An Amazing Trump News Friday – Updated

At the end of what has unarguably been the best news week President Donald Trump has ever experienced, the hits just keep on coming. The news cycles just become more numerous and faster-moving as this Administration gains momentum. So I thought I’d just put together quick post of short-takes on several of today’s major items of great news:

WINNING ALERT! Another amazing jobs report hits the books. – The Labor Department jobs report comes in at a whopping 225,000 new jobs created in January, blasting “expert” projections of 160,000. The unemployment rate ticks up slightly to 3.6% due to thousands more former discouraged workers coming back into the workforce. Upwards revisions of 5,000 jobs for December, 2,000 for November.

We really do need a more competent set of “experts.”

Joe Walsh admits Trump “is unbeatable.” – The insignificant little wormy ex-GOP congressman ended his idiotic campaign, making his announcement on corrupt CNN. Because of course he did. In the course of that interview, Walsh admitted the President can’t be beaten by any RINO challenger like himself and that obscure former governor of Massachusetts who is also pretending to campaign against him, adding that Trump “literally is the greatest threat to this country right now. Any Democrat would be better than Trump in the White House.”

Adios, Joe. Don’t let the door hit you in your fat ass on the way out.

James Woods is back on Twitter! – The magnificent former actor, who had his account suspended last April by the speech Nazis who censor conservative thought on that social media platform, suddenly showed back up last night, and boy, is he in fine form. Here’s his first post back:

Better late than never, I guess.Bloomberg is reporting that CIA NSC mole Alexander Vindman may soon be losing his gig. Vindman’s dismissal or reassignment [more likely due to politics] may be a part of a general house-cleaning being planned by National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien. O’Brien said earlier this week that the NSC White House staff could be cut in half at the end of this process. That would be a true benefit to the nation. No word if Vindman’s similarly corrupt twin brother might also get scooted out of the White House. Let’s hope so.

Trump supporters fill key House committee roles. – Two key Trump supporters, Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, were moved into key House committee roles by Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who himself is proving to be a light years’ improvement over sleazy predecessor Paul Ryan. Jordan will replace Georgia’s Doug Collins as ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, given Collins’ race for US Senator in his home state. Meadows will move into the ranking member seat Jordan is vacating on the House Oversight Committee. Good news for the President to have these two great men policing the corrupt actions of the Democrat majorities on these committees.

Finally, the Democrats just keep descending deeper and deeper into the depths of antisemitism. – Watch as Fauxcahontas, without hesitation, endorses the antisemitic views of an audience member:

Dear Jewish voters: The Democrats hate you and want you dead. When will you wake up and stop voting for them?

UPDATE:  Trump defeats Democrats’ baseless emoluments clause lawsuit. – Per a report from Bloomberg News:

President Donald Trump beat back a lawsuit by 215 congressional Democrats who say he has been violating the Constitution’s emoluments clauses by profiting from foreign government spending at his Washington hotel and other properties.

A federal appeals court in Washington on Friday dismissed the case, saying members of the House and Senate lacked the legal standing to sue the president.

“The Members can, and likely will, continue to use their weighty voices to make their case to the American people, their colleagues in the Congress and the President himself, all of whom are free to engage that argument as they see fit,” a three-judge panel of the federal appeals court in Washington said on Friday. “But we will not—indeed we cannot—participate in this debate, overturning an April trial court ruling.“ They heard arguments on Dec. 9 in Washington.



That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

A satirical summary from the Babylon Bee:

“Pelosi’s eyes began to glow blue as she was filled with all the power of every outraged progressive across the land.
“Impeachment attack, go!!!” she cried as she unleashed a blue energy beam at Trump’s chest — a desperate, final gambit to impeach him forever and remove him from office.

But Pelosi was horrified as Trump only absorbed the attack, feeding on its power.

“Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” he cackled as he gained more and more power from the impeachment attack. “Foolish mortals! Every attack only makes me stronger!”

Trump then drew on all his newfound power to create chaos at the Iowa primaries, cause himself to be acquitted, and force Pelosi to have a mental breakdown, all in the same week. Unfortunately, he then tweeted something dumb, his only weakness. But Democrats then responded to his dumb tweet with even dumber stuff, causing his power to grow even more.”

Jimmy MacAfee

SqueakyPete Bootygag, like Booger, is fishing for bottoms on the Dem ticket. He’d serve under anyone!


Sorry to be posting so much recently, but Trump is on a roll and so am I. Can’t remember a better political week:

Sunday: Klink’s 69ers lost the SB
Monday: Dem Iowa Caucus Disaster and Trump’s historic turn out with Trump getting his highest approval ever. Tuesday: Brilliant SOTU Speech & Klink’s meltdown
Wednesday: Trump’s Acquittal and Romney proving himself to be Romney – so we and Utah can now work to get rid of or at least marginalize him. More Judges!
Thursday: Great Trump appearances at the prayer and press meetings
Friday: Rush returning to the radio and sounding great. And the Lcol and his turd twin gone

Senate probing the Bidens 🙂 More investigations to come!

The job’s report, The Gallup national happiness poll, The highest econ confidence in the last 20 year poll


The left is finally reaping what it has sowed for the last 1200 or so days; actually my whole 60 year life. We got a fighter and a leader standing up for us Americans.


GOD Bless America

GOD Bless Trump

THE SWAMP IS GETTING DRAINED! Rotor-Rooter is coming to DC!

We are going to run out of Jail space at GITMO and RUBBER ROOMS here.

Jimmy MacAfee

The TDS has gotten so profound, Squeaky Pete is saying that Soiled Man (Soleimani) would be alive right now if he were President, and that Hunter Biden’s corruption is off-limits for investigation. Hmmm. Now he’s so deranged, he’d support our enemy and Israel’s enemy and he’d support egregious corruption? Dang!

The race to Stupidity has almost reached the finish line!

Watch for BootyGag to begin dropping like seagull splatter. His unwise words will now follow him everywhere, like Mini Mike the China candidate’s claim (recently revealed) that not enough black people are being stopped and frisked in NYC, and that too many whites are being stopped. The others will be on that like stink on crap.

As I said: the race to Stupidity…


None of these Dems are qualified to be president of Gilligan’s Island, but one will eventually be the nominee.

The great thing is all their outlandish words, promises, and positions (in an attempt to be different and stand out from one another) will come back to haunt them in November, because Trump will (unlike John McRomney and Mitt McLame) use their words and record against them.

Carlos Dangler

When you called Kevin McCarthy “Speaker”, were you trolling Nazi Pelosi? 🙂

phineas gage

Vindman fired and marched out of White House by security escort.

May it be the first of many. Trump’s revenge is a dish served cold.

Jimmy MacAfee

When I read your post, I just about dropped over! Thanks for the good news!

Vindman was not the friend to Ukraine he pretended to be – he was born there, but he went AGAINST the same administration which provided lethal arms to counter the Russian threat. Trump not only helped Ukraine defense, he helped them clean up their corruption! (Some gratitude, eh?)

The Dems, who yell Russia Russia Russia all day, didn’t want anti tank missiles to go to Ukraine. The same Dems who sold Uranium to the Russians. So why did he support an administration that provided…um…blankets? (Vinny need a blankie?) Immature, vain, self-serving and a certifiable POS: he politicized both Intelligence and the Military. Not a good look. Very unprofessional. Good riddance, chubs. I wouldn’t try moving to Ukraine; I doubt they’d appreciate your dishonorable behavior and your attempt to keep them from getting good weapons.


Didn’t Lcol Blimp claim Ukraine offer him some kind of minister of defense position? I think I remembering hearing about that.

Jimmy MacAfee

You did read that; it was a laugher! And the Ukrainians denied it, saying they were making a joke! I can see that! Likely Vindman doesn’t have a sense of humor – (kind of a spectrum disorder, perhaps?)

Considering Vindman supposedly wasn’t even aware that Obama only sent blankets and Trump sent missiles, he doesn’t really seem to be very aware of anything about anything. How is he even on the NSC, particularly dealing with Ukraine issues when he didn’t even know that?

Carlos Dangler

Whoa!!! I read your post and thought it was wishful thinking. Then I saw the headline!!
Too much WINNING! My head is spinning!
Get me off this Tilt-A-Whirl!
Somebody is about to wear a corndog!

phineas gage

Great article by streiff:

Carville is correct, but no one on the Left will listen.


I have been following you for several years now and you are absolutely a daily, if not multi-day, go-to source of reasoned, researched, knowledgeable information and insight. Got you from Whatfinger BTW.
So, it seems to me you may have at least some influence on conservative movie makers. I may be wrong, but if you do, or perhaps could, here’s my question:

When, OH WHEN?!! is someone going to make the movie titled “PROJECTION”?
A movie that reveals and details just how the enemy uses Projection, their main (“hidden cannon battery”) weapon, a weapon of deception, that consists primarily of accusing their opponents of doing the evil they themselves are doing. And how, with the help of their MSM toadies, they try to flood the information domain, like a swimming pool splash fight, with so much “accusation (i.e splash in your face) noise” that no one else can even respond. I firmly believe a lot of people, as incredible as it may seem, don’t understand this. It’s like the hidden battery of cannons on the hill in the trees that keeps decimating your troops every time you try to advance. And no one can see or understand why or how we keep being slaughtered when we show our heads. But once revealed, it will be a simple measure for even a small detachment of good guys to go “take those guns” (because they’re completely unprotected by (“infantry of the truth”) and, after having their main weapon destroyed (in the hearts and minds of Americans) the deception of these evil people will be truly and completely undone.
Just my thoughts.


I enjoyed your comments about making a movie, and it would not be hard to make. However the movie would be totally ignored by anyone on the left. Have you ever heard of the movie “Unplanned?” It is a great movie based on true life events of a woman who worked for Planned Parenthood and rose to the highest level in her location. But after witnessing the horror of abortion, realistically depicted in the movie, she said No More! and moved to the Pro-life side of the fence. My point is if you are Pro-life you may have heard of the film, you may have tried to support it in the few theaters that showed it, you may have purchased a copy of the film to share with your friends, but you never rented it at a Red-Box, or watched it on HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any of the places you can rent or watch movies. The people who need to see movies like this and the one you are suggesting will never see it. They will not hear about it from anyone other than Christian, Conservative, Pro-life people and will immediately decide that it is fake news and ignore it. Your movie idea is a great one, but doomed to failure until we have a Christian, Conservative, movie network or streaming service. But great idea.



Check out Dinesh D’Souza and his movies that came out in the last several years: Obama’s America (C: 2012) and Hillary’s America (C: 2026); The Hillary movie delves into the history of the Democratic Party and Saul Alinsky.

I believe he has made others, and has written matching books. Very high quality presentations.

Also, Ben Stein, has made an excellent movie about the censorship of ideas of evolution vs. creationism about a decade ago.


And from The Western Journal via Whatfinger:

This is one poll that will count in November.
Amid Democratic wailing and mainstream media gnashing of teeth in the fourth year of President Donald Trump’s administration, survey results released Thursday by Gallup show 90 percent of Americans are satisfied with “the way things are going in their personal life.”
The same poll found confidence in the economy is at a 20-year high, Gallup reported. And with the economy being such a big part of presidential campaigns, that’s not a good sign for Democrats.

Jimmy MacAfee

Perez’ head is gonna roll, a la “Apocalypto.”

More winning.

Deplorables Laugh and Smile

Winners gonna win. Still not tired of all this winning as the Trump Train keeps on rolling.


I get in time out on twitter from time to time for using the same vulgar language used by the Hollywood elite. I do not violate their policies any differently than liberals, particularly the meatheads and Midlers of the world. I finally got tired of the censorship and tweeted Jack. I informed him this week that censoring conservatives to sway an election was BS. If liberals can get down and dirty, so can conservatives, and ANY censorship would be an attempt to sway the election. I’m sure I am mot the only person to point out what he is doing and I urge anybody who is discriminated against, to do the same thing.

phineas gage

I’ve said it before, but it is simply amazing the way that Trump has unmasked and exposed so many of the fake conservative grifters. Many, like Cap’n Bill Kristol, are now openly admitting they are Democrats. Walsh will soon join them.

Jimmy MacAfee

He’d be an amazing fishing guide; he can troll better than anybody ever! President Trump knows how to get under their skin; it’s a real talent, making them make unforced errors: called TDS.

Notice how the President never mentioned impeachment once in the Address? Must have made Fossy Jaw nuts, being made irrelevant. Like not shaking her hand: it wasn’t that he didn’t shake her hand; he seemed to be intentionally unaware of her presence. During the speech, her head looked like it was filled with ping pong balls, like a Megamilions drawing! I seriously thought her head would explode or that she’d have a stroke.

And she’s about to make her biggest mistake. Waiiiiit..waiiiiit for it….hoooollllld! Soon.


Klink also did not properly introduce the president:

“Members of Congress, I have the high privilege and distinct honor of presenting to you the President of the United States.”

Jimmy MacAfee

Guessing Lieawatha won’t be taking her Aryan self to visit Israel this summer!

Jimmy MacAfee

Lieawatha is like most of the old Dems, having emerged from cryptobiosis, then deciding to go back to that state. That’s how they can be so old and still run for office. Lieawatha, 2032! Bern-brain, 2040! Rotifers and tardigrades. Hillary, on the other hand, is a dying, rancid mushroom, putting off spores that have become the Democrat Party.

President Trump is going on the offensive. Some folks had better get their tickets to nations that have no extradition treaty. (Bet they’ve never heard of drones or private contractors. just sayin’.)

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