Mitt Romney, Looooooser Again

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this WINNING yet? – The S&P 500 closed at a new record high on Wednesday, as the Dow Jones Industrial average surged by 483 points, and the NASDAQ also recorded significant gains. The markets were buoyed by the acquittal of President Donald Trump by the Senate along with positive indications of progress in developing a vaccine for the Coronavirus. The WINNING is glorious.

In other news, Mitt Romney is still a LOOOOOOOOOOOSER. – The junior Senator from Utah finally managed to secure a place in history, albeit alongside fellow American loooooooosers like Benedict Arnold and Aaron Burr, becoming the only Senator in the long history of our nation to vote in favor of removing a president from his own political party.

After telling the execrable Chris Wallace in an interview – that Romney himself requested, think about that – that he would vote ‘yes’ on both articles of impeachment, Romney then went out and delivered a speech, complete with fake tears, on the Senate floor, blaming his idiotic decision on his religion. The gutless hypocrite then tried to have things both ways, actually splitting his vote, voting ‘yes’ on Article 1, but ‘no’ on Article 2.

What a buffoon. What a gutless, mendacious looooooooser this guy is.

Hilariously, within moments after the impeachment trial had finally, blessedly adjourned, the Trump campaign issued an ad that it had already created in anticipation of the Romney betrayal. Check this out:

The ad, of course, was met with much tsk-tsking and pearl clutching from the two dozen nitwits who remain in the #NeverTrump faction of the GOP, to whom Romney remains a looooooooser hero for his actively tanking the 2012 election against Barack Obama His Own Self. But nobody cared, least of all President Trump, who also sent the corrupt media mavens into howls of outrage by tweeting out this gem a little later:

If only he could live that long.

In the end, all the loooooooooser Romney could accomplish was to hand the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies a talking point that will last a day or two. The inept creep is so ineffective at influencing his colleagues that he wasn’t even able to bring fellow RINOs like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski along with him into the annals of traitorous infamy.

Romney believes he is safe from the voters back home despite his mendacity, since he doesn’t have to face them again until 2024. But voters – especially those of the conservative stripe – tend to have long memories about the special kind of deceit Romney practiced in getting elected to his senate office in 2018. Remember, Romney ran as “an extreme conservative,” and promised voters he would strongly support the President’s goals. Remember, too, that Romney repeatedly sought a high position in the incoming Trump Administration, and made many public statements filled with glowing praise about the President at that time and during his campaign.

But hey, Romney’s probably going to be running for the presidency in 2024 – that’s what this vote was really all about. He’s just positioning himself as the titular leader for an anti-Trump rebellion within the GOP as the Trump second term winds down. That’s another looooooooser of a proposition, but Mitt loves loooooooosing.

Romney bragged to Wallace that he has “voted with the President 80% of the time.” But that percentage would actually place him among the most disloyal members of the senate Republican caucus. Hell, simply voting to confirm all the federal judges and senior political appointees whose confirmations have come before the Senate would get a Republican within range of the 80% mark.

If he was truly voting his “conscience” as a “deeply religious man,” surely Romney must do the same where appointments to the federal judiciary are concerned, right? Yet, of the dozens of appointees to the courts that have been confirmed by the Senate since Romney showed up, his “conscience” has managed not to find a reason to oppose a single one of them.

But those were quiet votes, away from the glare of the lights that accompany the TV cameras. It seems Romney’s religion and “conscience” only manage to engage when they tell him that voting against the President will grab him hour upon hour of favorable coverage from all the corrupt media Democrat toadies who defamed him during his 2012 run and who hate his guts every other day of the year. That’s a special kind of religion and “conscience” Mendacious Mitt has going for him there.

A political party with any pride and backbone would expel Romney today. But we’re talking about the Republicans here.

That is all.


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Susan Elizabeth Clemons

Rino Romney is as corrupt and “holy” as Prayerful Nanshy and Saint Pete. Typical egomaniacal POLITICIAN.

Jimmy MacAfee

Peter Delicto, the criminal pebble who self-imported to Utah, has a problem: he lives in a state with a massive NSA presence. Does he think he can hide in their shadow? All those good Mormon boys working there, diligent and honest, and along comes a schemer and a betrayer. How does it look? Think they’re amused?

Look for leaks.

Sergei Gralugavic

Do the comrades now love carpetbagger Mittens? Riiiggghht. If the inevitable pantsuit princess is available in 2024 maybe he could select her as VP running mate.
Billy Kristol has some old mint condition copies of the Weekly Standard if Mittens needs some entertainment after Pierre Delecto time.

Jimmy MacAfee

Jezebel says she’s open to the position. Given that, she’ll support whomever is sicker than her – Bern-brains – and anyone with a brain wouldn’t choose her for fear of being Arkancided.


In a perverse way, I’m glad this happened – especially because of the fact that he split his vote. McRomney proved to be the quintessential slimy politician who tries to have things both ways and ends up satisfying no one and angering everyone. He is as deluded as his Democratic friends and allies. He and the Dems don’t seem to realize that more and more people are engaged and paying attention; no longer are were following the edicts of the Walter Clondikes, and Dan Rathers… By keeping everyone’s behavior and emotion suppressed on Ritalin (propaganda and promises), the establishment of both parties has set itself upon a ton of dynamite where no one on either side is satisfied of constantly being deceived by the power behind the throne. Nor are we blindly following and accepting the edicts of their Goebbels’ like ministry of propaganda. As Dave would say, “Their cat won’t flush”.

I like Hannity as he is a true conservative, and however tedious, repetitive, and interruptive he may be, he did make a great point yesterday: People who lose their race for president “lose it”. It is true, look at the losers:

2016: Hillary Russian Clinton – Still hasn’t accepted the results and really needs to be institutionalized.
2012: Mitt McCain – Works harder against Republicans than for the country – we actually dodged a bullet in 2012.
2008: “Ace” McLame – Really dodged a bullet then; no matter how bad the “One” was, “Ace” would have destroyed the GOP brand.
2004: John (Lurch) Kerry – A desperate hanger-on, who apparently thinks he could be the Dem’s “savior” this year and is currently violating the Logan Act – He still thinks he is the anti-American SOS working against the Trump Administration’s foreign policy efforts.
2000: Algore – A lifelong fraud who continues to be a fraud; became wealthy selling bogus “Carbon Credits”. Formerly the face of his cause celeb: Global Warming/Climate Change which is now represented by a former bartender/waitress impersonating a Representative, and a misguided loudmouthed high school drama queen.
1996: Bob Dole – An establishment war horse to be sure, but classy enough to accept the loss and quietly retire. No tantrums, he accepted the will of the people and moved on.
1992: Bush the first – Same as Dole, gracious in defeat, but emerged briefly from the woodwork to betray Trump’s election effort, but was too feeble to be relevant.
1988: Michael Dukakis – A decent person, who bowed out gracefully.
1984: Walter Mondale – Accepted his sacrificial role as the designated loser to Reagan, acted with the same dignity as Dukakis.
1980: Jimmy Peanut – Gracious concession speech, and has consistently interjected his presence upon the national stage with his “charity” and numerous books, but also works to remain relevant by regularly violating the Logan Act – thinks his loss was some sort of aberration.
1976, 1972, 1968, 1964: All these defeated candidates showed class and civility upon their defeat.
1960: Only Nixon was able to recover and rebrand himself to become a narrow winner in 1968, and a landslide winner in 1972, but got Watergated and forced out… Part of the reason he became viable in 1968, was by his gracious acceptance of a very narrow defeat when there was compelling, and actual, evidence of fraud and corruption in Chicago and Texas which carried the day for JFK & LBJ, a true tragedy.

I displayed this election history to show what happens to the recent losers, and how the more statesmen like losers faced and reacted to defeat. It is really interesting to note how defeat is accepted by Republican candidates versus the Democratic candidates. Only the two most recent Republicans became sore losers and desperately tried to retain relevancy.

It is also telling that the last two GOP losing nominees were/are the most disloyal anti GOP president Trump senators in the GOP senate majority.

After Trump in 2024, we had better vet our future presidential candidates as “ace” and “P. Delecto” were/are unmitigated disasters to the pro America conservative cause.

Jimmy MacAfee

Good list! If you look at the “R” losers, most had campaigns that were run by losers. Like the ones who advised Bob Dole not to use his natural talent for quips – “too mean,” they said. Dole could have won against Clinton if he’d been allowed to be Dole. I liked him. He was actually a good man.

McLame rarely came to help his running mate, Sarah Palin, who lifted his ticket probably 30%. She was attacked from within the campaign. Ol’ No Name was a certified POS. The operable words that describe him: Malignant Narcissist. Wanted to be Johnny of Arabia in his last series of international betrayals. I’m more than relieved that he never got to the Whitehouse, same with the Pebble Criminal, Pierre Delicto. Obama is just as petty, but he actually has some political instincts, unlike Missy Romney and Little Big Ears Bloomberg.


Absolutely agree about Palin helping the ticket – the only reason I voted for the PALIN mccain ticket.

I hope she runs against Murkowski in 2022 in Alaska.

Did anyone hear Laura Ingraham actually said she is considering moving to Utah to run against Mutt?

Personally I wish she would run against your VA senator Warner this year. I’d send her campaign money.

Jimmy MacAfee

Completely agree!

Jimmy MacAfee

Remove Missy Romney from the following:

“Mitt Romney sits on the following committees: Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Chair, Subcommittee on Near East, South Asia, Central Asia, and Counterterrorism Member, Subcommittee on Europe and Regional Security Cooperation.”

Also: Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, and Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

Considering his pals on the US Chamber(pot) of Commerce, he should be nowhere near anything to do with small business, labor or health – he wants to kill our small businesses, just like Obama did; considering he’s pals with Joseph Kofer Black, now currently a Ukrainian connection, he should be nowhere near security nor counter terrorism; considering he’s a wimpy stink of a man who has no moral quibbles, he should be nowhere near education, which still needs a major reform (ummm…Miss DeVoss, wherefore art thou, sweetie?)

Time for damage control, and some serious rodent removal.


Good points Jimmy,

McRomney should be a pariah in the GOP, but won’t be because McConnell claims he needs Mutt’s vote and occasional “support” in votes for judges etc. Ok, for now I’ll buy that (must keep the “big picture” in mind), but when we gain a seat or two, or (GOD forbid) lose the senate, Mutt should be Schiff-canned and exiled for the rest of his sorry “career”.

Jimmy MacAfee

Mitch is learning how to be a streetfighter; he now has the tools to force the Mormon Mouse to fall in line, because committee appointments…well, let’s say that some are better than others.

Jimmy MacAfee

Hoping Mitch McConnell will offer Missie Romney a plum spot on something akin to a sidewalk committee, or one that deals with medical waste or sidewalk poopers in San Fran Nan’s district. Whatever committees he’s on, he should be removed. Removed the Republican Party, too. Thus always to traitors.

Jimmy MacAfee

I have an old – but fresh – yard sign sleeve with Mittsie’s name on it, and the names on the sign remind me: Paul Ryan was on the ballot, too. Vultures of a feather, they always say.

Maybe I’ll make a video of me blowing the shirt out of the sign with a 12 gauge (using #5 high brass turkey shot) and then burning it? Not sure about anything more vulgar after that, but suggestions will be considered. It’ll be a twofer,with both names on the sign. Ryan is in the same league with Mittsie, a weak traitor with a heart of poo.

I once wrote McLame (No Name) after his evil Obamacare vote that I only regretted one vote I ever cast, and that was for him – even though the first vote I was able to cast was for Jumbles Cahtah (youthful indiscretion.) Add my vote for the Mormon mutt (he doesn’t represent any Mormon I know in his values.) Now it’s two.

President Trump has said that Mittsie was always begging him for money – and guessing he got it. Wow. Talk about biting the hand that feeds it!

Suggestions for the Mittsie/Ryan yard sign, anyone?


I too have the same yard sign.

Suggestion: Display it upside down with animal excrement smeared on it with a slash through a circle.

Post a much bigger Trump/Pence 2020 MAGA/KAG sign over it with a bright light.

Jimmy MacAfee

As I’ve written before:
When people were stealing my Trump signs and dumping them down the street, I’d retrieve them and uncrumple them. They’d steal them again.

My solution? I took some fresh kitty-doo and smeared it all around the edges, not on the sign itself, then put Vaseline on the goo to keep it nice and fresh; I’m certain someone got stinky fingers, because they stopped stealing them! Why else would they stop?

Jimmy MacAfee

Mittsie the Neutered Puppy (bad Mittsie, bad!) is joined by the self-righteous “Judge” Napolitano, who also wanted something from President Trump: a seat on SCOTUS. You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat you after you don’t get what you want from them. Good thing neither of them got what they wanted, because their recent actions (and views) have shown them untrustworthy of the positions they sought. Shows Trump’s astute judge of character, doesn’t it?

But Mittsie is one of those in lockstep with the Deep State, which had been and continues to try to eliminate the American Dream, and to instill hopelessness and lethargy and addiction; the President’s words about this in the SOTU declare boldly that this was not going to happen, and had been reversed:

“In just three short years, we have shattered the mentality of American decline and we have rejected the downsizing of America’s destiny.” I pray that his work will continue without hindrance nor delay!



Jimmy, regarding Trump’s “In three short years… statement.

I just saw a new Mini-Mike Bloomberg commercial where he is using the (much taller in the commercial where M-M is looking up at the “One”) “One’s” appearance as an endorsement.

And this is supposedly an astute “businessman”. If memory serves, any association with the “One” is a death-knell to anyone’s campaign. How did Hillary Russian Clinton do campaigning on being Obama’s third term with his endorsement?

Jimmy MacAfee

Mini Mike from China is more like a parrot, repeating the same lines and lies he hears those around him making. Meaning: he has no original thoughts, only those that Soros and Chairman Xi put in his big ears. “Little Big Ears” ought to be another of his new monikers.

You gotta wonder about his promises for jobs: by adding regulations, killing domestic energy, increasing illegals, raising taxes? He thinks all you have to do is to make promises, and people will fall for it.

One thing about most liars: once they make a promise, they consider the promised action already delivered. It’s a tell. Interestingly, for those who call President Trump a liar: he makes promises, but doesn’t stop with making them: he delivers. Unlike Little Big Ears Bloomberg.

phineas gage

As was noted yesterday by a number of people, this ‘man of conscience’ ran as pro-abortion to the left of Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts to further his political ambitions.

I don’t see Mitt in 2024–he’ll be 76 by then. This was simply one last shiv in the back of Trump from an embittered loser. I don’t think he runs for reelection to the Senate either. He’s finished in GOP politics.


Mitt won’t even get off the ground in 2024 after his traitorous behavior as a Senator. The party has picked up too many people like me who are disgusted by his behavior. It wouldn’t surprise me if he is recalled before 2024, only time will tell. President Trump has forever changed the Republican party AND the political discourse in America. Every time he speaks, I love America more and I am certain Others feel the same way.

phineas gage

You may be right, but I think it depends on how well the person ages. Slow Joe Biden is 77 and he looks ready for oatmeal in the TV room of the local senior care facility.

We’ll see how Mitt looks in 2024, but I would be surprised of the Never Trumpers turn to him as their candidate. Four years is an eternity in politics.

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