing missing is any mention of Seth Rich. I think it is quite likely he downloaded the DNC data to a flashdrive and leaked it to Wikileaks. Whether or not it led to his death takes one down darker conspiracy roads than I usually travel.

Jimmy MacAfee

History is full of dark conspiracy roads. In order to remain sane, and normal, we can’t spend too much time there; men have a tendency to deal with the ugly realities better than women, without going crazy, and Liberals can’t deal with any reality and are always insane no matter what the reality. But even us “normies” can’t spend too much time there.

Seth Rich is what Frank Herbert would call a “key log,” Crowdstrike being one of those jammed logs. The FBI deliberately has hidden knowledge and information surrounding the issues involved. They fear their collaboration in the murder of Rich will be exposed, though it was a CAI operative (a NOC) who was paid to do the deed. As in: drug cartel.

I can tell you this: the fear of Bernie Sanders AND Donald Trump made criminals of them all, but for different reasons. The fear of a Communist takeover is hardwired into the Deep State, even though they play footsie with Communists, and HRC is Fascist, not Communist. Trump was someone they didn’t understand, and especially because they don’t understand his motives (transparent as they are) they chose their pet Fascist HRC, someone who is likely to be analyzed as a psychopath. They can deal with psychopaths; they can’t deal with “Popularists” (Trump’s word for himself, not Populist.) The history of the CAI is to undermine any nation with a popular leader who won’t take orders.

phineas gage

I think the Deep State coup was far, far worse and the cabal far more extensive than anything imagined outside the fever swamps. I think Barr is in an extremely difficult position and has to tread very cautiously. He took the job to restore the DOJ and repair the damage, so he knows better than anyone else how bad it was.

I still have confidence in the man, but he and Durham have got to deliver soon,

Jimmy MacAfee

There are two types of people who fold under pressure:

They’re the hysterical John Brennan types, who squeal under pressure (honestly, how DID he serve in Riyadh?)
And they’re the side who can’t watch the part of the movie that has the most suspense, who fast-forward to the end. The latter are those who won’t allow Barr to either do his job, or be responsible for the end of our Constitution. The stakes are that high. Barr fails; we all fail.

Don’t like the pressure? Go back to watching old movies where you know how the story ends. Otherwise, be a man.


June 21, 2020 is my deadline for faith in AG Barr Jimmy.

If nothing significant happens by then, I will “go back to watching old movies where I know how the stories end”. I’ll still work like hell to re-elect Trump, but I won’t GAS about following this Schiff-show.

And Avenatti’s troubles and convictions mean noting; he is not the Deep State. He was just a media creation, a tool, just like the other “useful idiots” like Greta, et al, “who strut and fret upon the stage for their 15 minutes of fame (ultimately) signifying nothing”, soon to be forgotten when his/her/their value to the cause (shelf life) has expired – only to be replaced by another…

Jimmy MacAfee

If Barr turns, or fails, the Joker scenario may become a reality. I also call it “World War Z,” after that movie, too. Won’t happen immediately, but a lot of people like yourself have put out a deadline, and it’s something that should be taken seriously. Doesn’t have to be that way, Barr or not.

Had HRC won, we’d be past that point already, in open civil war, in a war that the elites would determine we’d lose, and sue for peace. It would no longer be America, but a sputtering scattering of homemade gunpowder: saltpeter, charcoal, sulfur, fizzing and popping without any explosion. Heavy smoke, sparkles, unbreathable air, lights out in selected places, power off, roads blockaded. That would be the time we would “invite” Red China to come in and help “maintain order.” Along with the United Nations, of course.

If the Barr battle fails, it’s not over – it’ll just mean other forms of warfare. Just because the Deep State is said to fight on regardless, so will we. Might not be on forums like this, or in any way we recognize, but new engagements will begin. Always have a Plan B, C, D ad infinitum.

Trust no one. That’s the lesson of Lemon and Flame, (at least from that movie’s perspective.) Nothing is as clean as we’d hope, and nothing is as final as we fear.


Yep, me too

Barr promised results in the spring – I’m assuming spring 2020. Tic – Toc Mr. AG, you’re on the clock. June 21, 2020 will be here soon…

I, for the life of me, can’t understand how the faces of this Deep State coup cabal can live with themselves and be so blatantly lying to our face almost every day. They must really feel bullet-proof and protected by the MSM, their corrupt friends at the DOJ, and by the leftist judges…

All I can hope for is that pride comes before the fall. I also hope numerous congressmen get taken down for their corruption and “abuse of power”, if not by real justice, then by the voters, but they (cong. leaders) are in super-safe seats. BSchiff of Beverly Hills routinely gets 75% plus of the vote; GoNads of Manhattan ditto.

And they won’t be primaried now by the “Justice Democrats” as they did what they had to avoid any real challenge to their power. That is probably the main reason why impeachment happened. Klink would rather save her stalwarts and risk losing her unproven newbies. She must feel she can harvest a new crop of “moderates” – a certain number who were going to be lost anyway in 2020 – to run in 2022 if she loses the 2018 crop this year, in a repeat of 2018 recruitment effort. In other words, her lemmings are expendable.


The above was into response to Phineas at the top of the comments

Jimmy MacAfee

Just to pre-empt all those “fire Barr” types: who wants to fire Barr most (or impeach him?) All those who say: “stop Barr now before he finishes his responsibilities,” well, ya gotta wonder. Trolls are everywhere and of every type.

It’s OK to have doubts, and to express them, but to advocate for the removal of the serving Attorney General means that you’re either uninformed, ill-informed, incapable of understanding strategy (like the now-obvious and successful strategy General Washington pursued in order to preserve his Continental Army) or just plain Leftist trolls with a heart full of merde.

Want him removed before he gets to pull the trigger? Go away, troll. You serve the side who wants Barr impeached.


We heard similar claims about Comey, and now hear he’s included in the latest investigation. Americans feel like we’ll all die of old age before these seemingly endless investigations bear any fruit. And what of Hillary, her destruction or federal records and her Clinton Foundation pay for play work?


Jimmy MacAfee

Maybe, but remember when people made the same point about Avenatti? And Juicy Swallowit? Things are also turning around for Gen. Flynn and Roger Stone, and I expect Paul Manafort to have his convictions overturned because of the corrupt underpinnings of his prosecution, not just a poison tree, a poison grove of trees.

In other words: it’s happening.

I can’t think of a harder, larger or more onerous task than to undo the damage the Clintons/Bushes/Obamas have done to our great Nation, It will take 15-20 years to undo the damage completely, which is about the life expectancy of Clinton/Obama judicial appointees, like Amy Berman whaserfk.

Speaking of whaserfk, the investigation into DWasherSchlitz, former corrupt head of the DNC, continues. Those are eggs that have peeping sounds coming from them.


Thinking that anything is going to happen to any of these weasels is a pipe dream. The investigations that Barr is overseeing will conclude just like all the others, with a big nothing, no one indicted, maybe a slap on the hand and that’s it. They are all in the same club and will protect current and former club members regardless of the ramifications. They will all go along their merry way while flipping us the bird.

phineas gage

A vital yet intangible faith will be irreparably broken in this nation if weasels like McCabe pay no price for their treasonous actions, while Flynn, Manafort, Stone and others are destroyed and/or imprisoned by the leviathan state.

I know that I will never feel the same about my country again.


It appears to me that we will never see actual justice over this coup (which is still ongoing). Too much information has become public to not prosecute a few people and they may even walk free. At one time I thought there were about three hundred people who should go to prison for their illegal activities. I now am beginning to believe that the number may be far higher than three hundred. The alphabet agencies should all be torn down and maybe not rebuilt, certainly not to what they are today. Barr is there to save the agencies while giving the appearance of serving up justice. Durham will likely snag a few for public consumption, however the majority of the swamp will walk free. The swamp knows no political affiliation.

Jimmy MacAfee

You may be right, but what do we call people who undermine the morale of the troops?

We need people to yell: “Charge!” instead of “Retreat!”

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