Iowa Fallout: The Commie Ascending, Quid Pro Joe in Free Fall

Tired of all this WINNING yet? – All major stock indexes – the Dow, the NASDAQ and the S&P 500 –  closed a record highs on Thursday yet again as the Trump economy keeps chugging along. Wednesday’s ADP private sector jobs report for January came in at a whopping 291,000 jobs added, almost doubling “expert” projections of 150,000. That news, of course, was ignored by our corrupt national news media. The Labor Department non-farm jobs report comes out this morning.

The Commie declares “victory” in Iowa. – Why? Because he won. At least, he won by any rational measure. That measure would be the actual number of people who came out and cast their first round and second round lots with the old Bolshevik.

The Commie won the first round of voting by more than 6,000 over second place Preacher Pete, and then, after the non-viable candidates were eliminated and their voters had to either re-pledge themselves to other candidates or go home, The Commie won the second round by a more narrow margin. It was then and only then that the “counters” from the DNC running the Iowa process were able to rig a miniscule “win” for Preacher Pete, somehow managing through an allocation process no one understands to award 26.2% of the state delegates to the failed Mayor of South Ben to 26.1% for the do-nothing Senator from Vermont.

Tom Perez, the utterly corrupt head of the DNC, was so upset by Sanders’ victory declaration that he immediately ordered his toadies out in Iowa to re-canvass the vote. He does that not on the belief that it would somehow change any of the confused outcome, but in order to throw even more confusion into the process in order to further obscure Sanders’ clear win.

Because, hey, if they can’t rig the outcome they prefer, the next best thing is to coordinate with their media toadies to confuse the public about who really won. This is your Democrat Party in action. It’s all very transparent if you just pay attention.

But all this confusion over who “won” in Iowa kind of misses the point, anyway. There were two big stories coming out of that fiasco, both of them terrible news for the Democrats and the DNC:

  • Total voter turnout was somewhere around 170,000, which puts it in line with the Democrat turnout in Iowa for 2012, when Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self was running unopposed. Party officials had speculated that turnout would compare to the 2008 turnout, when almost 240,000 Iowans showed up to pick between Obama and the Fainting Felon. This low turnout number indicates a party headed for a sea-change loss election in November. Thus, it has been largely ignored by the corrupt news media.
  • Joe Biden is in free-fall now. He failed to win a single county or a single national delegate under the party’s Byzantine formula for allocation of delegates, even though he did receive slightly above 15% of the vote, at least if you believe the DNC “counters,” which you should not. This is terrible news for the DNC and the party’s major donor base, who had held out hope that Biden would be able to stave off The Commie.

Biden’s numbers are also now collapsing in other early primary states. In the two most recent polls out of New Hampshire, he comes in at just 11%, not even half of The Commie’s level of support. In South Carolina, where Biden has consistently held a 25-30% margin thanks to heavy support in that state’s Black community, a new Zogby Analytics poll shows his lead sitting at just 8% over The Commie. A recent Post and Courier poll pegs his lead at just 5%. Polls show Quid Pro Joe and The Commie running neck and neck in Nevada, the only other contest before Super Tuesday.

Right now it appears likely that Biden will run no better than a poor 4th place in New Hampshire, and probably will not win any delegates there, either. That from the guy that the DNC has promoted for 10 solid months as its most “electable” candidate. If the bottom falls out up there, then it seems possible now that the Unfrozen Caveman Senator could even lose in South Carolina and go into Super Tuesday without having won a single contest. If that happens, he is well and truly done.

Biden’s problem is simple: He is clearly too old and infirm for the job. That is obvious to anyone who actually pays attention to him. While Sanders is a little bit older than Quid Pro Joe, he at least is holding things together, despite his heart incident last October. But Biden often doesn’t know where he is on any given day, and increasingly looks lost while speaking to his paltry audiences.

He was able to get away with all of that up until voters actually began paying attention to the race, which has really just begun to happen over the last few weeks, as the caucus and primary contests approach. Voters are now tuning in, and what they see in Biden obviously disturbs them.

The reality of Biden – as opposed to the myth of “electability” that he and the DNC have promoted since last April – combined with the months-long headlines about his and Hunter Biden’s looting of the Ukraine while he served as Vice President, is why his numbers are in free-fall.

A reader asked yesterday if Biden would turn out to be this election cycle’s Jeb! Bush. I replied that he already is, but he just hasn’t quite figured it out yet. Jeb! himself didn’t figure it out until it was already over for him. Biden will, however, figure it out soon, perhaps after a loss in South Carolina, or no later than what will almost certainly become a disastrous showing on Super Tuesday.

My new odds for the Eventual Winner of the Democrat Party’s Nomination:

The Commie               7 to 4

Mini-Mike                  4 to 1

Fauxcahontas           10 to 1

Preacher Pete           10 to 1

Quid Pro Joe            30 to 1

Tom Steyer               30 to 1

Someone Else           2 to 1

Who, you ask, is that Someone Else? Well, who do you think?


That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

More people are now saying QuidPro and HRClinton as running mates! Mostly QuidPro followers pushing this. Desperation, anyone? The Corruption Ticket!

Jimmy MacAfee

John Brennan shares a huge amount of blame for putting Obama in the Oval Office (by hiding his past, and removing certain “obstacles”) and then effing things up in Yemen, Iran (deliberately losing drones for the Insanian govt. to copy) and ruining much of Agency Intel by politicizing it; he helped promote the fake dossier, which enabled the hard Left to ascend over what used to be a Center-Left party; he also elevated Political Correctness in an Agency which needed reform, but not that kind. That’s what you get when you have a hysterical non-op analyst with an overinflated sense of his worth getting to the top of the s-pile. I can speculate pretty solidly that he has a deep relationship with Gyorgi Schwartz, too, the wrecker of economies and self-proclaimed “god.” Used to be that the CIA was opposed to Communism. And he also helped make the words “Islamic radical” disallowed vocabulary in the federal government, leading to people like Omar getting elected, while he mistranslated the word “jihad” to mean what Sufis think it is: a personal struggle. Unfortunately, most people in the Islamic world don’t agree with him. He bears an enormous amount of blame for what has happened to the US. Shame.


I hope Cankles runs again. If the Democrats cannot manipulate the vote count, she will receive a drubbing that will be EPIC! One of the debate questions would need to be about paying for political opposition that was a known fabrication to get rid of a political opponent. The subject of fairness and honesty would be driven home during every commercial break for months. The material is almost limitless and POTUS would use it both wisely and effectively.

DD More

After checking the Historical Scoreboard, Yes, please let her.

Eight losing presidential candidates actually came back from defeat one year to win a major-party presidential nomination a second time. Last two to actual win were Richard Nixon 1968 (but questions of actual not winning 1st time due to Chicago) and William Henry Harrison 1840. One almost got impeached and the other died in less than a month in office.

Last 180 years, Losers never prosper.
Good time to remember,
Democratic Party has 4,051 delegates in the Presidential run.
You, me and Crazy Uncle Joe are currently tied in the number of Delegates won = Zero.

Of course You & I have never run, but Joe is on his Third run. Here’s to Creepy QuidPJoe going O’fer 12,153

Pit Fights

They don’t really want comrade kommissar Bernie. He’ll get kneecapped again. Hillary and Bloomberg will try to buy the election because they think that is what Trump did.
President Petey Buttplug? Our external enemies would laugh themselves silly.


George Wallace, himself a racist Governor of the Old South Alabama, said there wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the establishment of the political parties; in many ways, that still is very true.

The reality is there is not a dime’s worth of difference between any of these declared Democratic candidates, or anyone else in the Democratic Orbit that the party bosses may interject into their race. So I really don’t care who ultimately is declared the “winner”; they are all losers.

When Nixon won his landslide in 1972, he made two critical errors: He established the committee to reelect the president (CREEP) and sucked up much of the GOP money in his campaign, costing some victories in winnable house and senate races, and his stupid staff decided to break into the DNC’s Watergate headquarters and were caught. The reality was Nixon was a very paranoid man who somehow felt he was in a close race. Having lost a close corrupted race against Kennedy in 1960 and prevailed in a close three way race against Humphrey, and Independent Wallace in 1968, and knowing the media establishment was against him, he did all he could to ensure his victory against the 1972 version of Sanders: George McGovern.

He and the GOP in 1972 didn’t read the political tea leaves well at all; the reality was Nixon was going to win bigly as long as he maintained a heartbeat. The problem was Nixon (arguably the most seasoned politician in America at the time) and the GOP neglected to make any inroads in gaining Congressional support. This was to cost him dearly in the Watergate debacle – especially when the feckless GOP senate bailed on him in 1974, forcing his resignation – only after the establishment and the media got rid of Agnew.

Trump and his GOP will not make the same mistake in 2020. First off, he has and will continue to keep his base by actually keeping his promises; what a novel concept. He will actively and tirelessly campaign on behalf of the GOP house and senate candidates. His coattails will carry many new Republican conservatives into the house and senate, especially with his name on the top of the ticket; there won’t be a lot of vote splitting. The GOP self purged itself when dozens of their old establishment hack representatives retired in 2018 rather than serve with or support the Trump revolution. The GOP will truly become Trump’s party with a lasting base of young conservative support.

The Reality:

It doesn’t matter which (George McGovern) candidate ultimately winds up on the ballot against Trump. Trump has already survived the tribulation of impeachment in his first term which makes him a sympathetic figure, and a victorious martyr against the hated Deep State establishment. He is stronger now, and more powerful than he ever.

My predictions:

Trump wins 52% to 43% with 5% going to the other fringe candidates.

The GOP gains two to three senate seats – AL and a combination of DE, MI, NH, NM, or VA – while possibly losing CO, or ME.

There will be a total wipeout in the house, losing 50 to 75 seats – more if the Dems try another impeachment effort.

The Dems will lose another net five hundred plus down ballot races including governorships, legislatures, mayoralties, and city and town councils. Their remaining bench/farm team will be destroyed.

2020 will be a landslide of epic proportions forcing a true realignment of the Democratic party and how the MSM operates; they will need to reform or become totally irrelevant or die.

Jimmy MacAfee

Solid analysis. I’ll also add that Gyorgi Schwartz will be in deep legal trouble for his election meddling, as shown by his past efforts with voting machines and current failure with vote counting software. Ukraine will be his downfall. “Jailtime” Gyorgi!

Jimmy MacAfee

Biden/HRC: Biden wants someone ready to be President because he’s an old guy. So he chooses HRC, and both succumb. The next Speaker of the House will likely be Republican after the two oldsters kick the bucket, and will become President?

Scenario: Bern-brain wins nomination, has a heart attack (box jellyfish, anyone? It’s the CIA way to go!)

Scenario: Biden chooses HRC and Pelosi stays in her position as Speaker. Hmmm. Anybody read Chaucer? The Pardoner’s Tale?

Cameron Howe

If HRC takes a VP slot, start laying bets for an Arkanside.


That is why the “One” didn’t select her

Jimmy MacAfee

He also selected QuidPro for two other reasons: life insurance, and because QuidPro has some kind of weird attraction from the AA community.

If something had happened to Obonzo, who could imagine QuidPro filling his narrow little shoes? The thought had some people scared.

phineas gage

Slow Joe isn’t even in NH right now–instead he’s holed up in Delaware with his advisors. He is running short of money and will probably be broke soon without a DNC infusion.

The DNC can’t stop Bernie in NH, as it is next door to his home state, and he is also polling well in Nevada.

Slow Joe could out of this a lot sooner than expected.

It’s pretty clear now that Bernie wins and they’ll have to find a way to steal it from him at the convention, probably using the superdelegate system.

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