About Those 70 Obama Holdovers Cut From the NSC…

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this WINNING yet? – Both the NASDAQ and S&P 500 set new record highs on Monday, as the Trump economy just keeps WINNING for Americans and their 401(k)’s. The Dow was also up, but not quite at record levels reached a few weeks ago, before  the Coronavirus scare. And it’s only going to get better, as early trading futures indicate all indexes will open at higher levels today.

About those “70 Obama holdovers” cut from the NSC… – Twitter and other social media outlets went nuts on Monday over a slightly misleading report issued by the Washington Examiner. The report itself, filed by Paul Bedard, is accurate, but requires some close reading to understand what is really being communicated.

Unfortunately, as is so often the case, it was the headline that misled most readers and caused the story to go viral on social media, which of course was the goal of the misleading headline. That headline reads as follows:

Bigger than Vindman: Trump scrubs 70 Obama holdovers from NSC

BOOM, right? Well, sort of. Coming as the report did on a Monday morning, barely 48 hours after the removal of everyone named Vindman from the NSC staff, the headline is obviously designed to create the impression that dozens of disloyal Obama holdovers on the NSC staff were removed over the weekend. And that was how the story was portrayed by repeaters throughout social media and conservative media like Breitbart.

The trouble is, that is not what happened.

The misleading part of the story itself comes not in what the author said, but in what he left out of the text. While it is apparently accurate that 70 NSC employees, most of whom were indeed holdovers from the Obama era, have been removed from the NSC staff, nowhere in Bedard’s story does he mention that this transition has been a slow and steady process that has taken place since current National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien took over that job last fall.

There was no replay of Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre” at the NSC over the weekend; indeed, I can find no evidence that a single member of the NSC staff was fired or reassigned on Saturday or Sunday. However, it is apparently true that O’Brien, working on orders from President Trump, has succeeded in ridding the White House of 70 NSC deep state functionaries since he came into office several months ago. It is also true that O’Brien has publicly stated that this process of weeding out the bad guys is still ongoing and could end up with the removal of up to half of the bloated NSC staff of 200 that President Trump inherited from Barack Obama His Own Self.


There is still much reason to celebrate here, as O’Brien finally does the job that General Mike Flynn, Trump’s original appointment to be the National Security Advisor, would have done had he not been entrapped and framed by Obama FBI holdovers Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka. Better late than never.

And the good news keeps coming. On Monday, former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova told an interviewer that he has been told by “a very senior U.S. government policy official” that the “Anonymous” author who wrote the infamous 2018 New York Times column claiming that he and “like-minded” colleagues working in the Trump Administration were actively undermining the President’s agenda has been identified and will be fired this week.

In a report this morning on Fox’s “Mornings With Maria,” author Lee Smith said that two fairly senior officials, Secretary of Defense for Policy John Rood and Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook, have also been identified as disloyal staff working to undermine administration policy, and both would likely be removed this week. Rood served in several posts during the George W. Bush administration, including a stint as an analyst at the CIA. Hook is also a former Bushie who served in the State Department in the waning days of that administration.

Whether either man is the “Anonymous” author is unclear at this time.

The good news here is this: Three full years into his Administration, President Trump finally has a National Security Advisor who is fully on his team and helping him to achieve his goals. What we are seeing O’Brien accomplish today is one of the main reasons why the Obama people were so panicked about having a Trump loyalist in Mike Flynn as the NSA – because, as we have seen, Obama had packed the NSC staff with deep state operatives who served as the nexus of all the serial leaking that so damaged this presidency in its early years.

You may have noticed that the frequency of leaking from the White House has dramatically diminished since O’Brien took the job.

And O’Brien isn’t done yet.


That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Steve Kasian

Well, be all that as it may, Joe DiGenova is a complete liar and cannot be trusted. I can’t even count the number of times he’s gotten on television and lied to the world, claiming that “indictments are imminent” and “People are going to jail.” He is completely F. O. S.

Jay Whitcraft

I wish that Trump would move faster on all this stuff. After all that has happened, I have learned to have a little more patience with this kind of stuff than I used to have. Anyone remember all the calls for Trump to fire Muller? He didn’t and in the end it benefited Trump (and us) much more than it would have if Trump had fired him. I would like to think some of that is going on here. Perhaps a deep state plant is being used to “leak” information that Trump wants leaked. Jay.

phineas gage

These people provide a useful trail to higher-up embeds in State, Justice and elsewhere.

There was a reason they did it this way.


MSM will never tire of Misleading America.. Until we have their necks in a noose. p.s. Coming soon.

Roger Stoneman

The problem is if these people retain their national security clearances and remain in government employ there remains an ability to cause harm.

Big Al in NC

Thanks, Mr. Blackmon, for giving the background on the 70 from NSC. It just seemed too “packaged” and with little pushback from MSM….. I did read that A. Vindmann is *not* out, but reassigned to C&S (Command & Staff) college in Pennsylvania….with a promotion to boot?? Has anybody else caught that?

Potato Head

70 Obamanauts gone is a good start. But it should have happened on day 1.

phineas gage

Michael Caputo wrote well over a year ago that he knew the identity of ‘anonymous’, that it was a woman, and that the article was ‘ghostwritten’. We should know soon, since I doubt the anonymous status will last long beyond the person’s removal–too much money to be made on the media circuit. Hook and Rood will probably join Fox News as consultants.

If we are speculating on NH results, I will guess:
Buttigieg: 20%
Klobuchar: 15%
Warren: 11%
Biden: 10%

Jimmy MacAfee

Like your numbers!

Bern-brain Sanders and Buttgig both have ceilings, which is what we’re seeing now: they’ve reached their top in most places; Lieawatha and QuidProDogFaced Joe are like what happens to a ship as it sinks to great depths. Another picture of that is when someone eats an unripe persimmon, and that’s what Lizzie Borden Warren will look like as she announces her withdrawal. She cannot connect with real people; never has, never will. Same with China Mike, even if his staff has to teach him how to act like a likeable man.

I analyzed the language of some of one of the Times “leaks,” and it was clearly written by a female writer – (or as I said, someone of a pretend gender or homosexual.) The word choice, verbs and so forth made it clear that the writer was not an actual male. But that remains to be seen. We can surmise that the writer isn’t from the NSC. And I’m guessing she’s a high level aide to a cabinet official, or more likely an aide to Pence.

Jimmy MacAfee

Sure is noticeable! The leaks seem to be at an all-time low for this administration.

I have my suspicions about the “Anonymous” author. I’m guessing it’s a female, or a facsimile of a female. It will be a big deal, or they wouldn’t have rolled it out this way. There will be much embarrassment, and possibly some well-deserved lawsuits.

When on the offensive, keep on the offensive until the battle is won. The phony impeachment was the last gasp of the enemies of Freedom, at least from that angle. False flags are always a possibility, but now that the mechanisms are in our favor, they’ll be identified before they act, or in the process of acting. And guess what? Their lives will become a sh#t show.

Eyes open, folks.

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