The New Democrat/Media Hoax Arrives: Impeach…William Barr?

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this WINNING yet? – Once again, every major U.S. stock market index closed at new record highs on Wednesday, with the Dow closing above 29,500 for the first time and the NASDAQ now up over 9700.

Tired of all this WINNING yet? Part II. – President Donald Trump will host his nemesis (one of them, anyway) at the White House today, when corrupt New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shows up for a pleading session. Cuomo will be there to humbly ask the President to prevail on the Department of Homeland Security to amend its decision last week to ban residents of New York from participating in so-called trusted traveler programs.

The reason for the DHS decision, of course, is the Governor’s own moronic decision to turn his state into a sanctuary for illegal aliens, and deny DHS personnel access to New Yorkers’ Department of Motor Vehicles data and criminal records. Which makes perfect sense – how can one be a trusted traveler, after all, if authorities cannot determine whether or not that person is actually trustworthy?

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at this meeting.

If the mob thought like this, Robert F. Kennedy would have been assassinated in 1963 instead of his brother. – Hey, trying to take out the President via impeachment was a miserable failure, so why not go after his lieutenants?  Yes, friends and neighbors, the 10-day period without an active hoax being run against the Trump presidency is over.

We all knew the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies would have to mount another hoax soon, but most thought it would be something they would run directly at President Trump. Yesterday, though, the plan came clear, and it turns out it is not directed at the President at all, but at his Attorney General, William Barr.

Yesterday’s Update talked about the resignations of the four corrupt DOJ lawyers from the case against Roger Stone, which was an obvious pre-planned, staged event designed to create the pretense for Democrats on Capitol Hill and their toadies in the fake news media to squeal that the President was using the Justice Department to protect his friends. After what we have seen the last 3 years, if President Trump is actually doing that, he sure is terrible at it, as “friend” after “friend” and associate after associate have been abused by American Gestapo Chief Robert Mueller and his pack of Clinton and Obama-supporting attack dogs.

So, it was obvious early yesterday morning that the Democrats were mounting a new hoax. What was not obvious before the events that took place throughout the day, though, who the precise target of this particular hoax would really be. It is now obvious that the ultimate target of this hoax will not be President Trump, but Attorney General William Barr.

And, as if to emphasize my point, here is Elizabeth Warren promoting the narrative:


Which makes sense when you think about it. After all, the Democrats have already tried and miserably failed to impeach and remove President Trump, causing his public approval ratings to rise significantly in the process. They may actually possess enough sense not to want to travel down that particular road again during an election year. So, hey, how about going after his Attorney General? Yeah, that’s the ticket!

The Democrat/media propaganda complex has been trying to figure out what to do about Barr since he announced the appointment of U.S. Attorney John Durham to conduct an investigation into all the efforts by the Obama FBI, DOJ and CIA to spy on the Trump campaign and transition team during 2016. Make no mistake about it, they are deathly afraid of what this investigation will ultimately produce, especially, as mentioned above, during an election year in which their Party and candidates are already obviously sucking major wind.

There isn’t much the propaganda complex can do to impeded Durham’s progress; so, being the evil little leftist hacks they all are, smearing the messenger is  the Alinsky tactic they have decided to adopt. Because of course they have.

Yesterday, the narrative became clear: William Barr, the former Bushie who all the establishment liberals went ga-ga over when he was nominated by President Trump, is now the Boogeyman. He is nothing but a puppet whose strings are being pulled by the Orange Man Bad in the White House, and he is using office to do the President’s bidding and nothing else.

Being the new Democrat/media Boogeyman, he must be removed from office, and if he won’t agree to be hounded out by the smear merchants in the Democrat congressional caucus and their media agents, then Jabba the Nadler and Pencil Neck Schiff will mount another impeachment effort, this time targeted at Barr, not the President.

Nadler, as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, took the initial step of calling Barr to testify about the Stone dust-up and other matters yesterday, sending a letter to Barr that was of course immediately leaked to the willing hacks in the media:

Here is the full text of the letter:

The Honorable William Barr
Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530

Dear Mr. Attorney General:

We are writing to confirm your agreement to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on March 31, 2020.

In the interest of transparency, we wish to be candid about one set of concerns we plan to address at the hearing. Since President Trump took office, we have repeatedly warned you and your predecessors that the misuse of our criminal justice system for political purposes is both dangerous to our democracy and unacceptable to the House Judiciary Committee.[1] Our Republican colleagues have warned the Department of the same.[2] We have been consistent — and bipartisan — in this message for years.

In your tenure as Attorney General, you have engaged in a pattern of conduct in legal matters relating to the President that raises significant concerns for this Committee.[3] In the past week alone, you have taken steps that raise grave questions about your leadership of the Department of Justice. These include:

  • The ongoing developments following the removal of U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu, who oversaw the prosecutions of President Trump’s deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates, President Trump’s former national security advisor Michael Flynn, and President Trump’s longtime political adviser Roger Stone.[4]
  • The creation of a new “process” by which President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani can feed the Department of Justice information, through you, about the President’s political rivals.[5]
  • The decision to overrule your career prosecutors and significantly reduce the recommended sentence for Roger Stone, who has been convicted for lying under oath, at the apparent request of the President — a decision that led to all four prosecutors handling the case to withdraw from the proceedings in protest.[6]

These are not the only issues that our Committee intends to discuss with you when you appear, but they are enough to require our immediate attention.

We look forward to your testimony.


This is a really, really stupid path for Nadler and his fellow dimwits to tread. Barr will eat these people for lunch on these matters, fully digest them and eject them in a single bowel movement before the hearing ends.

  • The sentence recommended by the four corrupt lawyers prosecuting the Stone case was wildly outside of DOJ guidelines, and the AG intervened in the case before the President ever uttered a peep about it. Simple.
  • The “creation of a new “process” by which President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani can feed the Department of Justice information” is in fact not new process at all. The DOJ has long employed a “process” by which the DOJ is open to receiving relevant information from any and all citizens of the United States, and non-citizens as well. Only the abject imbeciles infesting the Democrat side of House Judiciary appear to be unaware of this.
  • Jessie Liu? Really? She was removed from her job as head of the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s office after refusing to follow up myriad criminal referrals from members of congress and DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, as well as agreeing to help cover up wrongdoing on the Senate Intelligence Committee and its staff, and the Imran Awan case. Despite all of that, Barr still thought highly enough of her to convince the President to nominate her for a position at Treasury. That nomination was legally and properly withdrawn this week, and Nadler and his fellow Democrats are outraged. So what?Do the Democrats really want to provide Barr with a public platform to publicly litigate all of Liu’s actions while in the DC U.S. Attorney’s role? Talk about bringing in fire on your own position.

So, you might ask why Nadler decided to schedule this hearing for six full weeks from now? Most likely, he has information that Durham is on schedule to wrap up his work and either issue a report or start issuing indictments by that time. The tactic here would be to turn the hearing into an opportunity for the committee Democrats to smear Barr and Durham.

The tactical error made here is clear: Barr and Durham now know that they have six weeks during which to start releasing key information about the investigation and its findings.  They have an opportunity now to completely prepare their own stage.

Many, many Republicans in Washington are too dumb to think of taking advantage of such an opportunity. William Barr is not among them.

This new hoax is destined to fail just as all the previous hoaxes have miserably failed. But, hey, it’s all the Democrats have at this point.

Someone go pop some popcorn. This will be fun.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Cameron Howe

“…the misuse of our criminal justice system for political purposes is both dangerous to our democracy and unacceptable to the House Judiciary Committee”

Barr: Yes Jerry, lets discuss this.


“Barr will eat these people for lunch on these matters, fully digest them and eject them in a single bowel movement before the hearing ends.”
David, I laughed so hard, I was moved to have releave myself…a #2 of course.

phineas gage

That was an exceptional bit of prose..

Democrats know they can’t successfully go back to the impeachment well to get Trump himself. However, it is even more important to go after AG Barr to thwart the Durham investigation that is an existential threat to their money laundering scheme via Ukraine, their felonious efforts to spy on and remove a sitting President, and any number of crimes yet to be revealed.

R E Keen (with respects)

The road goes on forever and the party never ends.

Jimmy MacAfee

For those people who keep saying: “Barr isn’t doin’ nuttin,” I say: STFU.

I remember some of my Dad’s engineering buddies watching football; a player would try to catch the overthrown ball, and they’d say that he “didn’t try hard enough!” “Just run faster!”

Same with the federal deficit: they’d sit around and grouse and say: “It’s those Congressmen junketing! That’s why there’s a deficit!”

Of course, they were Engineers, and some of them could always, according to my Dad (who was also an Engineer) find 15 reasons something couldn’t be done, and would miss the single obvious reason something COULD be done!

So if you think you can do better than Barr, then maybe you should actually start paying attention to what Barr IS doing and HAS done. Or do you think a General setting up an active, ongoing battle plan should just listen to some dopey PFC who says: “Dat General don’t know crap; he ain’t doin’ nuttin.”\

Well, in medicine, you hear family members who can count their teeth on one hand say that the “doctor is stupid,” and “he don’t know what he’s doin.” Nurses get sick of that kind of crap, which the family members are never brave enough to tell the doctor face-to-face. So just go STFU, unless you have some real inside knowledge and understanding of strategy and timing and elements of battle – which obviously you don’t.


It would appear Barr is ready…he’s confirmed he will testify. That pretty much indicates that he’s ready to take the turds head on. The only narrative they have left (the turds) is that Orange Man Bad is taking revenge on the people that investigated him. Doesn’t hold any water because it will be demonstrated that laws were broken. I sure hope the Dems lose the house…it would be nice for things to be quiet for a couple of years.

DD More

Nadds the Hut – took the initial step of calling Barr to testify about the Stone dust-up.

Now that was quick. response. Sure hope any collusion between the Swamp DoJ & Congress critters wasn’t picked up on Government phone equipment.


How can Democrats even suggest another impeachment of any kind? Americans just roll our eyes and shake our heads! LOL! Talk about buffoonery. How aren’t Dems blatantly embarrassed by the behavior of their “leaders”?

Charles Aronowitz

What’s the point in supporting Barr? He’s done nothing to hold Brennan, Clapper, Comey and Co. accountable for their crimes. As far as I am concerned he’s useless.


Sadly, I must concur.


What I have never understood is how “Republicans” like McCain, Romney, Ryan, the Bushies etc. routinely get pounded by the left, but then routinely kiss the left’s a$$ in order to try to curry favor from the same people who do their best to destroy them. It has never made any sense.

Sooner or later, the dim bulb lackeys in the GOP will be galvanized to fight the left’s agenda. Fortunately, many of the spineless GOP Reps “retired” in 2018 rather than fight for America and Trump’s agenda. Undoubtedly more RINO retirements will occur this year, which will be a good thing.

Although it was temporally unfortunate the house went Dem in 2018, in some ways that was actually a good thing. Trump even alluded to that when he said that he was glad the GOP did not retain a slim (2-3 seat) majority where a couple of grandstanding Republicans could thwart his agenda in key votes, yet still give the Dems cover by having the GOP be the “Majority” party in control of the house.

Trump has masterfully used the Klink led house as a political foil. He has forced out into the open for all to see the worst of their (heretofore) carefully hidden agenda. To quote Dennis Green, an NFL head coach: “But they are who we thought they were. And we let them off the hook.”

Trump and his true allies are not going to “let them off the hook”. The Dems and the American left own their radical anti-American agenda and it has been masterfully exposed. GoNads, BSchiff, and Klink have proven to be political lightweights. They are neither appealing, nor attractive, nor is the “squad” and, if there is any logic among the body politic, 50 to 75 seats will be lost by the Dems this year in the Trump landslide.

GoNads and BSchiff can write all the letters they want about alleged Trump/DOJ, misconduct, but it will amount to nothing. Barr can testify in late March, (hopefully after a slew of indictments) and have these Dem idiots for lunch and further expose them for the partisan hacks they are.

What Trump should say at his rallies and strategically tweet is the record of all the abuses of B. J. Clinton and the “One’s” administrations where: Clinton fired all but two US Attorneys in one “midnight massacre” and Obama, infested the DOJ/FBI/IC with outright hacks like Holder, Lynch and Comey…, particularly if some or all of their players are under indictment.

Ace Karner

Waiting for this hearing is going to be like waiting for Christmas for a six year old. I just can’t wait for Jabba to try to cross examine AG Barr, what fun!

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m thinking that the book-writing “source” that the President has recently spoken about will be terrified, and may be gone already, hoping not to be revealed. But the threat (by Nunes) to reveal the inner workings of the Mule-er investigation has them really crapping their collective britches. I imagine Rod RosenSTEEN is gnawing his fingernails to the quick, and Brennan is having hissy fits every hour, like a predictable geyser.
Not gloating, though: want to see this thing all opened for everyone to see.

But if they did somehow manage to impeach Barr and remove him, he’d be brought back as a temp. Or made head of the FBI, working without confirmation until the elections. And then have his impeachment taken off the record, like Trump’s impeachment.

phineas gage

Completely agree. This is a transparent effort to take down Barr and Durham, so the news must be bad for the conspirators re: indicitments. Barr will know how to handle this, and I look forward to the congressional hearing.

Jimmy MacAfee

For all those people who have said Barr isn’t doing anything: you can tell how powerful the predator is by the reactions of the prey. The bunnies are squealing and the wolf stalks; usually bunnies stay still and hope not to be seen. Very telling!.

Jimmy MacAfee

Looks like the rats can’t stand waiting for their ship to sink. The tension must be unbearable. (wink)

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