New Hampshire Breeds More Chaos For The Democrats

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this WINNING yet? – While the Dow closed down by less than 1 percent, both the NASDAQ and S&P 500 managed record high closes for the second straight day despite indications from Federal Reserve Board Chair Jerome Powell that the Fed will not be lowering interest rates again at its next meeting.

Speaking of WINNING, Democrat looooosers were dropping like flies after poor finishes in last night’s New Hampshire primary. Andrew Yang was the first to end his campaign, in which he attempted to bribe his way to the nomination with the false promise of paying a “living wage” to every adult of $1,000. Just a few minutes behind Yang was Colorado Senator Michael Bennet, who most people didn’t know was in the race in any event.

A little bit later in the evening, some corrupt reporter – I never did find out who it was – tweeted a “scoop” that he/she had actually listened as billionaire Tom Steyer told his supporters that he was leaving the race, and many others picked up the “story” and repeated it. It turned out to be false, as Steyer, who has already wasted more than $200 million in the race to get to 1% in Iowa and 3% in New Hampshire, seems intent on wasting another few hundred million before finally giving up his ghost of a campaign. Cool.

The winner, of course, was The Commie, Bernie Sanders. The old Bolshevik  managed to outpace Preacher Pete Buttigieg by about 4,000 votes, similar to his initial vote margin in the Iowa Caucuses, where Preacher Pete ended up being awarded one more delegate by the Party’s “counters.” Despite his edge in the New Hampshire vote, The Commie was awarded the same number of delegates as the Preacher, leaving him still one behind in the Party’s bizarre method of awarding delegates, despite having collected about 10,000 more votes.

Because this is how the Democrat Party operates in the year 2020.

But the real stories of the night came with who finished in third place, and who didn’t manage to crack the top 3.

As I predicted yesterday, Amy Klobuchar had a strong showing, coming in third behind Preacher Pete and dominating the analyst panels on CNN and MSNBC.

Klobuchar probably shouldn’t get too used to grabbing so much of the spotlight, though. In New Hampshire, she benefited from an indecisive voter base in which almost half of Democrat voters didn’t make up their minds until the three days prior to Tuesday. This enabled her to benefit from a strong debate performance on Friday night, as well as the implosions being experienced by the previous favorites in the race.

The campaign moves next to Nevada, a caucus state in which heavy organizing is key. Klobuchar hasn’t had the funding needed to build much of an organization there, and is thus unlikely to do as well. With just 10 days left before that event, she has little time to really get into that race even if her strong NH finish results in a pile of new cash coming into her campaign.

South Carolina comes a week later, and she is barely even registering in polls there. Where Bill Clinton could finish an also-ran in New Hampshire in 1992 and then be pushed by the fawning news media into front-runner status, today’s corrupt media is too bought-in to promoting Preacher Pete and Mini-Mike Bloomberg as the great hopes to head off The Commie to spend much time pushing Sen. Klobuchar as an alternative. So, expect the talk around Klobuchar in the coming days to focus on the viability of her becoming a potential “moderate” running mate to balance a ticket headed by The Commie.

Then, of course, there were the big, big loooooosers of the night: Quid Pro Joe and Lieawatha, the two former “front-runners” in the race.

Think about this: Amy Klobuchar, who finished third, received more votes than both Crazy Uncle Joe and Fauxcahontas, combined. Neither candidate could even crack 10% of the vote. Given that these two had polled neck-and-neck in the state with The Commie since last April, that is a stunning result.

Biden was so certain he would have a horrible finish in New Hampshire that he cancelled his “celebration” party there and fled to South Carolina Tuesday afternoon so he could deliver a despicably pandering speech to a crowd that actually had some – as he calls them – “black and brown folks” in it.

After delivering her own concession speech, Little Mouth Always Running was seen trying to score some peyote and heading off to the nearest sweat lodge so she could re-calibrate her campaign’s strategy.

While all the drama in New Hampshire was taking place, Billionaire Bloomberg was spending another $30 million or so on ads in the big Super Tuesday states, which are the first ones where he will actually be on the ballot. By the time these other folks get to that point in the calendar, they’ll all be either broke or exhausted.

This is chaos, folks, a chaos that is setting up perfectly for a brokered convention in Milwaukee in July.

Finally, the story the media is ignoring this morning is the story about turnout. Total Democrat turnout was once again lower than expected, with 280,000 total votes cast in that primary, compared to expectations of more than 300,000. This is a depressed and floundering Party.

Meanwhile, GOP turnout wildly exceeded expectations, with more than 130,000 votes cast compared to projections of something around 100,000. The President received twice as many votes as Barack Obama, Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan received in New Hampshire in their re-election bids.

And that is what President Donald Trump calls WINNING.


Here are my updated, post-New Hampshire odds for the ultimate winner of the Democrat nomination:

The Commie:     5 to 2

Mini-Mike:         3 to 1

Preacher Pete:  15 to 1

Klobuchar:        20 to 1

Quid Pro Joe:   100 to 1

Fauxcahontas:  100 to 1

Hillary Clinton at a brokered convention:  5 to 4


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Chaos: when the Far East shows what centralized, Socialized medical care is really all about – the rich still get treatment, the poor still don’t. Someone besides me needs to connect these dots: creativity is discouraged in places with central planning. Solutions are ignored, and incentives are rare.

So what is this about Medicare for All? Why is it attractive? Go to the Far East and watch the walls fall down, places where they built empty cities with no people living in them. Is this where the rich refugees will go, when the Far East looks like “World War Z?” And when they’ll bring the disease with them, wherever they flee?

Socialized medicine fails. Not one of the dumbasses in the Dem primaries are for the Free Market.


I was a poll worker for Reagan in 1980. NJ polls closed at 8:00 PM. My job was to hand deliver the tabulated results from our four precincts at the voting place – there were approximately 80 total precincts in my county – to our victory party location. Each NJ precinct at that time had between approximately 1000 and 1200 registered voters. The voting machines were mechanical; not paper, not computerized.

8:03 results tabulated
8:04 I recorded the results on paper to take to the party
8:11 arrived at the party and submitted the results
8:15 my precinct’s results were announced

By 9:00 all Mercer County results were announced and officially recorded

In this age of computers, using touch screens in many cases, I want to know why it takes over four hours to get less than 80% of the vote counted in a state where less than 300,000 (and 130,000 GOP) Democratic votes were cast.

Isn’t it amazing how it is always the red rural vote gets tabulated and reported first and the blue city vote always last, when the actual precincts are about the same size in terms of numbers?

The same crap happens in the same places in every election with the same level of corruption. The Dems keep clamoring for free open elections…

President Trump and AG Barr, I want honest, fair, and accurate elections everywhere. Make it happen in 2020!

Jimmy MacAfee

A certain anon said that 2018 was not possible to guarantee, but that 2020 would be clean. The efforts of Judicial Watch have things looking up!

AND with the sanctuary city BS being unraveled by the New DOJ, Barr said that the DOJ is interested most in apprehending illegal criminals (the ones who commit more crimes than just being here.) Remove the criminal illegals, and you undermine voting fraud. Like: most illegals keep a low profile, and many won’t go near a voting booth, where they could potentially be outed and deported. (Think the voting places will be monitored? Yes.)

So which illegals are likely to illegally vote? Criminals. Risk-taking criminals.


The vote counters also need to be “monitored” as do all the voting machine software “developers”.

Jimmy MacAfee

Gyorigi Schwartz’ connection to SCYTL has been noted, as well as his connection to the software used in the latest debacle. Think he’s a target? (I do)

phineas gage

It is all about turnout. As the saying goes, ‘if it’s not close, they can’t cheat’. Not really true, but it makes it a lot harder.

Jimmy MacAfee

Someone should ask the candidates, who all favor “universal healthcare,” if they like the kind now on demonstration in the Far East?

Jimmy MacAfee

Lizzie “Borden” Warren will be suspending her campaign soon. Doesn’t take a sage to see that; Biden is putting all of his broken eggs into South Carolina, where it is said he thinks he’ll get “black and brown” votes. (Think about his campaign like this: omelets.) Peachy Pete might do well in Hotlanta, but not especially in the real South. Same with Bern-brains. Nasty Amy will be as filling as a robin egg on a bagel; not much there in SC. The Diminutive Dope and China Candidate hasn’t done himself any favors lately – (maybe he can mimic HRC’s fake southern accent?) Jezebel Clinton, waiting in the wings? Hmmm. How do you say “17 dead operatives?” in Mandarin?

The Dems might have to ask Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to run for them.

phineas gage

I could easily see Romney agreeing to be Bloomberg’s running mate.

phineas gage

The faces on CNN and MSNBC–particularly Chuck Todd and Chris Matthews–tells you all you need to know.

Jimmy MacAfee

Where is Little Man Big Ears? And why didn’t he enter the contest, where he has a better chance than in South Carolina? Is his real job something we haven’t recognized? To control the Dem platform?

phineas gage

It is to stop Bernie, who could not be stopped in NH.

Jimmy MacAfee

Then why isn’t he looking for delegates? He hasn’t stopped anybody. He just looks shorter by the day.

phineas gage

I think the idea was to ignore NH and lay the groundwork elsewhere. He’s been spending heavily on advertising in other states.

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