Removing Everyone Named Vindman From the NSC is a Good Start

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Capping off one of the most incredible weeks of uniterrupted WINNING in U.S. presidential history, both Vindman brothers serving as anti-Trump spies at the National Security Council and smarmy Ambassador to the EU Gordan Sondland were removed from their respective posts late Friday. Very predictably, leftists, #nevertrump nitwits and their corrupt media toadies went absolutely nuts in response, especially over the dismissal of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the guy who played such a crucial role in dummying up the fake impeachment scam through which the Democrats have held our country hostage for the last 5 months.

This, of course, is absurd. Vindman has proven himself to be disloyal and a leaker of classified information, and any POTUS has an absolute right to be advised by people who he can rely on. After the events of the last 5 months, there is no way on earth President Trump should ever trust a word of advice or information from Alexander Vindman or his brother.

Leftists and corrupt reporters have tried to make a big deal of the fact that the twins were escorted off the White House grounds by security personnel, but that’s also absurd. Any key employee of any corporation in America gets the same treatment when they leave the company, whether they were fired or simply resigned. It’s done to protect both the company and the employee. With the Vindmans, it was also utterly necessary in order to ensure they didn’t attempt to take any classified information with them.

Although they were escorted off of the White House grounds by security personnel, both Vindman brothers, as employees of the U.S. military, were simply detailed back to their prior postings, where they will remain gainfully employed at the expense of the U.S. taxpayers unless and until either the Pentagon or the Department of Justice decides to prosecute them for their crimes. As I detailed way back in October, here are the reasons why Alexander Vindman richly deserves to be investigated and potentially prosecuted:

– While serving at the NSC, he had numerous contacts with foreign agents, including the very sketchy attorney Marcus Cohen, who poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the campaign of now-Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, in the hopes of being appointed to a high-level position within his administration.

– While Vindman’s military service is honorable, in testifying on Tuesday he was disobeying a direct order from his Commander-in-Chief. That is not honorable.

– During his testimony, Adam Schiff directed Vindman to refuse to answer questions from Republican members of the committee in order to protect Vindman from incriminating himself. Again, exactly the sort of stuff we regularly see taking place in banana republic coup d’etat efforts.

– Also during his testimony, Vindman apparently admitted to leaking the contents of the President’s classified call to several people, almost certainly a crime.

– The questions Schiff was most concerned about had to do with the identities of the people to whom Vindman had leaked the contents of the call. Again, most likely a felony under U.S. law.

– Despite the clear admission in his published opening statement that the published transcript of the call is accurate, Vindman also testified that he had actually made efforts to force changes to be made to the transcript in order to better fit his and Schiff’s narrative.

But there’s still more. Vindman’s boss at the NSC, Timothy Morrison, testified that Vindman regularly went outside the chain of command within the NSC, and that he considered Vindman to be unreliable and a potential security risk. Vindman’s brother, Yevgeny, also apparently participated in the coup effort, and also richly deserves to be investigated for his actions.

Lt. Col. Vindman was supposedly the NSC’s top “expert” on Ukraine, yet his testimony revealed that his grasp on the details on U.S. policy towards Ukraine was spotty at best. Like so many others of the roughly 200 detailees sitting at the NSC today, Vindman is an Obama holdover, a plant sent there not to do the work of the current Administration, but to spy and leak and, as we have seen, attempt to overthrow the duly-elected government.

This is why National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien is about to clean house at the NSC, whose staff has grown from about 25 under George H.W. Bush to more than 200 today. O’Brien told a reporter last week that he may well cut the current staff in half in his efforts to clear out all the spies and leakers embedded there.

So, what do you call removing everyone named “Vindman” from the NSC? A good start. The removal of Sondland is a fine second step. The outright firing of Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, who unilaterally changed the rules for whistleblower complaints under his purview in order to facilitate this coup attempt, would be a very fine third step. Many more firings should come after that.

But most important of all, the bad actors in this coup plot, including Alexander Vindman, Eric Ciaramella and all the rest of the diplomats and bureaucrats who participated in what clearly was a conspiracy to bring down a President, must be prosecuted.

This two-tiered system of justice must end.

That is all.

UPDATE: Oh, hey, guess who Alexander Vindman’s lawyer is? Mark S. Zaid. That would be the same Mark Zaid who also represents…wait for it…Eric Ciaramella! The same Mark Zaid who way back in early 2017 tweeted “The coup has started!” That Mark Zaid. Here’s what this despicable lawyer tweeted in the wake of Vindman’s removal from the White House:

Note the hashtag at the end: #ProtectAllWhistleblowers. Here is Vindman’s own lawyer admitting that his client is indeed the infamous “second whistleblower” whose complaint was used by the Democrats in dummying up their impeachment/coup scam.

Time for some tribunals, folks.


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phineas gage

Immediate mass firings of WH personnel, while viscerally satisfying, are not the way to go since:
1. they likely do not yet know who all the moles are
2. it is in their interest to follow the trail and trap the ones at the top of the chain, just like Durham is doing

Cold and methodical is the best way to eliminate these people. Like building the wall, one step at at time.


Agree in general, but I am not just referring to WH personnel,

But can we at least fire and prosecute the known and/or suspected culprits? Perhaps some indictments and minor plea bargains might loosen some tongues and catch some of the big fish?

To be sure, I’m all in favor of being “cold and methodical”, but IT HAS BEEN THREE PLUS YEARS OF THIS SCHIFF.

I don’t want to be cold (room temperature) before any real justice is served. By the way,


Waiting out Trump’s four years, or getting rid of him sooner, or making him un-reelectable (one term) was and still is their plan, which thankfully has failed and will continue to fail. Because, as soon as Trump is gone, all this schiff quietly goes away and DC goes back to normal.

Justice delayed to America is justice denied to America.

We don’t need year long toothless IG investigations, unless they are operating in conjunction with criminal prosecutions. Nor do we need congressional oversight show hearings that take months to get nowhere especially when a GOP lead oversight/prosecution is happening; only Democrats can “stonewall” an investigation – ask Nixon. And I know there are a few exceptions where the GOP actually occasionally gets something done, but even their successes (Clinton Impeachment) ultimately go nowhere. When did the House become the FBI?

Congress’, particularly the House, job is to legislate and respond to the will of the people and pass sound laws; not investigate and prosecute, except in the most unique cases. Klink, Hochstetter, and Burkhalter have turned their House Chamber (of Horrors) into a persecution chamber directed at one person: POTUS.

The FBI/DOJ and the Judiciary’s job is to investigate, indict, and prosecute crimes – Do you damn job!

Barr – get some indictments and trials; the District of Corruption is a target rich environment.

Roberts (“get a move-on in one quick hurry” – Cagney to Fonda in the movie “Mister Roberts”) and remove your corrupt and/or inept FISC and other judges. The Federal Government has “Training” programs out the wazoo, yet its employees are collectively, with some few exceptions, the dumbest bunch of schiffs you would never want to see, work for, or be associated with.

Jimmy MacAfee

Your points are why I didn’t generally favor extensive witnesses in the Senate trial, or hearings, or any of that. Everything’s a show. No real prosecutions – or any that will stick. Ask Ollie North.


Obama had a scandalous operation called Fast and Furious, I’ll call it FF.

Trump needs his own FF: Fast Firings

He should fire them all in one shot on a Friday Holiday weekend! Fire the whole load (of Schiffs) and overwhelm the news cycle, just like the “One” and other US enemies did routinely by releasing a couple of thousand pages of garbage on a late Friday afternoon, to ensure a minimal news cycle impact, if Trump wants to stay somewhat under the radar.

Or, he can be in-their-face, and do it on a Monday morning with a press conference – this would vividly display that there is a new way of doing things in DC, and will serve as a strong deterrent to any other potential disloyal leakers (Obama, Bush, or Clinton holdovers) who are entrusted with our nation’s secrets – either way works for me. Furthermore, and especially, ALL unnecessary security clearances need to be totally revoked; many current and most former holders of clearances have proven to be unnecessary security risks at best, and outright traitors at worst, starting with The “One” and his first and probably second (Logan Act) SOS. Also, promptly prosecute all the violators (intentional or not) of any security breech – these are intelligent people who know better, who cannot just be fired – “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW” (NOIATL)

Mr. President, you are on a roll: “Get it Done”.

PS: And Make sure they understand and sign a non-disclosure form to safeguard America’s secrets. No book deals or other leaks of confidential material – ever!. I had to agree to those terms when I was in government, why doesn’t the fired war-mongering Bolton and others need to follow the rules?

Jimmy MacAfee

The thing about Vindman – said this before – is that he didn’t oppose O’Bumbler’s blankets to Ukraine, and didn’t support Trump’s missiles to Ukraine. But what’s worse, (if there is a worse,) is that Blankie Vindman didn’t even know what kind of aid was delivered by each administration.

That unaware? Two possibilities: he’s ignorant, or he’s unable to use sound judgement. (Wonder if he’s the model for Ben Affleck’s “Accountant?”)

I suspect – (just a suspicion) – that he’s got a spectrum disorder issue, and can’t tell a dollar from a million dollars. Or maybe he just thought his countrymen would really prefer blankies over actual means of self defense for his native country, (because he likes blankies better!)

E. Cinderella, on the other hand, is a coward.

phineas gage

It would have been better to detail the Vindman boys to a military base in the Arctic.

Payback is a bitch, and doubly so with Trump. To quote, ‘when someone screws you, you screw them back twice as hard’.

Jimmy MacAfee

Well, that still can be done; he hasn’t been fired by the Pentagon, (which has said it doesn’t do payback.) But I’d like to see him assigned to a squad of people solving word puzzles in a basement somewhere, and demoted for disobeying orders and leaking and substituting his judgement for those of his superiors. PFC Vindman!

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