The DOJ Rats Are Outing Themselves

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Talk about calling in fire on your own position… – All four corrupt U.S. Attorneys who have been persecuting, er, ‘prosecuting’ former Trump adviser Roger Stone abruptly resigned from the case on Tuesday, proving conclusively that they are deep state embeds who need to be fired from their positions at the Department of Justice.

Their mass resignation came in response to Attorney General William Barr’s move to rescind their abusive sentencing recommendation in the case of 7 to 9 years in prison for a guy convicted of “crimes” that normally elicit recommendations of weeks in jail or outright probation. This was no accidental event.

Indeed, as the day wore on, it became obvious that the four lawyers – Michael Marando, Aaron Zelinsky, Jonathan Kravis and Adam Jed – had intentionally misled the DOJ about what their recommendation would be, and submitted their outrageous proposal for the express purpose of creating this scenario. Their mass protest over Barr’s intervention was portrayed by a coordinating, corrupt news media as abuse by Barr and President Trump, who tweeted his own outrage over the sentencing recommendation early in the day.

Right on cue following the President’s tweet on the matter, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and Jabba the Nadler all issued statements of protest at what they called the President’s “abuse of power,” with Nadler even implying that Trump’s tweet was impeachable, due to his supposed interference with the DOJ internal processes. Nevermind that DOJ had already said it would rescind the sentencing recommendation before the President issued his tweet – the narrative is all that matters to the Democrat/media propaganda factory.

Chuck Schumer hilariously took the step of sending a letter to DOJ IG Michael Horowitz to perform an investigation of the supposed interference into the DOJ process by President Trump. But hell, it takes Horowitz a minimum of 14 months to find the damn bathroom. Talk about an empty threat.

Interestingly, even though the DOJ rescinded the abusive sentencing recommendation later in the day, providing its rationale for lower sentencing in the process, it left the ultimate decision on how much jail time Stone should serve up to corrupt Obama appointed federal judge Amy Berman Jackson, who is presiding in the case. This is the same corrupt judge who so abused Paul Manafort during his trial, placing a guy charged with 10 year-old tax evasion and lobbying irregularities into solitary confinement and invoking other measures that Al Capone and Ted Bundy didn’t even have to suffer.

Many Trump supporters were outraged at DOJ’s failure to offer a firm recommendation, but I think what have going on here is a dare. Barr appears to be daring Judge Jackson to issue a harsh sentence to Stone despite all the public uproar, in order to provide President Trump with a clear and unarguable rationale for issuing a full presidential pardon. It will be very interesting see if Judge Jackson takes the bait.

In the meantime, we have four corrupt, traitorous DOJ employees who have now stupidly identified themselves as deep state operatives, providing AG Barr with an unambiguous rationale for providing them office space in converted broom closets in which they can spend the remainder of their DOJ careers editing briefs written by real lawyers.

Or he could just fire them all outright. I’m good either way.

That is all.

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Fire them all! The try them for treason! They have spent YEARS attempting to unseat a duly elected President and the crime is treason! Fire all 4 of them and about 300 other traitors.

Matt Frihart

I had a just a wonderful exchange overnight on a comment board over at DC, pointing out how the stone matter was all fruit of the poisonous tree and 4th amendment protections…….. now mind you this exchange wasnt great for the other person, but I was having a grand time as the other person was saying I was making laws up out of thin air…….. even this morning the person called me a stupid trumpist so I had a good laugh when I woke up…. at one point in the conversation the person even admitted they never heard of what I was talking about, to which I said “yeah, that’s the problem, you don’t know basic civics, nor the entire case history going on here” ………. at which point I was called a stupid trumpist again………. it was hillarious.

Jimmy MacAfee

Devin Nunes says there will be answers about why it took years, big bucks and 40 FIB agents to conduct the fraudulent Mule-er investigation.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah: 40 agents; 40 imbeciles. They are sons of those who didn’t give a damn about the Saudi “students” who learned to fly in 2000, but not to take off or land – (some agents did say something, but their “superiors” didn’t give a rip.) Lessons learned: don’t buck the system. The FIB has turned into a group of lifers who want to protect their pensions above all else; they see what happens to people who rock the 7th floor. Ought to seal off the floor, as if it has coronavirus, with the execs still in it. Forever.

Apparently, bravery is no longer considered an asset; while bureaucracy does tend to dampen independent thinking, creativity, awareness and integrity, you’d expect a whistleblower or two out of 40. There were evidently some, but according to the rules, they had to be asked, and no one was asking. Like the FIB keeping Strzok’s accomplice hidden and away from prying eyes. Personally, I would have led an uprising against Mule-er.

And the DOH (Homer Simpson “doh) prostitutors who left in a hissy fit, who imagined that if they got a 7-9 year conviction, they could STILL squeeze Roger Rabbit to make up sh-t about Trump and protect the evil bastards who hopefully will lose their law licenses.

A bucket of worms for brains. That’s the nice way to put it.

phineas gage

This is an effort to take down Barr–and by extension, Durham. They are getting much too close to the truth.


Finally. The flood gates are opened.. Soon all of the slime will oooze out.

Jimmy MacAfee

A solid analysis.
Especially the part about Berman and the dare. Good catch!

And remember, the prostitutors (“prosecutors”) were the dregs left over from the Muler Expedition (spelling intentional.) Right now, they look more like the Donner Party, trapped in a snowstorm, eating one another.

Wait until Rosensteen (spelling intentional) is brought into the upcoming fray, and upcoming is more like an upwelling of a geyser. Who will be scalded? Another Life Science question: will these snakes eat the rats, or will the rats eat the snakes?


Will we get a “blue” film showing Strock-Stroke-Smirk and LP “eating each other to save their respective skins? Yuck! Scary thought.

Jimmy MacAfee

No more sweet nothings in Farsi.


Fire them all, fire them all, the long and the short and the tall
Fire all the lawyers and gov turncoats
Fire all leakers and their enabling ones
Americans are saying goodbye to them all, as back to the swamp they will crawl
You’ll get no more graft this side of DC, so get out of town, as the indictments will come

Quick rewrite of the lyrics of the war song “Bless them all” by George Formby

Below are the original lyrics:

Bless em All, Bless em All, the long and the short and the tall
Bless all the sergeants and W. O. ones
Bless all the corp’rals and their blinkin sons
‘Cos we’re saying goodbye to them all, as back to their billets they crawl
You’ll get no promotion this side of the ocean, so cheer up my lads, Bless ’em All

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