The Trump/Barr Spat Might Be Nothing More Than Stagecraft

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Getting tired of all this WINNING yet? – No, the stock markets didn’t set new records on Thursday. But, hey, WINNING is never a straight-line progression, right? No, Thursday’s WINNING came in other areas.

Just hours after we wrote about her here at the Campaign Update, corrupt former U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu outright resigned from the Treasury Department, where she had been reassigned weeks ago in anticipation of her being confirmed by the Senate as Treasury’s undersecretary for terrorism and financial crimes. That opportunity went away after President Trump smartly pulled her nomination on Tuesday. Thus, one more deep state embed is now out of the federal bureaucracy.

Too bad, so sad.

No doubt we will see Ms. Liu pop up as a high-paid contributor at CNN or MSNBC in the coming weeks, because that’s what all these deep state skunks and snakes do.

In other news, President Trump and his Attorney General are now feuding. – Or are they? It’s hard to know, really.

William Barr gave what on the surface appeared to be a damage control interview to ABC News Thursday, during the course of which he complained about the President’s tweeting habits, saying at one point that “I cannot do my job here at the department with a constant background commentary that undercuts me.”

The Attorney General also stated that “I think it’s time to stop the tweeting about Department of Justice criminal cases,” referring apparently to the President’s Tuesday tweets about the DOJ’s conduct of the Roger Stone case, which by any rational measure has been outrageous and abusive.

Interestingly, in response to the Barr interview, White House Spokesman Stephanie Grisham said that President Trump has “full faith and confidence in Attorney General Barr to do his job and uphold the law” and he “wasn’t bothered by the comments at all and he has the right, just like any American citizen, to publicly offer his opinions.”

Translated into Trump Speak, that reads “Hey Bill, you have the right to speak your mind, and so do I. Deal with it. Just do your damn job.”

So, what we have here is, at least on the surface, a public spat between the President and his Attorney General. In light of the Democrat/media hoax swirling around the men over the Roger Stone case, however, which falsely alleges that the President abused his power by tweeting his outrage over the draconian sentence recommended by DOJ, it’s a mighty convenient spat indeed.

Think about it: What better time for an Attorney General to assert his independence from his boss than when he’s just been summoned to testify before a circus-clown-filled House Judiciary Committee in 6 weeks over allegations that he is not independent at all? What better time for Mr. Barr to do that when his lead investigator in the inquiry into the origins of the Obama-era spying on the Trump Campaign/Transition Team is preparing to start revealing his findings?

What better time for Mitch McConnell, John Thune and other prominent Republicans on Capitol Hill to come out and support Mr. Barr’s contention that he should be left alone to do his job, which they did on Thursday? This tactic – if it is one – won’t stop the Democrat efforts to smear Barr dead in its tracks, but it does under-cut their narrative, especially when Barr goes to one of the most biased and corrupt mainstream media outlets of all to use as his platform.

We all must remember that it’s the narrative that matters here. The narrative is all the left cares about – to them, truth has no real meaning anymore. The narrative dictates their daily conduct and indeed, for many of them, forms the very basis of their being. Whenever the narrative fails to have its desired impact, their effectiveness is diminished, and so is their power to influence the public.

So, maybe Barr’s interview and the President’s response were exactly what they appeared to be: A public spat over the President’s social media habits. Or maybe, as has so often been the case in the past, the President and his Administration were deploying a tactic designed to subtly promote their own preferred narrative about Mr. Barr’s independence in advance of Durham’s investigation finally starting to bear fruit.

It sure will be fun to find out.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Barr is all that stands between a corrupt system that protects the Elite and wants us all to be their serfs, and the elimination of that corrupt system.

If you can read – and some have given reasons to doubt that they can – then read this assessment all the way through. If you refuse, but still insist upon trashing everyone involved in fixing this mess, you’re part of the problem. The Deep State is deeper than you think, and has NO good intentions.

IF Barr fails, kiss your Constitution goodbye; if Barr is conspiring with the Deep State, it’s all lost already. Be patient, and trust no one. Especially ANYONE calling for Barr’s removal.

Jimmy MacAfee

Weissman says: “All they did was swap out a loser case.”

“All they did was swapped out a loser case for starting an investigation that is going to be of Comey, McCabe, Pete Strzok,” Weissmann told MSNBC host Chuck Todd.”

Hold the calls for Barr to leave. Trust no one. Especially those making early judgements.


Trump needs to fire Barr! After he gave McCabe a free pass that leaves very little doubt he is deep state. He’s ex-cia. and hasn’t done anything of significance since he became AG despite the fact that there is piles of evidence of these people’s corruption.
I’m tired of hearing how “oh we have to take it slow. or we will lose” BS with the evidence it’s open and shut!! they are just stalling and trying to sweep it under the table. Playing Trump for a fool, (and thats if Trump isn’t in on it.) I find it hard to believe that he is that naive to believe they can’t move forward with indictments and trials with just what has come out.
Nah!!! it’s coming back to what it was always going to save this nation and founding principals Patriots and the use of the rules of law and we’ve have already spoke out, assembled, and redressed for grievance. next is the teeth of the rights hope you are all prepared.


Barr finds it impossible to do WHAT job? All his DOJ has done so far is decline to prosecute the insurrectionists having already found legit charges! First Comey and now McCabe? Please…


Exactly! Isn’t like there isn’t mounds of evidence proving the illegal spying, the Coup d’etat attempt, the billions in money laundering not to mention the all the treason against the people with their legislation.

Barr is Ex-CIA and a deep stater Trump needs to remove him and put someone in who is ready to take it to these usurping tyrannts

Carlos Dangler

“No doubt we will see Ms. Liu pop up as a high-paid contributor at CNN…”
But Nick Sandmann continues to be their highest paid talent!

Jimmy MacAfee

Haaaaaa! Great one! Brilliant!

Jimmy MacAfee

The Attorney General is acutely aware of how both Intelligence and Law Enforcement had been politicized, some under Bush and accelerated under Obama. All of those people who attempted to stage a coup against an incoming President and a serving President, Donald J. Trump, were engaged in treason, using political means to accomplish their goals.

Knowing how the Left likes to project, Barr is rightly concerned that the prosecutions of these perpetrators will be dismissed as “political.” This is no small concern; this is historic. The record already shows that the Left has engaged in sabotage, and of politicizing the IC and LE communities.

Barr’s protest is right, even though President Trump has avoided getting personally or politically involved in a great number of issues. Wouldn’t most of us like to see a blanket amnesty for everybody Mueller and his corrupt cadre of prosecutors have charged and prosecuted and convicted. Trump stayed out of it. He let others do their jobs.

One day we will hopefully see the right people in prison. Comey et al.


Interesting theory Dave, and I hope your assessment is correct.

I am so tired of everyone bitching about the president’s tweets, inferring that he is some kind of loose cannon who is not acting “presidential”.

My belief is Trump has exhibited incredible patience and perseverance. To wit:

He put up with a gutless feckless figurehead AG for two years.
He has seen much of the law enforcement apparatus of the federal, state and local (sanctuary states and cities) governments either ignoring or outright violating laws – with virtually all such transgressions working AGAINST his administration and its goals.
He has seen NO punishment meted out to all the Deep State evildoers left behind by the three prior administrations – many of whom have richly benefited from their lawless conduct past and present.
He has had to put up the RINOS in congress constantly playing both ends against the middle, often resulting in inconsistent or luke-warm “support” for his policies. (One thing about Pelosi, Reed and Schumer – they fought like hell for the “One’s” agenda; I see no such fire for Trump’s agenda.)
He has had to fight the Pentagon Brass tooth and nail to save the career of enlisted men
He has had to put up with leaks and “whistleblowers” inside and outside his direct “purview”, again with all such leaks having a designed (dare I say colluded?) effect to either embarrass or defeat his administration and its goals.
He has had to put up with betrayal at worst, or nonfeasance at best, by many of his own appointees.
He has had to put up with the (lower) courts immediately blocking his agenda, while having to wait months/years to get a higher court to rule correctly over and over again.
He has had to put up with virtually all his family, friends, and associates being ridiculed, trashed, and in some cases prosecuted (persecuted) by the one-sided media and its “coverage” of the same, and by HIS “Justice” Department, for doing NOTHING wrong.

Can anyone blame the president for reacting to all this crap? Especially when he is obstensively the boss of all this – “free” press excepted.

While we all fervently hope Barr and Durham are the real deal, we conservatives are used to being disappointed and betrayed by much of the government, and by the politicians we have elected in the past to promote a conservative agenda which NEVER seems to redound to our desires Is it any wonder we are jaded and our patience is wearing thin?

We wanted Sessions to be Trump’s “wingman” – he crashed and burned before he even took flight.

We hope and PRAY Barr is not Trump’s “wingman”, but a SUPERMAN for “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” We want Barr to clean house and get the government to actually follow the “Rule of Law”, because as we all have been repeated told by the ones who have routinely VIOLATED the law – “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW”.

In closing:

Mr. Barr, you knew who (tweeting) Trump was when you took the job. You have been the AG for close to a year, and while things are seemingly getting better, the progress is moving at a glacial pace.

Please shut up, stay off TV, and do your job – talk to Trump, not the media, if you have a problem – don’t be a Kelly or Bolton. Prosecute criminals, and clean up your house and quit giving the media the ability to report on stories which shows supposed disfunction in the Trump administration. There is no benefit for any Trump associate to appear on or speak to the MSM.

Perhaps you are right Dave in your assessment of the four dimensional chess of Trump, but Sessions and (sadly) many of Trump’s appointees can’t even play checkers…. But just as America is worn out with the Dems constant anti everything Trump; we are also tired of hearing all this “Palace Intrigue”.

Everyone who works for, or supports, Trump and his agenda should just keep quiet and keep away from the media and do their job.

Are you listening Senator Graham?

Jimmy MacAfee

One day, President Trump is going to throw an off-speed pitch and confuse the DS beyond their wits; one day, he’ll stop using Twitter – (perhaps for a week? more?) – and the Left will go into a panic. Not that Trump telegraphs – (Obama telegraphed more than any President in history) – but they always swing wildly at whatever he tweets, like a dog waiting for the master to throw the ball. Woof.


Gregg, agree that T is no doubt frustrated, and is getting attacked from all sides. He uses social media because that’s his direct line to the American people. My opinion, he does need to cool it a bit…and be a bit more strategic. He pulled his tweet the other day calling Bloomberg a racist, and admitted it was too much, and needed to bring the country together, not divide it. A little more discretion like that is what I’m saying. I’m reminded of the old saying, “just because you have something to say doesn’t mean you should”. And he does share his opinion often.

I hope Dave is correct and this is scripted to give Barr some cover ahead of the hearings, and I am very interested to see him go against the slobbering Dems.

We have 9 months to go to the election….as has been discussed here, there will probably be at least another attempt to remove him from office, and it seems they want to go after his senior picks like Barr as well. Its Trumps’s election to lose, so he needs to be very careful and not give ammo to the Dems. Play it smart baby…

pv beveren

so you think pandering to the discredited MSM is a good tactic, or should he follow the game plan that got him elected, balls to the wall, and guns blazing?

Jimmy MacAfee

Optimistically speaking, two things seem to shout out:

1. The Deep State is denouncing Barr in a panic
2. Barr needs to make what may be a widespread prosecution as far from political as possible.

pv beveren

Barr needs to start fast-tracking a PURGE of the corrupt DOJ, not tinker with “reform”, and stop pursuing the obvious biased and illegal cases still ongoing from the totally discredited and illegal Mueller debacle.

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