A Nation Awaits the Next Democrat/Media-Concocted Hoax

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this WINNING yet? – Apparently, Hollywood is. At last night’s Academy Awards ceremony – which I didn’t even know was happening until about 8:00 in the evening – the voters gave the award for Best Picture to some movie from South Korea. I’m sure it’s a fine movie, at least as far as movies go these days, but wow, the film industry in South Korea is now turning out higher-quality films than the film industry in California? That’s rather a stunning admission for the Academy to make.

Who is this Milton Keynes fellow, and how can we get in touch with him? er, or her? – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to make news for all the wrong reasons. Last week, she was in the headlines for delivering a rant during which she made it clear that, despite her claimed multiple college degrees from Boston University, she has no idea what a metaphor is. On Sunday, this claimant to a bachelor’s degree in economics said that her, like, totally favorite famed economist and stuff, or something, is, like, that whole Milton Keynes? You know? He’s like totes fleck and stuff, or something.

The problem is, of course, that no one can find any record of any economist named Milton Keynes ever actually living, at least not on earth.

I swear I don’t make this stuff up:

Obviously, the poor dimwitted soul confused the names of John Maynard Keynes and Milton Friedman, both of whom actually are famed economists, and both of whose names AOC likely had to memorize in preparation for a test or two while she was obtaining her obviously worthless “degree” from Boston U. Her handlers need to quit letting her go off-script. Every time she attempts to ad lib something, this is the kind of stuff that happens.

So, what will the next Democrat/media hoax be? Any guesses? – Now that the whole Ukraine/impeachment hoax has come and gone, we are left to wonder what new hoax the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies will devise next. In preparation for this piece, I went back through the last four years and compiled a list of the various hoaxes the Democrat/media propaganda complex has already run against the President.

Thus far, we have had to live through the following:

The Russia Collusion hoax

The Trump is Crazy hoax

The Kavanaugh Nomination hoax

The Charlottesville/”Fine people” hoax

The Porn Star hoax

The Playmate hoax

The Creepy Porn Lawyer hoax

The Emoluments Clause hoax

The Jussie Smollett hoax

The Trump’s a Racist hoax

The Trump is AntiSemitic hoax

The Ukraine/Impeachment hoax

Now, this is most likely not even a comprehensive list – I’m sure I’ve failed to mention several additional hoaxes that our despicable fake news media has worked hand-in-glove with the Democrats to concoct against this President and his Administration. This has been a never-ending, constantly-evolving process that really began as soon as Trump’s campaign was announced way back in 2015.

So, it’s obvious the Democrats have nothing else, which leads to the question: What hoax will they mount next?

San Fran Nan appeared to signal their intentions at the literally insane press conference she gave last Thursday morning in the wake of the Senate vote on acquittal. During that wildly disturbing presser, she mentioned at one point that she thought the President “seemed to be sedated” during his speech. She also spent a great deal of time trying to make the case that the current booming economy was something President Trump inherited from Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self.

Naturally, these statements led to much speculation that the Democrats and their media toadies were about to bring us a new hoax, i.e., the Trump is Drugged hoax. Or maybe they were about to leap off the cliff for good and try to go back and re-litigate the slowest recovery from a recession in U.S. history, which is what really happened during the Obama years, as that administration’s Soviet-style, command-and-control regulatory agenda choked the life out of what might have otherwise become a massive, real economic recovery following the Great Recession.

Oddly, though, there has been almost no followup from either the Democrats or their corrupt media toadies on either front. That could be because there were just too many other relevant news events to cover, as the Democrat Party committed political harikari in Iowa and the Trump Administration just kept on WINNING, bigly.

Or, it could be that Pelosi, who herself very often appears to be drugged – mostly with cheap vodka – was just engaging in a little projection during that press conference. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that happened.

Or, here’s a thought, it could just be that the Democrats as a party have no idea where to go next, and if they’re lost, then their media toadies are going to be lost, too. That may be why, for the first time in really almost five years, the Democrat/media propaganda complex appears to be dead in the water, without a major hoax currently in play.

Regardless of the reasons behind this pause in hoaxery (I don’t think that’s a word, but I’m going to go with it anyway), we can be sure that it is only temporary. The Democrats have no choice but to keep running hoaxes at this President because they certainly cannot run on their policy record, which is non-existent during this Administration.

Lord knows they can’t leave it to their clown show presidential field to set their Party’s national agenda. The economy-and-society-destroying nonsense being tossed out into the public domain by that collection of radical lunatics, if left out there in a vacuum for the public to consume, would lead to the Democrats’ most crushing electoral disaster since 1984.

So, expect another hoax to start percolating up this week, especially after The Commie wins the New Hampshire primary. The hoaxes we’ve seen thus far have typically been started with an anonymously-sourced hit piece in either the New York Times or the Washington Post, so keep a close eye on those two Democrat propaganda outlets.

We don’t know right now what the hoax will be, but we can be certain that it is coming.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I suspect the next hoax will be based on a regurgitation of Trump’s taxes, or something related to them. That’s clearly one of their favorite ‘go-to’ gimmicks.

phineas gage

The Oscar for best movie went to the Korean film because there is no way the Academy was going to give it to ‘1917’, which was the most deserving.

phineas gage

I’m pretty sure it will be a second impeachment, possibly an extension of the first or perhaps a new ‘whistleblower’.

The goal will be to make vulnerable GOP senators take difficult votes. The few remaining sane people in the DNC must see the presidential election as an increasingly lost cause, so the aim will be to retake the Senate and at least block any further SCOTUS nominations.

Then again, most of these people are either AOC-level ignorant or certifiably insane, so I’m probably wrong. You can’t predict irrational behavior.


Unless your name is Mutt McRomney, there is no difficult vote for an impeachment conviction against Trump, as each subsequent Impeachment article passed by Klink, Hochstetter, and Burkhalter, will be more B Schiff than the first one.

If they had anything really damaging, or “impeachable”, it would have been used in their first volley; not used in subsequent mulligans or “do-overs”.


I think the next hoax will have something to do about the removal of the Vindmans and Sondland, and anyone else the President has the good sense to get rid of. They’ll cook up another fantasy crime. They’re quite adept at that.

Jimmy MacAfee

You may be right, but perhaps the hoaxers may be on the run, fleeing for their lives, among them the three you’ve named?

And perhaps they’ve isolated Eric Cinderella, too. Firing him would mean that he would be free to work as a saboteur; in the ICA, where he has been returned, he can be watched without a FISA. Same with Strzok, who apparently still has a job. Cinderella was much more involved than anyone thought, especially for an Incel soy-boy. There are a lot of indicators showing this, pictures, meet-and-greets etc.

I think Princess Fossy Jaw is also isolated. Watch for a medical occurrence.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think they’re exhausted, just in time for a couple of arrests today or tomorrow! Plotters from the FIB and ICA (wink wink) Stay tuned.


AOC – was a waitress, couldn’t make it as a bartender, so she became a member of congress from NYC – perfect.

That, along with a truly BS degree from BU, makes her eminently qualified to be the next Dem VP candidate in 2024 (when she turns 35). Her VP mentor: Gaffomatic Joe Biden. Their combined IQ probably is below room temperature.

Dan Quale was routinely mocked by the MSM and “comics”, but he was a brilliant genius compared to anyone the Dems have offered since probably Lloyd Bentsen.

I can’t wait to hear her speak at the DNC Convention this summer. Joe Crowley, where are you?


i think they’re out of material. It’s either do a fresh run at Russia collusion or forget about impeaching him and try something else. I’m betting on something else. Does the Secret Service have a food taster? If not they’d better round one up.

Jimmy MacAfee

Scuttlebutt is that the President’s food taster became gravely ill, which supposedly is why the President went to the hospital (a precaution, probably.) But don’t put it past them; there were warnings of various events re. January 2019, and later.

By the way, Treasury should be running the Secret Service again, hopefully soon. Putting it under DHA was not just a mistake; it was guaranteed to allow all sorts of fraudulent money exchanges and transfers.


Remember. AOC was *selected* for the primary via an interview with the Justice Democrats. That she ran and won against whats-his-name (who was used to being uncontested) is another matter. She didn’t decide to run for office because she felt compelled to serve in public office…..this is basically an acting gig for her.

Jimmy MacAfee


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