Could Amy Klobuchar Emerge From the New Hampshire Pack?

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

I know, I know, but don’t laugh.  – The Democrat Party has a long history of seeing surprise candidates emerge out of the New Hampshire primary. What’s interesting about this history is that the “surprise” has often not come with who won the primary, but in a candidate who finished as a surprisingly strong also-ran.

In 1972, Edmund Muskie won the primary as he was predicted to do, but it was radical-leftist candidate George McGovern who stole the thunder coming out of the Granite State, finishing in a surprisingly strong second place with over 37% of the vote. McGovern rode the momentum of that strong second place showing all the way to the nomination, culminating his year with an historic landslide loss to Richard Nixon.

In 1976, Jimmy Carter defied the pre-primary polls, narrowly defeating both Mo Udall and Birch Bayh to become the clear front-runner in the race for the nomination.

Colorado Senator Gary Hart shocked the pundits with a big win in New Hampshire over Walter Mondale in 1984. But it was the second-place finisher who ended up winning the nomination and the right to be the Democrats’ sacrificial lamb against Ronald Reagan.

Senator Paul Tsongas entered the 1992 New Hampshire primary with a strong polling lead over a crowded field, and to no one’s surprise, ended up winning. But it was Bill Clinton who stole the show, coming in second after having been basically written-off by all the “smart people” in Washington following a virtual no-show in the Iowa Caucuses. In his speech that evening, Clinton declared himself to be the “comeback kid,” and a fawning national press corps fell in love with him. The race for the nomination essentially ended that night.

Many will not remember that the Pantsuit Princess actually made a comeback of her own in New Hampshire in 2008, narrowly winning the primary following a poor showing in Iowa of her own. But despite losing, Barack Obama His Own Self stole the show with a powerful speech, and the same corrupt media that had jumped on the Clinton team in 1992 immediately signed up to play a similar role on Team Obama.

The Commie won big in New Hampshire in 2016, capturing 60% of the vote to 37% for the Fainting Felon. But by then the Clinton camp owned the DNC lock, stock and barrel, and succeeded in rigging the process against Sanders for the rest of the way.

So, who’s going to be the surprise of this year’s primary? It could very well be Amy Klobuchar, Senator from [checks notes] Minnesota. No one really took a Klobuchar candidacy seriously when she decided to enter the race over a year ago, and who knows – maybe last week’s 13%, 5th place finish in Iowa will turn out to have been her high water mark in the race.

But I keep getting this pesky feeling that she might surprise us.

Klobuchar has had a hard time raising money; she isn’t a flashy person who gets attention by shouting or cussing or making outrageous statements like so many of her competitors do; and she carries with her the baggage of a reputation as being one of the most abusive bosses on Capitol Hill. This is not an admirable person, but hey, she’s a Democrat so that doesn’t matter.

But she has basically become this race’s tortoise, plugging slowly but steadily behind a field of hares, slowly gaining ground on the field as they go off on their tirades and tangents. The photo that accompanies this piece captures the essence of her candidacy perfectly, standing there calmly, with a disapproving look on her face, in the midst of a pack of braying jackasses. It reminds me of the look my dear mother used to get when she would catch me and my brothers fighting in the back yard.

That photo is from last Friday’s debate, during which Klobuchar, by all accounts, had a pretty strong showing. I wouldn’t know, because I just cannot bring myself to waste 2-3 hours watching those things. But that seems to be the consensus.

Klobuchar has also been drawing some pretty strong crowds this week in New Hampshire, at least “strong” in the context of this Democrat race, where getting a high school gymnasium half-filled with voters and staff constitutes a “strong” turnout.

Klobuchar’s other main asset as a candidate is the storm that constantly brews around her in the form of the three braying jackasses in that photo, along with Preacher Pete and Faucahontas. Think about it: Klobuchar is the only candidate among those six who has not had a nickname bestowed upon her by President Donald Trump.

Finally, there is Klobuchar’s reputation as being a “moderate” among this field of leftist lunatics. As Joe Biden and his “electability” image rapidly implode, all of his voters are going to be looking to land somewhere. It seems to be that Klobuchar fills that bill better than any of the other candidates on the New Hampshire ballot, which does not include billionaire Mike Bloomberg.

All of these factors are combining to give me a sneaking suspicion that, when the dust settles late Tuesday evening, Amy Klobuchar might well be this year’s “surprise” coming out of New Hampshire. She isn’t going to win – The Commie almost certainly will do that unless the DNC can figure out a way to defraud the vote as it did in Iowa – but given the shifting dynamics in the field this week, it is conceivable she might receive more votes than Quid Pro Joe and/or Fauxcahontas.

Finishing ahead of either of those two would qualify Klobuchar as a “surprise.” Beating both of them would constitute a shock to the Democrat system. Either place would rocket her up to the top of speculation about being a running mate for the eventual nominee.

Tomorrow will be very, very interesting.

That is all.


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Some radio talk show clown that comes on before Rush, and used to be a never-Trumper, but supposedly reformed and admitted to “seeing the light”, recently speculated that the stock market could crash this summer if the commie were to win the nomination.

Really GB! If it is true that the market is that fragile – that a Bernie nomination, alone, would crash it thereby hurting America and Trump’s re-elect chances, then we are doomed to defeat. How could you, or anyone else, come up with such an outlandish scenario?

Wouldn’t a far more likely scenario be that a Bernie candidacy would spur an even greater Trump win thereby keeping the markets and the country on its MAG/KAG trajectory! Even that other economic mental-midget, the prize winning NYT’s Paul K, waited until after Trump actually won before speculating the economic world was going to end.

Jeez, GB, get a grip.

phineas gage

Assuming that Bloomberg gets the nomination, would Romney agree to be his running mate?

phineas gage

Check the new Quinnipiac poll:

Slow Joe is now in absolute free fall, hemorrhaging support from black voters.

I think it is over very soon after NH.

phineas gage

Absolutely–I was skeptical at the time, but you were right on target.

The other rumor today is that ‘anonymous’ has been identified and will soon be dismissed from the White House. I’m hoping for Jon Huntsman.

Justin Tyme

“Could Amy Klobuchar Emerge From the New Hampshire Pack?”

Who cares? I doesn’t matter which one of these Dem losers bite the dust in November.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’d once thought the old Salad Queen was waiting until the weirdos out-did themselves, as you argue. What made me think that I was wrong was her record as a Prosecutor, putting a kid in prison for life who was clearly framed. She’ll have an enormous obstacle in her path: the African American community.

Mini Mike the China candidate also was on my list of people who could bypass the other nutcases – (though he’s one himself) – and said that someone would come in and basically buy the nomination. But then, his many entanglements with China, his parroting of the Peoples Papers on gun control in America started to factor in. And then there’s this: several years ago, he publicly stated that white people were being subjected to the stop-and-frisk far too much, and black people far too little. I’m sure that won’t go over too well.

‘”I think we disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little. It’s exactly the reverse of what they say,” Bloomberg said.”

How’d you like your toast, Mayor? You’re now twins. With Biden.

Biden’s recent comment about “lying dog-faced pony soldier,” even if it does come from a movie, is bizarre. He joins Mini Mike from China in the toaster. Both are saps for the Chinese government, which isn’t very popular in China right now. But Biden is off his rocker, and that can’t be hidden.

Klobuchar’s look, by the way, is dismissive and arrogant. In that crowd, who can blame her? But apparently she’s like that will all of her employees. She regards the rest of the candidates as so much pork. Meh. She may be the agreed-upon candidate, kind of a throwaway, a sacrificial goat, run off into the wilderness to face a waiting Trump.

phineas gage

I agree that a third-place finish in NH is likely now, but I have a hard time seeing her as the eventual nominee.

She’s not a particularly skilled or dynamic politician that is going to galvanize and motivate a strong base. Furthermore, as with Mayor Pete she will not attract any minority support, and she’s not loony enough to attract the Bernie Bros. However, she’s probably putting herself into VP consideration.

You are right that she is underrated, so she could surprise, I suppose. Seems to me that if they wanted a rational nominee they would have given either Gabbard or Yang some support rather than shutting them out.

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