Democrats Present a Stark Reality for the Oil Industry in 2020 Elections

The time has come for people in the oil and gas business — especially its senior executives and those who do government affairs work within the larger companies — to wake up to the reality of the Democratic Party as it exists today, as exemplified by its current crop of presidential contenders and caucuses in both houses of Congress.

Simply put, this is not your father’s Democratic Party.

Gone are the days when there existed a subset of fairly moderate Democratic members of Congress in both the House and Senate who could be classified as strong supporters of the oil and gas industry. There are no more Mary Landrieus in today’s United States Senate, nor even a Heidi Heitkamp to be found. In the House, you still have one identifiable Democrat — Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar, who can be said to be a real supporter of the oil and gas industry, but that’s pretty much it. And even Rep. Cuellar was so cowed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi that he cast a “yes” vote to impeach the most pro-oil and gas president in U.S. history on the flimsiest grounds imaginable in December.

Gone are the days when a startup industry trade association, America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA), could be effective by hiring a former Clinton operative to be its president and hiring a raft of pro-Democrat contractors to shape its messaging. ANGA, created at the outset of the Obama Administration in early 2009, was able to quickly become a force for promoting the benefits of natural gas using that model a decade ago. A decade later, pretty much none of the Democrat senators and congressmen with whom ANGA formed effective working relationships remain in Congress. All have been replaced by Republicans, or by more radical left-wing, anti-oil and gas members.

While ANGA and other industry trade associations were able to form working relationships with many Democrats of the time — even in those years, those Democrats could not be counted on for industry support on the truly big votes. ANGA and the rest of the industry, for example, were unable to secure a single Democratic vote during the battle over the national carbon cap-and-trade bill that barely failed in 2010.

I know all of this to be true because I was intimately involved in ANGA’s work during those years when I was Director of Government Affairs at El Paso Corporation. Working to form those relationships with Democrats in Congress made sense at the time since a number of them really were pro-oil and gas, at least to some extent, and because there was a Democratic administration in place that was decidedly hostile to the industry’s interests.

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Oil company stock prices are in the dumper. Take a look at the ETF XLE. It is selling near its 52 week low, in spite of a nice dividend.I think they are aware of the issue.


In closing, quit giving money and support to your ideological and actual enemy.

Jimmy MacAfee


Buttgig wouldn’t be the first gay President. Not by a longshot. And that would dim the enthusiasm of his crowd somewhat, as it did when Bond told Silva:

“What makes you think this is my first time?”

There is no novelty in the concept, as much as he’s selling it that way.


Comments continued

The more likely scenario is Bloomberg buys the nomination via a brokered convention by “donating” several billion dollars to the DNC and associated NGOs and PACs so they better fund the more “moderate” congressional candidates. He then self-funds his own presidential campaign. Poof, just like that, the DNC’s money problems go away. Trump still wins, but the Dems, propped up by Bloomberg’s billions, and the media’s “in-kind” contributions manage to stave off catastrophic congressional losses, particularly in the house, and maybe even win the senate to block Trump’s judicial appointments and treaties. This will set the stage for the aforementioned fresh, but now more seasoned Buttigieg / AOC. Maybe he even runs for the senate in 2022 against Indiana’s GOP incumbent, if polls show he has a chance to win; if not, he won’t run to take a loss and taint his future.


Comments continued

Buttigieg is making a name for himself with his strong showing and may well be benefitted by a narrow/contrived loss in this year’s nomination. He will get to make a powerful speech at their convention this year. That is the template for their unknown and promotable “rising stars”. The “star” gets real facetime on national TV – like the unknown Obama did at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.


Comments continued

In many ways, Buttigieg would be perfect, because he, like Obama (with his race being interjected into all his policies so as to minimize criticism), is young, personable, and articulate and another fresh face/blank slate/empty suit commie in disguise, but can be marketed as a “moderate” and as America’s first gay president. Like the racist guilt trip laid on white America in 2008 and 2012, the bigot guilt trip will be front and center if Buttigieg were to win the nomination in 2020, or in subsequent years. Right now, the bigotry angle may not seal the deal, but wait until 2024, with another four years of media, entertainment, and academia, pushing their everything all gay all day agenda, and a Buttigieg / AOC (gay, woman, and minority) team could be the left’s dream ticket.

In 2024, who would be “viable” to challenge such a ticket? All the old Dem “leaders” will be too old or too dead to run. And, since AOC is the de facto Speaker of the House right now, she will be very well known by then. Her negatives won’t matter, because the media will boost her “qualifications” and shame any opponent who dares “beat up the (Dem) girl”. If she were to get some actual smarts and political savvy drilled into her, she would be eminently “qualified” to be VP since Biden has set the bar so low; especially if she stays in congress, where, in her district, “A half full glass of water with a (D) on its side will win” according to Nancy Klink.


Comments continued

I believe I heard this on Tucker’s show: The powers-that-be in DC (including all the lobbyists) are really afraid of a Bernie win in November. They fear he is the left’s Donald (the disruptor) Trump and he will upend their cozy deal in DC BY DESTOYING IT! The powers-that-be (for whatever stupid reason) are fine with keeping America internationally (who knows why, maybe they are being bought off by RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! or CHINA! CHINA! CHINA!) and economically weak, and in a constant state of political and social turmoil. However, they don’t actually want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, by totally destroying American Capitalism. Just keep America weak and manipulatable.

They realize Bernie or Warren’s policies will do just that, and that cat won’t flush with them, so, as in 2016, they are going to quietly sandbag the campaign of any outright communist for a controllable stooge, i.e., Clinton, Biden, Bloomberg, or even Buttigieg.


Multiple comments to follow to see which word(s) offend the censor


I have never understood how any financial, energy, or other business executive could justify giving a dime to any Democrat at any time since JFK – the last pro-America Democrat. Why would anyone ever want to support any group whose fundamental goal and platform is to destroy your livelihood? The Blue Dog, pro-America, pro real energy Democrats in congress, who big business has supported for far too many years, are long gone thanks the purges of B. J. Clinton and the “One”.

The “titans of industry” and the never-Trumpers who run the Chamber of Commerce apparently bought into the idea of supporting the wacko Democrats so they have some political influence with them, and would get cheap labor via illegal immigration, in order to get a better bottom line. They also weren’t too upset about the Dems high corporate tax rate as that would do two things: 1) Give American manufacturing companies a legitimate reason to move overseas where they don’t have to pay anywhere near as much for labor or deal with OSHA and the EPA etc., and 2) They don’t actually pay any tax as anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of economics and taxes has to know that corporations just pass any tax on to the consumer, regardless of the product, or the tax rate.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Dims are self-destructing in every way possible. Even Obama, with an Energy Secretary who wanted gas to go up to $10 a gallon, figured out that this was re-election suicide. And Obama is looking at this lunacy and wondering: are they insane? And if even Obama thinks this, then his entire party is taking a stupid pill. Or a lethal drug.

As is often said, in one form or another: when your enemy is bent on destroying himself, don’t stop him!

Skid Marx

The glow from Saint Greta’s halo will power everything and if that doesn’t work comrade kommissar Bernie can give everyone a unicorn.
Isn’t it fun to watch this meltdown devolution show! Stay safe out there as it’s only gonna get worse as the fundamental transformation into the Cuba/Venezuela/Zimbabwe hybrid utopia rolls on.
Forward! Yes we can.

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